ARONTIME Wireless Bluetooth speaker, Great sound.

Highly recommendgreat value for moneyperfect for holidays.

I bought this a week ago, really like it. Similar size with echo dot which we have already. Very easy to pair with my phone via bluetooth and sound is good enough for the size. We bought it for when we travel, quite happy about it.

A really great gift for my mum. The weather is getting really nice, and with all the barbecue around, she loves her music in the garden. Her old chunky music player does not play her itunes music. I bought this for her as a surprise. The look on her face really worth everything. She is a very difficult person to buy gifts for. There is always something to complain but she is 100% happy about this. Especially the design, she loves it, keeps on saying she can’t believe how tiny it is. This is a nice little portable music player, and very easy to use. The only thing to complain about is the instruction manual, don’t read it.

Key specs for ARONTIME Wireless Bluetooth speaker, Indoor/outdoor Subwoofer with HD Sound and Bass, Dual Driver Speakerphone, Microphone, Hands-free Calling and TF Card Slot (A5 Black):

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  • 【Powerful Sound】: Experience your tunes in high definition and surprising fullness realized through 6W/dual 3W driver and bass port
  • 【Play Daylong】: Unrivalled 8-10 hours playtime powered by a built-in rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery.
  • 【Smart Connect】: Automatically connect to the last-connected device when turned on enables one-step music streaming. Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.3.5mm audio port for non-Bluetooth devices.
  • 【Touch Screen】: Touch Control Feature and outstanding connection range of up to 33 feet. Built-in microphone with a 2-feet pickup range allows the speaker to double as a speaker phone.
  • 【Package Contents】: ARONTIME A8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, micro USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, instruction manual. 24-month warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Comments from buyers

“A really great gift for my mum
, I love it
, a good buy!

The quality of sound is really good, really easy to use, brilliant for taking to picnic, beach, camping etc. Fast delivery, really happy with it.

Very nice little gadget~love the pink rose color. Used in birthday party when playing birthday music.

Bought for my boyfriend and he loves it. It can really help him practice playing music. The quality of the speaker is very high, he uses it everyday.

No the best but beautiful and easy to use.

Received the wireless speaker on time and it looks fantastic. Color matches my phone, easy to setup and sounds great. It’s portable as well so great for traveling.

The sound quality is surprisingly good, and it looks quite pretty as shown in the picture.

It’s really stylish and convenient. It’s quite easy to set up too. Bonus: it comes with audio jack.

I wanted a second bluetooth speaker for my campervan, and went for this one partly for the look. It’s very stylish in gold with silver lettering and buttons and a white band which holds the lights. The speaker is under a grill in the base, and there are two rubber strips to stop it sliding around and give it some height so that sound reflects off the surface it’s sat on. It paired with my phone in a couple of seconds (following a 3 second press of the power button to put it into pairing mode). Sonically, this isn’t setting any new standards, nor would i expect it to for under fifteen pounds. The audio quality is decent, lacking a bit of high end clarity and low end base, but quite acceptable to the ear with minimal distortion unless ramped up to high volume (in a confined space it’s too loud at higher levels in any case). Where this scores particularly well though, is in terms of quality and style, it’s weighty, looks superb and functions exactly as i would expect, including the ability to answer calls when connected to your phone via the use of a built in microphone. The memory slot is a useful extra too, meaning you can use it to play songs recorded on an sd card rather than via bluetooth. And an audio socket allows you to plug directly into any audio device (including your phone), a cable is included. The lights are a bit of a gimmick, and whilst they do look nice when showing it off, are easily turned off if they become annoying, when listening to chill out sounds before sleeping for example.

My grandson loves the sound and portability.

Sometimes drops bluetooth connection which is annoying.

This is a lovely and really useful portable speaker. There’s an aux cable which comes along, i am really happy with this.

It’s a small and very useful speaker. Easy to use at home or in office.

Opt for a more expensive one you get what you pay for with this.

A good looking, high quality product, perfect for father’s day gift. My husband like it very much.

Very high quality product, easy to use, and nice appearance.

I thought it was going to be ok. But it was better than a could have imagined.

Marshall Kilburn Cream Bluetooth Speaker : A Little Gem

Looks fantastic and sounds great too. The sound is definitely tailored toward rock genres, rather than edm (which is fine with me). I would personally have liked a little more adjustment on the treble, but bass is solid and build quality is exceptional. I’m sure i’ll be annoying the neighbours for many happy hours.

Fab quality and sound and looks so cool and retro in my home, just my taste. Service and delivery very prompt and efficient and i ordered a second for a family member and the company were so helpful. Totally recommend product and supplier.

This speaker is a fantastic piece of kit. If you love music you won’t be disappointed.

I bought this for my cousin and he loved it.

The best buy i did in time, the sound is just amazing, with very good bass without distortion. Where some modern equipment have bass tuned for low quality music, this one sounds incredible with rock/metal from decent quality files.

Legit product, came in time, great deal, definite recommendation.

Out of the box looks stunning, paired up easy, sound is awesome, abillity to fine tune sound manually via old skool knobs, master stroke. Sound is awesome, for me much better than the bose sl mini ii ( i own 1 ). Is twice the size of the bsl but for me when both put side by side wins hands down. Sound is warmer & fuller at all sound levels from 1 to 10. When turned up to 10 sound does not break up or distort. I will be buying the riva s soon so will soon find out which is the daddy of small bluetooth boiyz.

Power lead but the sound is incredible.

An excellent buy, sounds sweet and powerful enough for my needs. Very portable and it looks great.

Connects to bluetooth well and lasts ages on battery. Had it in the corner at our wedding reception throwing out tunes. Exceptional build quality and everyone loved it. Very good and if for any reason we need another speaker we would look to get another one of these. Looks great and sound great.

This bluetooth speaker is excellent. The packaging is of a high quality. The actual speaker sounds great. The look of the speaker is top class. It’s not too big to move around and is of a decent weight. Has great bass, it’s not overpowering perfect for playing any type of music.

Styling, build quality and sound quality all excellent. Superb product and would recommend without hesitation. We will use this everywhere – kitchen, bathroom, holidays, garden.

I spent a good while watching reviews on speakers, and not only does the marshall kilburn look timeless, it sounds sublime. Watch reviews all you like, when you buy something like this you just end up falling in love with it.

Brilliantjust love itvery happy to own this magnificent piece of kitsounds are just stupendous.

Well you certainly get what you pay for, i’ve messed about with all sorts of blu tooth speakers and this is by far the best. The sound is excellent the build quality is superb ( be warned however it is quite heavy ) the packaging and instructions superb. All round a class piece of kit. You absolutely won’t regret the outlay.

This speaker is small but it produces big things. The main reason for buying all the series of the marshall speakers is their vintage look which is amazing and also the sound and quality. This is perfect for travelling, in the flat or in the car. It comes with three types of chargers : uk, ue, usa.

Deep bass crisp treble, looks great if like like me you love the retro-look. Easy to pair the bluetooth also the ‘curly guitar lead’ 3. 5mm connection lead is a great touch, can’t fault it.

*********** my stars go up to 11. Can’t fault this, looks cool and sounds hot.

Great sound, battery life could’ve been better.

The sound quality is very good, definitely lives up to the marshall name.

Creative MUVO 1c Portable Bluetooth Speaker – : Hi-Fi tech has moved up a gear with this

I’ve had a couple of small bluetooth speakers in the past, one good and one pretty poor. I tend to listen to podcasts quite a bit and the good ones are much better than most devices internal speakers. This one is compact and feels better than some of the very plasticy ones that i’ve seen and one i’ve tried. A short usb cable is included for charging the device. No charger but that is unlikely to be a problem these days as most people have probably got one somewhere. The instructions are mainly picture illustration type ones but they are fairly clear. I paired this speaker with both a phone and a tablet with no problem. I have not tried it as a wired connection yet. The controls did take me a little while to get the hang of but they were ok after i’d played around for a while. The sound quality was pretty good to my way of thinking.

Been interesting to see how portable speakers have progressed – from awful usb wired ones that sounded like music being played through a baked bean tin to something like this – it’s just amazing for its size. About the size of a compact camera or a large bar of soap – just about possible to slip into pocket. The sound output though is powerful. More than good enough for using outside or in a room or similar – of course there are better speakers, but not i’m aware of this size and for less than £20. Instructions were not overly intuitive but combine them with pushing buttons and it becomes clearer. Bluetooth is simple as can be – turn on, pair and go. It’s the other settings that are a little less clear. It’s a mono output but supports being paired with another it to give stereo. Two of these together is a pretty powerful output. Max volume on my iphone didn’t lead to any distortion or loss of music quality.

For all the size of it, this is a punchy little bluetooth speaker. I have a couple of other ones in the same price ballpark and was fairly happy with them, until i put this one alongside them. This one has far better sound – clearer, and more bass too. It was a breeze to set up and connects easily with audible tones to let you know its switched on, and when it connects. Performs well at louder volumes – doesn’t distort. Small enough to carry easily, big enough to fill a room. Splashproof too – so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.

Fantastic little speaker amazing sound lovely bass and nice crisp treble. I bought 2 from the warehouse and paired them now i have true bluetooth stereo ,highhly recommended.

  • fantastic
  • Absolutely incredible!
  • Awesome little speaker- tiny but mighty

Creative MUVO 1c Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bluetooth support for effortless connection ( Bluetooth version 4.2 )
  • Big sound from a small package – from the professionally tuned driver, and built-in passive radiator.
  • Splash proof for the wildest storms or pool-parties
  • Light and portable, you could just pick it up and get going on your adventures. Weighs in at a modest 158g (5,57 oz.).
  • Speakerphone function when connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth

I must admit that when this parcel arrived, i wondered if i had been sent the right productit is tiny. The unit itself measures only 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches (9 x 6. It looks great with the creative logo on the speaker grill and feels really well made and finished. Powering up and pairing was simple, and then came the big surprisesound is nothing short of astonishing. I’ve reviewed quite a few bluetoth speakers and this quite simply blew me away. For a unit of this size i havent seen anything that comes remotely close in terms of sound volume or clarity. Of particular note is that this tiny unit actually produces genuine bass.There is what think is a passive bass radiator on the rear and this quite literally thumps and vibrates with sound.

I am thrilled with this little speaker. Bluetooth connection is simple and fast, with a helpful sound to denote connection and disconnection. It can maintain this over a considerable distance. The sound quality is superb, far superior to others i have. It is packaged quite stylishly and looks sleek and minimalist. Very impressive little thing and well worth the money.

I confess that this is the first bluetooth paired speaker that i have owned or used and i have to say that, admittedly without any comparator, this is a great speaker, produces great sound quality and fits in a pocket (it is about the size of a small walkman, actually smaller, perhaps the size of a larger bath bar of soap) and looks very nice too. As other reviewers have indicated it may have been nice for it to have been supplied with some sort of a lanyard, much like was supplied with some small pocket radios back in the day or with some mobile phones or even the nunchuck for a nintendo wii. Most important for me this was pretty intuitive to operate, there is an instructional print on the box but when you switch it on (there is a usb cable supplied to charge up the speaker), it lights up and speaks the message “ready to pair” and you bring the phone or other device into its range, which is pretty good (no setting it next to it or tapping it against it repeatedly until it some how jumps the connection at last, as i have found can be the case sometimes with my older samsung mobile and my fit bit), and it chimes and confirms pairing. From there there the volume controls work fine, the sound is bassy, although the songs are not faint or hard to hear. As someone who has on occasion looked at some of the more innovative tech and said to myself, hmm, that would be nice but i dont want to spend all the time it is no doubt going to take setting it all up and getting it all operational i can recommend this as a very nice and quick piece of tech to get set up and begin using. Besides the bluetooth compatibility there is a jack for headphones which could be used with older ipods (i own an old ipod classic and dont actually want to own any of the more recent ipods as i like the design, its not old enough to be retro but it is a classic design by now) or non-bluetooth devices (a digital radio maybe?).

I’ve got a £200 audio pro t3 bluetooth speaker gathering dust because i use this so much. It’s lightweight and genuinely tiny (palm size, literally) and hence totally portable. Portability normally comes as a trade off against quality but this honestly packs (surprisingly) fantastic sound, with genuinely wallop. Bass isn’t as rich as the t3 or equiv. But it’s no slouch and certainly not tinny sounding. Actually preferable to the t3 for podcasts, spoken word stuff and perfectly fine for music. Splashproof to boot- so i use it in the bathroom when i’m showering and in the garden. Robustly constructed- i’ve dropped it loads without event. Charges via micro usb and a charge tends to get me 4-6 hours. Simpler to use than the higher spec 2c as well- if all you want to do is play from your phone via bluetooth, this is the one to get.

It’s “a belter” and really belies it small size in terms of performance. 99 at the date of review (10th january 2017) i am delighted with this compact, yet powerful weatherproof speaker – it is splashproof rather than waterproof like an “ultimate ears” speaker. The speaker, a set of instructions and a usb cable. The speaker came with between 25-50% charge, which is displayed via a coloured led, which changes colour depending on the amount of charge held. The instructions are in diagramatic format (which i hate) but due to the nature of the product and the multi-lingual market place, were easy enough to follow. Set up to android, ios and fire os, via bluetooth was simple and straightforward and amazon music was soon streaming through – what i particularly like about this item is the fact that you can connect to additional creative speakers if you wish to have more than one playing simultaneously (you get a stereo effect with one occupying right and the other left) – which improves the playback and in some situations, would be ideal for a larger room. I have alluded to the fact that the speaker is splash proof/weatherproof and the seals are very similar to my much more robust, but ten times more expensive “ultimate ears”. It is certainly up to being left outside in a shower.

I have had a few portable speakers over the years and this has to be one of the better ones. Small and compact this puts out a surprising amount of volume. It sounds clear and rich whether listening to music or spoken word podcasts. It is easy to use and simple to connect to you device and setup and the buttons on top are well crafted and easy to figure out. The covering give good protection against any splashes it might receive to this is perfect to take out with you. A very good portable speaker.

It may be small, but it packs a punch. I was a little worried when this small bluetooth speaker arrived that it would a) not be very loud and b) sound a bit rubbish. I’ve used it for a range of purposes since. It sounds great listening to music, with a surprisingly good bass end. It’s perfect for watching films on your laptop too. Connection to devices is easy and reliable and battery life is very good. Comes with a charger, but no plug.

Pairs up in seconds and away we go. What a belting little unit, what a nice, nice, nice bass response for a speaker this size. It looks cool too,with the logo across the front it almost looks like a mini stack, if you stand some airfix soldiers in front to be the band it’s like a mini rock gig from the 70’s. Seriously for it’s size the sound is fantastic, it throws out a surprisingly weighty bass from the rear facing bass radiator and the sound fills a small room really well and a reasonably sized room nicely. There is a light on top that shows how much charge is left as well so you can judge whether it needs topping up with juice. The unit comes with a charging cable and that’s it – in the instructions it shows how to attach a small carrying strap/lanyard to it but if it should come with one mine didn’t. The charging and the mini input jack ports are concealed behind a rubber strip and the unit has rubbed strips on the bottom for grip.

You don’t fully realise how small and the cute the creative muvo 1c is until you unbox it. It really is a compact little unit, to the point where i did wonder if something this size would suffer from ‘tinny’ sound. So i paired it up via bluetooth with my iphone, which took seconds, and was very relieved when i heard the quality of the sound, it was very full and clear with a surprising amount of bass. This is perfect for when on holiday for listening round the pool or on the beach, and the water-resistant design means it can handle being splashed with water from time to time, so overall this is an excellent bluetooth speaker.

The box arrives well packed in a strong cardboard box, recyclable of course. A pictograph of instructions is included and a short usb charging cable. The sound box is about the size of a bar of soap, it is indeed small. The ‘creative’ logo on the front is white and very noticeable. Turning the box on with one key, lit up an led and it talks to you, “ready to pair”. I grabbed my iphone, went into bluetooth and there it was, one click and the box also chimes and confirms it is paired. Easiest bluetooth pairing i have ever done. Next i played bryan ferry, ‘lets live together’ as it was cued. The sound has bass, there is a flexible panel on the rear that vibrates and adds the bass effect, quite impressive.

This is just amazinggenuinely great sound qualitybalanced punchy base and treble rich speakerreally incredible for the price.

The compactness of this unit belies the volume and quality of this unit, which is bigger than its small packaging might otherwise suggest. Clear sound, i use this mainly for the spoken word and watching youtube channels on my phone. With music, i get generally good reproduction but it can sound a little compressed at times. That said it is easy listening on the move and the 6 hours claimed battery life is feasible. Overall i think this to be a good offer at this price point and have no qualms in recommending it.

Good quality little speaker. Surprising for something so small. It’s really easy to use and the sound quality is much better than expected.

Trust 22257 Asto Wireless Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker, Perfect size speaker

This is a neat and tidy little soundbar which is best suited to those who simply need a speaker for their pc. I wouldn’t buy this for movies or gaming as the bass is very weak and in general the sound is rather thin, but clearly this unit is not aimed at or priced for an audiophile experience. There’s plenty of volume for use in my small home office, and the mids / highs are perfectly clear. The unit sits very neatly beneath my monitor and does a fine job for my requirements. If you’re realistic in your expectations of a product at this price point, i have no reason to imagine you would be disappointed.

Well this is the first time i have ever done a product review and well got to say these are great sound on the ball my cd music play great, looking forward to film next, simple plug and go, great design, i cannot say anything bad, used large speakers in the past, yes they can give more quality, but for the size these are just fantastic, you will not regret buying them. . Thank you trust do keep the good work up and i will keep buying your product. One very happy customer martin. Ps sorry for saying great so much but had to be done. Also if you doubt what i’m saying ask amazon this is the first review ever in all the time i been buying goods. By the way trust got any jobs happy to work with you if this what you do?.

Sound is good for the £25 price. . The leads on this one are a metre long. Hooked up to the pc for audio and streaming music – sits perfectly under a big monitor and does everything i need it too.

Key specs for Trust 22257 Asto Wireless Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker for Computer, Laptop, TV, Tablet and Smartphone, 12 W, Black/Silver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Connect wired (PC/TV) or with wireless bluetooth technology (phone/tablet)
  • Space-saving, horizontal shape: Fits below your PC monitor or TV screen
  • 12 W peak power (6 W RMS)
  • Rich stereo sound
  • Large, illuminated volume control button
  • Headphone and microphone connection conveniently on the front side
  • USB-powered: No wall power needed

Comments from buyers

” too big for the speaker and that Amazon they love doing thing on a grand scale
, Good Soundbar
, Brilliant Speaker

There is ‘ nothing ‘ to dislike about this speaker, it is easy on the eye, and easy to move about if required. I have this one in the lounge, my laptop is in the bedroom, ‘my office and sewing room,’ and the sound is perfect. I have bought a different model for the bedroom, because you cannot run two same speakers off the laptop.

I didnt want big speakers, i just wanted something simple, it fits in the middle of my 3 monitor setup, great to use. Looks very cool with the power / volume rocker that lights up and the sound quality is amazing for the price you pay, its missing a bit of bass but your saving money. Would definitely recommend 100%.

Bought for our desktop, it was easy to setup and the sound was great for the little speaker it is.

For it’s size and price point you couldn’t really get a better sounding set up than this.

Not the best but certainly good enough quality to listen to for a very good price.

My tv is too tinny and trebley and even though i could do with a bit more bass on this speaker actually for the price it is a vast improvement on the tv speakers themselves , just took me a while to work out how to connect it as it showed using the red and white leads for the tv which did not work so i tried again and realised you just need to connect the green lead itself :-)it’s enough for the neighbours to know yup am listening to some music but not to blast their walls off or shake their glassware etc ;-)bought also for my grandson when he is listening to his youtube videos through the tv which it is perfect for as not ear damagingly powerful but ‘high’ enough to produce much better sound quality than the tv for him to enjoy.

Product as described, good for the price, but due to being powered off a usb port (5. 5 volts) it was not loud enough. Ok for a bedroom running off a laptop, or tablet, but not great for a large room.

My laptop sounds like its all strained through a bag of sand with odd high frequencies, so the sound from this bar was a delight and wonderous in comparison.

Great quality of sound, maybe not the neatest of speakers but that is a small grumble.

Value for money soundbar speaker that is sleek and easily sits in a setup. Colours for the led volume knob do vary and you will not know until you get it – i was lucky cause the colour matches the rest of my setup.

Got this for my new pc, i love it, great quality completely happy with it.

Nice and small, fits under my monitor. Bass response is good enough for day to day use, however, if you want better bass response i would opt for the soundbar with subwoofer.

Big improvement on sound to my laptop. Only downside needs lead to headphone socket to work as well as usb for power.

Great alternative to my old defunct 5. Good tone, volume and looks.

The trust 21046 asto soundbar took me by surprise. I just wanted something basic for my pc, but i was very impressed with: 1. The size of the soundbar – compact, yet of a respectable size to house decent components that can deliver performance; 2. The quality of sound was much superior to what i was expecting for a compact design and this price range, with rich sound that is not struggling to reach a pleasant level of volume.

Doesn’t feel the heaviest or the best quality, but then the price is low and the sound is fine. It’s powered by usb which was a plus.

Trust astro soundbar: very impressed indeed. Can’t believe the sound quality comes without external power, just usb2. Very much better than the speakers built into my monitor. And so much prefer having a big volume knob on the front – much easier than controls hidden away on cables or on screen. Really very, very good indeed and for £25 a complete steal.

For under £30, it is amazing. The audio quality is well above the asking price and have had no issues when playing and watching games/movies, or listening to music. It would be unfair to compare this to speakers costing £100+ with a dedicated subwoofer, but nevertheless, this does the job perfectly, providing clear audio for a good price.

Should have been tighter and bassyer for the size of the speaker boxes :0(.

Bought to replace failed pc speakers. Was a little concerned by reviews stating the cables were “short”, so checked the trust web site and found they were 1. 4m long, which is more than enough. Nice unit, very simple to use. Plug in the audio and mic in the usual 3. 5mm jacks, and the usb cable for power. And that’s itsound quality is nice. Not too much bass, but enough. Full volume is plenty loud enough. Build quality seems good, and the on/off/volume knob feels like it’s damped in some way.

I bought this just primarily for my pc nothing else and i am very impressed. First its easy to set up is simple , it’s fits lovely on my desk and it’s very loud . I must admit i would never use this speaker for a normal tv to me it’s a pc speaker first as last but for my need it’s 10/10.

MIFA Small Bluetooth Speaker – Good travel speaker

Well presented, securely packaged. Most importantly, the sound. Superb tones including a very decent base, very connectible. Super volume all in a beautiful design. I will probably buy at least one more as a gift. I bought it as a lightning deal at a very good price, but will possibly need to pay more, but well worth it.

So loud and the bass is great.

Like thus speakers very much due to its small size factor and portability. Its very stylish with matt black fibre grills in the front. The installation is very simple like any other bluetooth speakers these days. I use it regularly in the office to talk to clients and find it very handy. The battery life is also very good. It lasts around four hours of continuous play. It comes with its own handle grips which is also black in colour. But i wish theyhad i cluded a carrying case.

My daughter and son both had one for xmas 2018 and they are still going strong.

Very happy with a speaker, the sound is very clear, and boxed really welli’m using the speaker for the last week and it’s superb for the pricehas not slipppery base well holds on the flat surface.

Very good quality speakers which you can hear over vehicle noise and kitchen appliances. Fills the room with audio music very well plus the battery lasts for days if you use it for a couple of hours a day. For just under £20 i doubt there’s any better around.

  • An absolute bargain.
  • Very good speaker with some annoying caveats.
  • Small, stylish, portable and functional

An excellent product and very good value i have purchase two now.

All i can say this is an amazing speaker for the money great sound great bass and you can run music off a micro as card if you need to , gone are the days where you need to spend hundreds on a speaker i bought this for under £20.

Good quality for the price, but obviously won’t beat the more high-class ones.

Easy to use and good sound quality.

Great little speaker, does all i expected plus more.

Features of Small Bluetooth Speaker, MIFA Mini Speakers Bluetooth 4.2 with DSP Super Bass Sound, 15 H, IPX6 Waterproof Speaker, TWS Speaker with 3.5 mm Aux-in and Mic for iPhone, iPad, etc, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Good Audio Quality TWS Speaker: Equipped with Class-G amplifier and DSP sound 3 D chip, mini Bluetooth speaker provide 30% louder volume and crystal clear sound. True wireless stereo function speakers can be paired to form a left and right Dual Channel Stereo system to get stereo sound
  • IP56 Waterproof and Dust-proof: IP56 waterproof for protection against rainfall and splashing; rubberized grip on the base protects it from scratch, drop or knock. Grille cloth cover against dust and sand. Waterproof speaker for shower, pool side, boat, bath tub, playground etc.
  • Long Battery Life: The rechargeable 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery delivers up to 15 hours of playtime at 75% volume; easily charged by included micro USB cable for 3 hours.Mini Bluetooth speaker for outdoor
  • Mini Speaker for Travel: Only 3.4 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches and 6.2 ounce, small and super-light to tuck into your backpack, baggage. Presented strap lets you place it on your bike and bag. Perfect for climbing, hiking, camping, beach and seaside
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker: Excellent connection with Bluetooth enabled devices within 33 feet. The speaker automatically reconnects to the last used device; 3.5 mm jack for non-Bluetooth devices; built-in mic for hands-free calls; supports up to 32 GB Micro-SD card

For the MIFA  As a 10-year manufacturer of audio products, MIFA has established a worldwide offline distribution system. Our professional R&D team is always focusing on developing the most cutting edge audio technology. Meanwhile, the specialized sales team keeps providing premium customer experience.About A1 Speaker MIFA A1 Bluetooth Speaker is very robust and light, features avanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, stable connection, power-saving and easy use. With stylish fabric grill outlook and well fashion package box, the Bluetooth speaker is a ideal gift for your families and friends.

Excellent Sound and Volume

Compact TWS Speaker offers loud and clear sound for large rooms, small groups and gatherings

  • With TWS function, the small Bluetooth speaker can link to another A1 speaker to get 10 W high-quality DSP 3D stereo bass sound
  • Breakthrough vortex modeling design enhances the volume by 100% and increases the ductility by 50%, offers surprisingly Loud Volume
  • Distortion below 1% to restores real sound quality
  • Wide frequency response range (80 Hz — 18 KHz) gives you richer bass and high quality HD sound

Take It Anywhere You Go​​

Waterproof and Dustproof mini speaker for home and outdoor, enjoy music anywhere and anytime.

  • IP56 waterproof speaker let you enjoy music at bathroom, poolside, beach, boat, deck or in rainy days  
  • Grill cloth cover and rubberized grip on the base protects it from dust, sand, scratch, drop or knock
  • The built-in microphone enables you to answer calls hands-freely. It’s awesome when you need to bring more friends or colleagues into the conversation.
  • Only 6.2 oz, light and compact, you can put it in your bag, umbrella, pocket or jacket. Perfect for running, climbing, hiking, cycling, camping, swimming or kayaking

Universal Compatibility

Multifuntional Wireless Speaker

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 work with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Note, Android Phone,  Eho Dot, Bluetooth-enabled TV, Bluetooth-enabled PC or tablet
  • 3.5 mm Aux-in jack for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Support up to 32 GB Micro SD card, support APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3 format files
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls

Specifications Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V4.2 + EDR Loudspeaker: 1.5 Inches Speaker Unit   Frequency: 80 Hz — 18 KHz  Output: 5 W  THD=10% Input: 5 V / 1 A  Battery: 1200 mAh lithium polymer Battery Battery Charge Time: 3 Hours Playtime: 10-15 Hours Size: 3.4 in x 3.3 in x 1.8 in Weight: 6.2 oz

Packing Content

  • 1 x Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 x Detachable Strap 
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x 3.5 mm Audio Cable
  • 1 x Manual

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Very beautiful color, not very big so it very convenient to take with. The package is very good and the sound is great. It has tws and can link two speakers to get stereo sound.

This is a great little speaker. I needed something i could use when i was out in the park or in the shower haha. This does the job perfectly, the battery lasts forever and it can muster up some serious bass.

This little speaker packs a big punch and if you equalise it right, there is minimal sound distortion at high levels. The option to have it connected by either bluetooth or directly with a 3. 5 cable is awesome, meaning you can use anything with a 3. The bluetooth set up was quick, less than 30 seconds and i was listening to music. The waterproof rating of ipx6 meant i could happily use it in my shower with no problems. In short, this is a little speaker with lots of uses.

Just as described, great little speaker. Excellent delivery, a day early.

I bought it as a peasant for my teenage boy. It’s beneficial that it’s small size with a great sound. Really good product for the price.

This speaker is a real great piece of technology. Firstly, the sound output is very good. There is no other way of saying that, from a speaker of this size and this price, i can honestly say that i have not found a better deal. The best points about this speaker are the portability. It can literally be slotted into any bag, taken to any venue, sit comfortably on your desk at work and play chilled hits in your office. The convenience behind this speaker really is incredible. The speaker is also water resistant – for those of you not familiar with the lingo, ip56 means it will resist the rain but please don’t put it in the bath. However, if you enjoy camping as i do then this is sufficient enough protection to sit outside in the rain for a little while. Although i definitely recommend you do not submerge the product everthe battery takes 3 hours to charge which isn’t great, but you do get 15 hours of playtime which is more than many competitors on the market. So, overall this speaker is a real beauty.

Good Audio Quality TWS Speaker: Equipped with Class-G amplifier and DSP sound 3 D chip, mini Bluetooth speaker provide 30% louder volume and crystal clear sound.

Great little speaker with surprisingly good sound output. Volume can be turned up really loud and bass is super deep without being overpowering. The entire speaker is warer/dust/oil proof and features a jack and slot to play music without wireless.

The only negative aspect is that i have a sd card with tons of musics but i have to hear them alphabetically and i don’t know what i am going to hear next but that’s how the speaker works. Otherwise, great product and battery lasts long.

Pretty good little travel speaker for it’s size, good volume. Sound quality isnt earth shattering, but for the price its all round a great buy in size, price, and utility.

My jbl packed up after 9 months and i ordered this on the spare of the moment & i’m absolutely amazed by the quality & sound it produces. Will definitely recommend to others.

Very good product, excellent sound up to 75% then begins to distort slightly. Sound appears to drop when on battery. Good build too and very light and portable. Battery life is good too, at 25% volume its lasted 18 hours with 50% battery left. My only complaints about this product is it auto turns off when charging / plugged in (which is fine if it’s not plugged in and not connected via bluetooth/ active cable), this is quite annoying for my setup/ usage for this as i am continually having to turn it back on. Also it wont connect via cable and bluetooth at the same time (unlike my old sony speaker from 20 years ago), making it difficult to switch between two devices (one audio cable, another via bluetooth), you have to pull out the cable each time to use bluetooth – again a little annoying and therefore it loses a few stars for these oversights. Sometimes doesn’t seem to seamlessly switch between two paired bluetooth devices when the one is disconnected. Also inexplicably, turns off while removing charging cable (even in use), unnecessary with the auto turn off feature already built in if not in use for x amount of time. Good all round speaker with a few oversights/ or lack of basic functionality.

Good battery life, great little travel speaker. Not super loud but good value for money and a speaker this small.

IP56 Waterproof and Dust-proof: IP56 waterproof for protection against rainfall and splashing; rubberized grip on the base protects it from scratch, drop or knock. Grille cloth cover against dust and sand.

For little money this is a good travel speaker.

Long Battery Life: The rechargeable 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery delivers up to 15 hours of playtime at 75% volume; easily charged by included micro USB cable for 3 hours.Mini Bluetooth speaker for outdoor

Mini Speaker for Travel: Only 3.4 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches and 6.2 ounce, small and super-light to tuck into your backpack, baggage. Presented strap lets you place it on your bike and bag.

Time2® Time2 Smart Wifi Speaker 20W, Happy customer

Delivery was nice and prompt. The setup was a breeze, which is always good. Works and connects well both on wifi and bluetooth. Connection was fine, second the free app is simple to use and connects directly to the speaker. Great to have the option to listen to different music in each room or the same music. The multi room mood has crystal clear sound quality and in sync. Stylish design, compact and been using it as a portable speaker aswel which is handy.

Easy to setup (wifi and blue tooth) and good quality sound. The app could be improved but more than adequate. Very satisfied with the product.

System does what i wanted by connecting to my mobile via bluetooth for radio & mp3 play. Lower score for the strange high pitched noise from the speaker as soon as it’s switched on, regardless if anything is being played or not. I’ll avoid a 2nd purchase from this brand.

Key specs for Time2 Smart Wifi Speaker 20W, Portable Wireless Multiroom Speaker, Multi-Room Music Streaming at home, Airplay, Spotify, Bluetooth Rechargeable Battery, Large Control Buttons:

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  • STREAM MUSIC ANYWHERE WIRELESSLY – Portable music player with 4 x 5 watt Powerful Speakers totaling 20 WATTS of Output Power; Outstanding Sound Quality while you stream from Apple Music, Airplay, Google Play Music, Pandora Radio, Spotify, Tidal, and Others; Loud, Robust, Exceptional, High Quality Performance
  • PLAY MUSIC ACROSS MULTIPLE ROOMS – Multiroom Mode allows you to create a Wireless Network of Speakers to Play Music Everywhere; Drop one in Every Room and Simply Sync/ Connect them together using the Multi-Mode feature, which projects your song playing from the master through all of your other speakers in different rooms
  • BUILT-IN RECHARGABLE BATTERY – Equipped with a Built-in Rechargeable Battery and a Long Lasting, 8 Hour Battery Life; Bring it to the Beach, Camping, College Dorm, Cook Outs, A Friends House, the Garage, Outdoor Parties, the Pool, Tailgates, Traveling, and MORE; Plug it in via USB to Recharge
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Set-Up your speaker system with a Simple, 3-Step Installation process that involves no cables and Large Control Buttons; Connect with WIFI, Bluetooth, or Auxiliary Cord (AUX); Compatible with Apple iOS or Android DLNA device with a FREE Mobile App
  • UK SELLER AND WARRANTY – Listen to your favourite audio tracks worry-free with plenty of power, knowing we’ve got your back if anything goes wrong; UK based Customer Service & Support and 14 Months Warranty (Register)

Comments from buyers

“A fair set of features and good value for the price.
, Loved itwhen it worked.
, Tricky to setup but good value

This is a lovely little speaker – wifi and bluetooth enabled and with it’s own app for playing music from your phone, or other music services you might use. It’s a great size for travel – can be fully charged and then disconnected from the mains to use in the bathroom or outside. Sound is great – rich and well balanced. Really happy with this – worth buying as a gift as the price is really reasonable. Unfortunately, the speaker stopped connecting to my wifi in may 2018 which rendered it pretty useless for me. It kept asking for a password (not my home wifi password) and would not let me connect. Contacted the manufacturer and they can’t explain so it’s been returned and a full refund issued from amazon.

Got this for my g/f kitchen, performs perfectly and ideal for the small space. Just be patient when setting up the app and connecting it to your wifi.

Beautiful product problem is it takes forever to connect to the network- so not for me but i’m sure many people.

Not sonos quality but defo as good as any dab. I would imagine two speakers paired might work really well. Bluetooth pairs easily and works well. Wifi is much more difficult and not as per instructions. Then go into wps and hold done m on speaker to discover wifi network. Then go into muzo and the device will appear. This is very different from the instructions. Muzo app actually works well and is as good as sonos in my opinion although you obviously cannot add as many music services. However the bluetooth is a massive advantage as you can stream anything from your phone. Also, it is very portable and holds wifi and bluetooth signal well.

I love these speakers despite tiny bit tricky wifi set up but didn’t take me long great sound great price and loud i’ve recommended them to anyone whoes visited me recently.

Arrived promptly and i found it easy to setup. Works very well and have played music via bluetooth (pc), wifi (using the iphone application that is free to download) and from windows 10 you can see the speakers as a device to play music to. Sound quality has not been great but i have not tried anything to improve it yet. So maybe not all the bad 😉 a fair set of features and good value for the price.

I bought this as a christmas gift and was very pleased (relieved) to see how easy the set up was using airplay. The sound is good, it looks smart and not obtrusive.

Well thought it was great when it first came but fully charged it up, unplugged from mains it lasted 20 minutes if that. My friend bought one as well and that’s the same.

Great sound for a small speaker. Can’t get it to connect to my wifi for some reason?. Even by placing it right next to the hub??. Connected to bluetooth fine so not really bothered.

Have had it for 3 days now, great sound quality. Excellent for listening to music around the home, love it.

Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Union Jack : Speaker review

My dad loves it, very effective as a speaker. Now he can’t say the music isn’t loud enough but everyone else complains he plays it too loud haha.

It is not as good as a £200 large model. But it does a great job and the sound is pretty good for the price and the volume of this speaker.

Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Union Jack

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  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivers powerful sound and robust bass for its size. Utilizes Bluetooth technology for seamless device linking and a 66ft connection range.
  • Micro SD support, AUX, FM radio, Built in Microphone. MC500 provides endless audio options.
  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Tablets as well as non Bluetooth devices such as mp3 players.
  • Built-in microphone with a 2-feet pickup range allows the speaker to double as a handsfree speaker phone.
  • AUX Function – Through the 3.5mm audio line it can be used as MP3 / MP4 player, also speakers of mobile phone, computer such digital equipments.

Very cool and a top quality product. 1 for dangling patriotically in my car. 1 for simply blasting out the tunes. Good price and hopefully lasts.

I wanted something to play my ipod in the car and this is perfect. I like loud music and this little square belts it out without distortion and connecting couldn’t be easier.

Surprisingly good for the size and price and a very fast delivery.

Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Union Jack : I cannot believe how loud without distortion this little cube goes. Don’t get me wrong it won’t complete with a high end speaker but they come with high end prices. I did have a problem initially when my friend blutoothed his phone for a while and then we went back to my phone, the speaker kept saying ‘bluetooth synced’ (or whatever connection confirmation message it says) but i suspect this was because we didn’t turn it off and back on again and he still had bluetooth connected on his phone. Since then i’ve had no problems switching between devices.

Having bought betron speakers before l was not surprised by the sound and build quality of the speaker.

Really impressed with this speaker. Probably the best portable speaker i have bought; for a small device it is very loud and the sound quality is very clear.

Excellent sound and speedy delivery. Much smaller than my previous speaker but better sound from this one union jack design very nice.

Great little speaker so much power and a good price aswel.

Very small and compact but powerful.

Small , powerful and resilient. Has been used in the back of a car for a few months as the native speakers stopped working and this little jem more than adequately replaces them.

What a fantastic powerful thing this is. Playback quality is much better than i expected due to the price. We use it in the caravan and its perfect.

Amazing little speaker sound quality surprised me. Bought for my 9 year old son and he loves it.

Great little speaker which does pack a punch (for it’s size) in a small hotel room etc. I’m impressed given it’s small price. I use it by bluetooth from my nokia (microsoft) phone.

Have to say not that impressed with volume but it does the job not as good as my over model from betron but lighter for a holiday and will be loud enough for the beach.

Super good purchase, brilliant sound, quite good explained, how to pair. I can just recommend everybody to buy this product, instead of a brand product. I have also a world known brand bluetooth loudspeaker, which is promised as micro, but is much bigger and not as good in the sound like this one.

Good little device, does what it ‘says on the tin’, certainly loud enough for the hotel rooms i stay in.

This is a great little speaker. It’s pretty load, certainly load enough to hear things well in a big room. The quality is pretty good with decent mid-ranges. The bass is not so great but it is there. Very good for the price/size :).

A fantastic bit of kit for a speaker so small the sound is amazing would recommend it to everyone.

This is one powerful little cube. I had a jam wireless bluetooth speaker which although was small kept on losing connectivity and didn’t last long at all. The betron cube lasts and gives out a great sound. It’s definitely worth the money and it’s so small and handy, that you can take it anywhere.

Great sound , nice looking speaker for a great price.

AILINA Compact Portable Small Bluetooth Speaker Mini 3 – Five Stars

Dubious at first due to low price compared with other speakers. Works so well i’m ordering a second one to increase the volume of downloaded albums from my smartphone. Tuned in immediately with no problems.

Quick delivery, great packaging. Speaker works well and pairs with all my devices quickly via bluetooth. And it also can show you about the battery by connect with bluetooth on your phone, either while charging or when playing. Here are the specifications for the AILINA Compact Portable Small Bluetooth Speaker Mini 3:

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  • LED LIGHT- This speaker with LED light design in bottom, High quality LED provide 7 different colour changing themes. It will change color one by one when S7 bluetooth speaker working.
  • ELEGANT PORTABLE DESIGN : Our portable Bluetooth speakers have versatile portable design with aluminum out case and sturdy body, so you can place it in a variety of locations and can easily take it from one place to the next.
  • With HANDFREE TALK Function, you can receive call through this speaker even when you are listening music. Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away- Skip songs & forward/back/pause/play; Plus enjoy HANDS FREE CALLS with the built in microphone – perfect for phone calls or Skype/Whatsapp
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PLAYS UP TO 10 HOURS: Built-in 1800mAH rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 10 hours of playback and can be easily recharged. Actual playtime may vary according to sound volume and audio content. also support TF Card mode, enjoy your favorite music from your TF Card.
  • HIFI SPEAKER – Bluetooth 4.0 technology provides high-fidelity stereo music works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini, iPad Air 4/3/2, iTouch, Blackberry, Nexus, Samsung, Other Smart Phones, Mp3 Players, and Computers Laptop or Desktop with 3.5mm aux port.

Bought this for grandson, aged 13, for christmas. It is an excellent speaker, sound quality is perfect. He used it as background music the whole day, then recharged ready for boxing day. Really pleased with purchase would highly recommend. The delivery was excellent, very quic.

This s7 bluetooth speaker with led can retain volume setting when powered on and off,this is very convenient. I like it so much on this point.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Value
  • Wow! More than worth the price!
  • Great way to listen to music, it’s easily portable and the battery lasts ages on a single charge.

Really good quality sound, can play either flash drive, cable to jack plug or blue tooth. Really pleased with my purchase.

Brilliant speaker very pleased with the sound i bought 1 for indoors now have purchased another for the work shop i do recommend this speaker.

Turned up on my doorstep the very next day and thought i’d quickly open it to see what it looks like and it’s brilliant value for money and the sound it’s amazing for such a small device, very pleased and thank you for a quick delivery to.

I just opened it up and it came without a charging cable and it specifically says it will bring one 🙄.

A brilliant little bluetooth speaker, i love it .

An excellent product and would recommend it.

Very good sound, has a great clear and deep sound.

Nice,the signal works so good. You can connect with your phone by bluetooth quickly.

Marshall 3.5 mm Acton Speaker with 4.0 Bluetooth – Black – Great choice

Looks amazing, sounds great, not had it above 2 yet. Bear in mind you will need an eu to uk plug adapter for it.

Bought this as a gift for my mates birthday and it went down a stormspent the weekend drinking beer and appreciating the sounds from this speaker which was amazing for the price. I own a set of sonos speakers and think this topped even them for sound quality and comes with the benefit of looking amazing and even having the replica guitar cable jack plug so you don’t have to go bluetooth. Would for sure recommend this product. Arrived on time from seller and was excellently packaged which just oozed quality during unboxing. Sound quality was outstanding.

I’ve seen a few people assuming this is a portable bluetooth speaker, its not, its mains powered, and although its fairly small, its not particularly portable. Aside from that, the sound quality is fantastic and only gets better as you use and learn where you like to keep the settings. The build quality is great, its sturdy, it feels nice and all the materials are clearly good quality. I have mine connected to an echo dot(2nd gen) and it works like a charm, it’s always there when i want itdefinitely recommended. Here are the specifications for the Marshall 3.5 mm Acton Speaker with 4.0 Bluetooth – Black:

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  • Classic Marshall design – Vintage look with traditional front fret, gold-coloured metal details and that iconic script logo.
  • Compact frame – Same powerful sound in a much smaller package
  • Mighty bass – Carrying on a long-standing tradition of loud
  • 3 analogue interaction knobs – Fine tune sound to exactly how you like it
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer, no wires involved. Or use the included 3.5mm input and cable

Very good speaker & it looks the part in my son’s bedroom. He loves the detail of the controls. Very easy to pair up to his turntable & phone, good quality sound.

Fantastic sound quality, easy to pair with my iphone and really loud, also i can adjust the bass and treble, very unusual. I particularly wanted a speaker which was main only as it is going to sit in my kitchen/day room, so it will be used a lot. My only quibble is it came with a eu plug and no adaptor, fortunately i had a lead suitable, which is why it only gets 4 stars. Update a week laterlove it love it love it. I am changing it to a 5 star as all the sound is so good. I change the supplied eu to a uk plug.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Buy it!
  • Fantastic product, should be rated higer.
  • Do it!! Just do it!!

Definitely the best sounding speaker on the market for its current price (£100-£150). It has such a rich and powerful sound, it sounds full and clear at all volumes, even the lowest. One of my favourite speakers ever.

Love the sound but cannot function indepent if a power cable.

It is genuinely fabulous, deep, rich sound and very vibrant.

I came across this speaker in an air bnb and the sound was fantastic. I then bought it as a present for my partner who loves it. Great sound and handles heavy bass excellently.

It has a quality build and the sound output for such a small speaker is immense. This speaker does not have an internal battery so portability could be an issue, but with the sound that your provided with you won’t want to move the speaker anyway. I’ve only knocked a star off because it did not come with a uk power cable. But for less than £100 it was steal.

Love this the bluetooth connection works well with my apple phone and from a distance too.

Awesome sound quality beautiful built quality.

Great quality with excellent sound.

Great bit of kit plays my ipod and looks great.

Great speaker exactly as described. Very good connection and sound. And also looks amazing in the living room.

The acton is a fantastic little thing. The sound quality for your good old rock’n’roll is noting short of awesome. Plus the ‘bass’ & ‘treble’ dials let you optimise the sound depending on the band or genre, meaning that if it doesn’t sound perfect straight away, you can probably get it there. The only reason this gets a star deducted is because it’s not clearly stated that the product comes with an european/american plug, so you’re forced to buy an adapter. It’s a solvable issue but should be made clear at the point of sale.

Bit of a bose snob so when i heard marshall had released a bluetooth speaker i thought i’d do a head to head comparison. Be under no illusions this speaker is absolutely essential kit if your serious about your music, separate bass & treble controls plus that beautiful retro look make it the bluetooth speaker to own. . Marshall have in effect made a mini version of the speakers you see when you go to a concert.

Very rarely leave reviews but felt i had too for this one. I was looking for a speaker to fill our open plan kitchen/diner/lounge (circa 50 sq meters). I looked at many reviews and different options and finally opted for this one as a christmas gift to myself. It is hands down, the best £100 i have ever spent. Some of my friends/family/colleagues have bose, sony, b&o etc. This thing for me beats them all in terms of bang for the buck. I’d have happily paid £300 for this, it’s that good. Seamless pairing, old school ability to tweek the sound settings – it does it all and in a very interesting looking set up. Everything on it oozes quality and individualuaty.

Superb speaker, very powerful for it’s size and audio quality is excellent. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Fantastic service, came before christmas when only ordered just before. Great looking product that sounds brilliant.

GGMM Airplay Wireless Speaker – Great music speaker

Sound quality is pretty decent and always connect over bluetooth well. Best thing is the battery life. I’ve not timed it because it always seems to work over multiple days, just seems to go on and on.

For several months i have enjoyed using and listening to the cheaper ggmm m-freedom speaker, so when given the opportunity to test and review the ggmm m-4 i jumped at the chance. The ggmm m-freedom is a brilliant speaker, but it has some limitations, it doesn’t have bluetooth and it isn’t portable. The ggmm m4 offers the best of both worlds, as well as using air-play, it is fully bluetooth compatible and the built-in rechargeable battery and removable shoulder strap makes is completely portable, maybe the m4 should be re-named the m-freedom?like all ggmm products i have used, the packaging is excellent. Inside the attractive box is the speaker which is protected inside a cloth bag, the accessories include the mains power adapter, a 3. 5mm aux speaker cable (for attaching directly to a device that doesn’t have bluetooth), a leather shoulder strap and a substantial user manual. The user manual is 40 pages long, however, only 4 pages are in english. The speaker is very well made, in fact when removed from the packaging it definitely screams quality. The speaker cabinet is made from wood, not plastic which gives it a solid feel. The cabinet is dressed in microfiber leather and along with the alloy speaker rings, it looks and feels like a high-end product. Dimensionally the m4 is a similar size to the m-freedom, the m4 is slightly taller, however, the m-freedom is much deeper and slightly heavier, but when you consider the m4 is portable you can understand why it has been made lighter.

I use this at work as the lorry radio is dead. It’s great and just loud enough over the engine noise. Battery lasts the shift and i’ve never had any problems connecting. Ordered blue, received red but didn’t care.

Being used in my mgb instead of modifying the car, a little quiet at 70+ mph but great all the same.

This product was received free from the manufacturer in return for an honest and unbiased review. I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few products from ggmm now, and i have always had the same first impression – real quality. The packaging has a strong, expensive feel to it, as though it has been packaged by a company that really cares about the product. Once you open up the box you are presented with a magnificent looking speaker, carefully wrapped in a protective cloth bag. It’s so good to see this obvious pride in the product. The speaker looks and feels great. It is a wooden shell with a faux leather covering and set off with alloy rings around the speaker cones. It has a solid feel and simply looks stunning. I have rarely had a better first impression when opening a box. Also in the box is an instruction manual, carry strap, 3.

Good clear sounding speaker with lots of bass. But could have been louder considering its size.

  • Amazing battery life.
  • Great Wireless Speaker
  • a little quiet at 70+ mph but great all the same

I’ve been looking for a good quality small speaker for a while now and came across this on amazon. It arrived well packaged and i couldn’t wait to try it out. The design was very sleek and looks great when it’s in use. I was amazed at how good the sound quality is. There is no interference whatsoever, just a high quality crisp sound. The speaker contains a power on button, situated on the top as well as volume buttons next to the power button. Pairing bluetooth was very easy, hold down to power button until you hear the speaker make a noise, this indicates that it is turned on. Now you can play your favourite music through it.

 this is a very powerful compact portable speaker with some decent connectivity options of aux, bluetooth but also through your wi-fi as well. This is very easy to use and i didn’t need to take much working through the instructions. Press power to turn it on and cycle through to connect via the aux wi-fi or bluetooth. This was painless to connect to our ipod and this also connected to both our pcs easily and painlessly within about a minute. This has a nice look and finish about it and and sounds good too. Clear with good range of treble and bass (especially for the size) volume is good and goes up extremely loud with very little distortion when cranked up. There’s no way we will ever use its full volume levels as it can go up very loud, but its nice to have the option.

Looks great with nice sound.

Very pleased with look and performance , price but agree with one or two critics could do with a bit of treble control, however overall very happy.


GGMM Founded in 2001,began as a design house. Due to high demand for its innovative products, GGMM launched its own brand in 2008. We are devoted to providing the end user with the best experience possible, specializing in visually elegant yet highly functional digital technology solutions. With an uncompromising dedication to becoming a leader in digital electronics, we create products with a high level of practicality and excellence. This includes manufacturing products that make a lasting impression and exceed expectations, while further enhancing both brand integrity and confidence.GGMM’s goal is to be a premier digital electronics company, constantly striving for the highest standard in terms of quality and exceptional product design. All products pass through strict quality control processes prior to shipment in order to exceed the high expectations of both our customers and partners. We currently have corporate offices in California, Leipzig, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  

Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth+Aux

M4 supports multiple connectivies: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Aux, simply press a button to switch among the different play modes.

Superior Sound Quality

Enjoy the full, rich sound of your favorite music without any cords or cables. GGMM M4 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly. Its built- in battery allows you to carry the speaker anywhere you want, stream your favorite music from your mobile device to M4 speaker via Home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Stream Music From APP

M4 is compatible with multiple devices and systems such as: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Andriod, Windows, iOS,OS..

Multiroom speakers

Add additional M4 Multiroom speakers to play one song in every room, or different songs in each room, all simply controlled through the GGMM M-Series Multiroom App. Connect up to 10 speakers to create a surround experiece.

Handcraft leather

M4 is covered by handcrafted well selteced high quality microfiber leather. The inside is a high density wooden cabinet, which avoids the sound distortion and provides bright rich sound tones and excellent sound pefromace.

Bigger Size and More Features

M4 takes every effort in its audio performace, using unibody Kevlar speaker, greatly improved the vibration-proof ability when it comes to stronge airflow in cabinet. It offers stronger, non-colored-sound audio effect both indoor and outfoor favorably.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Good sound but if you listening true bas – fail. It’s woofer sound but you can always use equaliser. To be true we launch from pop till hardcore. Only dub,drum,dnd,trap by bass was different. Bluetooth not strong 5-8m but wireless was fine. Apps for android (official app not working with all smartphones). Bubbleupnp for dlna/chromecast – tested its free. Full working with any android versions. Connection for charger not usb. So design – taken tanker bank 50. 000ma (it,s bigger version of power bank) most important thing of that is tanker should be safe (li-polimer not li-ion).

Very well built and stylish. Unfortunately, the sound quality was just disappointing. Good bass, but it lacks balance of tonal range. The mid-range is muffled and the treble is absent (no tweeters. )there’s no musicality in this device. Sadly, i had to return it right away. Bottom line: 5 stars for built quality and 2 stars for the sound quality. Update:i have decided to increase the rating of this speaker from 3 stars to 4 stars, due to the following:a few days ago ggmm gmbh invited me to experience the new version of the m4 bluetooth speaker, which i have accepted with the condition that i wouldn’t ‘commit myself to publicly review the device as a compensation for the free speaker. I only commit myself to give you my honest opinion about my own listening experience. ‘i must stress out that i collect bluetooth speakers, and i have about a hundred units of very different brands.

I’ve had my blue ggmm m4 for just over a day, arrived well packaged overall build quality to a high standard. It’s already been used in the garden and in our house still on one charge. Connection is straight forward to bluetooth or wifi from my iphone. I must say the sound is very good for a little product no distortion.

[Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Aux]: Connect directly to your Wi-Fi network for Internet radio, your music library and favorite online streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartradio. Connect via Bluetooth, direct Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi router, or AUX.

[Multi-room Music System via Wifi]: Each Wi-Fi Speaker is part of a whole family of wireless speakers and also systems. If you buy two or more our M4 speaker, you can connect them via your home Wi-Fi and play different music in different room or play the same music in every room. Connect up to 10 speakers. Each speaker can stream L/R channels to create a surround sound experience.

[Built-In Battery]: Rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy your music anywhere and anytime. Battery can last up for 10 hours of playtime before it needs to be recharged.

[Bigger Size and More Features]: Comparing to other popular Bluetooth speakers in the market, GGMM M4 is much larger and produces much greater acoustic power. Full midrange and crisp highs that will fill any sized room, patio or backyard with amazing sound and powerful bass.