SingDeRing IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Superior Stereo Mini Speakers – Good value for money

This little thing packs a punch and is so nicely concealable in the kitchen – integrates well with alexa too. Sound quality is impressive at the price and size – solid build and great quality.

Couldn’t believe the sound quality we used it at our family bbq and it was loud and clearhighly recommend.

Arrived well packed and secure in a smart box, with clear instructions and it is a great looking, solid unit. Sound quality is excellent and my wife is very happy as it looks great, isn’t too big but she can stream top qualty sounding music from her phone all day.

We bought this for our holiday to butlins. Easy to connect and easy to transport.

We needed a cheap bluetooth speaker for a trip, so we decided to give this one a try as it had some good reviews. Despite not being a big name brand, our experience with this bluetooth speaker has been good so far. The sound is on level with most wireless speakers in this price range and it has a good battery life of 6 hours. It does take a good while to charge though. Still, a good investment for long journeys and outdoor family events.

  • great
  • . I
  • Very pleased indeed

This speaker was a real surprise. It is so much more powerful than expected. At full volume the sound quality is excellent. Pairing with my phone was very easy and i am very pleased overall.

Features of SingDeRing IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Superior Stereo Mini Speakers, Portable Dual Drivers Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent (Orange)

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  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating. IPX7 Silicon rubber makes this wireless speaker waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. It can be submersed in 3 feet of water, for 30 minutes, without issue. Perfect for Bathing, Showering, Traveling, Outdoor Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Bicycling, Fishing.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Technology. Quick to connect the devices in seconds. It also can be used as a hand- free Speaker Phone or to notify you of incoming messages with built-in Microphone.
  • Anti-mosquito Function. It contains an Ultrasonic mosquito repellent, which is suitable for all kinds of occasions, especially outdoor sports. You can be totally immune to mosquito.
  • Long playtime &High sound. It can guarantees up to 12 hours playtime, Recharge in just 3-4 hours with included micro USB cable. This Speaker packs the power of Hi-fidelity, room-filling surround sound in the compact, elegantly portable speaker with super clear sounds. It will completely immerse you in music.
  • Warranty & What you got: 1 * Bluetooth Speaker, 1 * Micro USB Charging Cable, 1 * 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1 * English User Manual, 1 * Carabiner, 1 * year warranty.

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IPX7 Waterproof Rating. IPX7 Silicon rubber makes this wireless speaker waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. It can be submersed in 3 feet of water, for 30 minutes, without issue.

Bluetooth 4.2 Technology. Quick to connect the devices in seconds. It also can be used as a hand-

Anti-mosquito Function. It contains an Ultrasonic mosquito repellent, which is suitable for all kinds of occasions, especially outdoor sports.

Long playtime &High sound. It can guarantees up to 12 hours playtime, Recharge in just 3-4 hours with included micro USB cable. This Speaker packs the power of Hi-fidelity, room-filling surround sound in the compact, elegantly portable speaker with super clear sounds.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker : Way too cute to send back.

Sound quality is surprising good for the price.

Considering the size and price, this is quite a nice little speaker. Ideal for your phone, music player or ds console. The battery life isn’t too bad either. Obviously it’s not going to blast your ear drums out but it’s ideal to take on holiday or use in the garden. Kids (and the young at heart) will love it.

The speaker came quicker than expected, is a lot better than i thought it would be, very loud for such a small speaker, the design is a novelty which everyone loves. I am very tempted to buy other animals to make a little set.

Like it, but after a month it has died, i turn it on and nothing happens. I have another one, so hoping it does not happen to that one too?read a few questions to try and charge it so will see. Really disappointed as it was a present for a friend, she is so upset as she said its a neat little thing. Would have given more stars if item worked properly.

Another present for my girlfriend she loved it.

I’m so thrilled at this product. I needed something easily portable to play music in my workplace and it’s just the ticket. The quality and sound is surprisingly good considering its size. It states charging time and playback is 3 hours, but i have found the longer its charged for, the longer the playback. And with so many different creatures to choose from, i am tempted to buy another, just because they’re so cute and practical.

I bought these speakers to plug in to my computer at work when working night shifts. The sound quality for a cheap speaker is absolutely amazing, considering you can charge it through your standard phone charger as well, there is no hassle with making sure you have batteries to hand. The only downside to this product is that there is no volume control built in to the speaker; you only control the sound through the device that you’ve plugged them in to. The speakers are pretty loud by default though, and even when on full volume there doesn’t appear to be much of a compromise on sound quality. Wouldn’t think twice about buying this as a gift for someone, or recommending it for someone in a similar situation to me.

This has a very big sound for such a tiny speaker. We use it in the car, plugged into my phone. I have a very recent xperia smart phone which has good speakers, but this penguin beats it and can be heard much better over the noise of the motorway. The battery lasts for around 8 hours and then can be recharged using a usb cable plugged into your computer.

These made great secret santa present for my son’s school friends and cousins. The sound quality and depth is great for such a small speaker. Will buy other styles in the future.

It’s loud for something so tiny. I’ve only had it a couple of days so i can’t comment on its longevity yet. The sound is a touch tinny but otherwise fine.

Absolutely amazing bit of kit, bought one for myself and for my boss. They work a treat and a very compact and cute.

Loud enough for a child, quiet small and cute looking little bee speaker.

A nice golf ball sized speaker, good sound.

Cute little speaker, seems to work brilliantly. Only reason for of giving five stars is i havent used it much yet, so not sure. Has a headphone jack attached so plugs straight into mp3 player which is ideal.

Only problem i have is my device sometime doesn’t recognise that it’s connected for a few minutes. However this is probably my devices fault. The battery doesn’t last long if you leave it on all day. However if your like me and you occassionally use it and turn it off regularly then the battery can last for months without recharge you just have to remember to turn it off when your not using it. Charges from computer easily. Wish the aux wire was a bit longer but it’s fine.

A really cute speaker with fantastic clear sound. My good friend was thrilled when she saw it and when we tested it out.

Bought this for my 2 year old son as he loves anything you plug in and if it plays music it’s a bonus. The sound that comes from it is a good level of sound for such a small object. And love the different animals you can get.

Wasnt expecting this to be so loud its great i love it.

It’s a good speaker, the only con i guess is needing to charge it, but the charge lasts a fair amount of time. Sound will just stop playing when it needs another charge.

This little speaker was so worth the money. The sound is not spectacular however you are paying for a tiny speaker that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Perfect for carrying around with you and great sound.

Canton DM55 2 – Excellent soundstage. No issues as yet with synchronisation

Bought it as a present for my husband.

I was anticipating something amazing after seeing the reviews of this item – especially on the which site where it came top of all those that have been tested by them. The atmosphere created by incidental music in films is very well conveyed and on downloaded youtube videos you are very much aware that it is the source material that is limiting rather than the sound base. Deep clean bass from ancient instruments like the tiorba is a revelation and really full sounds like a piano concerto are handled easily. Voices are more of a problem with the extra fullness of the frequency range sometimes negating the improvement in the mid-range voice frequencies – but here i must admit that i am over 70 and my ears may be the difficulty here. The controls are sensibly limited e’g’ the treble and bass boost and cut aren’t extreme enough to produce unpleasant sound even at the edges of their ranges nor does the ‘surround’ option produce an unnatural experience. Connection is easy and a bluetooth link to my phone was set up in seconds. Despite having bought this product in order to improve tv speech and finding this the weakest part of the performance i’m delighted with this product. After reading, and acting upon, the comment made by cenc on this review i’ve upgraded my rating to 5 star.

Neat design combined with good sound.

Apart from adjusting your tv to recognise the sound output, very easy to install and operate. Good rich sound – mumbling a thing of the past.

Very easy to setup and integrate with the tv. The sounds is exactly what i expected after reading plenty of other reviews, not disappointed.

A great sound system let down slightly by a basic remote control.

  • ALMOST Perfect but still WONDERFUL alternative to separate ‘Subs’ and rear speakers!
  • A class act.
  • Trippy and not in a good way – Update

Having carried out research on the internet this had rave reviews and quite rightly so.

Slim, well built and sounds good. I would like a little bit more from the twin subs but there is still plenty for most in the low frequency range. Overall a big step up from the tv speakers.

Ok, it is as good a product as everyone else has said it is, my only gripe is that the system only has bass and treble options for equalising the sound. I like to use it to watch movies mainly. When i switch from my tv which has a seven band graphic eq that i can play with, the sound from the sound base sounds quite nasal (y). It is not the end of the world as after a few minutes i don’t really notice the difference, but it is there. I cannot really see why a more extensive graphic eq could not have been put in. When doing research into your purchase look out for systems that have bass, middle & treble or a graphic eq. I am very happy with the product, looks great, fits under the tv, great(ish) price, sounds good.

As a 7-year zvox 555 listener, i was totally blown away by the canton dm55. The vast improvement in sound immersion is truly awesome. And its appearance is truly rich and luxurious. You wouldn’t be disappointed, and the price is incredibly low for this powerhouse of a sound base.

Not a patch on the lg surround system it replaced, so if you watch a lot of movies – don’t buy this. Ok for slim screen tv’s for improved sound. Looks very sleek but i found the placement of the inputs fiddly and difficult to access. I waited ages before installing it and in fact, would have returned it after i’d set it it up and heard it due to my disappointment.

From the manufacturer

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Canton is a German audio specialist that has been making acclaimed products since 1972, and is Germany’s one of bestselling loudspeaker brands. Its founders chose the company name by combining the Latin for singing (Cantare) and the German for musical tone (Ton). Canton makes a wide range of loudspeakers, all crafted to exacting quality standards, using superb materials – including the company’s own custom-made drive units.

Flatscreen sounding flat?

What Hifi? 2016 Award winning soundbase.

Canton soundbases are a smart, sleek way to improve the sound of your TV, plus they allow you to wirelessly enjoy music from smartphones and tablets, too!

  • Surround Sound with ‘music’ and ‘home cinema’ modes
  • Great bass without needing a separate subwoofer
  • Play music from any wireless device via aptX bluetooth
  • Learn your TV’s remote control – use just one remote
  • Easy to instal using a single optical cable from the TV
  • Available in black, white and silver

Canton DM55 2.1 Virtual Surround System

Canton’s smallest soundbase suits small/medium-sized TVs. This 6-driver design transforms TV and movie sound, plus offers wireless music playback, all in a sleek, glass-topped box.

Upgrades from last year’s DM50 include enhanced sound, even clearer dialogue performance, power-saving features, easier bluetooth streaming and extra remote control functionality.

Another new feature is Hotel mode, which allows you to set maximum volume levels.

The DM55 continues to offer class-leading sound, plus advanced functionality such as lip-sync adjustment, aptX Bluetooth support, control from existing TV remotes and multiple input support. It comes in a choice of white, black and silver glass-topped finishes.


– Sleek, glass-topped soundbase sits discreetly under your flatscreen TV (or on a shelf below if you wall-mount your set) and provides an excellent sound.

– Ideal for larger rooms and flatscreens.

– 6 drivers: 2 tweeters, 2 midrange, 2 subwoofers.

– 1 channel amplification with 200 Watts system power.

Voice Mode

– Voice sound setting to boost dialogue clarity (can be switched on or off; available in both stereo and surround modes).

– Hotel mode – set maximum volume levels that no-one in the house (except you!) can over-ride.

– Eco mode – selectable power save mode.

– Bluetooth select – automatic selection of Bluetooth input makes it even easier to wirelessly stream and enjoy music from your devices.

Perfect Picture & Sound Match

– aptX Bluetooth support – enabling superior-quality wireless music – streaming from portable devices.

– Adjustable lip-sync settings for perfect picture/sound match.

– Can be controlled from existing TV remote control – cutting clutter.

– 2x digital inputs (optical and coaxial) and 1x analogue input – supports multiple.

Additional New Features

– IR Delete function – simple deleting of unwanted remote control – functions.

– Direct input selection – ideal for learn-able smart remotes.

– From one of Germany’s No.1 loudspeaker firm – experts in quality audio since 1972.

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I attached this to a sony bravia kdl 32w654a which was attached to a virgin media tivo box. Tivo remote control is able to control the volume. Took about 15 mins to set up. First impression is that it has not made much difference. But then sat down to watch rush and the difference is amazing. The sounds that you hear in the cinema are now coming through and add depth giving you an emotional response. Great addition to tele experience and much better than investing in 4k which has little content.

Very decent sound, looks very smart, more minimalist and much less obtrusive than a sound bar. There are however a couple of baffling oddities. Firstly the remote only works if you hold it about 25 to 30 cms. In front of the device (which kind of defeats the entire point of a remote) and every now and again it just randomly switches itself off. I’ve replaced the remote battery twice but there is no improvement, a promised replacement remote never materialised. Neither of these things are hugely problematic though, and i’m generally quite pleased with my choice.

I bought this because it was highly recommended by which. It’s ok and has improved my tv’s audio somewhat. However it hasn’t been as good as i hoped. For some reason the background music seems too loud and the speech too quiet. I have tried fiddling around with the settings, but to no avail.

Very happy with this bad boy. The bass is epic from such a discrete box. Nice weight remote and good inputs including bluetooth streaming. At times it feels as though the midrange takes a back seat but this could be the source material.

Smart, tidy and the sound quality good.

Good piece of kit works well with my 42 inch panasonic tv. Bigger tv’s would be unlikely to fit on top of it as it is very compact.

This 6-driver design transforms TV and movie sound, plus offers wireless music playback.

Totally satisfied about this product and thanks to the engineers who designed such an amazing soundbase. It provides wonderful sound quality for tv shows with crisp and clear sound and for movies, the added subwoofers with the surround feature are adding an excellent home theater experience without the hassle of adding many speakers.

I don’t write reviews often but for canton dm55 i must. I was considering to buy bose. Having compared sound quality with bose, canton offer more clarity. It’s not just having base, but also sharpness.

Sound reproduction is great.

I’ve waited a while before reviewing this product given some of the negative reviews. So far, i’ve experienced none of the problems other reviewers have documented. I have the canton setup in my bedroom with a samsung t24h390s smart 24′ led tv and the profile of the canton fits the tv perfectly. The sound is fantastic for a small room. Great clarity and a pleasing neutral sound which can be adjusted to suit your taste. Bluetooth connectivity is great too and easy to set-up. As others have noted, the remote is impressive and built like a brick. For those that complain about sound drop-out, i wonder if it’s linked to their to their tv provider’s box?. I’ve experienced sound drop-out, and isolated it to my virgin media v6 box.

So far so good,great sound indeed cant see what other reviewers were going on about,and at last a remote that feels like a remote and not a piece of card. I have had the extra guarantee just incase but i cant see me needing it if it works like this all the time.

The sound quality is fantastic. Make sure to buy a plug conversion as it is a german sound system. It also fits nicely under my 65” tv.

Sleek, glass-topped soundbase sits discreetly under your flatscreen TV

This is just what i needed – the sound is good although not ever so ‘surround sound’. It is very easy to set up and the sound is more than enough for a medium sized room. The sound is clear, with dialogue much better than the normal flat screen tv speakers and when it comes to deep sound it is tight and well controlled. All in all i feel this was a really good purchase and i am well pleased with it.

Clear and convincing sound quality. Films and the proms – marvellous.

Sound quality not comparable with an external sub but still good.

Replaced a good but cumbersome surround sound set and i haven’t looked back. The from the bluetooth to watching movies it great. Good quality and plenty of adjustment level means this is a great addition to my tv setup. Quality device that looks the part, is a bit bigger than i expected but wasn’t a problem at all. I have also attached my existing sub-woofer to it and now i roars if i want it to. Good for everything from movies, sport and everyday tv. Also i have used it to play music from my phone and has been good for the odd kids party.

My canton dm55 went into continuous on – off looping cycle that is commonly reported. I was trying to pair between two other bluetooth devices at the time (nothing to do with the canton), so seems to be root cause or big coincidence. Doesn’t appear anyone has discovered a user fix and being out of warranty not economic to repair. I got just under 3 years out of it. Annoying because it feels like if as a user you could do a factory reset it be back to working. Update: contacted canton support in germany and they agreed to repair unit at no cost, i just had to pay for shipping to germany (although heavy, delivery was under £15). The same unit was returned after repair and is fully working, the overall process taking about 5 weeks. Was told by canton that the underlying issue (they didn’t provide any more details) has been resolved and so won’t recur.

I did exchange the white for the black but both are of equal build quality – we just felt that the black fitted in better for us. Also, purchased when on offer at £249 (nov 2016)wonderful, quality soundbasereplaced a wireless rear speaker surround sound system (one speaker failed)was apprehensive at first but after following the guidance to allow the canton speakers ‘settle’ over a few days, we’ve been 100% deligfhted with the quality of the sound. It’s possible to ‘tweak’ both the bass and the treble and the choice between stereo and surround makes a very noticeble difference on most films. Volume is way more than enough than we need or will ever use. Quality sound, though should be balanced and have sufficient ‘separation’ between full on bass and full on treble (i’m also sounding as if i’m very knowledgeable. I’m not, but i enjoy quality audio) to my ears, the canton does provide super clarity and ‘separation’ so that the spoken word or singing isn’t battling against ‘mushy’ ( it’s a persoanl technical term) background. It fits perfectly under our 4 legged samsung 40′ tvthe remote controler is re-assuringly ‘weighty’ and cleverly but simply designed. Well, a key reason we selected the canton was bluetooth. Perhaps we’re missing a setting choice but if we have bluetooth enabled on either phone or ipad, the canton seems to prefer that source to the tv (or dvd) source and has occasionally ‘switched’ from tv if we have begun using the devicewith bluetooth switched off on phones and ipad, there is absolutely no problem. We have set the canton to use tv as default source but we may well be missing some nuance setting. If i do find it, i’ll update this review (and will most certainly up the canton to 5 stars)if you find this report helpful, please like.

Pleased to add my name to its many 5 star reviews.

Ideal for larger rooms and flatscreens

Great sounds and sounds natural. Does not take up a lot of space and looks good below my tvs. I have not had any problems with this lovely product.

Sound is impressive but you do have to crank up the volume especially on different inputs with varying levels. Probably should have gone for the bigger version given the size of our living room.

Bought this after briefly searching online for a good sounding tv companion with the talent to combine as our main living room sound system. Or the mrs can’t stand loads of wires and seperate sub’s (like mine) then this makes perfect senseit’s simple to set-up, one plug into the wall and one into the back of the tv. Easyvisiting friends at yours can utilise the easy-peasy bluetooth connection and be listening to quality sound in seconds. Research and research and research if you must. . The dm55 has won lots of awards and plaudits.

After reading other reviews i was expecting something exceptional – the sound is good but i wouldn’t call it exceptional. Maybe i’m restricted by living in a terraced house where i can’t turn the volume up too high. Having said all that as i say the sound is rich and clear and i find i don’t need subtitles as often as used to and there are quite a few nice features like being able to have it switching off and on automatically when the tv is switched on and off.

No issues as yet with synchronisation. Minor issue getting it to work my samsung tv otherwise great product – worth the dosh.

6 drivers: 2 tweeters, 2 midrange, 2 subwoofers

Wowzr X-Pop Bluetooth Speaker : speaker.

Great sound for a small box x.

Love it arrived promptly easy to set up excellent sound from such a little box love the colours as well.

Listen to music at bedtime and on holidays.

Good sound, & very handy to take on holiday.

Amazing speaker good quality.

Wowzr X-Pop Bluetooth Speaker with Hand-free Mic + 360º Sound Quality–Search & Pair up to 8 Devices on Auto, Apple/Android Compatible- Water Resistant, 8hr Battery Life (Rechargeable via USB)- Travel Size Compact Design, Available in 5 Amazing Skins : I have one for my 8 year old and one for my 5 year old. They syn well with an iphone so they can play music in their rooms or outside in the summer.

Amazing little speaker for such a low cost. Had it a while now and it’s still a beast.

It’s a fab and funky little thing, and it arrived sooner than i expected. The sound quality is really good considering the size. I love using it and it looks great.

Two friends now ordering one also.

Great looking and good sound for the price, rechargeable battery lasts ages.

Bought this as a treat for the girlfriend who wanted to listen to thd radio in the bathroom, so this hooked up to her ipad then using bbc iplayer to connect it. Rather loud for a little thing, easy to set up, android phone found it straight away as did ipad. Put on charge for a few hours using the same cable as my samsung phone. After a few hours of playback, i gotta say this is a fantastic little speaker, much better than i’d expected. Easy to set up and control using the buttons on top and or the phone.

Amazing little speaker, so pleased with it. Small, durable, loud and clear sound. Connects with all my devices including kindle, iphone and chrome book. Worth far more than i paid, extremely pleased, would recommend to anyone.

Excellent sound, arrived quickly and made a fab christmas pressie.

JAM Audio Jamoji Love Emoji Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Super cool

Purchased as a gift for my younger cousin – he loves the emoji movie and now loves this speakerit looks really expensive and sounds amazing.

For the price you get much better quality than you’d imagine. Great little novelty product.

This is pretty sweet to be honest. I really like the sound quality, doesn’t appear to have any distortion.

Fantastic speaker for the price. Jam always do quality products. Shame they’ve doubled the price because of the release of the emoji movie.

  • sounds better and easy to connect
  • Small speaker good volume
  • Beware: no cable to charge

Jam Audio Jamoji Love Emoji Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Perfect Stocking Filler, Wireless, 6hrs Battery Life, Speakerphone, Integrated Stand, Aux-In – Stream iPhone 8 7 6s, iPad, Samsung + More

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  • UP TO 6 HOURS PLAYTIME: Have your party go late into the night without worrying about charging your speaker
  • CHOOSE YOUR MOOD: With 8 novelty designs you can find a speaker best suited to your style
  • LIGHT SHOW: Our four newest Jamoji models light up and even flash along to the music you’re listening too!
  • GET CONNECTED: Jamoji can connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device up to 10 metre range. Don’t worry, there’s also an aux-in port for your non-Bluetooth items.
  • NOW YOU’RE TALKING: Quickly move from music to calls with the handy speakerphone function which allows you to pick up calls as they come in.

Great little speaker with good sound quality.

Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Great product, value for money.

Perfect for my 9 year old daughter.

You know its not gonna sound like a bose – but its worth buying just for the novelty factor – mine sits atop my cistern.

Great sound from this speaker. I was surprised how loud it is and the depth of sound.

Daughter will love this stocking filler.

Really good for the money i paid.

Amazing item loud as well worth the money.

Fun speaker does what you need it todo great sound.

Looks good , sounds good & easy to use. No problem connecting it to my iphone. The usb cable is tiny but works as it should & good value for the money.

Amazing little speaker, was surprised at the sound and quality was a gift for my sister and she loves it.

Excellent thanks very much my daughter loves it.

When i received the speaker it’s weight and quality of materials surprised me. I easily paired it with my phone and alexa. First time i played music through the speaker i was pleasantly surprised at the quality that came from the unit ,it had a deep bass and excellent highs crystal clear sound i was very impressed and would purchase extra for family members.

Sounds great and works really well.

Bought this as a present for my daughter’s friend’s 14th birthday so haven’t tested how it works hence a 4 star rating. It looks fab, nice size and looks like a quality item. Daughter thought it was perfect, just what she’d hoped to receive and the friend was really pleased with it – that’s all i can say.

Bought this for my nieces christmas present, and she really likes it.

Simple set up and powerful sound, better than a couple of others i have ordered at higher prices and looks great too.

It sounds better than expected but don’t expect is good as jbl. You can sync your bluetooth device really easy and it will work with your laptop or mobile phone. The volume can be controlled on the jamoji or on your device. What i like about this product is also the design its super cute.

AUNA Linie 501 FS-WN Passive Tower Floor Speaker – Pair – 5 Stars

I done a lot of research for speakers to replace my old sony 2 way speakers which lacked good bass. My budget was maximum £200 and i eventually went for these floor standers. They arrived quickly from germany in 2 large heavy boxes, it took two of us to get them out of the box, they are big and heavy and i was being delicate with them. The old sony speaker wires fitted the auna’s exactly the same and i was ready to test in no time. I tried many different music types, classical, pop and rock etc and was blown away how good these are, the bass is perfect, it definitely has that thump that i enjoy, i felt the sub woofers shaking the house at high volume. I use to own expensive kef speakers and these are just as good. Very impressed and they look very expensive too.

Good value for money, they sound great, which surprised me as i have looked at the front speaker output over a range from 2 hz to 20 khz and found the response is flattish at the start then rises and finally falls at just over 10 khz, see spectrum photo.

I also took a chance, after old harlech castle speakers were not performing correctly, probably due to heat from a wood burneri can honestly say they are beyond expectation, on both digital tv/radio. I cannot fault them on different types of music, we will be playing mainly classical. The packaging was really first class, £2. 99 all the way from berlin (originally)i have no hesitation in giving them 10 out of 10. Here are the specifications for the AUNA Linie 501 FS-WN Passive Tower Floor Speaker – Pair:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Passive 3-way floorstanding speaker with 140 watt RMS power
  • Side 20 cm (8″) woofer, two 10 cm (4″) midrange and a 2.5 cm (1″) Tweeter
  • Bass reflex design for powerful bass response | elegant tweeter-proof aluminum and gold midrange diaphragm
  • quality screw terminals with gold-plated contacts for perfect signal transmission
  • Resonant wooden cabinet with separate base stand and detachable speaker cover

For the price would definitely recommend.

Great speakers look and sound more expensive than they were.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 5 Stars
  • Like these, good quality
  • Quality Speakers

I was shocked at how good these speakers sound.

Bass is deep the tops are good mids are a little dull but i have 2 other speakers connected to a 4 channel hifi that have good mid range i have not fully put them under pressure yet.

Fabulous speakers for the money , i use them with the denon app pma-520a. Great clarity , with nice bass kick.

The cabinet quality is excellent. Slim and discrete – they do not dominate the room. The sound quality is very good for this level of speaker. I use them as external speakers for a tv and to play music from a heos system (mainly flac files) and have no criticisms.

Nice, smart and great sounding speakers for the money.

Libratone ZIPP Copenhagen Edition Wireless Speaker : Modern piece of equipment with great sound

The sound clarity is first class, controls simple and easy to use. All the advertised features worked first time, great product bit a bit pricey.

It is the most i have ever spent on a treat for myself but it is worth every penny. It is so elegant, unique and just generally beautiful to look at and use. It is basically a small surround sound speaker. Wherever i am in my flat i can still hear my music perfectly. The sound is just out of this world, i have honestly never heard anything like it. I am not very technical and don’t understand all the numbers on the box (i. 3” neodynium woofer/ 60 watt total power, across 2 dsp enhanced amplifier channels/ 19v 1. 8a output) but i know that i’m hearing instruments in songs i never noticed before because every single note is so crystal clear.

The main benefit and attraction of the libratone zipp mini speaker is that it’s a portable wireless speaker of course, but when you’re relying on apps, wifi and bluetooth to set it up, you should be prepared for it being complicated and for things not to run terribly smoothly with your home setup. I’d also lower expectations as to how good sound you are going to get from this speaker, as it’s not as good as you might reasonably expect from a wireless speaker with a high-end price point and five-speaker driver specs. To get the libraphone up and running for a start, you’re going to need an iphone or an android device. When i tried to install the app from the playstore on my android asus tablet, it informed me that my system wasn’t compatible with the current version of the app, and offered no alternative. If you have other device options fair enough. If you don’t, you’re going to come unstuck at the first hurdle. I was able to download the app onto my android smartphone and followed the instructions, but was unable to make a connection to my home wifi. Every time it attempted to select and auto connect to the speaker, it dropped my 2g channel connection, leaving me with no internet to complete the operation. Manual connection was no better, just returning me to a loop of the ‘speaker found’ screen with choice of auto or manual connection. Searching through support on libratone’s website – the set-up booklet is very poor and of no help at all – it suggested another way to set up wifi connection from a windows pc connected to the broadband wifi router.

I use wireless speakers in various parts of my house (mission aero and cam audio minx 100/200). While this libratone doesn’t quite have the power and presence of those above it certainly punches above its weight as far as sound performance goes. It’s very light and portable however it seems to have a mind of its own with respect to bluetooth connection. This might be my laptop but its sitting right next to it right now with no sign of pairing even though the computer says its connected. I expect i’ll have to shut down the latter and reboot as that’s happened several times to date. Rather frustratingly there is nothing in the skimpy manual to tell you what’s going on and the limited speaker display is equally uncommunicative. When it does connect it seems to remain stable ok. There is the usual drop off in sound as compared to airplay but as soon as i connected using the latter the drop out was intolerable-probably because i’m a level up stairs from the virgin hub-your speaker will only be as good as your wireless signal strength. Its got a very prominent zip (rather than hide it they name the speaker after it) which means you can swap the ‘pepper black’’ cover for an alternative option—to my mind it looks more like washed out black sock which if you remove reveals cheapish plastic look.

  • Stylish, Sturdy, Easy to use and excellent audio quality
  • very good sound quality
  • Newly to this technology

Libratone ZIPP Copenhagen Edition Wireless Speaker (360 ° Sound, Wlan, Bluetooth, MultiRoom, Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, 10h Rechargeable Battery) – Raspberry Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 360 degrees full room sound – acoustic full room technology sends sound waves in every direction, filling your home with rich sound
  • Multi-room music – link your Zipp or Zipp MINIs together with SoundSpace link to create a flexible multi-room listening experience
  • Stream anything – dip into all your preferred music apps and content sources; if you can stream it, the Zipp and Zipp MINI can play it.Connectivity – WiFi dual band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible
  • Connect, combine and control your Zipp with a ground-breaking Libra tone app and an elegant touch interface lets you control your music from the speaker
  • Pick your Zipp up and bring it anywhere – with up to 10 hours of acoustic power; let your Zipp represent your style – change the cover in seconds

First off, this looks great. And as others have said, it comes packaged stylishly also. It really does feel like an event to open, and it is a real pleasure to use, with lovely tactility and some fantastic on-off sounds. Compared to similarly priced speakers from bose or sony, this is just in a different class. I find myself sometimes judging its sonic performance harshly because it feels like it ought to cost 2-3 times as much. Even saying which, it does have a really nice sound. The treble and midrange are particularly sweet, and encourage listening at quite modest volumes for the sheer musicality of the experience, rather than at screaming rock levels. It does trip up a bit with particularly dense, bass heavy, mixes, sometimes becoming muddy and confused, and losing depth. This seems to be independent of volume, and appears to be a feature of the design, rather than limitation of the power or amplification. I would expect these might be lesser issues with the non-mini version, which isn’t a quantum more expensive, and which, if you have the space, would probably be worth a listen if you enjoy more rock/layered/dense music than vocal-driven or acoustic.

Easier to set up than anticipated, very good sound quality. Dial top control can give issues , but it’s a learning curve.

 a compact, portable and highly impressive speaker. Really easy to setup – download the official app to setup the speaker on your home wi-fi network, or just connect via bluetooth. (or direct cable connection into the aux input) the benefit with connecting to your wi-fi is that anyone else on the network can easily connect to it. The app also has some nice eq presets to suit your environment, e. The outdoor preset to get a more punchy response. Overall very impressed with the sound quality and it certainly goes loud enough to use as a main speaker for a decent sized party, even if you’re out in the garden.

======edit : it has been nearly a week since i wrote the review below, and my opinions about the zipp mini are starting to shift. I still stand by what i said, and my four star rating still stands. My review describes the first few weeks of ownership. But i am going to add comments to my review if anything significant comes up. One significant change is that i am now seriously tempted to buy a second zipp mini. ======the zipp mini copenhagen edition arrives in a fabulous black and white box with silver trim. It looks like it might contain an expensive bottle of champagne. On the outside it says nothing about android. It has plenty of logos but you get a strong impression it only works with apple devices. Maybe that’s libratone’s target market – people who prize the look of things and a perception of quality, even if in reality this may be a slight fiction.

The first thing you notice about the libratone zipp mini copenhagen edition speaker is the weight; this is a high quality, solidly built product. Taking the top off of the cylindrical box reveals the circular instruction booklet. Removing that uncovers the charger, the charging cable and the neat cable holder, all sitting in a polystyrene holder, which is also the top packing for the speaker. This fits so tightly into the box, that it took some time, and a screwdriver to extract it so the speaker can be removed. The speaker has a wool cover that zips onto the base. One cover is provided, but six colours are available. Before use, the speaker must be charged. The charger plug has two adapters, 2-pin or standard uk 3-pin; attach the appropriate adapter, plug in, attach the lead into the socket at the base of the speaker and switch on. The led blinks slowly and then stays on solidly when the speaker is fully charged. Remove the charger and press the power button for three seconds to switch on; connection to your device can be by wi-fi or bluetooth.

Great product , great sound.

 having used countless wireless speakers i was pretty keen to find out what made this one different from the others. Firstly we used this for a party which was excellent. The sound was great because it didn’t muffle as we turned it up full, it was easy to move – although we didn’t need to move it around to house because the sound travelled well. It was quick and easy to mute with the cool hand cover feature too. The battery life was great so we decided to take it with us when we went away for the weekend. The look of the speaker is great and i love the idea of the changes covers. We got asked lots to questions about the speaker as everyone seemed interest in our new gadgetthere are a few negatives. The instructions are so minimal when my speaker started to beep at me i had no idea why. I checked the battery level and that was fine but the speaker continues to beep.Also, its not the easiest speaker to connect to unless you have the app.

Now that the zipp has the new updated app software it is just about perfect. Not only does it look cool, have a great charge capacity and sound amazing, but it now operates even better than ever. Smooth, almost flawless, near 360 degree sound, with great bass, as well other sound levels and a lot of volume for such a relatively small unit. This is the best portable sound unit that i’ve ever owned by far.

This a a fab speaker to position wherever you want in your house and take with you from room to room. Into the garden, garage, allotment, beach etc. The 360 degree surface ensures that unlike old school speakers, this gives you surround sound just using the one speaker. It can be turned up high for parties and still be as effective with no sound distortion. As i have a dab radio in the kitchen, i’ve tended to use this mainly for listening to music from my phone on. But the quality is hugely improved through it. The app was easy to download and use and the usb port is handy to be able to keep your phone charged if you’re streaming your tunes through it, not necessary if you’re indoors. But an added function for outdoor use. The volume control is elegant. All you need is a slight touch to turn the sound up or down or mute it. In reality though, i would be very unlikely to spend £250 on a speaker so for that alone i have deducted a star. However, if you like your music and can afford it, it’s a stylish addition to the home.

I like this idea of taking a speaker to any location you want, its extremely heavy so probadly not good for carting around in your backpack for long but useful for the car. I can listen to things down stairs in my living room and then take it to the bedroom and plug my phone and internet radio etc in via bluetooth or wifi though i found the blue tooth the best method as its very easy to set up but the wifi i couldn’t get working after several attempts at trying to find the speaker etc hence only 4 stars. The sound quality is pretty decent clear highs and good decent bass for a single speaker this size. It dosen’t vibrate due to the rubber base. Its also pretty loud if you want to pump up the volume a bit. The usb socket lets you charge a phone especially if your listening to a lot of music on the go. Had it on an hour so far no need to re charge the speaker yet. You can of course just leave it plugged in to the mains if your at home for instance. Because of the aux 1/8 inch socket you can plug your laptop, phone, or anything else in. The app is just a let down as i can’t seem to get the wifi to work but the app is very basic anyway, its best to just use spotify, radio app and music apps using the bluetooth (or wifi if you get it working).

I bought this zipp mini instead of a regular bluetooth speaker due to the internet radio functionality. The long battery life and ability to save 6 preset stations make it great for taking into the garden, garage etc. Stations can be accessed without the need for s smart device. The app is free and easy to use. As well as station presets you can adjust the eq of the speaker to suit it’s positioning. The speaker looks awesome and feels like a really solid build. Every detail is considered right down to the packaging. Small things like a cable weight for the charger to prevent it falling down the back of a table was a great touch. It sounds great, clarity in the highs with rich warm bass for a speaker this size. The volume is more than enough to fill a decent size living room.

I am struggling to express in words how this product makes me feel. I like to show them off to my friends and family. Check this out, look at what it can do. I would be embarrassed to say “i spent £200 odd on this”. It’s not that this is a bad speaker. The sound quality and loudness are fairly decent.

It’s small, portable and surprisingly has a lot of bass. Despite having a lot of bass everything is very clear not like other speakers out there. It’s fairly loud, definitely will get your neighbours attention. It has a built-in battery so you can move it around without worrying about wires or having to plug it in. The battery lasts about 8 hours on a full charge. You can connect to it using bluetooth or wifi. I used it with an android phone, iphone and my laptop and couldn’t notice any difference in the sound quality however the range is far better when on wifi. This depends on the range of your wifi router tho.

Really happy i spent much more than i normally do on a portable speaker. Audio quality – really impressive. I was obviously expecting this with the price i paid for it and also the size of the speaker. The clarity is second to none. Clear and crisp high frequencies and a warm, deep mid range. If i was going to be overly critical, the bass could be a little better, but it is something that most people would be more than happy with. Build quality / design – bit different to most speakers in the market. The shape allows a 360 sound which is really important for me. It is fairly bulky and heavy, but i like this, feels valuable and doesn’t move when playing at high volumes ( which a lot of speakers do ). The fabric cover over the drivers gives this speaker a point of difference and style.

 this beastie of a speaker certainly chucks out some quality sound but there’s so much more to tell you about it than that. I love the portability, with an 8 hour battery life it will be joining me on holiday, on my travels, around various rooms in the house and anywhere i need to keep my tunes. You can save 5 internet radio stations using an app which can then be selected with a touch of the control panel on the top, which also offers volume control, track skip and stereo pairing of another libratone speaker. I recorded a quick video comparing this to a sonos play3. My previous favorite speaker. The sonos is still a great speaker and after numerous tests i might even say has the better bass notes but when you add together all the other benefits of the zipp mini there’s no competition. . The zipp mini supports bluetooth streaming meaning i can play audio from any device playing any source. I am a big youtube fan and it has always frustrated me that i couldn’t play the sound through sonos. :d not to mention that the zipp can be battery powered, so it can come into the shower room or into the garden easier than running extension cables for the sonos.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker : Perfect for carrying around with you and great sound

Loud enough for a child, quiet small and cute looking little bee speaker.

Brilliant sound, i can now throw away the two speakers and loads of wires i currently have to plug into my laptop. Wish the jackplug was a little longer and that the usb charger socket was on the top as you cannot stand the speaker up with the charger in.

Another present for my girlfriend she loved it.

They work great alone and they get even better when you link them together (we have two)really powerful and a good full sound. Top notch – i cannot recommend these little things highly enough.

Great sound for something so small. Good price though some sellers looking for £20+ ——–really?.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker with USB Charging Cable Compatible with Smartphones , Green , KSNMBAI : Sound quality is excellent ideal to take on holiday etc.

Cheeky and chunky sound, used using eq on device.

The speaker came quicker than expected, is a lot better than i thought it would be, very loud for such a small speaker, the design is a novelty which everyone loves. I am very tempted to buy other animals to make a little set.

It’s a good speaker, the only con i guess is needing to charge it, but the charge lasts a fair amount of time. Sound will just stop playing when it needs another charge.

These made great secret santa present for my son’s school friends and cousins. The sound quality and depth is great for such a small speaker. Will buy other styles in the future.

Which was a very pleasant suprise.

A nice golf ball sized speaker, good sound.

Bought this for myself as a little treat last xmas. Considering the size, this is a powerful little penguin. I adore this and have since bought a zebra and a tiger for friends, after they fell in love with mine. So compact i have lost it around the house a couple of times. Should really use the keyring aspect of it.

This has a very big sound for such a tiny speaker. We use it in the car, plugged into my phone. I have a very recent xperia smart phone which has good speakers, but this penguin beats it and can be heard much better over the noise of the motorway. The battery lasts for around 8 hours and then can be recharged using a usb cable plugged into your computer.

Wow i i am amazed by sound quality and base and clearness for such a small and cheap portable speaker well done kit sound i have have a kit sound home speaker which got me into kit sound products with is also amazing for price. I use mini buddy for listening to online radio hip hop station and meditation music which it’s so handy and amazing for.

Wasnt expecting this to be so loud its great i love it.

This is my second kitsound mini buddy. It works as it should and it looks cute. The only downside to this speaker is that the socket to plug the charger in is not usb like my other speaker. It’s one of those small round sockets instead. So i have to make sure i have the right cable for each speaker, instead of being able to use one for both.

I bought these speakers to plug in to my computer at work when working night shifts. The sound quality for a cheap speaker is absolutely amazing, considering you can charge it through your standard phone charger as well, there is no hassle with making sure you have batteries to hand. The only downside to this product is that there is no volume control built in to the speaker; you only control the sound through the device that you’ve plugged them in to. The speakers are pretty loud by default though, and even when on full volume there doesn’t appear to be much of a compromise on sound quality. Wouldn’t think twice about buying this as a gift for someone, or recommending it for someone in a similar situation to me.

It’s a good little gadget but the packaging is badly done as the charger is underneath the item in a box and if you don’t know it’s there it gets thrown away with packaging as this one did and i know of 2 other people who have done the same. So my granddaughtet who i bough it for can’t use it.

A really cute speaker with fantastic clear sound. My good friend was thrilled when she saw it and when we tested it out.

Cute little speaker, seems to work brilliantly. Only reason for of giving five stars is i havent used it much yet, so not sure. Has a headphone jack attached so plugs straight into mp3 player which is ideal.

invoxia Smart Portable Speaker, Fantastic Family Phone and Great Speaker

Triby is a lovely family oriented product: replacing the home telephone, connecting to music or radio, messaging – everyone can do it. A great gadget for parents looking to contact the kids without having the need for mobile phones.

I saw the other reviews and i wanted to give a more “family” oriented review for this device. I bought the triby because i wanted to have more interaction with my young children (aged 4 and 6). Since we added this to the kitchen, it has become a huge attraction to them. The children love making drawings and send these to the device. They also love to call me (their father) or their mother using the very simple buttons. For example, they can call me when i am not at home for dinner and i can participate while they are sitting at the table. I can hear everyone perfectly, even though the device is some 2 meters away from them. I like it because it is not another “screen”, yes my children could also reach me using an iphone or an ipad but we don’t want them to use these devices too much. Triby is just perfect for improving family communication and at the same time decreasing exposure to more screens. By the way the triby is also a very good quality speaker.

I bought this for our holiday rental and have been trying it out at home first. Found it extremely useful, both to use for internet radio and for its contact buttons. I have also used it as a speaker (through bluetooth) for calls (normal and skype) made through my mobile. The visual message facility is cute too.

Key specs for Smart Portable Speaker with screen compatible with Amazon Alexa, Grey:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Triby features voice control with Amazon Alexa and is a smart portable speaker, Internet radio, hands-free speakerphone, and connected message board all rolled into one!
  • Use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, get the news, set alarms,control smart home devices, and more using just your voice. Just say the wake word “Alexa” and Triby responds instantly.
  • Preset Internet radio stations and Spotify playlists for one-button access
  • Make calls over VoIP or with a paired smartphone from 15 feet away
  • Draw and share doodles and texts from your smartphone to Triby’s alway-on display
  • Stick Triby to the fridge with its magnetized back
  • Enjoy up to 2 days of battery life. Charge with micro USB.
  • Required free Triby companion app available on iOS (iOS8 and above) & Android
  • compatible with Alexa in the US, UK, and Germany

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic Family Phone and Great Speaker
, Found it extremely useful, both to use for internet radio and for
, Well built, great sounding but with a few too many niggles to recommend

The triby is a product with a potentially nice usp and its heart in the right place; essentially it wants to be the communication and media hub for your kitchen. It certainly looks the part, a small satisfyingly weighty and well built unit with just a handful of rubbarised buttons. Set up is a sintch and with a nice simple 10 stage walk through via the ios app (no android support at present) and we are up and running. There are a load of positives; sound quality is great for such a small unit and surprisingly loud. Eq is aimed at spoken word though so if you listen to talk radio stations you will be very happy, it’s competent at music but there’s no capacity to alter bass and treble so you are stuck with the sound out of the box. The magnetised rear is superb and it will securely attach to fridges and extraction fans. It also has a pretty good battery life. There are unfortunately plenty of problems and these may be resolved with firmware updates, but some of which won’t be. There are two customisable audio buttons which can be assigned to radio channels or spotify playlists.

In theory this sounds like a good product. On paper it combines a number of useful functions – connected message board, hands free internet calls, integration with smart phones, radio, streamed music via spotify, all in a funky design meant to be used in the kitchen. But when you pitch a product that is aimed at combining features offered in other products into one, you have to carry off all of these combined features to a satisfactory standard. In practice, there are several flaws and constraints with the device that render it less appealing and usable than you would ideally want. The design, as another reviwer commented on, feels a bit from the toys r us design school. It’s supposed to look fun in the kitchen but at this price point i’m not sure it will appeal to its intended audience, who i am sure want something stylish and cool but that looks better than a mattell toy. In practice the functionality promises are not delivered – no android or windows phone support at the time of writing the review. Only providing support for the premium version of spotify. The radio fails to work for myself and other reviewers. The sound is indeed very nice but it is matched by various other alternative deivces or sometimes exceeded by alternative connected streaming music players such as those by panasonic, bose, etc.

Triby is an innovative device that fills a number of roles. It is an internet and fm radio, a music player, a bluetooth speaker, a message board and an internet telephone. It provides a hub for you to organise your family communications, allowing you to send messages to your children even if they don’t have a smartphone. It does some things well, but i’ve had trouble with others, and you need to be aware of the device’s limitations. For starters, you can only use triby if you download an app for your smartphone – and at the moment you can only get that app for iphones and ipads from the apple app store. If you have an android or windows phone, triby won’t work. And if you want to stream music from the internet, you need spotify premium: none of the other music services work with it, and you can’t play music from a home nas or computer using wi-fi. More problems: the fm radio doesn’t work at all for me. You can’t search for a station, you need to know the frequency. All the stations i have tried have just been a hissing noise – there’s no indication that there’s a station lurking there at all (incidentally, you need the charger cable plugged in to work as an fm aerial, but that makes no difference to me).

When they brought it up at the board meeting. The cons:# the description continually mentions your ‘smartphone’. What they actually mean is iphone as android doesn’t work. How they can release this without android support is amazing. Hence lots of the features do not work. # i have an ipad so downloaded the app to that. Got it up and running but of course the phone function does not work.

Braven BRV-Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker – /Cyan/ : nice, add’s about 1 or 2 dots a day

Rugged and waterproof with outstanding sound quality. You can attach other bits to the top of this, like extra battery pack-solar panel-led light box or a multi tool. Had a wee look and the addons are they are not too expensive. Well happy with this bluetooth speaker as i can even charge my phone using the built in usb-cracking.

This was a great purchase which i am completely satisfied with. Great sound, great versatility and a good price from amazon.

I required a outdoor water resistant speaker that i can hear from a distancethis ticks all the boxes. The battery can easily last a day or more depending how loud i blast it. The sound quality is not bad considering both the price and that its designed to be water resistant. Can’t fault bravendirect, i got it for £139. 99 including delivery which is great as its priced at £189. For a sub £200 speaker, i would recommend it. Though i have not heard the bose which comes highly recommended. There are more expensive speakers but if you are looking sub£150 via there direct service, then this smashes the competition.

  • Braven outdoor speaker
  • Great sound and strength.
  • Good quality item

Braven BRV-Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Silver/Cyan/Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 15 hours of wireless playtime
  • Charge your mobile device using the speaker’s built-in 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Built-in noise-cancelling microphone can be used to take and make calls hands-free
  • Customise your BRV-PRO with the BRV ecosystem: Threaded mounts, swappable housing covers, modular features and more

Good quality item, very durable has survived numerous camping trips and festivals. Slightly tinny sound i think due to the metal case, but easily overridden with the eq controls on phone.

Absolutely brilliant blue tooth speaker – i already had a braven that my son “borrowed” so decided to donate that to him & buy myself another. Major improvement in that the cap is attached where the other one was loose & so prone to being mislaid.

Sound quality not as expected. Used to own a big jambox (which got ruined), and i thought this would be a suitable replacement . Compared it to my friends bose soundlink mini, which by far has a clearer sound. However, this thing is loud enough for a small room, pretty convenient, and good looking .

Stupidly expensive but it sounds good and is very robust. Works well for hands free calls. Good choice for mobile music.

This speaker was fantastic, great sound quality. However 4 months down the line it won’t turn on at all. I am not sure whether this has something to do with the charger being broken or speakers blown. Would i be able to contact the seller, or exchange it?.

Got this to replace my earlier model. The pro has a far better base and kicks out an impressive sound for a speaker of this size.

One great speaker, definitely better than the beats pill xl.

Great product, very durable. Sound quality is slightly lacking for size and cost. Perfect for outdoor pursuits/pool/beach, if just for the house look elsewhere.

This braven brv-x is a fantastic portable bluetooth speaker that delivers powerful audio in a rugged design. Pros:+ powerful audio performance, with rich bass and crisp highs. + rugged, water-resistant design. + speakerphone functionality. Cons:- audio performance too sculpted for purists. A decent wireless durable speaker, but worth comparing to these bose wireless speakers: http://amzn.

I like my audio and have many £000’s worth of gear ranging from full surround, stereo, headphones and portable speakers. I’ve been on the lookout for something that is portable (i. Runs from battery) but retains quality. On the whole this beast does all that. It is great outdoors and will give a good volume and retain base. The louder you have it the shorter the battery life, but i have never run out of power before time yet, and on general running around 50% it will give you a full working day of tunes no problem. 50% on this device is way louder than other smaller speakers that may quote longer battery life, so at low volume this thing will last days if needed. It is well made with no frills. It’s just a very large bluetooth speaker.

I read many, many reviews on a lot of portable speakers that claimed to be loud enough for parties and outdoor events. I purchased several and sent most back because they didn’t live up to their claims. You simply couldn’t hear them once past about 10 feeti’ve not had the braven long, and am not an audiophile. I just like to hear my ipod music when i’m doing stuff. The main reason i’m posting this is to confirm that it absolutely lives up to its claim that it is suited for outdoor usewe work outside in the garden and fields quite a lot (over about 2 acres) and i was looking for a relatively portable speaker that could be heard when we were moving around. Something that could be heard more than 10 ft away, but that didn’t distort the sound too much (like so many do). ‘loud’ is a relative term and means different things to different people it seems. Loud in a room is nothing like loud outside, where you have no reflective surfaces like walls and a ceiling to bounce the sound off. It’s very hard to make something sound loud outside that doesn’t end up distorted and awful. So, when the braven brv-x arrived, i was wearily hopeful but didn’t get too excited.

Brilliant piece of equipment. For £100 delivered i couldn’t fault it.

Not the cheapest portable speaker, but by far the best all round unit we have purchased, including bose sound systems. Great outdoors, come rain or shine.

Got it for very good price, top hi quality sound and volume, i love the strap.

Pity its not fully water proof only thing stopping it getting 5 stars.

I haven’t use my braven much but so far so go. It connects via bluetooth fairly quickly and easily. My only let down is, me being a base head i thought the base would be a bit more banging.

It is a very good speaker, however the plastic clip to keep water from the usb and aux port breaks easily. After getting a replacement the same thing happened again and am now out of the return date to get another replacement/money back. Sells well due to its ‘durable’ and ‘waterproof’ capacity but has failed and now makes the product just a normal speaker.

Day 1, put in bath, no issue, treble a bit muffled on taking out, a swift shake sorted that. Day 2, got knocked off side, 5 foot drop into concrete, not sure i can find where it impacted, no issues. Day 3, got the solar panel, nice, add’s about 1 or 2 dots a day, which if i take it fully charged is enough to cover calls for a week in the field. Day 4, ordered one for my brother after seeing his eyes when i showed him mine.