Berri Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers – Whirlwinded love it.

Although i haven’t used this a huge amount so far it’s been exactly as advertised and quite great actually. The phone can be in another room while the music will play without fault. The buttons are all functional and the only reason for the four stars is perhaps a longer battery life, it’s by no means incredibly short but it a longer battery life would mean it would be used more.

Very good value speaker with reasonable sound for the size. Have not tested the degree of waterproofing but seems ok for use in the bathroom. Note this has a single speaker so must be mono rather than stereo. It also includes mic for handsfree phone use and track forward and back. There is no volume control on the unit itself. Charging is via usb but don’t lose the lead as its not a micro usb socket on the device itself.

This is a really good speaker for the shower/bathroom. This is my second time ordering this speaker – the first one lasted about 9 months before it packed up. Volume is good and can be quite loud, so i wouldn’t place it too close to your ears. If the volume is not loud enough, try checking the volume on your phone (or whatever device you are using with the speaker). Once connected via bluetooth, it will connect to your device automatically so you can hop in the shower, switch on the speaker and press play – no fussfor me, each charge lasts about 3-4 weeks – that’s a daily shower of about 10-20 minutes, plus the not-so-occasional zoning-out showers of 45mins-1hrwarning: this may happen often, as you might get carried away when listening to music in the shower. If i have one problem with this speaker, it is that you can’t tell how long you have until it completely runs out of charge. My first speaker would suddenly die with a voice saying ‘please charge before (/to avoid?) destroying the battery’this second speaker is slightly better. It emits a beeping sound, after which you then have the length of a standard 3-minute song before it dies (with the same message). A bit of advice – when charging the speaker, make sure the little grey tab ,which covers the charging port, is still attached. Check it’s still there once you’ve finished charging – don’t lose iti lost the little tab on my first speaker, which i believe led to water entering my speaker – i’m convinced this is why i had to get a new one. Here are the specifications for the Berri Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Suction cup for easy attachment
  • Google Music, Pandora and all other media APPS
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth media player, phone, iPod, iPad, Android Devices
  • Pairs your device with the speaker automatically when it is in range of the speaker

Few hours to fully charge equates to 6+ hours listening time, plenty to get me through an average shift. Sound is clear and good, even better when placed in the corner of a room. The sucker on the bottom means it can also be fitted to a car windscreen, useful in my line of work. No idea how waterproof it is, i don’t want to test it. The only problem i’ve had is the rubber charger port bung has come out and i’ve no idea where it’s gone – it’s not held in very well. Portable music with better sound quality than your phone can spit out and very cheap too – great.

What a lovely little device to have in your shower and sing along to. It works really well and i absolutely love it. It allows you to turn the volume higher or lower and can be pretty loud. It also lets you skip songs forwards or backwards. The battery lastsquite a long time and when you need to charge it, just plug it into your laptop. It does let you know when you’re in the shower if the battery is running low which is great and frightening at the same time when your not expecting it. Overall a great buy and not expensive. I’ll be buying some as stocking fillers this year for xmas.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Musical Innovation, love it!
  • Cheap and very cheerful.
  • Small but mighty little sucker!

Really surprised it worked at such a low price, extremely good bluetooth connection and long range connection, good quality sound and definitely waterproof.

Ordered this to use in the shower as i always play music from my phone. As my phone isn’t waterproof i had to continually dry my hands to change track or pause as song. I have placed this on my tile and it is brilliant so far the sound quality is enough for the shower and recently noticed that you can control the volume with a long press of the left/right track skip buttons. I also found that if you slightly wet the suction cup it stays on the tile brilliantly. The only downside is that i’m having to charge it every 3/4 day but thats just due to the whole family using the device. Would definitely buy again and you can’t go wrong for a fiver.

Good sound and battery life, charging cover is flimsy and fell off but still works well with all 4 of us in the family using it daily. Remember to turn off bluetooth or unpair the device from your phone / tablet when you’re out of the shower so the next person can use it otherwise you get their music and their calls if they are in the house.

Music in the bath or shower, er yes please. Usb re-chargable battery lasts a long time also. Useful for not getting damp in your phone which can be left in the next room and blue-toothed to the speaker. Good sound quality depending on the source music.

Great value works really well certainly good enough for the shower anyway but would not be good enough to sit to listen to music on and to be honest for the price i wouldn’t expect it to be. Does not come with charger but these days we all have usb plugs at home anyway so in some ways good not to have yet another though could be disappointed it you didn’t.

Ipad outside in hallway, speaker in the bathroom, nice and loud. On the ipad, next to the bluetooth symbol, the battery status is displayed. Unfortunately when the battery expires you only get a two-second verbal warning and it switches off. Monitoring the battery therefore helps. I’ve now had this speaker for six months. The precipitate nature of the warning as the battery dies is a little more difficult to manage than i thought. Also, the blurb says you get several hours of play-time. I rarely get any more than ninety minutes.

This sits in my shower and lets me listen to my favourite music whilst i get on with my morning routine. The sound is clear and crisp. It’s not going to win any awards from audiophiles, but it’s rich enough for most people. I have it stuck on the tiled wall and it stays put – no issues with it falling off. I’ve also tried it on the shower screen itself, which leads to a really good rich bassy sound, but it’s a less convenient position for me. Pairing is quick and easy, and the buttons work well. I’ve not used it as a hands-free phone (who wants to answer the phone in the shower?), so can’t speak to it’s quality on that front.

At first was scared but then i tried it while showering and was working okay (haven’t let the water running directly on top of it as i think it is not closed well enough). The sound is not the greatest but this is a good speaker for people that like to perform under the shower.

The first speaker i bought didn’t charge and had to be returned for a refund. The second works, but the buttons are unreliable – most of the time it is fine, but sometimes it takes several attempts to switch it on or off in particular. The sound quality is fine for the bathroom, it is easy to set up and use, and seems to be coping with the damp atmosphere.

Great little gadget and for it’s size quite bassy tone and volume, it’s certainly loud enough for a bbq party toodon’t get why other reviews say it won’t stick anywhere – mine adheres to any flat surface. Battery life is as has been described by others but obviously the louder you have it the shorter the play time, it’s certainly more than 4 hours though at any volume. I think the range is ok and 30ft is achieveable with line of sight but once walls are introduced to the equation it doesn’t quite reach top left to bottom right corners of my average 3 bed semi which would be about 25 ft. For a fiver though you can’t go wrong and i’m going to order another couple and use them in a kind of multi-room set up.

Phone automatically connects. The previous and next buttons can also be used as volume buttons although this is lot stated in the instructions. The instructions were alright but didn’t explain too much. There is a sucker on the back of the speaker so will stick to anything flat. Unfortunately it doesn’t stick to our tiles and we have a shower curtain so we leave it on the window sill, bath edge or mirror. The voice that comes on to tell you that the battery is dead and then it switches off.

Fantastic for the price with a good battery life and clear sound. It works well in the shower, although you must bear in mind that bluetooth struggles going through walls and doors, so the laptop of phone you connect with it must be close by (e. Less than 5 metres away, or less if you are in a different room. Connection speed is quick, and usually very reliable. Only experienced very intermittent problems and these are always quickly fixed by turning off and back on again.

Bought for my boyfriend who insists on having his phone on in the bathroom. He has had some trouble sticking it to the wall but that could just be user error. Saves me worrying about his having wires trailing all over the place. Sounds good and a month on we are all using it.

Really like this as it has good bass and not at all tinny as you would expect at this price. Yes i use it in the shower and also in the garden and whilst working on my cars or bikes as my phone can stay safely put away on the side but i can continue to listen to podcasts, music, internet radio through this. Easy to pair with my phone, can change volume and move tracks from the speaker but have changed track when i was trying to change volume as it is the same button but requires a long press. All in all good for the price and a reasonable sounding speaker.

I was sceptic about this at first, but honestly, i cannot imagine a shower without it. It’s super easy to charge, connect to your phone (via bluetooth), and control from within the shower. It’s a really safe way to listen to music without the risk of having your phone in the bathroom. The controls are really handy and i’d estimate the charge lasts about 4 hours, and you’re able to see how much power is left on your phone (beside the bluetooth symbol). I’ve had this speaker for 2 1/2 years and it still works perfectly. A great deal and i would definitely recommend to anyone who loves their daily shower jams.

Pros:– design, material, ease of use- rechargeable, waterproof, lightweight etc. – pricecons:– battery life (it is advertised at having 6 hours of playtime, well i the most i’ve got out of it on a single charge is about 2. 5 hours)- no volume control (the volume comes from the device you use- loose suction cupit’s a good little device to use if you’re someone like me that likes to listen to music non-stop (can’t stand silence in most places/cases)i’ve been using this since mid dec 2014, so i’ll probably come back & give an update of how long this device lasts for, in which i hope a long time i hope.

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