AVES Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker w/ Noise-reduction Mic Handsfree Phone Kit in : great sound from such a small portable device and for

This speaker takes a while to initially pair up with your device, but once it is set up it is easy to use every time, and perfect for day to day use. The reason for the difficulty in pairing, i found, was that the buttons on the front are not not clearly defined- just a picture on the speaker that activates by touch. It is therefore tricky to set it up on first use, until you get used to it. Because the buttons are close together and it is not always to see them, since they are low down on the device, this can be a cause of difficulty and is something you have to become familiar with. It appears on my phone (galaxy s3) as ‘aves aqua’, so was really easy to find on bluetooth. Once it has been set up once it will also auto connect when both devices are turned on. A good feature on it is the fact that if a phone call comes through, the music stops and the call will play through the speaker. An inbuilt microphone means you can also take calls on speakerphone through it. The signal carries through walls easily, so it can be used near the shower, for example, whilst leaving your phone in another room, properly out of the way of the water and steam. It has a good range for a bluetooth speaker- i have had no problems at all in this area.

Good, but touch buttons get meddled with accidentaly.

AVES Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker w/ Noise-reduction Mic Handsfree Phone Kit in Black

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Simple, cheap, does a great job.

This little speaker is easy to use, compact and it does the job. It won’t really crank up the sound to a boom, but it’s great for a small area. It would be better if it came with a plug in jack cable in case bluetooth is not available. My only criticism is the on/off and speaker buttons which are printed on the unit itself, they seem to sometimes require some pressure to work effectively rather than being the anticipated ‘touch’ one would expect,and there is no indication that it has worked other than a small light on the front of the speaker. It would be better if the printed icons themselves lit up to indicate if they are on or not. Other than that a handy, portable, nice little unit, for when you really don’t want headphones.

I was pleased with this speaker, which worked well, gave good sound, and was very easy to use. Worked beyond the expected battery time, and looks sleek and cool. It is, however, quite large and clumsy, and shaped rather awkwardly (despite the good looks) so access to controls is hindered. A very minor complaint i suppose. While the sound quality is good, i would prefer a smaller, neater speaker to go with my small neat ipod. Nevertheless, especially if you’re going to be keeping it in one place, and not planning to travel with it, its a good buy.

AVES Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker w/ Noise-reduction Mic Handsfree Phone Kit in Black : I have used this in bluetooth mode with a macbook pro, an ipad2, a kindle fire hd, an htc wildfire phone an an iphone 3gs. It has worked first time with all of them, and the connection is easy enough to pick up again when you switch the devices off and then on again. It has a quirky shape, and looks pretty smart in my kitchen – where it has just replaced a defunct dab radio. Volume is good but the volume controls, which are ‘touch’ activated, are not the easiest to use. The same goes for the on/off control. I think the makers will need to rethink the controls, because if they were easier to operate (and also had better ‘confirmation’ systems – to tell you that your button press has actually done something) it would make for a very nice product indeed. Charging is easy via the mini usb – charger and cable supplied with the unit – and it also comes witha nice little carrying pouch. You can connect devices with an actual bit of wire is your device doesn’t have bluetooth capability – which is quite useful for me as i use an old sony mini disc player to record and then playback for review my radio show, and mini disc players were built a long time before bluetooth was a twinkle in a developer’s eyeoverall it’s a good value item, and does work well. For the 5th star i would want a slightly more robust volume/power switch with some more obvious feedback, otherwise i would recommend it.

Looks smart, and does everything as expected. The only downside is it can take time for it to connect the speaker to my phone. Overall very good value for money.

I was not expecting much from this speaker, i have had a few similar speakers over the last couple of years and have never really been impressed. The speaker was easily paired with both my nokia lumia 920 and ipad (with retina) not a single issue. The sound is good providing you are within a meter of the device i have found, as you move further away it starts to get a little ‘tinny’ sounding. Its ideal to use in a kitchen scenario as opposed to a living room solution. The device seems to handle music with lots of bass and treble a lot better than strings and vocals, despite its small form factor, it can play pretty loud although at the higher volume levels, it does start to distort slightly. I found the instructions amusing, they state amongst the devices features :-‘will turn off automatically once the battery has died’ well yes, that’s a given, makes me appreciate my old 1980’s saisho walkman, it must of had fantastic futuristic abilities back then.

This is a well constructed little speaker with a shiny gloss black finish and a matt black speaker grill. Touch controls inhabit the front panel while the main on/off switch,a mini usb port for charging and a mini jack socket are located at the rear. A mains charger,a usb cable and a carrying pouch are included. The sound quality is very good for such a small enclosure and experimenting with positioning of the device can also bring audio benefits. Operating range is also very good,my ipad dropped out of range at about 12 metres from the device. Compared to other bluetooth devices i have used,the initial pairing of devices is over complicated and once paired it is still necessary to turn on the rear switch and the front touch sensitive switch to connect. This portable speaker provides a worthwhile improvement in sound quality for most mobile devices.

Great little portable speaker definitely worth it at £10. Gets decently loud and decent amount of bass and clarity. Only criticism is the battery doesn’t last the rated time.

The aves aqua speaker is a speaker that can be connected to your devices by bluetooth or usb cable. Set up – i found the speaker relatively easy to set up, although you do need to carefully follow the instructions in the leaflet. You do need to completely charge up the speaker before you can use it, but it only took a couple of hours. I didn’t particularly like the buttons on the speaker and did spend some time prodding away at the device wondering why nothing was happening. I tried using the speakers with both my laptop and my iphone and i found the connection was very good. It takes about a minute to connect, but once i had a connection i didn’t have a problem. I do live in a very small flat so am unlikely to walk out of the device’s range. Performance – i was actually very impressed by the sound quality of the speaker, especially compared to some of the very tinny dock speakers i have used before. The sound is not as good as some of the more expensive speakers on the market, but i think it’s very good considering the price. You can control the volume and pause the music via the speaker, but the buttons were so annoying that i found it easier to just use my phone or laptop instead. Appearance – i find the shiny black plastic a little bit cheap looking, but generally this is a stylish device that blends in to it’s surroundings. My main issue is with the buttons which are not accessible enough. I think this is generally a worthwhile buy, especially considering the price. Just make sure the read the instruction booklet first.

It took a little while to pair the unit to phone. And i was a little dubious how good this could be. But when i played some music through it, i was suprised how good it sounded, good bass and clear. Don’t be put off by the 3 watts of power. Also someone phoned while i was listening to some music,and the call went through speaker, mic worked well too. All in all very impressed,and at that price it makes it even more impressive.

Quality of sound is excellent as is battery life.

This portable speaker looks very nice but i was pretty disappointed over all. The unit is piano black, although quite surprisingly it didn’t show up fingermarks that easily. It charged easily and connected to my tablet and phone first time. The design looks good, but isn’t entirely practical. The speaker is sloped so to use the touch buttons you have to pick the whole thing up to see them. The power button worked, although why you need a power button and a power switch is beyond me. The volume buttons worked up to a point, but they were sluggish to react and it seemed to vary between adjusting the volume on the tablet/phone and adjusting the volume in the media player (i was using amazon music player). The sound was clear and the speaker was much louder than i expected for something so small, however with no real depth of sound at either end (bass or treble) even at high volume the detail was easily drowned out. Listening to it in a closed room with no other sounds was fine, but any other noise, even just the fans on my computer made the music indistinct.

No problems pairing it to my smartphone, that’s pretty straightforward. Ergonomically designed to be positioned on its back with the speaker facing up, but a that leaves the controls in a slightly difficult position. That said when not connected it can be positioned upright which makes the control much more accessible and with the speaker close to 90° which results in a much better sound. Probably not the best sounding speaker out there, seriously lacking in low frequency response. The only time i can get some kind of bass is when paired with the htc one x with beats audio turned on and the speaker close to my person. However i haven’t had exposure to similar sized speakers so i don’t know if the lack of bass is the norm for speakers of this size. The charge last pretty long. I left it on overnight after using it during the day and surprisingly it didn’t require charging until later the next day. I have yet to see the low battery indicator light up.

Battery lasts over 6 hours, good value for price. Only down side is the touch sensitive buttons on front are very sensitive.

I found the look of this speaker unattractive and the sound nothing to write home about. I thought the controls were fiddly and unintuitive. I would have liked to avoid using bluetooth altogether, which i was able to do using the 3. If you want to do this you’ll need to bring your own cable as it is not supplied. The volume buttons didn’t seem to have any effect when i used the speaker in this way. I found getting the bluetooth working a relatively quick and easy process, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. I’m sure there is some way we could have avoided having two ‘on’ buttons though. This product particularly pales when compared to the modern looking, great sounding and easy to use r. Gnt bluetooth capsule speaker – black, which at the time of writing is a similar price.

This is a fabulous bluetooth speaker, lucky to get it in the colour of my bedroom. Great sound from such a small portable device and for such a reasonable price.

I wasn’t blown away with the sound quality, but then i wasn’t really expecting amazing sound from so small a unit at such a low price. That said, build quality was fine, i didn’t have any synch problems with an android phone and iphone, which for me is the main because otherwise, what’s the point?. Really for this price point, there are far worse speakers and few better. The range is ok, not a lot of bass but i was listening to classical and it was fine. Not a speaker to blo the doors off, but horrible either.

The aves aqua bluetooth speaker i’d say is ‘so-so’ for the price you’re paying. It’s highly practicable; easy to carry around, easy to use and seems to support most (if not all) music devices with bluetooth. However for the £50 you’re paying (current price on amazon) i feel that the sound quality is lacking – then again, it is just one small speaker. It has a nice interface on the front, with touch sensitive buttons (always a nice ‘touch’), it was easy to connect to my iphone (there are good instructions included for those not so tech-savvy) and the design is neat. The only other thing i can fault it on apart from the sound quality is that there is no option for it to be battery-operated, which is something i feel a portable speaker should have, after all, there aren’t many power outlets at the park/beach.

I really like the look of this speaker, it is sleek and modern, and small enough to hold in your hand. It’s easy to charge up via electric socket ot via usb. So simple to pair with a bluetooth device. The sound is crisp and clear. There are volume controls on the speaker but it also responds to changing volume on your device eg phone, and you can get a pretty loud noise out of it. I do especially like that you can use this when using your phone for calls as a speakerphone, nice idea. I love the fact that there are touchscreen buttons, but find that when moving the speaker it is rather easy to touch them by mistake. It would benefit form a ‘hold’ button that disbables these buttons. However, that’s my only gripe. Loving this speaker for its size, good sound and good looks.

Basically a nice, stylish, functional item that for this reviewer, was blissfully easy to set up and pleasing to use. It’s about the size of a very larger coffee jar lid, quite hefty, with low key buttons. The finish is shiny good quality plastic and the overall visual / tactile effect is one of good build quality. Setup was via my sony xperia phone and was completed in seconds – the instructions are really clear and the bluetooth worked effortlessly for me. Sound quality seems strong and wholly appropriate for the size of the item. I just felt the smooth finish and black colourscheme gave this a rather ‘stealth’ appearance by comparison to my braven speaker which i’m very loyal to. I also felt the price was on the upper edge of fair for the item’s performance.

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