B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 Portable Speaker – : This is a fantastic speaker, I highly recommend it.

This isn’t a long review full of technical jargon, i just want to say that i opted (for once) to spend a bit more money & go for a high end speaker after reading other reviews. I wasn’t disappointed, hearing this device is something of a revelation, it’s like hearing your music for the first time, every note is crystal clear, it fills the room with sound and you won’t believe it’s coming from this small box in the corner. The louder the volume the better it gets, it’s fantastic.

Is the priority looking good or sounding good?.

I’ve been buying mini speakers since 2014 and this is the best as far as sound quality is concerned. Absolute clarity at all volume levels and beautiful build to boot. Should have bought a second one for stereo pairing if it wasn’t so expensive.

Lovely, stylish, solid portable speaker by b&o. I really like this speaker but have been mainly using it in my lounge rather than as a portable. It is fairly large for a portable speaker at 170x130x68mm and it’s solid and heavy. I was surprised by how heavy it is. Great for taking to a party but not lightweight in a handbag. As you would expect from b&o the styling is superb – all rounded curves and edges and it’s dust and splash proof (ip54 rating) – so although not waterproof it should survive a shower or a drink spillage. The speaker also has a rubberised base to keep it securely in place. Amazingly for a portable speaker it has up to 16 hours battery life – probably one of its strongest features as a portable. The set up is very simple : it has 5 aluminum buttons along the top : 1. Pairing with your bluetooth device/phone.

  • Aesthetically brilliant, so easy to use esp with the Beoplay App, Sound outstanding
  • Not bad but not great either
  • Gorgeous sound – great quality

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 Portable Speaker – Black

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  • SIGNATURE SOUND QUALITY: Beoplay P6 wireless speaker delivers True360 Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound for a premium listening experience from any angle, at home or on-the-go.
  • AUTHENTICALLY BEAUTIFUL: Crafted with robust pearl-blasted aluminium that encompasses the speaker’s curved grill, and a genuine, double-layered leather carrying strap for style and portability.
  • CUSTOM SMART FEATURES: The OneTouch flex button on P6 offers easy accessibility to a world of smart features, including Google Assistant or Siri compatibility and access to Beoplay App preferences.
  • HERITAGE-INSPIRED DESIGN: Beoplay P6 is designed to pay subtle homage to the Beomaster 6000, Bang & Olufsen’s iconic sound system. This is seen in the fine cuts and flexible nature of the buttons on P6.
  • PLAY LONGER: This Bluetooth speaker boasts a powerful built-in battery that lasts for up to 16 hours, and easily recharges in just 3 hours with the included USB-C cable.

Replaced my cheaper bose soundlink color ii with this, but took the time to compare them side-by-side. I mean, look, let’s start with the negative: the beoplay p6 is not advertised as waterproof, whereas the bose one is. That may be a problem for you, if you’re out and about. Sound: the clarity of sound on the b&o model is far superior, and i was already very happy with the bose. The b&o bass response is incredible, and the 360° speaker offering no weak spots that i could casually detect. I use it for small formal outdoor do’s and parties where a little bit of music is required, and this is absolutely perfect. An accompanying app, which you download on to your smartphone, enables you to finesse the quality of the sound into ‘warm’, ‘excited’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘bright’ presets, and you can finetune and save your own presets too. It has a battery level indicator (which is otherwise a bit of a mystery on devices like this), and is all pretty intuitive and easy to use. Design: this speaker is stylish.

Having used the a2 and the bose soundlink mini bluetooth speaker ii – carbon, this is refreshing. Aesthetically brilliant, so easy to use esp with the beoplay smartphone app that gives so much scope for sound control. The sound is amazing esp when you consider the 2 x full range speakers are only 1. 5″ diameter and the 1x woofer only 4″. Clever internal electronics and multiple (3) amps see to that. Note this is mono – despite other reviewer’s claims, but can be paired with another p6 to make stereo. I also noted that the sound is a lot better coming from the non-button side compared to the button side. Worth considering when positioning the unit. Overall sounds is simply excellent, better than a2 marginally and much better than the bose.

Solid build (made it through a swim in a paddling pool). Every time i use it people comment on impressive sound quality. Negatives: app for iphone not great, no wifi connectivity and expensive. With that said, i would give it my highest recommendation.

Fabulous sound – creates the illusion of stereo.

What you are paying for here is design, great sound quality and portability. It is more expensive than an apple homepod, so only consider this speaker if you really do need the portability. Something by apple, amazon, google or sonos is way more functional. Note that you can’t attach this speaker to an echo as there is no line in. You can attach via bluetooth, but that limits functionality. For example, echos drop bluetooth connections for calls and for multi-room. There is no charger in the box, but it does come with a usb cable. If you charge via your pc, you can use the speaker as the pc output too. Charging takes a while, but then the volume and bass you get from this speaker is remarkable. There must be some big batteries in there.

Bang and olufsen – or b&o as they are mostly referred to, have always been near the top end of the audio industry. This being said, despite being at or near the top, they’ve always been more of a lifestyle brand than a professional audio brand – and there is nothing wrong with that – but it does mean, at times, the products have been less impressive to listen to than they are to look at. For me, this was exemplified by the [thankfully now discontinued] b&o 3i headphones. Thye looked amazing, had wonderful design but my word they didn’t sound as good as they should have. Fast forward a number of years and b&o has become more of a consumer brand than ever before. In-fact this new p6 bluetooth speaker is part of a number of products that are far more affordable than b&o products of old, but still aimed to be at the top of their segment. This means that this speaker – and the rest of its line – is going up against the best from bose, bowers and wilkins and vifa – among others – can offer. The good news is that despite the competition i genuinely believe that this p6 bluetooth speaker comes out on top – despite not necessarily having all the features of the competition. With just bluetooth, a few buttons and a power port, this does not have the inputs of some of its competitors. Apple very much forged the way for the death of the 3.

Bang and olufsen are a small european company that often uses anodised aluminium in their products giving them a long life span and i suspect the p6 speaker is no different. On lifting the speaker you can tell immediately that the quality is good (and it should be considering the price) as well as sturdy. It comes well packaged but a little basic with only a manual and usb c charging cable. Although the usb to c charge cable is out there in the open market, it’s not as popular relative to micro usb cables which are standard for many portable devices. This means one more cable to carry around when on the move…. The speaker has a sturdy handle that is fitted sturdily to the top corner of the speaker (which is essential given its weight) where you will find the function buttons. The p6 has a lovely retro look with grilles on both sides and pumps out a whopping 215w of music that will rock your world. Connecting to my iphone was a breeze with a dedicated bluetooth connection button and i could use both siri and answer calls without any issues. I’m pretty sure you can use google assistant too. Calls were crystal clear although oddly quite bassy.

You can certainly hear and feel the quality on this portable speaker from b&o. Opening the box reveals a beautifully crafted speaker with a leather carry handle. Underneath the sponge that holds it there is a usb-c charging cable and a small booklet. I couldn’t resist switching it on straight away, pairing it with my phone was simple and i was immediately streaming music into the room. The sound is as good as you’d expect from b&o and the question of course is how will it handle the higher volumes. You’ll see from the dimensions that this speaker is about the same size as a chunky paperback book, so what kind of power can it produce?. Well, i hadn’t even got to top volume before my kids started to shout at me to turn it down – it packs a punch. I took it outside to see how it would fare for an outside party and was seriously impressed given that it’s a relatively small speaker for that kind of thing. Even better for quieter music on a summer evening. Also a big fan of having a few buttons on the top to adjust volume without digging phone out of pocket or away from the plug if it’s charging.

When i first got interested in hi fi products back in the late 1980s bang & olufsen was the only name i was familiar with. However i did some minimal research with the specalist magazines of the time (some still around) only to find they hardly got a mention in the recommended listings. The prevailing view of the time seemd to be that b & o were primariy concerned with looks and style while other makers had the edge on sound. So i went for the likes of marantz, arcam , mission etc with the result that this is my first experience of a b& 0 product. I have to say i’m impressed by the sound and easy set up, i’ve never been too bothered about looks but there are no complaints in that respect (its only about the size of a large paperback anyway and losing it in my house would be more of an issue than it not fitting in with my decor. ) i played some 50s jazz swing and current americana vocal on- it both have the edge on the libratone mini zipp bluetooth i compared it with –and yes b @ o are more stylish too. Set up was almost immediate out of box–however installing the app was more trouble than it was worth. You get a ridiculous tone feature (to match your mood apparently -i looked for the irritated option but it only had party/morning/excited etc. Apart from the fact that i thought tone control was redundant with the introduction of hi fi–what’s the point of spending all this money on technology if you are going to screw around with it –and in any case a more complicated bass/treble option is all you are getting. It seems then that this is a marketing ploy- not enough to lose a star but given that this is bluetooth only–i.

This is “big”, premium sounds from a very small portable audio speaker. I have been reviewing for amazon for a while and in that time i have tried out a number different, large, room speakers, soundbars, surround (blue tooth) speakers, at one end of the audiophile spectrum and, small, portable, pairable devices, at the other. I have not reviewed all of them, mainly i review the ones which i have been supplied with for review from amazon, although i have to say that in the whole time this was the best device for sound projection, definitely for its size. Also, i love its appearance/design qualities, it is also of a really good build, not that anyone is going to be rough housing with their premium speaker but it wont be wrecked by accidential collision with a house pet either. That said, the lanyard, while it is strong and quality itself, i’m not sure i would trust entirely. Maybe if i were walking along a beach and using this device but even then i’m not sure i would risk drops or falls with this. It is not difficult to set up from unboxing, it works with an app which provides options for tonality and other audio functions. It is a minimalist design, the black colour, with which i was supplied, i think would go well with most home or office decor. It would be perfect for the home or a stylish, corporate office, since it is a premium device. However, i think there is a possibility that while it is handsome, most owners will want to keep this hidden away to listen to their tunes on in private or bring it out at a house party perhaps to show it off.

Good product but lacking bass.

This is a minimalist design portable speaker that exudes quality. Bang and olufsen have excelled in producing devices that combine high fidelity audio reproduction with designs that complement the most stylish of decors and this is no exception. The five flex buttons on the top of the speaker are a design reference by celilie manz to the classic beomaster 6000 stereo receivers that my friends enjoyed in the 1980s when vinyl was the standard and cds were just being developed. The minimalist approach extends to the packaging. The box contains a nicely cushioned surround for the loudspeaker, a usb charging cable and a small quick start guide. Set up is a really simple process of installing the ios or android app, creating a bluetooth connection and playing music. The speaker is offered in a choice of two colours. Black with a black leather strap or a “natural” aluminium with a light brown strap. The choice will depend entirely upon your décor. The app offers many ways to customise the sound.

Many of these kind of speakers are snapped together. Lowest bidder supply chain parts, not so much designed as drawn to fit all those cheap parts in and look vaguely fashionable. This also applies to something i was sent recently from a so-called ‘blue chip’ manufacturer, who shot my expectations down so hard the crater is still smoking. Then this b&o bluetooth speaker came. Talk about renewing the faith. . This speaker is exquisite. Even the small leather loop attached to the side is precision cut from quality hide, and hangs so that it just finishes over the usb-c socket. The cabinet is aluminium, and the bluetooth buttons (standard setup of forward, back, function etc) are not cheap plastic but also precisely engineered aluminium to match the case. One thing i didn’t see mentioned on the blurb is that if you change the speaker from your pc or laptop, it will also act as an extension speaker.

As you’d expect from b&o the sound is awesome. It’s up there with the best, and possibly the bestbut the absolute winner for me is usb charging. As most people probably do, i use these when travelling. And i being able to charge it with the same usb chargers i have for other devices is great. With previous speakers like the dali katch and bose speakers i’ve have had to bring a seperate charger just for the speaker, and this is annoying.

The beoplay p6 is simply unbelievable for a portable bluetooth speaker, both in terms of audio quality and sheer volume. Sound is clean and clear, and i haven’t found it lacking detail in anything i’ve played through it to date. I haven’t felt the need to tweak the audio with the app whatsoever, as it delivers an authentic sound by default. Output is 215w, by comparison my go-to bose soundlink mini 2 kicks out 50w. Close to full blast the p6 makes a mockery of the phrase “room-filling” to describe a competent bluetooth speaker – this thing could comfortably fill an aircraft hangar. Looks-wise the p6 is an acquired taste. With design cues from b&o’s lineage, it has something of a ‘70s vibe overall. It both looks and feels premium. Despite having a beautiful leather strap and being ‘splash and dust resistant’, the weight of the p6 limits its use as a truly portable option. I’d certainly hesitate to have it in a bag i was carrying for any significant length of time.

I’m fortunate enough to own two of bang & olufsen’s previous bluetooth speakers, a beoplay p2 and the hefty beolit 15, so have these to use as a comparison for the newly released p6. In the premium quality box, you’ll find the speaker, a quick start guide, and a good quality rubber coated usb-c charge lead. The speaker easily connects to your device as any other speaker does, but i’d recommend downloading the beoplay app as this will give you some options to customise the sound from the speaker. As expected, the speaker looks and feels the high quality it is. The overall look is very subtle and low key. The aluminium speaker grill is totally solid and i would imagine it will take a considerable knock to put a dent in it. There are five small buttons on the top of the speaker for volume / bluetooth connection and power on/off. The base of the speaker has a rubberised anti-slip coating. I sampled several tracks from pete tong (ibiza classics) and rod stewart (the great american songbook), all at high bit rate from tidal.

I must confess that i am a huge sonos fan and despite the fact that this is a speaker from the great bang & olufsen i didn’t think it could beat the sonos one. Well i am happy to say i am wrong, the beoplay p6 is absolutely fantastic, the sound quality is amazing. Really rich, deep bass that brings your music to life even though the speaker itself is quite small. I have tried a range of music from acoustic to electronic and house. It copes with everything, there is no distortion and you can hear the range of sounds clearly. The speaker never sounds like it is struggling and it can reach a loud volume. For a small speaker it has a lot of power, it is very impressive. I think the sound quality of the beoplay p6 is better than the sonos one. The beoplay p6 is portable, so you can use it in the house, move it between rooms and also take it outside. You can charge it up and have it outside in the garden. The charge lasts for up to 16 hours and you just connect it via a usb cable for re-charging, very simple and easy to use. The design of the speaker is really nice, it is minimal and unobtrusive. I would have preferred a detachable strap but that is just personal opinion. The beoplay app also has a really nice design, it is easily accessible and the simple layout makes it really easy to use.

For a nearly £250 speaker from a world renowned manufacturer i was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality is very good – there is real depth and you can distinctly hear the different layers of sound – but for me it just lacked the warmth and punch from the low end. I own a £40 anker speaker and to be honest there isn’t much difference in the sound, well not enough to justify the extra £200 anyway. I just can’t help feeling that i just paid for the name and (absolutely georgous) design and build quality.

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