Betron BPS60 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers : Good purchase!

It is very compact when in the closed position and the sound is nicely enhanced when unscrewed. It was very easy to connect to a smart phone which is the reason i bought it. It is never going to have the capacity for you to turn your devices up to 11, but gives a good loud sound without distortion. I use it in the office to play some tunes and it is the perfect tool. It gives a lengthy charge from the usb, in fact it hasn’t run out (i charge it intermittently anyway); there is a light that lets you know when it is charging and when it is fully charged. The one thing missing for me is a protective case, as i carry it around a lot in a jacket or rucksack. However, i took a chance on the capacity of the below item from amazon (which costs very, very little) and it is the exact size so that it just zips in. The material is pleasingly hardy to. I would most certainly recommend a purchase unless you are into death speed metal or something and crave tinnitus. Tonsee® portable mini round hard zipper storage case bag for earphone headphone sd tf cards (silver).

I was quite surprised when i opened this, it’s far smaller than i expected, not much bigger than an egg – and it’s more red than pink which is fine, it’s for my mum and she doesn’t really mind. Soundwise it’s pretty loud for something so ickle’, it’s louder than my own most recently bought bluetooth speaker, an lg one that retails for 3 times the price of this one – although i paid about £20. At full volume there’s no distortion at all, sounds nice and crisp, the bass has a real kick to it so top marks for that, you won’t have to keep it 80% to stop crackling and bleedout. It comes with the standard micro usb for charging, and an aux to aux cable so you aren’t forced to always use bluetooth if your battery is running low on your phone, which was a lovely surprise as it wasn’t expected, they’re a swine to find in stores as i recently found out when i needed one for my surround sound speakers so kudos to the company for including one of those as well in something that already costs so little, that little extra addition goes a long way in making a good impression. It vibrates a wee bit when playing so best not to put it on the edge of tables etc when in use or it’ll be liable to shake itself off. Saying that, it’s so durable feeling i’d imagine it’d take a fall and take no damage anyway. After initially missing buttons for controlling music i came across it. A little black nub that’s actually quite clever. Click in to pause/play, flick left or right to change track and hold left or right to control the volume. Very nice way to keep the buttons to a minimum and appreciated, there’s no need to look at the device to make sure you’ve got the right button when there’s only one.

I bought this for my 11 year old son to use with his new iphone and he absolutely loves it. The problem is, he can never get his hands on it because mum is forever “borrowing” it. it’s small, well made, produces brilliant sound for the tiny size, looks funky and a fantastic price-what more can i say?. Will be perfect for taking on holidays. Unfortunately i’m going to have to buy another one to avoid any more arguments when i want to do the housework with freddie mercury for company.

Works fine, had a few issues synchronizing with my lenovo x121e, but worked at the end and now works fine for about a month. But the speaker has a few design flaws that if improved, would make it a perfect speaker:1. Beeping sounds when turned on & connecting – get rid of them. They are set to loudest, even if you adjust the volume down, turn off and on and it’s very loud again. Instead, use the existing led light and color indication. Volume control – insteaf of a normal turn-wheel, there’s a digital one. Works slower and is not as intuitive. (comparing to my previous x-mini that i lost and replaced with betron). You have to push the button to left or right and than wait to see if volume goes down – and it’s a bit slow.

  • Cute little thing that packs a punch.
  • Listen to your music in style, anywhere!!
  • Good sound quality

Betron BPS60 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Rechargeable Compact Portable Mini Travel Speaker for Bluetooth enabled iPhone iPad Tablets iPod Mp3, Samsung HTC Nokia Blackberry – White

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  • Fancy to buy a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for your smartphone, iPad, iPod or MP3 player? Look no further! Betron Bluetooth Wireless Speakers are the perfect solution.
  • Betron bluetooth speaker is equipped with a 3.5mm audio cable for non-Bluetooth devices as well as being compatible with Bluetooth built-in tablets, smartphones, laptops, PC`siPads, iPhones, and iPods. Transmission range: 8~10m
  • Portable compact size – Perfect Travel Speaker – Small and light enough to drop into your picnic bag, hand luggage or even your handbag! Perfect for use in the home, garden, on the beach, picnics.
  • This mini rechargeable speaker contains lithium battery with 4-5 hours of playtime and is charged via Mini USB Cable supplied.
  • The compact pop up design provides maximum flexibility and delivers high sound quality for a small Portable Speaker while the expandable bass resonator allows for superb low frequency (bass) output

It was nicely packed and sealed in a plastic box. It has detailed instructions in the box. It is easy to use, you don’t need any extra program and download any software to your phone, just simply switch on button and open the bluetooth on your phone then you are able to connect the speaker with your phone. You can then search music in you tube or in your music player and it works perfect. I was really surprised with the sound quality. I now use it for assisting my baby to sleep. Please note as says on the box the maximum distance for the bluetooth to work is correct as i have tested it, however make sure there is no big object to block in between. Another thing to mention is that the twist to open and close function, you need to be careful as i let my 6 year old son to have a try and he nearly broke it.

Betron bps60 wireless bluetooth speakers, rechargeable compact portable mini travel speaker for bluetooth enabled iphone ipad tablets ipod mp3, samsung htc nokia blackberry – bluei bought this second speaker as one that i would take on holiday, keeping the older one at home. It’s an excellent product, handy for listening to music around the house and outside. The new one arrived and after charging i realised that it wasn’t holding it’s charge. Unfortunately i missed the amazon return date (being on holiday) betron contacted me out of the blue to see if i was happy and would i write a review?.I replied and explained what had happened. The immediately sent a replacement and returns label for the faulty one. The new one is perfect and i am very happy with it, it has been to marrakech with my and still working on the original charge. Excellent product and superb customer service.

I am very happy with this product, it plays very loud but very well only crackles if the phone & speaker are at the max volume. Very small so fits in bag perfectly, can make it bigger which makes the sound clearer. Battery life is pretty good. I bought this before my girls holiday (ages 21) in september & it worked wonders. I used it every day just so we had some good music to listen too as we didn’t use the tv.

I have good bose main speakers and was looking for a second portable speaker for upstairs with good enough sound to help pick up nuances in music to assistant learning keyboards from pop songs. I had thought i’d go with bose again, but decided to browse because of the price. Having recently purchased some excellent vfm betron headphones, i noticed the positive reviews for these pop up speaker capsules and thought for £13 they were worth testing. It’s tiny – smaller than a tennis ball, but the sound is good, and the connectivity is excellent. I recommend paying the extra couple of ££ for both bluetooth and wire connectivity. We’ve found ourself using both and it’s good t have the flexibility. If i had one suggestion, it is to buy a carry case straight away.

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Betron BPS60 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Rechargeable Compact Portable Mini Travel Speaker for Bluetooth enabled iPhone iPad Tablets iPod Mp3, Samsung HTC Nokia Blackberry - White
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