Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Blue – louder than I’d need and good sound quality

This little speaker is great for camping, bathrooms etc and excellent value.

Packs a great sound for such a little thing.

It is a christmas present so has not been given, tried or tested yet. The speakers look quite good and compact for easy and portable use. Both arrived together and promptly. The package was open at one end however and if the speakers had not been wedged tightly, they could have fallen out or have been stolen. Sorry i cannot be more specific about the actual speakers, but visually they look appropriate for the present \i wish to give.

Bought this for my daughter birthday she loves it, works very well , i also received an email from the seller hoping that everything was ok which it is. It is nice to see a seller taking the time and effort to be bothered about their customers and what they think very professional well done will not hesitate to buy from this seller again.

Pretty and compact, struggles at times to connect to a iphone 4s but once connected (which it announces very clearly) the sound quality is good and can be turned up quite loud considering it’s size. I haven’t used it for music so can’t comment in bass quality. The battery doesn’t last quite as long as i’d like but usually goes for a few hours playing an audio book from my phone.

Good volume and crisp sound, even at high levels. Although this is how i broke previous mini speakers, so being careful with this one. Only reason it hasn’t got 5 stars is because with a micro sd card in some tracks it seems to try and fade them in and out and it fails and seems to make a machine gun sound (best way to describe it) for anywhere from 1-30 seconds.

  • Great sounding mini speaker
  • Loud and clear
  • Surprise bonus.

Great little speaker loud for a small product really pleased with it.

Stylish, little friend you just want to handle your music. Blue tooth, clear sound and so much more better than my projector sound alone.

Purchased as a present for xmas but i have one myself and can say the sound is good and volume adjusts well. I use with iphone ipad and lap top. Won’t seem to connect with my kindle.

Definitely recommend this product was really surprised at the clear sound that comes out from something so small, i even brought my friends one as well, it’s so small it will just fit in your handbag when you go away x.

Even after reading other reviews i couldn’t believe how small this is and how much sound it puts out. And the bluetooth range is good, reaches across most of the house. Can control volume and skip tracks from the box. Update three months later: still think it’s amazing, still can’t fault it.

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Absolutely superb little speaker and i am really pleased with it. Especially like the cube shape which gives it more stablility (something i was particularly after) and it has a strap which means you can hang it from a door or equivalent. Connected to my samsung phone via bluetooth with no problems. Only found out yesterday that it has a built in fm radio. I obviously didn’t read the description very well () – an added bonus. Very good sound with no distortion at its loudest setting. The only criticism i have (although not big enough issue for me to be disappointed) is that the led light doesn’t indicate when it is fully charged – meant to turn blue. Assuming it is charging though because its working.

Brilliant little blue tooth speaker packs a wicked sound out. Would recommend easy to set up works great on iphone or android devices.

If you want a full hi-fi system, then this tiny speaker isn’t for you. For any other purpose, it’s brilliantalthough the ‘instruction manual’ (a single a5 sheet) appears to have been translated from the chinese into pidgin, it’s a doddle to set up. Just switch it on, and let your ipad do the rest. To allow listening to music on your ipad at a sensible volume, instead of straining to hear through the built-in speakers or bothering with faffy headphones, it’s just perfect.

Great product, easy to use, loved how simple it was to set up, worked a treat with bluetooth and easy to plug into old ipod via headphone socket (comes with lead to do this). Great sound for something so small, perfect for my holiday to france next week, thank you.

The best purchase under a tenner i have ever made. Quality excellent, links to my laptop for work and bluetooth. I cannot believe the power of such a tiny box.

Tiny, great looking and packs a brilliant quality of sound. Was a present for my dad and he loves it.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivers powerful sound and robust bass for its size.

Excellent quality product ideal as a portable speaker good sound.

I cant belive simething so small outputs such loud, clear sound. Setting up the conection vis bluetooth is so easy also the battery last a good amount of time. People would be crazy not to buy this and choose more expensive products.

Sound is great for such a small unit. I imagine you could get better sound with a bigger speaker but this is fine for occasional use. A bonus is the fm tuner which works with the cable plugged into the 5v connector as an ariel. Luckily i like radio 2 as struggling to pick up anything else.

This was given as a present to my grandson, who has reported back to me that the speaker has a good output for its size although it struggles with louder files depending on the quality of the file. He finds that it sometimes cuts out and won’t work, but thinks that might be more to do with his phone than the speaker itself. He says it’s definitely good for the price. As a result of my grandson’s experience i bought one for myself. It is definitely good value,.

Bought as a christmas present, hope it is all 5 stars.

I was very impressed with quickness of dlivery as i ordered sunday morning and got it monday morning. The product it’s self is very compact and cosmeticly pleasing to the eye 😄.

Micro SD support, AUX, FM radio, Built in Microphone.

Excellent product for size and price. Does exactly what my granddaughter wanted.

Its amazing, something so small that gives out so much sound. I have mine in the kitchen and just love to listen to either the radio or music while i’m cooking or washing up. I bought a lime green one which fits in nicely with my kitchen décor.

Bluetooth’s easily and good, clear sound quality.

This product is stupidly powerful for its size, and pretty damn good sound too. The company very quickly sent a replacement for a faulty item i recieved and would recommend this for sure. Very small and compact, great for shoving in your bag/handbag, to use as a loud speaker for your phone.

It is very small and powerful so at the moment it is looking like a great purchase.

I bought this little speaker for my daughter. She competes in dancing competitions on a regular basis and although she can play her music through headphones off her phone whilst she is practising, it is always good to have a proper run through with the music playing out loud . This saves us having to cart around an old portable cd player. The volume is pretty amazing for the size of the box, and it’s so easy to carry around. Very pleased with this purchase.

It is amazing that such a tiny cube can produce such a loud noise. (once i realised i also needed to turn the volume up on my ipod) i purchased this to take to a party, to provide the music for pass the parcel etc. Usually i take along a lot of equipment (it is a dog party) and in the past have taken along a large cd player. This will make it so much easier for me.

Compatible with all bluetooth devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Tablets as well as non Bluetooth devices such as mp3 players.

Should be rated 10/10 perfect price , perfect sound, boyfriend lovessels this. Cute , small, but very very powerful. The voice of (bluetooth connecting ) very annoying haha but the speaker is very much loved.

This unit is the best value for money yet. I have bought five of these bluetooth units recently (four as presents) but this one beats the rest. Ordered late sunday it was waiting for me when i got home on monday. I bought this one for its sd card capability which works a treat as does the bluetooth and line in but i got a surprise tonight. Messing around with its settings i discovered it has an auto tune fm radio built in that sounds great too.

Purchased as an i-pad mini sound boost and didn’t expect too much but am very impressed. The sound is not ‘tinny’, volume and track controls on the bottom of the unit are very responsive and, as an addition, the unit has a stand alone built in fm radio – it can also be used as a car bluetooth receiver and operated via a remote on an i-pod mini: i discovered this by accident but what a find. Of course it’s not perfect hi-fi sound, but would anyone expect that?also it seems quite robust: a friend dropped it (o. But) from about 5 ft – no problem. Still worked perfectlyi can’t imagine the product for price can be bettered: i’ve already ordered another two units for friends.

This is my third order for this speaker. This time to act as a replacement for a non repairable car stereo. The recipient was delighted to discover that he could insert a card full of his favourite music rather than bluetooth his phone or ipod.

Arrived yesterday and was quite smaller than expected. Gave it a test and packed a punch for it’s size. Louder than i’d need and good sound quality.

Bought this to listen to music on my ipod in the house and garden without headphones and it is brilliant. Small enough to go in my pocket when going to different rooms with my hands full, great quality sound, loud enough to fill a whole room and at a great price.

Built-in microphone with a 2-feet pickup range allows the speaker to double as a handsfree speaker phone.

This small device is as many have said quite powerful. Its quite easy to form a connection with ipod /phone and this bluetooth speaker that speaks the instructions & what is happening action wise out so you know what is happening always.

Very happy with this, good value, it does the job. Radio is very handy, as is bluetooth and option to use sd card.

Absolutely love this little speaker. For its size it has powerful sound. Love the size, colour and sound, would definitely recommend 🙂 reson i put 4 stars is because it can sound a little distorted at times but this is not very often and goes away after a few seconds.

A fantastic product at a great price, am amazed at the quality of sound from such a small device. We use it all over the house and in the car to play music from our phones. The kids love it it’s easy to use and looks neat too. Excellent customer service, with follow up courtesy email and prompt delivery. Can not recommend highly enough :).

Sound is good, it looks cool and was delivered quickly, pleasantly surprised for under 15 quid.

Not quite as loud as expected but effective and does the job.

Great little item, i have two for myself and family like them so much i’ve given out loads as presents.

Read other favourable reviews and thought perhaps slightly exaggerated. Pleased to say they were not. This is a brilliant little box for it’s size. Easy bluetooth connection to my ‘phone, with good sound quality. If i were to criticise in any way, it would be the positioning of the controls. Labels for the connection ports and on/off etc are light grey on the sides, but the function controls are not, and positioned on the bottom of the speaker so you have to pick it up and look carefully to check volume up or down,forward/back etc.

Amazing little speaker, you can get a really good, loud sound out of such a small cube. I’ve heard other mini speakers but this one is the loudest and best sounding with a surprising amount of bass. The only annoyance is the little chinese lady living inside, who shouts ‘enter to bluetooth, waiting for pairing’ at full volume every time you turn it on. There’s also a buzzing when you connect via cable, so i just use in bluetooth mode only. The radio only works when headphones are plugged in, and even then it’s not a good signal, but nice that they added the feature anyway. Also useful it has an sd card slot. Range is about 10 metres and it’s been very reliable. Battery lasts around 3-4 hours of music.

Really good speaker with great sound.

Excellent value and prompt delivery.

This is great fab sound for a small item and great quality for the price too product arrived promptly and was well packaged i would reccomend this company to deal with as they are just great.

Purchased this on implulse and with low expectations on sound quality. Clearly it’s not going to be pa quality but for a tiny little cube it’s very good. I carry it around the house with my ipad – i’ve even tried it in the shower room (its not waterproof) and is loud enough to hear while showering. Not sure i would have paid £30 but at a tenner its an absolute bargain.

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