Betron E50 Bluetooth Speaker : Brilliant service.

Good quality for the amazing price.

If you are after a budget bluetooth speaker, this product is the one to go with. Betron is the proof that overpriced sound systems, especially in mono stereos, is super unnecessary. Very happy with what i’ve got for this price. Keep in mind that it of course cannot compete with £80-100 top brand alternatives in terms of sound quality.

Easy to use via bluetooth with my tablet.

The speaker is of good quality for the quite low price. Not booming bass but good enough to here.

  • Brilliant bit of kit
  • Good value
  • Five Stars

Betron E50 Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone, 10 Watt, Bass Driven Balanced Sound, Passive Sub

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  • Connects over bluetooth wirelessly to favourite devices such as iphone, ipod, ipad, smartphones, tablets
  • E50 Bluetooth Speaker provides sound companion to all your smart devices, furnishing you with room-filling sound through its dual powered speakers and passive radiator.
  • Its digital system gives you clear high, warm mid-range and rich low frequencies.
  • Integrated Microphone for handsfree calling and answering phone calls
  • Sophisticated design

So i have a large party speaker that usually use to listen to music as it hooked up to my vinyl player. But for 5 pound this little belter is a bargain. Its well made and has good sound quality. Please note that this can only connect to devices via bluetooth.

Can’t believe how loud this little beauty gets. Really impressed with this item and brand. Think i paid £14 delivered. Anything under £30 would have been a bargain, genuinely.

Excellent buy; my wife loves it for listening toyoutube music video’s, her downloaded music on phone or ipad and on line radio we can’t get in the ne.

Love this but did not receive a stand.

Arrived quickly, linked to iphone well and plays quite smoothly for a small speaker. Compact and neat, i like it.

The sound quality is very impressive for such a small item and it is certainly great value for money.

Nice product, works well as described. Sound quality is satisfactory, bluetooth works well. Overall quite satisfied with the product.

This bluetooth speaker looks great and it sounds fabulous too. That said, the sound is reversed; the left and right channels are opposite to what they should be. Still, it’s a very good speaker for the asking price and i’m glad to own it.

In short, this speaker didn’t sound as good as i was hoping, so i returned it for a refund. I had read the dozens of 5* reviews here saying what an amazing, full-bodied bassy sound this thing creates, how you can fill a room with the sound, how it was such a solid sound for such a small size, etc. It’s been a few years since i’d tried a small portable speaker so i wondered if they had come on substantially, and if the manufacturers had somehow found a way to cheat physics and fit a ton of bass into a tiny package. Nope, what you get from a small, cheap speaker is. It’s not really, really bad, it’s just a thin sound, lacking in depth and clarity, and none of the instruments really pop. I have no idea what happened to the ‘passive sub’. I tried it in different positions – in corners and against walls etc. , none of which seemed to make much difference. It may be suitable for some needs however, so i’ll put my opinion in context. I usually listen to music through the computer’s built-in speakers (a mac desktop) which is audible and sounds ok, but not much more. I have a modest hifi setup of £100 speakers and an entry level amp at the other side of the room, which i usually can’t be bothered to connect my computer to so i can play music through them. I had hoped for something in between – easy to push music to, and substantially better than the computer’s speakers. I wasn’t expecting it to match my cheap but decent amp/speakers for sound quality. In reality, it’s much closer sonically to the computer speakers than it is to the separates.

Very good value for money, good sound and quality build. I ended up buying a 2nd one.

It was a bit bigger than i thought it would be. The sound is really quite good, for the price its a bargain.

I bought this to take to spain on holiday as i wanted a bluetooth speaker that was lighter than our bang & olufsen a2, also one that if we accidentally forgot it we’d not be claiming on the insuranceit had to be effective and offer enough performance for a hotel room, and it also had to satisfy my audiophile ear, within reason. So i saw this and thought i’d take a chance on a cheapy, if it wasn’t any good it would have gone in the bini thought i’d give betron the chance and i’m knocked out at the value for moneythe vocals are the main strength on this piece of kit, the instrumental aspect isn’t as crystal clear as an a2 neither is the bass, which is a bit muddy in relation to a top end unit. . The a2 was a £300 unit and this was £18. How can it not be a bargain, especially if you compare it to other mid range bluetooth speakers out there on the high st. There’s distortion on full volume, i’m not surprised but not disappointed as we won’t be setting up illicit raves whist we’re away so we won’t noticeif your after a speaker that’ll shake the neighbours pictures off their walls this isn’t the one for you but as general bluetooth speaker representing good value, reasonable sound quality and decent aesthetics you could do a lot worse. It’s also charged up by usb lead which is very handyit’s earned it’s place in the case and it’s going on holiday. A nice travel case for it would be handy though, as i think this is going to get more use than first realised.

First one had a broken on/off switch, returned and got a replacement, great service and i use it every day.

Really pleased with this speaker, great sound and volume. Seems well built and easy to move about with the recessed rear handle. Great value and quality,highly recommended. Was initially very impressed but speaker seems to have developed a fault,even when fully charged or running from charger the sound seems to be fading in and out like the unit hasn’t got enough power to keep up with itself. Luckily able to return to amazon,disappointed as i liked this speaker.

Looks smart and sound is loud and clear. Connected to my phone with ease.

Amazing- sounds is clear and crisp.

Nifty design and great sound.

Gets slightly crackly on certain songs when turned full blast but very good overall.

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Betron E50 Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone, 10 Watt, Bass Driven Balanced Sound, Passive Sub
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