AV Link 4 Way Loudspeaker Selector, Ideal for running mor than one set of speakers

Looks good with my hi fi separates, a good quality finish, however there is some sound leakage between sets of speakers probably due to the high resistance on the second set of speakers but overall a good piece of kit for the money.

Little bit bulky for a two switch unit, but works well.

This is an unpowered unit, slightly smaller than a vhs cassette (if you remember those) and mechanically allows you to switch between two sets of speakers (or both together / both off). Appears to work as expected so far – as with other reviewers, my only negative comment is the size of the speaker terminals (spring clip type connector) as the holes are quite small so you may struggle to get your speaker wire in if it is more than a few mm wide.

Key specs for 4 Way Loudspeaker Selector:

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  • Enables two or four pairs of speakers to be connected to the stereo output of an amplifier
  • Heavy-duty rocker switches
  • Each pair can be selected individually or both together
  • Designed for 8 ohms speakers

Comments from buyers

“Switch between two sets of speakers not a lot else to say.
, Works very well
, Does what it says on the tin very well

A well made item – but not 5 stars as the connectors at the back are minute and not suitable for heavy or even normal gauge speaker wire. The item took a while to arrive (i should have double checked the delivery times) which meant my little audio project had to wait for a few days for this thing to arrive. There are some clips (ixos xs216 gold plated speaker pin terminals – pack of 4) available on amazon which you will need if your speaker wire is thicker than a human hair.

Pleased with this speaker switch, it does everything it’s meant to. Can’t think of any minus points.

Arrived on time, as described easy to install excellent.

Bought this for my son to separate music, if necessary in two parts of a pub, or have four speakers playing. Simple wiring up, simple operation and no trace of bleeding through when one set of speakers turned off. For the price, the construction is solid and it works well.

A great product if you wish to run a second set of speakers – either of the sets or both. The size of ths switch was bigger than i expected – difficulty in visualizing dimensions. But it sit nicely on my bookcase.

I got this to replace my old speaker switch which was breaking down (the old switch was a 2 way switch and i was starting to hear music on the speakers that were not supposed to be in use. This little unit fixes that perfectly. As some others have commented, the connectors are not huge (luckily, my speaker wires are just about ok for fit). . But it works very well and is a good price.

This is designed to have 1 input and 2 outputs. So the sound of one player can be sent to two sets of speakers, individually or simultaneously. A much more useful function is to have 2 sound sources fed to 1 set of speakers, using this unit in reverse. Several reviewers mention that it worked for them. I have to warn you that i tried it and it blew my surround sound system up i put my surround sound system and hifi into the switcher, and sent out to one set of speakers. I got a bang and the surround system was busted.

Using this unit to switch between indoor and outdoor speakers. Works a treat and gives you control of how you want to listen to music.

I bought the unit to run two amplifiers to the same set of speakers. I would have preferred a single switch but since it is actually designed for a single amp to two sets of speakers it makes sense there would be two switches allowing you to use both sets simultaneously. The first time i used to the unit the left channel was not working. I was intending to send it back but decided to open the lid since there was no tamper stickers in place. I discovered one of the soldered wires had disconnected itself and had to re-solder it. I think this is pretty bad considering the unit was brand new. It’s very cheap for the price but not that robust.

I have used this in reverse, two amps into one set of speakers, which is ideal as you can turn one channel off before turning the other on, but on seperate switches so there is no chance of any leak, works really well and far better then a unit with a single switch as stops leaks, brilliant product.

Great item i currently run 4 speakers in my home studiio and this unit allows me to switch each 1 on / off independantly as required.

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Use it for my outdoor speakers. No feed back, really pleased. Small loss of volume but not to bad.

Great value and simple to use switch, i can now have the auxilary output from my amp feeding music into my kitchen and dining room – perfect.

Great product and service thanks.

This unit is easy to connect and use. I am using it to play my sound system through 3 sets of speakers, to give all round sound in the room.

Value product delivered super fast.

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