Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Amazing when it actually plays

Really incredible sound coming from this wee speaker thats small enough to fit in your pocket yet it sounds so brilliant. I tried some reggae music and the bassline really thumps out, the music is clear overal and i can hear all the instruments so well. Its also very very loud, you can have a party with this and it wouldn’t let you down you dont need a hifi system, this speaker would challenge a room full of people with ease. Easy setup just go to settings after you switch it on and wait for the blue light. You just press the on button and keep it pressed till the blue light flashes and its ready for pairing, go in to phone settings and click on the blue tooth section and the device beoplay p2. Then its all system go and your ready to play.

Big things do come in small packages. I was a bit sceptical when i opened the box and saw the size of this – it’s not even as big as a paperback, and doesn’t weight much more than one. I needn’t have worried – it produces a deep, rich sound that fills a room, and belies its tiny size. It can get *loud* too, if you want that – and the long battery life means that you’ll get a few decent hours of high volume if you need it. Because of the size, it’s the perfect unit to use on the road – they make superb travel speakers for holidays, picnics and the like. The construction feels hardy and rugged, so it should take a few knocks and bangs, too. But equally, the quality is good enough to use it as your main bluetooth speaker in the home. It could make a great space saver in a small flat or room without compromising on quality. Pairing was very simple after installing the free beoplay app from the app store – after that, we enjoyed using it mainly with spotify and tunein radio to great effect. My only (very) minor niggle is the choice of usb-c for charging.

Okay, this little baby is not for everyone. B&o provoke reactions from some people, not unlike apple do. Thing is, at the heart of it all the negativity is a wee bit of envy. They would say that for the same money or much less i could have purchased something with better ‘. Insert whatever they say here. ‘ but whatever a naysayer may drone on about, this is a b&o, looks amazing, is well built and sounds awesome. Charge it before you try pairing it is my best tip. It has charge when shipped but it will make the process less fraught. Buy a case, there is not one in the box. Also it’s not plastered in b&o logo’s, so its very stealthy which given the number of bad people out there is a very good thing.

I took quite a while to buy this speaker and had a bit of a dilemma between the bose soundlink ii, the ue wonderboom and the p2. I’ve had the speaker an afternoon and tried to put it through a range of tests both outdoors and in, so i can give a decent review to help others. The thing is when you take it out of the box you do get a sense that someone gave a crap about the experience of opening it for the first time and how you feel. When you’ve got the p2 in your hand it does feel well made and good to touch. It does fit in your pocket and it does pitch up fully charged. The app is quite intuitive and also feels premium. . And to be honest i hope b&o are going to keep it feeling that way. I’ll not bore you what the app can do but it basically allows for personalisation and a cool equaliser. If you want a speaker that is going to give you great sound and uber portability with a good volume then the p2 is it. If you want loud and bass heavy then bose/wonderboom it is. I bought my sister a bose last year, she loves it and i’ve heard them alot, don’t get me wrong they are a great speaker (so good i was nearly buying one) but the quality of sound from the p2 is excellent. The sound is very clear, bright (without being tinny) and has a good level of bass. The bose can be turned up to 11 but it’s bigger, so you’ll need a bag of some description, if you’re a bloke then a man bag would be your weapon of choice, ladies have handbags so not a problem.

Beautiful design, great sound.

Slightly miffed as £10 cheaper a day later 😠.

Good sound, nice to use as portable.

I use this primarily with my laptop, so i normally have it plugged in anyway. Nonetheless i was absolutely amazed what a difference it made to audio quality, having grown accustomed to my laptop’s built-in speakers. For such a little device, this speaker really is very impressive. The downside is its simplicity. There are hardly any controls on the device itself – just a concealed on/off switch and a little light (which seems to do several different colours the full significance of which i’ve yet to work out). I found that the sound output was such that i need to turn the volume down on my laptop/media player, which required adjusting several different things, and readjusting depending on whether i’m using the speaker or not. This is not a serious problem, but is a bit of a pain. More annoying is the fact that occasionally my laptop seems not to detect the speaker, even when it is physically connected. I don’t know what causes this but disconnecting it and reconnecting it usually works. Again, not a major issue, but just another little irritation.

This is a stylish bluetooth enabled mini speaker from b&o. The packaging it arrives in is unsurprisingly minimalist, though the lack of instructions was a surprise and a bit of a nuisance. I’m not a tech novice, but i still had to search online to get a guide on how to install the necessary companion app to my android phone then and then get the speaker synced up so that i could use it. The fact that the device has no buttons and is controlled by touching the surface and shaking the speaker might be a nice feature once you know how to operate it, but not so much for that first time you want to connect it. However, once done – this is a joy to use, the booming bass and rich sounds coming from such a small unit really impressed me. I’ve probably not spent enough time tinkering with the profile settings in the app to perfect the sound coming out of my speaker, but the feature is there should i need it.

Amazing speaker for its size, the sound is absolutely brilliant although the functions like the tap to play and pause are a bit shaky and sometimes don’t work too well. Hopefully in the future tweaking the software will fix that.

This is a solidly built small and very portable small bluetooth speaker, it feels very robust and produces a great sound. Bass is boosted at low volume so the output is never ‘tinny’, but there’s no obvious distortion at high volume due to excessive bass. The speaker can be placed on any kind of surface and still sounds great (doesn’t cause too much rattle when on hollow objects for example). The speaker has some great control features – tapping the speaker twice either pauses or re-starts music, while shaking it sideways skips tracks. Bluetooth pairing to a samsung phone and huawei tablet was a very simple process in both cases. The speaker charges from a usb port using a cable provided (nicely, the speaker arrives charged so it can be used immediately from the box). There are some niggles, for example there is no way to control volume from the speaker which seems a glaring omission given so much other remote functionality is built in. As with many devices these days, few useful instructions come with the speaker, so internet trawling is required to find out how to use it.

Bass is good, sound is clear. I was expecting a carry case included with it, especially for the money paid.

Great sound and easy set up. 1st one went faulty but replaced quickly and have had no issues with replacement.

I’ve never really been a fan of these sorts of speakers, they tend to have overblown bass that make people go ‘wow man, such a big sound, wow, yeah, amazing’. Which to be fair is a reasonable enough reaction if you’re used to in-ear headphones or listening to compressed, processed tunes on t4 through tv speakers, i don’t think many people have even heard a proper hifi setup these days as it has all become a bit niche. But i thought i would give this one a go, after all it doubles as a handsfree set (although i couldn’t actually get this to work with my sony xperia) should have a decent battery life at this price, and claims to be rugged and water resistant, ideal for the beach i thought. The overblown, 100mb app can be discarded as soon as you’ve paired the speaker, but annoyingly the only button on the speaker itself is the power one – nope, you can’t even do a long hold etc. There are also a couple of ‘gestures’; scraping and tapping the actual unit for pause etc. So, sound wise; ok, lets face it, it’s a mono device. This fatal flaw in all these types of units always seems oddly overlooked. But hey, it sounds not too bad, there’s actually not too much bass in the standard setup, nor is the treble ramped up to make it sound artificially bright – that was listening to british sea powers ‘remember me’. Annoying is the usb c connector – why?. What benefit does it bring other than being able to fit either way in the socket?. I’ve had to buy another from startech as the one supplied is annoyingly short (though nicely made with a b&o logo). Overall, yes, not too bad – but better value exists out there for sure.

Now i’m no technical geeky music sound guru but i’d like to think i know a good speaker when i hear one. I bought this for my other half who upon hearing it looked at me like she’d just heard the dog speak. It’s a wonderful speaker for the size.It rivals our sonos play which is bigger but not as much better as it is bigger. Now i find the button a bit confusing – it’s very sleek – press it quickly to do this, longer to do that. But that said i’m not usually the one switching it on. There’s an app for it too.

High quality built and great sound.

B&o have always been my choice when it comes to great sound and this lil thing is proof.

The b&o beoplay p2 portable speaker sounds really impressive. It’s much smaller than i was expecting, but the sound from it is rich and involving. Not sure how they managed to fit the sound in the speaker 🙂 the p2 is stylish and sassy and very aspirational. It’s a great looker, feels solid like a premium product should. Great connectivity with bluetooth, easy to set up, this p2 is easy to charge, and it keeps its charge really well. I’ve been using it for a couple of evenings without needing to recharge. This is a real quality item. It ‘feels’ like a quality item and sounds like a quality item.

Great sound, well constructed, and perfect for ones pocket.

Small size big sound, fantastic build quality as expected by bang & olufsen.

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