Bose ® 301 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System – Reflection music

Bought these speakers after a listening to a friend’s lifestyle system finding the concept of reflected sound very interesting,a lot different from what most speaker makers focus on. I have dabbled with reflective sound before coming across bose,in the past one of the cars i drove a mazda coupe had speakers just set into the dash under the windscreen and the effect it had on the music was amazing not sure if the midrange tweeter units was the reason but the reflective effect of the sound reflecting to my ears must have been a factor so my mind was very open to the bose concepts. Styling is very different from conventional speakers and with covers on the front they look very slick,placed on a pair of black atcama stands they look very nice for sure. Two angled tweeters one front and one on the rear take care of high notes ,bass is served by eight inch driver to the front and reflex ports to the rear. Sound is very open and quite detailed provided you place in good location to get the best of their reflection qualities they can really fill your space with rich music and lots of detail ,bass is quite powerful from 301s although the depth may not be enough for the size of these speakers they create a huge soundstage they are a lot of fun to listen to sounding a little like there bigger brother the 901s all in found these speakers do the job very well. In hindsight recent listens have to adjust my view on the bass which is very deep and substantial for speakers this size. Main thing is to listen for yourself before you buy.

  • Reflection music

Bose ® 301 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System – Light Cherry

  • Bookshelf speakers provide expansive stereo sound throughout your room
  • Features two high-sensitivity tweeters – including one rear firing – and a 20.3cm woofer