B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY, Does what it says on the tin.

Buying these as some of the reviews exactly where not great and there was scant information about the speaker fixing. I was a bit anxious about buying these as some of the assessments the place not good and there was scant info about the speaker fixing methods, but i needn’t of, they are excellent, my speakers are a pair of ariston msx-07 that weigh 2. five lbs (i weighed them on the kitchen area scales) and the are attached applying the flat plates and velcro pads and are reasonably secure. I tightened almost everything up and nothing at all broke, and had no problems threading the wires as a result of, it really is evident the wires should go from leading to bottom, if you try out it the other way you are asking for issues.

B-tech pair of black speaker stands with metal foundation. Arrived rapidly and very nicely packaged with every thing wanted for quick set up. Utilizing 2 pairs as element of a 5. Really straightforward to use with logitech z906 procedure as the pack is made up of screws to suit immediately into the thread on the rear of the satellite speakers and lock in wonderful and tight with no vibration noises. Adjustment is very simple and the capability to hide speaker cables by running them inside of the stand gives a neat and tidy finish. Only insignificant situation (which stopped me from supplying a complete five stars) was a cross threaded screw on a single of the foundation plates and no spare in the pack, as a end result one particular out of the 4 stands is at any time so somewhat wobbly.

B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

  • Designed for small home cinema / satellite speakers up to 2kg (4.4lbs)
  • Adjustable height for optimal speaker positioning: 685mm (27”) – 1060mm (41.7”)
  • Cable management for a clean and tidy appearance
  • Supplied with a dual point adaptor – alternative platform also included
  • All necessary fixings and mounting hardware included

So i lately procured a sony blu ray home cinema kit which came with two lesser rear speakers and desired a good set of stands. They match my speakers correctly. They are sturdy and simple to assemble with a very good variety of adjustable top. Sony now challenging wire there speakers and include a jack on the finish of the cord,so regrettably i could not thread they cable by way of the inside of of the stand but this is no huge deal. This is a excellent attribute though for everyone who needs to disguise the cabling.

Labored great with lg satellite speakers stands – threads not great. Heaps of reviews on in this article about not been equipped to feed the wire through and frankly you would have to be an idiot not to be able to do this. Twist the two wires with each other and feed through the hole, if caught choose pole in two and force through each aspect one particular at a time, if you can’t do this give up on life as your not going to make it :). The entire products goes jointly easy but the threads as mentioned by many others are quite poor. I managed to get absent with it. Little suggestions – do not swing on the bolt to tighten you you should not need to have to get it so you can barely turn it any more. Just do it finger tight, will save the thread breaking and secures the speaker no dilemma. Labored for me they are not relocating, not sloping as some outlined and and are fantastic. If you have half ounce of savvy this is quite an easy activity.

I obtained this merchandise from [. and paid through amazon, hence the review here. Item was delivered on time, but unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. This should have been a simple, 5-10 minute assembly, but unfortunately, it took me over two hours to assemble and i had to ring the manufacturer to tell them that one of the key components of this kit had failed miserably to do the job which it was designed (and i use that word very loosely) to do. The problem is that the internal “collar” (which is supposed to be captive) inside the upright tube of the stand doesn’t like having the m6 bolt that’s used to secure the mounting options to the upright section of the stand isn’t up to the job. Basically, when you purchase an item such as this, you would think (rightly so) that in order to make everything secure, you would need to tighten the aforementioned m6 bolt as firmly as possible into the collar that’s supposed to be captive inside the top of the goose neck. Well, i merrily tightened the bolt, so it was just a little tighter than finger tight and you can imagine my surprise when i tried to move the stand into position and the whole of the top section came away in my hands. The complete assembly of the “l” shaped bracket that i chose to use, along with the m6 bolt and the supposedly captive collar all remained in my hand, whilst the floor stabilising plate and the upright sections stood on the floor. Just as well i hadn’t attached my new wharfedale dx-1 speakers to the stand yetthankfully, the “fault” have been fairly well rectified with a bit of black insulating tape. ]

B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black : Bought a pair of these for my panasonic speakers and i have to say i very impressed with them. I found them to be decent quality and easy to put together. The only down side i found was when using the cable tidying system it seemed very fiddly to feed the wires through first time without them getting stuck half way down the stand. However despite the fiddly cable tidying system i highly these stands.

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  1. This review is from : B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

    Okay speaker stands if you are after something for light speakers. . I thought i would finally get around to putting my canon surround speakers onto stands and place in a optimum position in my lounge rather than leaving them on top of radiators where they get knocked off. My speakers fit (sort of) though they seem a little heavy and whilst they don’t easily fall over on these stands i think i would have liked a little more substance to the stands. These will do for now, but i think i might have to replace these with more substantial items at some point/.
    • Brilliant product, adjusts to different heights, idea for home cinema systems, i bought for a new samsung home cinema, how these stands can be made for the price is amazing, various fitting supplied to mount the speakers, recommended.
  2. Bose compatible but much more affordable. I bought these stands to fit my bose accoustimas series 3 111 cube speakers; i didn’t feel like paying for bose’s own stands, didn’t fancy the cheap ones with the glass base, so these seemed the best, affordable, option. They are similar but not identical to the bose stands, and like ikea products, it helps to read the instructions twice before starting. No missing parts in box, spanner, allen key, supplied, but you need a phillips head screwdriver to hand. Assembly should be quick if you put the speaker cable (carefully) through the stand the right way. Most small speakers should fit ok, but not anything big or heavy. Only in use for one day, hence 4 stars; if they hold the speakers firmly long term, i will revisit & give 5 stars.
    • Does what it says on the tin. Fitted my denon 5:1 system because there are a great number of fittings.
  3. This review is from : B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

    1 front speakers either side of the wall mounted tv. Cable acess is really neat and height adjustment is a bonus.
  4. This review is from : B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

    Great value adjustable speaker stand. . A little wobbly, but a great array of fastening. I used these to fix my wharfedale dx1 cinema speakers, although the bracket had to put in “landscape” mode as the speakers had a keyhole slot that protruded too much.
    • Speaker stands are great quality but had to be returned as my speakers were too heavy.
  5. This review is from : B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

    Great looking and good design. . We use these in the bedroom. They look good and the cable runs through the post so they are very neat. The base is large and solid so these are very stable with small speakers.
    • Made of soft metal, the screws need to be tightened every few weeks, otherwise speakers become flimsy. Of course, the stands may not cover all possible designs, but for my sony home cinema these stands are just not perfect.
      • Bought these for wharfedale dx-1 speakers,which are pretty much on the limit as to the weight these stands can handle. Fortunately the speakers do fit on the stands,using supplied bracket. Will not fit on platform option provided. They are fairly stable on carpet with the stands extended,but be wise to keep small children and pets away.
  6. This review is from : B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

    Has many options for connecting speakers and can thoroughly recommend. I am going to buy another pair.
  7. This review is from : B-Tech BTV910 VENTRY – Home Cinema Speaker Stands (Pair) in Black

    They look good, easy to put together and do what they should, all sorts of fittings for different speakers.
    • Good stands with a slim profile. But with that comes the ease that they can wobble if knocked.

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