B-Tech – BT15 – Black Wall Mount with Adjustable Arms for Centre Speaker : Sturdy Well Made Brackets

Very sturdy and decent looking, i purchased this because i have owned b-tech speaker brackets before, it holds my wharfedale 10. Cm speaker on the wall with ease, all of the screws and wall plugs are of high quality. Nothing is loose (yet) haha and the 10. Cm is a very big and heavy speaker.

A great product with a nice finish. I would reccomend this product as a suitable mounting for speakers, digital tv boxes etc.

Good, but flimsy, but no better alternative out there. Not as good as i was expecting, given that the other speaker mounts are rock solid, not even using them now, does the job, but flimsy. Here are the specifications for the B-Tech – BT15 – Black Wall Mount with Adjustable Arms for Centre Speaker:

  • Ideal for centre channel speakers, DVD players and other AV equipment
  • Designed for loudspeakers up to 15kg (33lbs)
  • Allows speaker to be positioned for optimum esoteric performance
  • Easy adjustment of arm depth
  • Simple installation with all mounting hardware included

Bought 2 pairs for hi-fi speakers. Strong and adjustable, fit any bookshelf speakers on these that aren’t too large physically. Can take my speakers and the cats jumping on board without flexing. Solid construction with grub screws to hold in position once extended.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great bracket for centre speaker
  • Ideal for heavy, horizontally oriented centre speakers
  • The only one I found
  • Perfect centre speaker bracket
  • Sturdy brackets but need careful aligning
  • Not best pleased and was worried I’d have an issue with

Ideal for heavy, horizontally oriented centre speakers. If you’re looking for something to support one of the small lightweight speakers which tend to come with all-in-one home cinema systems – the sort of speakers which typically have a keyhole hanging slot on the back – then these brackets would be serious overkill and are, in any case, not really suitable for your purpose. As the illustration clearly shows, this package of two simple but extremely strong l-shaped black wall brackets is primarily intended to support a single, probably horizontal speaker, although the arms are long enough to support other items: a small dvd player, for example. Most people will be considering using them to support a heavy, high-power surround-sound centre speaker directly above or below a tv screen, for which purpose they are ideally suited. The horizontal portion of the bracket – the bit which supports the speaker – is adjustable for length, in the range of 180mm to 290mm. The manufacturer’s stated maximum weight capacity is a pretty hefty 15 kilograms (33lbs). As the speaker simply rests on the arms, there are no vice-like clamps or fixing screws which would otherwise damage the finish on the speaker. The kit includes some little silicone dimples (like stick-on feet) to be stuck on the upper surface of each bracket arm to stop the speaker from sliding around, and also provide a degree of acoustic insulation to reduce the amount of vibration which might otherwise be transferred into the wall through the brackets. In view of the likely combined weight of brackets and speaker, i would not recommend placing them on anything less than a brick, briezeblock or stone wall – certainly not on plasterboard. The brackets wouldn’t give way, but the wall.

I needed brackets to hold my ma bronze centre speaker below my wall-mounted tv. These brackets are perfect, and are designed for mounting a ‘proper’ hifi/home cinema centre speaker. The brackets are black which matches the tv, speaker and hifi equipment. The quality is excellent, they are sturdy, nicely finished, and easy to fit. You will need a drill and spirit level – the more careful you are marking and drilling the holes, the more chance they will be perfectly level. My local hifi store told me to buy ‘any old shelves’, but if you price up brackets and shelving, you will pay as much. Excellent productupdate – more than a year later – still excellent – really a ‘no brainer’ for fitting a home cinema centre speaker.

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  1. This review is from : B-Tech – BT15 – Black Wall Mount with Adjustable Arms for Centre Speaker

    It does what’s supposed to do, good price, sturdy construction, easy to install. Used a 3m dual lock to secure speaker in place.
    • Good solution to mount a centre speaker under the tv. Can be made to be almost invisible.
      • Not best pleased and was worried i’d have an issue with. I bought this item in advance of my new house purchase, 7 weeks later i put it on the wall to find the arms were not the same angle, one was 90deg however the other around 85deg. Not best pleased and was worried i’d have an issue with the time i’d had the product. I contacted direct 4 who supplied it and they sent me a form to complete for a replacement. When i mentioned i needed it quick and would rather purchase another and have a refund, they immediately dispatched another 1st class and said not to worry returning the defective one. I am so impressed with them, the replacement arrived next day as promised and is now on the wall. The bracket is good quality and holds a b&w cc6 with ease. All round i’m very pleased with the product but especially pleased with direct 4. If i have a choice in the future for brackets i’ll head straight to them.
  2. It is very good i would recommend it to a friend i don’t know what else to say about the product.
  3. This review is from : B-Tech – BT15 – Black Wall Mount with Adjustable Arms for Centre Speaker

    Trixes usb 3. 0 superspeed extension cable male to female 1. 5m. A great item, looks smart and unobtrusive,very good value. Use spirit level to makes sure its level. Could be improved with elongated fixing holes for adjustment. I drilled these just a little bigger.

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