AZATOM® AZATOM Droid – Powerful Bluetooth 4, Good quality, not very loud

Bought this azatom speaker a few weeks ago, and wanted to listen to it over a couple of weeks before reviewing. Wow, it’s absolutely great, was not expecting the kind of sound that it gives. Not even slightly tinny, good amount of bass and very clear mid range. Connects very easily to bluetooth without any hiccups, the volume is more than loud enough, in a large ‘through’ lounge, it is too loud on maximum volume. Won’t replace your hi-fi system, but it isn’t meant to. I have a lot of music on my phone, and this is the perfect way of listening to it. Looking forward to using it in the garden in the summer (if we get one ).

Do not be fooled by it’s size. This little beauty packs a punch. Bought for my 12 yr old son as a little christmas stocking filler to play in his room, but after hearing it i’m having one myself. Fits in the palm of your hand but the quality of sound is superb. What a fantastic buy my son loves it :).

Terrific neat and smart looking speaker, getting good sound out of it and it’s so easy to use and well priced (now reduced). Note it’s a bit more of an upside down teacup shape that the main photo shows, rather than a straight cylinder.

Key specs for AZATOM Droid – Powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker – Dual 5W driver and Woofer – Deep Powerful Bass – Designed In the UK – Auto reconnect – 16 Hours of Music – Quick charge battery – Pink:

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  • AZATOM SOUND: Play your music in High fidelity CD quality with Rich tones and deep bass from its 5W / Dual full-range driver, Bass Passive Woofer and Twin Bass ports.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0: Instantly pair and auto reconnect to the last connected device, enabling fast one step streaming. Enjoy your Music library – Perfect for Music streaming services: Spotify – Apple music – Deezer – Tune-in – Tidal and others.
  • INNOVATIVE BATTERY LIFE: 16 hour continuous playtime from its Built in CoreEnegy long life Li-ion battery and quick charging.
  • GREATER DISTANCE: Connection range of up to 70 feet. Reliable pairing and solid connection with your mobile devices over even greater distances.
  • AZATOM WARRANTY: UK Call line technical support with 1 Year warranty. Product Dimensions: 75mm x 90mm x 65mm – Weight: 230g. Package content: Droid Speaker, Mains power charger, 3.5mm AUX cable, User manual, Colourful gift box.

Comments from buyers

“Equal to the Anker Soundcore Mini
, 10/10 quality. Unclear volume.
, Great little sound box

Superb bit of kit, 12 yr old daughter loves it, she wanted something to pop in her bag to increase the volume of her phone on the walk to work, she chose this, if she keeps making decisions like this might get her to make a few for me 😉 nice, clear and plenty of bass, it has a punchy sound i have never heard on a speaker of this size. Aesthetically very nice too, the chrome really sets it off, only this morning said to her that i would love to hear these speakers in a stereo configuration, with separate channels, now that would sound very nice.

I bought this little beaut last year for on holiday. Its well crafted,enineered and designed. I have a very wide range in music from classical to punk to pop to rock ( and the girlfriends r & b ) and my little cracker handles it all flawlessly. As for watching the walking dead in bed with the girlfriend on the kindle well try it and see lol.

This is just an ok item, volume does not climb to a very high level, if you are a listening to easy music such as pop & classical this is fine. However i like my trance music & with the bass on this system the audio is terrible. Not good for any form of dance music. I do however use this to listen to all other music to which it does an ok job. If i had choice, i would look elsewhere & purchase a speaker more suitable to my needs. However with all that being said, for the money spent this is ok, but hey, you can make your own decision :).

A few other reviews mentioned that the speaker isn’t very loud so i wasnt expecting much in terms of volume, however i was disappointed, i have an iphone se and the speaker was barely louder than my phone is. The overall quality of the music/bass is quite good. I bought this product on sale and definitely wouldn’t pay full price for it. To summarise, this speaker is good for personal use (in an already quiet setting) but not a lot else.

Connects without any issues to both my phone (samsung s4 mini) and kindle fire, via bluetooth. Battery is also extremely good – haven’t had to charge it since its first charge a week ago, and it has been in use a lot.For the price you pay it is definitely worth it, you even get an aux cable (many of the other speakers i looked at didn’t include this). Does not come with a plug socket to charge the device, just the usb cable. However, most phones and devices have a usb socket that you can use as an alternative to charging on the laptop/computer (i’ve used it on my kindle fire socket) so it really shouldn’t be an issue for most peoplehighly recommend.

The wireless capability worked first time and works perfectly. Able to control the volume and pause/stop the track on the droid. Additionally, can also control the next/last track from the sender unit (phone/laptop etc). Gives a good rich sound with adequate bass end – good enough for my disco/soul/r&b tracks. For its size (not much bigger than my fist) it produces a good level of sound (stated as 5w). A slight downside i can envisage is that there is no way to check the battery level – i assume it will stop working without warning. So far it appears to have a good battery life. 99 (less than half price) and with the free uk delivery made it excellent value.

This isn’t bad, especially at the price. Took a bit of working out to how to link the bluetooth as it didn’t immediately link as the instructions indicated (or didn’t very clearly) and it is a bit fiddly to do. It’s not the best sound i’ve ever heard, but for the size (very neat, so very portable) and price, and the fact i didn’t buy it to have a party sound, just for my husband to enhance the sound of music from his ipad, it does the job it was bought for.

Had this for a while now and i’m delighted with it. The sound quality really is quite unbelievable for such a small speaker, especially the bass response. Good battery life too – in fact i’ve never run out of battery during a listening session it just seems to go on and on. I also like the fact that you can pause the music from the speaker. A really great bit of kit,worth every penny.

We need to be clear, this is not a speaker for audiophiles, it’s the size of a child’s fist and if you know anything about acoustics you’d know that for audio purity you’d need a much larger device like a b&w zepplin costing £££’s, try dropping one of those in your laptop bag. So let me list the main points with this speaker. Bad points:- you can’t connect a pair for stereo sound- if you use public transport those unruly youths with their tinny mobile phone speakers are about to get a lot loudergood points:- power, it has it in buckets, after reading reviews stating the power it still managed to surprise me. – ease of use, bluetooth or cable simple quick efficient. – power adapter, micro usb, who hasn’t got at least 3 of these adapters lying around now that they are the cell phone standard. Internal battery really does last 10 hours, quite remarkable. – aesthetics, good looking design even comes with microfiber cloth to keep the black shiny, thoughtful. – size, very compact and portable. – audio quality, struggles at full volume with some feeds mainly in the high frequency band but like i said it is loud so turning it down to 90%-95% (still loud) keeps the speaker within it’s limits which is why i am not classifying this a negative just something to be aware of, i have only found this to be an issue on a couple of tracks with very pitched female vocals everything else plays fine at 100% volume. – build quality, looks solid, feels solid.

I read the reviews which promised spectacular results from this tiny speaker. Ease of set-up and reasonable output were my two main criteria and all reviews were very positive in both respects. It was all borne out and mine was operating within about three minutes of receipt, part of which included opening the boxnone of the reviews exaggerated in any way and i was very impressed, as have been two friends. Speaker technology is amazing nowadays but this must be at the top end for a unit of its type. I’ve heard much worse from larger and more expensive products. Sound quality is really very good with no rattles, even at top volume, from which you need to reduce it in an enclosed space. I run mine at about half volume at which it is excellent. The claimed battery life seems to be a little pessimistic. I used mine for several hours (at least four) on day one and it then continued for a further eight hours on day two before the battery finally threw in the towel. Connection to the charger immediately brought it back to life and, within a couple of hours or so (didn’t time it – sorry) the battery was fully charged and it could be used in standalone mode again.

I read lots of reviews for this little speaker both good and bad and decided to buy it. It was so cheap i thought it would be no big loss if it turned out to be as bad as the negative reviews said it would. After all what do you expect for hardly any money bose?. Turns out i was more than pleasantly surprised, this is a great little speaker and sounds even better if you place it somewhere enclosed. I have mine on the shelf that is under my coffee table, it seems to enhance the base sound. Wether it’s mozart or moby i love this little thing.

I recently bought the home hub by the same company and loved it so much i treated my husband to the droid. Suitably ‘darth vader’ looking for my sci-fi mad spouse, the droid did not disappoint. If you have trouble pairing it, keep your finger on the button after switching on bt. The instructions make it seem like you should release the button and then re-press to pair. Sound is impressive from such a small device. Not something if you are a real audiophile, but perfectly acceptable for use in the bathroom or kitchen. I look forward to seeing what azatom come up with next.

Make no mistake i love my hifi when i have the time, and dare i say, permission. But when away from my beloved tanoys, traveling or just in a different part of the house it’s useful to have some sort of substitute. Step foward the azatom droid. This device is hugely impressive, possessing a surprisingly wide frequency range. The bass has to be heard to be believed. Indeed friends have not believed that such a small device is responsible for what they are hearing. Of course they do have some limitations, and corner placement can improve the low extension further. It’s strength lies in the purity of the sound, even at relatively high volume. Finally the icing on the cake is the battery duration, charging being a very infrequent requirement, measured in weeks to months.

Works very well and is a great little companion. Definitely recommend to music lovers everywhere.

This is a really good product, and very reasonably priced. It’s a good little size to take it away with you but volume wise, it’s pretty loudthe quality of sound is also very good considering how small the speaker it. It’s very easy to use and very straight forward to connect to it. Once connected, the rang is good too, i used mine recently for a family bbq and had no issues with leaving the speaker in the house and taking my phone outside. The only problem i had was that the speaker cut out a couple of times and i had to turn it off and on again an reconnect. I’m not sure if this is due to signal or the fact it needed charging but it was a little frustrating after the third time. Regardless of this, it’s a great product and i would definitely recommend.

I have used a number of bluetooth speakers over the years and i must say that this is easily the best that i have purchased for the following reasons. Volume is outstanding and an increase of at least three times each units stand alone volume. The clarity of the speaker is crystal clear. Paired to my samsung tablet 10. 1, my samsung gt-19300 mobile phone and even my panasonic 50′ tv within seconds. Delivery was very prompt and item was well packaged. Instruction manual included is very simple to follow. Don’t hesitate to buy this as you will not be disappointed.

I have bought a lot of bluetooth speakers in the past, but when i discovered azatom they just blew the others away. Build quility is really nice, they look and feel great and the sound is fantastic. Nice deep bass for such small speakers and the battery lasts well too. I have 3 droids and a storm (the bigger one), all are superb.

Solid weight with excellent sound. Ideal for phone, tablet or laptop. I like it so much that over time, i now have 3. For the size and price, excellent value.

I replaced a cheaper unit with this and the difference is vast. The older unit had a continuous buzz, only paired intermittently and was cheap and tinny sounding (but did only cost £8) it proved the concept that a bt speaker was useful to me but sounded dreadful. This unit is still quite small so doesn’t exactly full the room nor does it have a deep bass. But it does have a clear sound that lets me hear the lyrics clearly and no background buzzing. It paired easily and more importantly maintained the connection even when i went into other rooms. The battery seems to last a long time – about 4 or 5 days of intermittent use so far.

I’m learning to write reviews after a few weeks of usage as things often change. I’m happy to report that after quite a lot of use, this small speaker is doing well. There a a couple of other similar sized and priced speakers in my house and i think this has the better sound. Looks smart, holds the charge really well (better than the others) and so far (touch wood) i have had no problems at all. If i do i will return and amend this review.

Totally brilliant better then my lingyi speaker. The bag i brought for it looks great aswell. The sound is very clear even at high volume definatly will be buying another. Just to add the pink is a lovely girly colour loving it really pleased.

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