Bose ® Acoustimass 3 Stereo Speaker System – Not Your Speakers but Your equipment!

The bose acoustimass 3 is a good speaker for use with a flat panel tv. The cubes are very unobtrusive and the sub is small yet gutsy enough for the home cinema experience, if like me you prefer just two channels. However, from a hifi perspective the sound quality may disappoint. For:* size* reasonable value* tv suitabilityagainst:* loose bass* lack of treble definition* needs a decent amp to really cut through the muddy sound* vinyl finish a bit ‘eighties’* poor speaker terminals and supplied bell wire.

Not your speakers but your equipment. The am3 are a wicked set of speakers and worth every penny. I would also recommend the am5s as they have 2 drivers in the base bin and 4 cube speakers, which gives them a richer overall sound. The answer lies in the amp or the cd player or the connection from the amp to the cd player. You are only as good as your weakest link. It’s going to cost you around £400 – £600 to get the best out those speakers. Underpowered speakers produce a thin tinny sound. So if your amp is not powerful enough your speakers will sound low. Is you amp able to give your speakers 200 watts at 4 ohms?.

Max power output poor for such a price ?.

  • Good for a Flat Panel TV
  • Not Your Speakers but Your equipment!

Features of Bose ® Acoustimass 3 Stereo Speaker System – Black

  • Two single cube speakers for stereo sound in smaller rooms
  • Hideaway Acoustimass module produces low frequencies with no audible distortion