Beng E1005 Floor Standing Speakers – other reviews didn’t even say what these speakers were like.

I was very pleased with the set of speakers, no sound distortion, value for money. Can not fault them, very quick delivery, 4days from germany. Well built, i am no sound pro, happy to have them in my home.

The four stars are for the good customer service i got for returning the goodsshame it wasnt what i was looking for.

Brilliant speakers for the cost.

Beng pair 3way floor speakers. ” fast delivery, but some small marks to speaker boxes. These are not the best quality & are poorly assembled, but give adequate sound reproduction. Reasonably deep base sound, but lack mid range clarity out of the box. Time will tell how they sound after 50hrs of running in?. But they are value for monie. Personally i think if you can afford it spend a bit more and purchase a better product.

  • Beng pair 3way floor speakers
  • Amazing Speakers
  • I speak as i find.
  • other reviews didn’t even say what these speakers were like.

Beng E1005 Floor Standing Speakers (360W RMS, 3-Way & Bass Reflex Design) – Black Ash

  • • 3-way system with an additional side-firing subwoofer • 2 x 180W RMS power • Bulky, low-vibration chassis in bass reflex • SPL Sensitivity: 88 dB • Beautiful grain
  • • Connections: 1 each set of stereo terminals • Removable front cover with woven fabric • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz • Impedance: 4 to 8 ohms

Having received these earlier today and been listening for a few hours now, they are amazing. For this price i am not sure you would find anything with the same clarity of treble and powerful bassi would recommend these to anyone looking to get excellent quality sound at a very good price.

Other reviews didn’t even say what these speakers were like. . Okay i was sceptical about these speakers at first from reading all the reviews, but i went and bought them anyway. Upon receiving them i have tried them. Out straight away and i must say these speakers are good. These speakers would only be disappointing if you have a poor ampthe bass is substantial which packs a punch and the midrange speakers are clear and so are the tweeters. I have used these speakers both in a room which was small and a larger room and. Must say they are an excellent.

For the money they sound good. Running of a pa amp and i have to say they kick.