Bose ® Cinemate ® GS Digital Home Cinema Speaker System : is just like an automatic car.

Really packs a punch for the size beats any soundbar i have heard. . I purchased one of these for £200 as it was last one in shop. I tested it in the shop and was pleased with the crisp sound and how it could still fill a noisy environment. We use it to completely replace tv speakers and as it is now a smart tv with the likes of youtube. You can just go to there to get any album you wish playing. For the price it is amazing. It has really enhanced our film watching as well. You do not need to have the levels up high, but when you do you will be enthralled by it. I got a set of universal speaker brackets as the ub-20 brackets are quite expensive.

I have had this system for some time now and i am more than happy with it i have to pick my moments when i can really turn the sound up as i live in an apartment but when you do that’s when the speakers truly come alive yeah abit pricey but that’s bose.

Bought this after hearing in a shop. If you want great sound without all the wires and extra speakers then go for this system. There is still a sub-woofer that can be placed out of sight, but the speakers look good and the receiver that sits underneath the tv is tiny. Also have apple tv linked up and sounds great for music as well as movies. Here are the specifications for the Bose ® Cinemate ® GS Digital Home Cinema Speaker System:

  • CineMate® GS digital home cinema speaker system
  • A 2.1-channel system with compact speakers and improved digital acoustic performance
  • Designed to enhance the audio from your TV and existing video sources
  • Available with Gemstone® speakers and universal remote or Articulated Array speakers and simplified four-button remote
  • Simplified setup with only a few connections to make

This unit gives clean, clear audio which is far superior to tv sound. It replaced my pioneer 2:1 system which was fine but had no 3d capability so when i upgraded my tv i needed another blue-ray and sound source. My wife, bless her, will not stand for the big, rumbling bass so that was never an option. We have owned two 5:1 surround sound set ups but just got fed up of the wires and speakers, even in a biggish room. Having looked at, and listened to a number of sound bars we decided that the smaller speakers were what we were looking for. All in all it is individual choice.

Bose is just like an automatic car. . I’m a proud owner of bose cinemate gs series ii system. First of all i have to say this system isn’t for everyone. If you like knobs and buttons (clearly like monty in his review) you will be disappointed. The cinemate is just like an automatic car. There’s absolutely no need to adjust anything (apart from the base which you get a knob for) as it’s been engineered for you to simply enjoy the movies and the music without all the fuss of turning this and that on and off. I tested it on first fifteen minutes of ‘saving private ryan’ and i was shocked. I got everything i wanted from a really good system. Every sound like explosions, bullets, sand, water, voices i got as clear as if was there.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bose is just like an automatic car.
  • Huge improvement
  • really packs a punch for the size beats any soundbar I have heard.