Skullcandy Barricade XL Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker -, This is a great wee portable speaker

This is a great wee portable speaker. It paired with an iphone and a samsung phone quickly and effortlessly, and the sound it produces is great for such a small speaker. Lots of good bass, and a good clear sound throughout, even at higher volumes. Its size means you can easily take it anywhere with you, parties, beach barbecues and holidays, and it has a battery life of ten hours, though i haven’t yet tested it for that length of time.It’s sturdy enough that you can take it anywhere, and it certainly feels as though it could easily withstand being bumped about in transit. It’s also buoyant and waterproof up to 3 metres, so you really can take it anywhere.

As soon as we opened the box you could tell this speaker is a nice piece of kit. Feels quite weighty but not heavy so very portable. Connects easily to devices have tried phones tablets all with no issues. The sound is rich and velvety not tiny or weak at all. I haven’t tested it out yet but it’s apparently waterproof and can float.

I couldn’t praise this speaker any higher. The ‘real’ sound it produces is nothing short of amazing with the clearest voice reproduction making it sound like the track playing is a different recording. The volume range for something this small is really really good, and the tone us maintained without distortion through the range. A device can be charged (via usb) whilst listening to the music stored on it, the unit itself is charged via a separate usb cable. It is waterproof to nearly a meter (presumably the rubber cover over the usb slots was in place for the testing) and should you be careless enough to drop it in deep enough water it floats – i haven’t and i have no intention of testing this, it’s far too nice to risk. The controls are easy to see and use, the manual is short (in stature and brevity) but everything is intuitive so pages and pages are not required. The battery has a published life of seven hours, (not tested). The pairing is without hassle. There is nothing to dislike about this speaker, even the price. This is a beautiful, well made almost perfect portable bluetooth speaker, it has a more ‘full’ sound than the zip which i thought had a superb sound and it looks good.

Key specs for Skullcandy Barricade XL Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – Black:

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  • Delivers seamless integration with any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Skip the cord and listen longer with up to 10 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • For low-end bass and powerful, dynamic sound across all types of music, dual 10 W speakers and a passive radiator deliver a truly pinnacle performance
  • A rugged design that’s impact resistant, buoyant and IPX7 waterproof up to 3 feet underwater
  • Enhanced tech lets you and your crew pair together multiple speakers and take turns playing your favourite music

Comments from buyers

“Lovely speaker
, Finally takes the top spot
, Perfect, just perfect!

Whenever i review a portable bluetooth speaker, until now i would compare to my all-time favourite, the jawbone big jambox. This was a great speaker for a number of reasons – well rounded sound, lightweight and super battery life. Having tried a number since that haven’t come close, how would this skullcandy one work out?first impressions on this one were pretty good. It’s a smaller beast than a number of others on the market, pretty lightweight as well. The rubberised outside makes the build quality seem solid, with the promise of waterproofing (which i haven’t tried) seem positive too. Charging is done by micro usb behind a plastic flap on the side of the product where you can also charge your phone as well – a surprising but nice touch. The feature that really surprised me though for the size of the item was quite how booming the sound is – it’s loud, bassy and pretty full on. Bass notes are pretty solid and clear, while mids and highs a little less so but still reasonably clear. This makes for an overall good sound and one that continues for quite a long time – the battery life is decent also. So does it beat my big jambox?.

Love it, great product, probably will buy another one.

Firstly, this little (xl) speaker packs a punch. It has a great solid sound which is perfect for bbq’s and parties outdoors. It feels tough and rugged and built to survive impact. Not only is it rain and splash proof, this little speaker can withstand 30mins submerged in up to one metre of water – how cool is that. The rubber buttons are chunky and look great. Two of these buttons are for pairing. One allows you to pair two phones, allowing you to play music from two different devices (taking it in turns). The other button allows you to pair multiple speakers, so you can add speakers and connect them together. Battery is up to 10 hours so again , charge it up hang it out in garden and play your tunes. This is an excellent outdoor speak with some very strong features.

Although not xl in size this certainly is in noise . This is the largest of the three barricades and is around 20cm wide, it is easy to pair (i paired with my iphone 6 in under a minute) and the sound is very very impressive. It has a real bass to it but also a very full sound and i was impressed. It works about 5 metres from my phone before you get problems and that is fine. It is a very rugged speaker and although plain looking will last forever.

This is an excellent speaker : dynamic reproduction is warm and full with clear bass (and, thankfully, more than enough high end as well). Battery life is considerable – up to 10 hours on the xl – and quick to charge with usb ports. Bluetooth reproduction is clear and fast, once connected. Aside from that, should you want to connect to a standard audio device without bluetooth, you need to separately purchase a male to male connector which is bafflingly not included as standard – bizarre given the total cost of the item. Other than that, this is a perfect, durable portable speaker with plenty of life in it.

Fills the room with sound for a very reasonable price.

Sameiyi Bluetooth Speakers, I have a small 10w speaker bought on lidl for

Put this in the and my partner is already singing along to it. Very good device fothe price.

This sound bar looks great and has a quality feel to it. The startup sound is awesome and the sound quality is good. It has a great low end on it. The bluetooth connects quickly and it was dead simple to set up. It comes with an aux cable for non-bluetooth devices and a usb charging cable. All in all – it’s a really good speaker.

Purchased to work with alexa dot box. 5mm jack connection so alexa always works through this box unless connected to hifi speakers via bluetooth. Obviously not hifi sound from this device but much better than ‘dot’ internal speaker. Works as expected and reasonably good looking for use in the lounge.

Key specs for Bluetooth Speakers,Sameiyi Wireless Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Sound Bar,20W Stereo Speaker HD Audio and Enhanced Bass,Handsfree for iPhone,iPad,Samsung, Tablets,Laptops and Smartphones:

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  • 【NEW DESIGN SPEAKER】Sameiyi Bluetooth speaker uses bar shaped design; one side surface is fabric and 2 in 1 rotary switch which can be used as power switch as well as volume adjusting.Supports HSP,HFP,A2DP,AVRCP format notification Sound ,Bluetooth pairing name :BT808.
  • 【BLUETOOTH 4.0 WIRELESS SPEAKER】With the wireless Bluetooth function, the soundbar speaker is compatible with Bluetooth supported devices like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, iPad, tablet, PC, laptop. Easy and convenient to connect; speaker automatically reconnects to the last device used.
  • 【EXTRAORDINARY SOUND QUALITY】20W 3D stereo sound, deep bass. Crystal clear and fine sounding audio with impressive volume supported by dual 10W drivers. Just enjoy fantastic music and sound with this 20W Bluetooth speaker.
  • 【LONG PLAYTIME】The bar shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker is supported with Li Ion 4500 mAh rechargeable battery that can work about 12 hours of continuous playtime; recharge in 6 hours with micro USB cable.
  • 【PORTABLE AND WIDE USE】This bar mini wireless speaker is light weighted and portable. You can use our speaker in living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall with clear bass sound, or you can choose this Bluetooth wireless speaker for your music party.

Comments from buyers

“Product as described good quality Great Sound.
, Crisp Quality and Deep Bass. Highly Recommend.
, Good accessory for Amazon Dot.

Simple operation and pairung.

Liked this a lot (bought a second one) good solid feel, nice sound for something in this price bracket and looks ‘quality’ (for the price). Best bit is having a good old fashioned ‘knob’ to twist to turn volume and sound up. And that is the one thing that lets it down. It works but on both units i bought, its not smooth and easy to turn and doesn’t have the quality feel the rest of it does.

Very nice and elegant wireless speaker 20w it comes in a nice package as well.

I was really surprised by the sound that this soundbar produces. The distance is exactly what you would expect from a bluetooth speaker, it is not heavy and can be moved in and around the home. The speaker is covered on the front with a cream speckled hessian fabric material and the speaker is made from a good strong glossy hard plastic. At the side of the speaker there is a rotary switch dial that turns the speaker on and off and also controls the sound level up and down. There is a blue indicator light and a aux port for your headphones and a dc-5v for you to charge it up. I do feel that these wires could of been made a little longer as they don’t reach very far but you can pick up a long wire on amazon for a couple of pounds. It is qc passed which is reassuring and has four feet stands on the underneath which is nice as it raise the speaker up slightly and also protects your surfaces. As soon as i received this the kids were urging me to set it up and try it out. I found the set up very easy as all you need to do is turn on the speaker at the side and then turn on the bluetooth device you want it to connect with, we tried and tested ours with my samsung phone and it connected successfully, great sound quality and not to bad a bass quality :)my pro’s* very nice sounding bar* good price* is compatible with bluetooth supported devices like iphone, samsung, ipad, tablets, pc and laptops* charges in 4/6 hours with micro usb cable* has up to 12 hours of continuous playtime* wireless and portable* not to bad bass quality* 38(l)*6(w)*6(h) cm* also it automatically reconnects to the last device usedmy negs* the only thing i would change is make the cord a little longer. Package listing:1 x wireless bluetooth speakers1 x micro usb charging cable1 x 3.

First the plus points : this speaker is well packaged and the build quality is very good. It looks very nice with its fabric facia and is small enough to be placed in almost any position without becoming a distracting eye-sore. The volume / on-off dial on the side feels smooth and high quality. The major benefit to this dial (and why i bought it) is that you can turn on the unit , set the volume and then forget about it. Plug in your audio source and control the volume from that therefore not having an extra remote control to worry about (as is the case with some other soundbars). I have my tv plugged into it via a 3. 5mm audio cable and still use my tv remote to control the enhanced audio. Now the slight down sides: there’s not many and it’s a perfectly decent speaker for the money but i have to say the sound quality is not the greatest, especially in the bass frequencies. It’s not room filling by any means but does sound clear. Also , if you have an audio jack lead plugged into the unit as an audio source it disables the bluetooth function.

I gave up trying to use it as a wireless speaker and instead i plugged into my h/phone socket at the back of my tv. The sound is ok but lacks depth particularly towards the bass end. I contacted the sellers regarding the problems i experienced with this product and they were worse than useless.

Blinding little portable bluetooth speaker that has a really impressive sound for what it cost in comparison to other speakers. Had it about a month now and only fault i can find (except the fact it doesn’t have a remote) is that the battery is not blinding and only lasts 3-4 hours. To be fair though this is reflected in the cost.

The first speaker turned out to be faulty. Seller promptly replaced the item without arguing, replacement is working fine. A good sound from an inexpensive speaker. Connected to my amazon echo to play my music.

I have a small 10w speaker bought on lidl for 12 pounds that plays louder. Its ok for a small room not for outdoor use.

Links up easily to other bluetooth devices and the retro look is appealing. Overall, it has the appearance of a more expensive speaker. The manual volume control at the side is convenient and a nice cosmetic addition too. Sound quality is good, and volume quite impressive. This speaker is versatile in that it could be used for playing music from your phone or tablet or even suitable if used as a sound bar for tvs in small to medium-sized rooms. At this under-£20 price bracket, you won’t be disappointed.

I purchased the speaker and the postage was super quick – i received it within 3 days of placing the order. It was well packaged and came with all neccessary cables and clear instructions. The soundbar itself is very sleek and aesthetically pleasing – it is well made and looks good, espcially considering the low priceone thing i really like it that is has the option of bluetooth connection (which is easy to set up) and a wired connection (via usb and aux). After i had plugged it in for the first time and played some music through it, i was instantly surprised by the crisp audio and powerful bass. For a relatively inexpensive speaker, the sound quality is superb. The volume knob on the side is very sensitive and the speaker is impressively loud – considerable louder than my current speakers (which were roughly the same price). Overall, a top quality speaker which is an absolute bargain. No complaints whatsover and i highly recommend it.

Excellent sound great value for money, looks nice and easy to set up.

Love this already and only had it 1 day. Thinking about buying another 1.

MIFA Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Amazing sound for such a tiny speaker

Great little speaker with surprisingly good sound output. Volume can be turned up really loud and bass is super deep without being overpowering. The entire speaker is warer/dust/oil proof and features a jack and slot to play music without wireless.

Good battery life, great little travel speaker. Not super loud but good value for money and a speaker this small.

My jbl packed up after 9 months and i ordered this on the spare of the moment & i’m absolutely amazed by the quality & sound it produces. Will definitely recommend to others.

Just as described, great little speaker. Excellent delivery, a day early.

Great little speaker, does all i expected plus more.

For little money this is a good travel speaker.

  • An absolute bargain.
  • Very good speaker with some annoying caveats.
  • Small, stylish, portable and functional

Very beautiful color, not very big so it very convenient to take with. The package is very good and the sound is great. It has tws and can link two speakers to get stereo sound.

Very good quality speakers which you can hear over vehicle noise and kitchen appliances. Fills the room with audio music very well plus the battery lasts for days if you use it for a couple of hours a day. For just under £20 i doubt there’s any better around.

Pretty good little travel speaker for it’s size, good volume. Sound quality isnt earth shattering, but for the price its all round a great buy in size, price, and utility.

This speaker is a real great piece of technology. Firstly, the sound output is very good. There is no other way of saying that, from a speaker of this size and this price, i can honestly say that i have not found a better deal. The best points about this speaker are the portability. It can literally be slotted into any bag, taken to any venue, sit comfortably on your desk at work and play chilled hits in your office. The convenience behind this speaker really is incredible. The speaker is also water resistant – for those of you not familiar with the lingo, ip56 means it will resist the rain but please don’t put it in the bath. However, if you enjoy camping as i do then this is sufficient enough protection to sit outside in the rain for a little while. Although i definitely recommend you do not submerge the product everthe battery takes 3 hours to charge which isn’t great, but you do get 15 hours of playtime which is more than many competitors on the market. So, overall this speaker is a real beauty.

An excellent product and very good value i have purchase two now.

Features of Mini Bluetooth Speaker, MIFA IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker with DSP Bass Sound, 15 H, TWS Speaker Wireless for iPhone, Samsung, HTC,etc

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  • Superior Loud Sound TWS Speaker: 5 W driver & Class-G amplifier boost 50% of maximum volume and enhanced bass. With TWS function, the small Bluetooth speaker can link to another A1 speaker to get high-quality DSP 3D stereo bass sound
  • IP56 Dust-proof & Water-proof Shower Speaker: Special woven fabric housing design; great looking while shockproof and water-proof speaker suit for shower room, pool side, boat, bath tub, playground, etc.
  • Super Mini Speaker: Mini and lightweight speaker for take-anywhere convenience; slips into a bag or a coat pocket easily; offers a strap to hang from a backpack, bike, wall, kayak; 3.3 × 1.8 × 3.4 in; 6.2 oz
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker: Easy to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled devices within 33 feet; auto reconnects to the last-used device; 3.5 mm AUX and Micro-SD capability offers more audio options; built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • Long Battery Life: Mini Bluetooth Speaker with 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery plays up to 15 hours at 70% volume on a full charge; recharge in just 3 hours with the included Micro USB cable

For the MIFA As a 10-year manufacturer of audio products, MIFA has established a worldwide offline distribution system. Our professional R&D team is always focusing on developing the most cutting edge audio technology. Meanwhile, the specialized sales team keeps providing premium customer experience.About A1 Speaker MIFA A1 Bluetooth Speaker is very robust and light, features avanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, stable connection, power-saving and easy use. With stylish fabric grill outlook and well fashion package box, the Bluetooth speaker is a ideal gift for your families and friends.

Compact sized but offers loud and clear sound for large rooms, small groups and gatherings

  • With TWS function, the small Bluetooth speaker can link to another A1 speaker to get 10 W high-quality DSP 3D stereo bass sound
  • Breakthrough vortex modeling design enhances the volume by 100% and increases the ductility by 50%, offers surprisingly Loud Volume
  • Distortion below 1% to restores real sound quality
  • Wide frequency response range (80 Hz — 18 KHz) gives you richer bass and high quality HD sound

Waterproof and Dustproof mini speaker for home and outdoor, enjoy music anywhere and anytime

  • IP56 waterproof speaker let you enjoy music at bathroom, poolside, beach, boat, deck or in rainy days
  • Fabric shell, TPU rubber housing and anti-slip silicone suckers on the base protects it from dust, sand, scratch, drop or knock
  • The built-in microphone enables you to answer calls hands-freely. It’s awesome when you need to bring more friends or colleagues into the conversation.
  • Only 6.2 oz, light and compact, you can put it in your bag, umbrella, pocket or jacket. Perfect for running, climbing, hiking, cycling, camping, swimming or kayaking

Multifuntional Wireless Speaker

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 work with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Note, Android Phone, Eho Dot, Bluetooth-enabled TV, Bluetooth-enabled PC or tablet
  • 3.5 mm Aux-in jack for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Support up to 32 GB Micro SD card, support APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3 format files
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free call

Specifications Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V4.2 + EDR Loudspeaker: 1.5 Inches Speaker Unit Frequency: 80 Hz — 18 KHz Output: 5 W THD=10% Input: 5 V / 1 A Battery: 1200 mAh lithium polymer Battery Battery Charge Time: 3 Hours Playtime: 10-15 Hours Size: 3.4 in x 3.3 in x 1.8 in Weight: 6.2 oz

Packing Content

  • 1 x Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 x Detachable Strap
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x 3.5 mm Audio Cable
  • 1 x Manual

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So loud and the bass is great.

Easy to use and good sound quality.

£14, lasts all day, works with everyone’s phones and has an amazing sound for such a small speaker. I needed a bluetooth speaker/hands-free conference for pop-up meetings and this is just perfect. I had it bouncing around on the table with bit of the old lfo :d the eight people who were at the meeting today have bought one themselves – i only had it out of the box an hour earlier.

Like thus speakers very much due to its small size factor and portability. Its very stylish with matt black fibre grills in the front. The installation is very simple like any other bluetooth speakers these days. I use it regularly in the office to talk to clients and find it very handy. The battery life is also very good. It lasts around four hours of continuous play. It comes with its own handle grips which is also black in colour. But i wish theyhad i cluded a carrying case.

The only negative aspect is that i have a sd card with tons of musics but i have to hear them alphabetically and i don’t know what i am going to hear next but that’s how the speaker works. Otherwise, great product and battery lasts long.

My daughter and son both had one for xmas 2018 and they are still going strong.

Superior Loud Sound TWS Speaker: 5 W driver & Class-G amplifier boost 50% of maximum volume and enhanced bass.

I bought it as a peasant for my teenage boy. It’s beneficial that it’s small size with a great sound. Really good product for the price.

Very good product, excellent sound up to 75% then begins to distort slightly. Sound appears to drop when on battery. Good build too and very light and portable. Battery life is good too, at 25% volume its lasted 18 hours with 50% battery left. My only complaints about this product is it auto turns off when charging / plugged in (which is fine if it’s not plugged in and not connected via bluetooth/ active cable), this is quite annoying for my setup/ usage for this as i am continually having to turn it back on. Also it wont connect via cable and bluetooth at the same time (unlike my old sony speaker from 20 years ago), making it difficult to switch between two devices (one audio cable, another via bluetooth), you have to pull out the cable each time to use bluetooth – again a little annoying and therefore it loses a few stars for these oversights. Sometimes doesn’t seem to seamlessly switch between two paired bluetooth devices when the one is disconnected. Also inexplicably, turns off while removing charging cable (even in use), unnecessary with the auto turn off feature already built in if not in use for x amount of time. Good all round speaker with a few oversights/ or lack of basic functionality.

Good quality for the price, but obviously won’t beat the more high-class ones.

Very happy with a speaker, the sound is very clear, and boxed really welli’m using the speaker for the last week and it’s superb for the pricehas not slipppery base well holds on the flat surface.

This little speaker packs a big punch and if you equalise it right, there is minimal sound distortion at high levels. The option to have it connected by either bluetooth or directly with a 3. 5 cable is awesome, meaning you can use anything with a 3. The bluetooth set up was quick, less than 30 seconds and i was listening to music. The waterproof rating of ipx6 meant i could happily use it in my shower with no problems. In short, this is a little speaker with lots of uses.

Bought for my hols did the job good sound.

IP56 Dust-proof & Water-proof Shower Speaker: Special woven fabric housing design; great looking while shockproof and water-proof speaker suit for shower room, pool side, boat, bath tub, playground, etc.

All i can say this is an amazing speaker for the money great sound great bass and you can run music off a micro as card if you need to , gone are the days where you need to spend hundreds on a speaker i bought this for under £20.

Well presented, securely packaged. Most importantly, the sound. Superb tones including a very decent base, very connectible. Super volume all in a beautiful design. I will probably buy at least one more as a gift. I bought it as a lightning deal at a very good price, but will possibly need to pay more, but well worth it.

This is a great little speaker. I needed something i could use when i was out in the park or in the shower haha. This does the job perfectly, the battery lasts forever and it can muster up some serious bass.

Super Mini Speaker: Mini and lightweight speaker for take-anywhere convenience; slips into a bag or a coat pocket easily; offers a strap to hang from a backpack, bike, wall, kayak; 3.3 × 1.8 × 3.4 in; 6.2 oz

Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker: Easy to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled devices within 33 feet; auto reconnects to the last-used device; 3.5 mm AUX and Micro-SD capability offers more audio options; built-in microphone for hands-free calls

Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker – Blue : Five Stars

The design is slightly angularised tube shape. It will sit quite happily on a table (and can actually stand vertically as well as lie flat), and is easy to pick up and handle. It has a rubberised cover which makes it easy to hold and has 3 nice large buttons on the top for connecting and adjusting the volume. 5mm aux connection in the back of it, and a micro-usb connection, if you want to physically connect up your phone/mp3 player. To connect via bluetooth, simply press the power button on the back (look for the power icon) and then press and hold the bluetooth connection button on the top for 3 seconds and search on your phone. You should see the logitech x300 show up in your optiosn and then simply click to connect. For sound quality, probably the most important thing in a speaker, the sounds seems to have plenty of bass (not too much or too little) and it seems to play quite clearly. I don’t think i heard any distortion on the selection of music i tried (everything from jazz to the latest royal blood album). It is nice and loud as well, easily filling a room.

This is the second mobile wireless bluetooth speaker i’ve owned. First of all, it’s a nice and small speaker which is slightly bigger than a hard case for a pair of glasses, so you can imagine how small it is and it can be put easily in a rucksack or a handbag. You can connect it with your smartphone or ipod etc either via bluetooth or the standard ‘jack to jack’ cable. There are a few other colours available, e. Pink, and black logitech x300 mobile wireless stereo speaker – black, so depending on who you’re buying it for, you could choose the right colour. But the most important thing for most of us will be the sound quality. My older mobile speaker had 6w stereo, but for this one i have no idea what wattage it is because it’s not written anywhere in the installation manual or in its product page in the internet. But it’s loud enough for a general, casual use in a room, but if you want to use it to dance in the park or something, probably it’s too much for this small speaker. Installation is incredibly easy – just switch it on and switch the bluetooth on on your smartphone, and as soon as the smart phone has found this device via bluetooth it’s ready to play. You can answer the phone by pressing the middle button too, and you can hear the caller’s voice via the speaker, so you can talk hands free. You can recharge the internal battery using a usb cable (provided) to a pc/mac. A main plug is not provided, so if you’d rather recharge it from the wall you’ll need to get the usb-compatible adapter. So, if you want to use it in the kitchen, for example, you can do so without using any cables and the battery lasts for several hours. You could also use it as a pc speaker, which i do, or maybe you could use it to amplify the tv sound to support the people who are hearing impaired by placing it in front of them with a longer jack-to-jack cable or if your tv is bluetooth compatible it’s much easier, so he/she doesn’t have to turn the tv volume so high.

Yeah, this classy little speaker’s grille is wrapped around the sides , which gives the unit a geometric quality, and it enables drivers to be placed at the sides , as well as the front, resulting in a surround sound effect. The logitech x300 certainly does pack a punch, producing clear, well balanced sound. It readily paired with my iphone, and will do so with most bluetooth devices. There’s also a line in socket if you haven’t got bluetooth. The speaker comes with a usb lead, which will fit laptops, pc’s , and any usb plug- you can use your iphone or kindle plug – if you don’t have one already, then usb plugs are available cheaply on amazon ( this goes for line in leads too). The speaker is light, yet robust, being made from good quality materials, and will fit into larger sized pockets, as well as shoulder bass. The speaker will play practically anywhere you go, and the controls are intuitively easy to fathom, like all good bluetooth speakers. People will comment on it’s good looks. Instructions are in the box, and there’s a support website address. No carry case, i’m afraid, which is unusual with such a stylish speaker, but it looks like a tough little fella.

Brillant sound with no vibration, good and solid.

  • Excellent – this is worth spending the extra for.
  • Chunky but worth buying
  • A great meeting hub

Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker – Blue

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Audio output channels: 1.0, Speaker type: 1-way. Connectivity technology: Wireless, Interface: Bluetooth/3.5 mm, Wireless technology: Bluetooth
  • Design: sound bar, Colour of product: Blue, Volume control: Digital.
  • Recommended usage: Mobile phone / Smartphone. Power source type: Battery, Battery type: Built-in, Battery life (max): 5 h

This is the second mobile wireless bluetooth speaker i’ve owned. First of all, it’s a nice and small speaker which is slightly bigger than a hard case for a pair of glasses, so you can imagine how small it is and it can be put easily in a rucksack or a handbag. You can connect it with your smartphone or ipod etc either via bluetooth or the standard ‘jack to jack’ cable. There are a few other colours available, e. Pink, and light blue logitech x300 mobile wireless stereo speaker – blue, so depending on who you’re buying it for, you could choose the right colour. But the most important thing for most of us will be the sound quality. My older mobile speaker had 6w stereo, but for this one i have no idea what wattage it is because it’s not written anywhere in the installation manual or in its product page in the internet. But it’s loud enough for a general, casual use in a room, but if you want to use it to dance in the park or something, probably it’s too much for this small speaker. Installation is incredibly easy – just switch it on and switch the bluetooth on on your smartphone, and as soon as the smart phone has found this device via bluetooth it’s ready to play. You can answer the phone by pressing the middle button too, and you can hear the caller’s voice via the speaker, so you can talk hands free. You can recharge the internal battery using a usb cable (provided) to a pc/mac. A main plug is not provided, so if you’d rather recharge it from the wall you’ll need to get the usb-compatible adapter. So, if you want to use it in the kitchen, for example, you can do so without using any cables and the battery lasts for several hours. You could also use it as a pc speaker, which i do, or maybe you could use it to amplify the tv sound to support the people who are hearing impaired by placing it in front of them with a longer jack-to-jack cable or if your tv is bluetooth compatible it’s much easier, so he/she doesn’t have to turn the tv volume so high.

Works well and has a reasonable bass response for its size, but tends to emphasize the middle so can sound a little muffled if you are fussy. But it’s an improvement on the already good ipad air2 sound, and auto-links to the ipad. The unit is quite weighty, which i suppose is to it gets its bass response, so you wouldn’t want to carry it around in your pocket. This chunky unit with its tough metal speaker grill should stand up to reasonable abuse.

Absolutely love these speakers. Very robust (doesn’t break). Highly recommend, great purchase that looks good and works well for a good price.

Very compact, light and therefore very portable bluetooth speaker, with good sound for its size and weight. For the price point it really delivers. Recommendedpros+ better than expected sound quality for the size and weight of this very portable speaker – no distortion+ set up is straightforward – holding down the button and power buttons simultaneously allows bluetooth connection, which worked straight away with my macbook, ipad and iphone+ keeps the connection well, which is a plus for bluetooth speakers+ well designed with angled design, which aids the all round sound, and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. It really looks and feels good to the touch+ rubberised plastic means that it is light+ can be used for phone calls with good sound quality+ 2 year guaranteecons- very basic, picture based instructions in the box – t.

As i have already reviewed a similarly priced and specified speaker (the highly regarded jabra solemate mini wireless bluetooth speaker – black ) i thought it would be useful to draw a direct comparison with this new model from logitech. Firstly let’s consider the looks, build and size. The logitech is marginally wider than the jabra with the speaker grill pitched slightly upward. Both are attractive; the jabra having a utilitarian cute brick-like quality whereas the logitech has what i consider a somewhat 60’s retro look (particularly in this teal/silver colourway). They are of similar weight (which is to say they both feel reassuringly robust, chunky and well screwed together). In terms of functionality the jabra has the edge. To begin with the jabra features nfc technology as well as bluetooth (the logitech features just bluetooth). That said i’ve never had cause to use the nfc facility (has nfc actually caught on?). The other main thing to note is that the jabra comes with an integral 3. 5 ml aux jack (stowed in the base of the speaker) which is very handy if you’ve no reason to run the speaker via bluetooth (there is an aux input on the logitech however – and buying a seperate cable won’t break the bank – but you have to store this separately).

Bought as a present – believed ok.

Really good sound & easy to operate.

Nice tone, charging light doesn’t work as instructions, but the unit does charge.

Very happy with it would recommend got mine for under £31.

Clear, balanced low mids and highs. I bought a kitsound at a similar price and this wipes the floor with it. It’s smaller than it looks in photos, and also better looking than i had thought. Solidly built with rubberised plastic. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. (i bought this speaker and have not been bribed, unlike many reviewers).

This bluetooth speaker is an excellent accessory for smart phones and tablets. Having used similar, much more expensive, products in the past i was keen to try out this speaker to see how it compared. My first impressions were good as the smart design and the materials used gave the speaker the appearance of a being a quality product. Next, its size makes it very portable, although it will not fit into a normal size pocket, and its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the normal bumps and bruises of being carried around. However, there is no carry case which would have been a nice touch. The shape of the speaker together with its rubberised body means that it is very stable on most surfaces – even on a cars parcel shelf and with both ends being flat you can even have the device stood upright on either one of its ends. The sound produced by this speaker is extremely good, the only area where i felt that it could possibly do with a little tweaking was in the bass range which was not quite as powerful as i would like (although this is purely subjective) the treble and mid-range were very clear and precise even at full volume. There is enough power to fill a standard sized room quite easily without having to have the speaker on full volume to do so. Set-up is very simple, although it pays to have some previous knowledge of such devices as the illustrations used to depict this procedure lack any precise directions and to some extent they are almost not worth looking at. For instance you will not find any information (either in the quick set-up guide or on the logitech website) about how to charge the battery or how long it will take or indeed how you can tell if it is fully charged.

This is a brilliant little device. The sound is excellent and blutooth connectivity to my iphone 5s is excellent too. No drop outs and it is still connected about 12 feet away . It’s solid and well made so easily portable in a rucksack. Too big and heavy to carry in a pocket comfortably tho. Ohhh, it gets excellent magazine reviews too.

Excellent sound quality and very portable.

Amazing sound from such a small device, its not a boom box but perfect for the bedroom or outdoors.

Great product with excellent sound quality and easy bluetooth connection (from iphone 4) at a very reasonable price.

This is the second mobile wireless bluetooth speaker i’ve owned. First of all, it’s a nice and small speaker which is slightly bigger than a hard case for a pair of glasses, so you can imagine how small it is and it can be put easily in a rucksack or a handbag. You can connect it with your smartphone or ipod etc either via bluetooth or the standard ‘jack to jack’ cable. There are a few other colours available, e. Black and light blue logitech x300 mobile wireless stereo speaker – black, so depending on who you’re buying it for, you could choose the right colour. But the most important thing for most of us will be the sound quality. My older mobile speaker had 6w stereo, but for this one i have no idea what wattage it is because it’s not written anywhere in the installation manual or in its product page in the internet. But it’s loud enough for a general, casual use in a room, but if you want to use it to dance in the park or something, probably it’s too much for this small speaker. Installation is incredibly easy – just switch it on and switch the bluetooth on on your smartphone, and as soon as the smart phone has found this device via bluetooth it’s ready to play. You can answer the phone by pressing the middle button too, and you can hear the caller’s voice via the speaker, so you can talk hands free. You can recharge the internal battery using a usb cable (provided) to a pc/mac. A main plug is not provided, so if you’d rather recharge it from the wall you’ll need to get the usb-compatible adapter. So, if you want to use it in the kitchen, for example, you can do so without using any cables and the battery lasts for several hours. You could also use it as a pc speaker, which i do, or maybe you could use it to amplify the tv sound to support the people who are hearing impaired by placing it in front of them with a longer jack-to-jack cable or if your tv is bluetooth compatible it’s much easier, so he/she doesn’t have to turn the tv volume so high.

Superb audio quality for it’s size. Does not distort at loud volumes and has surprising clarity. The bass is present, but understandable not insane because of it’s size.

Amazing sound quality from this device. Can move the bluetooth device quite a distance from it and still pick up a superb quality sound. Good price for the quality of sound. Base is superb for such a small device with no distortion.

Logitech Z533 – speaker sets, Excellent speakers. Replacing Bose

Be warned if you are purchasing in the uk, there are two variations of this product on amazon and amazon uk does not clearly show the difference in this case. As i bought this as a gift for someone, the eu plug only came to light when they opened the box and let me know. Not even the outside of the logitech box states it has an eu plug. As it has an eu plug and should not be used in the uk, as it does not have a switching power supply according to logitech specs and we run at higher voltage and this is dangerous even with an adaptor. Therefore, ensure you search z533 uk and look for the amazon sell link with z533 uk plug on it, as this is clearly an issue. Cannot fault amazon support as when he called me and i explained, he was happy to get the product picked up and refunded for me. So, once this is all completed, i shall buy again but ensure this time i use the uk plug link.

Does what it says on the tin nice bit of kit.

Sound incredible and a massive upgrade from my old z333s. Powerful bass to fill a room, sadly though i got unlucky and mine did break and would not turn on. But i’d still recommend as my friends are still going strong after a longer use. Incredible value as i got these used for £27.

Key specs for Logitech Z533 – speaker sets (Universal, 55 – 20000 Hz, Active, AC, 50/60 Hz, Wired):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 980-001054

Comments from buyers

, The speakers themselves are great, very good sound as expected from Logitech but
, Came with EU plug and not UK other than that Brilliant

This product came with a eu plug not what i expected as i ordered from www. Other than that everything is ok good quality sound and easy to change different volumes to what ever you need.

Loving it the bass is very powerfull and i like listening to music loud and this is perfect for it.

Would have been better if it was clearer that an european plug was needed.

Last set of logitech speakers lasted ten years. And that was with moving house, being up-rooted for lan parties and travels, and being taken to the building site for work. These new ones are really, really good. Only complaint is that i don’t like the little volume/interface box, as i hvae a feeling that’ll be the bit that’s gonna get broken. But the sound is awesome and they look really cool. Big up the speaker assembly machine overseers.

The speakers themselves are great, very good sound as expected from logitech but the volume controller is a nightmare. The bass controller is a little handle under the main controller and if you want to ajust you have to hold the whole thing with two hands or if you’re not good enough with one hand and you were to turn bass up you might scare the hack out of yourself cause volume will go too.

I have been a professional classical musical for nearly, sorry just over 40 years. The fabulous sound generated by these multimedia speakers are quite incredible.

Tibo Choros 6 |Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker | Multi Room Hi-Fi Speaker – Chiros 2 speakers – amazeballs !!

I have 2 of these speakers in different parts of the house, and the multi-room works so seamlessly with the app on my iphone that i can turn music on in the living room and scare the wits out of my girlfriend in the bedroom with my questionable taste in music. The speakers are also nice and loud with perfect quality sound, and the fit and finish is far superior to any of the plastic speakers on the market. I would recommend this brand and this speaker.

Great sound, great design, brilliant app, super-fast delivery, great price.

Bought as a pair for stereo. Good app to set up and control the units – almost intuitive. Sound is excellent and fills my living room. I am not a hi-fi expert so can’t really comment on sound quality but seems pretty good.

Was not what i required, had to return.

Wifi isn;t dual band and is a bit unreliable unless you have excellent coverage in the home which i don;t. Had a problem with unresponsive buttons which, in fact , was due to a plug problem, now resolved. Sound quality good but be wary of need for good wifi connectivity if used for multi-room streaming, alexa function not really useful, isn’t as intuitive as an amazon device.

Small speaker able to stream music over wi-fi or bluetooth. Plays my music from nas drive. Picks up and stores radio stations.

  • Tibo Choros 6 Quality Speaker with Amazing Sound
  • Alexa
  • Great piece of kit!

No matter you need to press the mic to ask alexa, i find this speaker better than echo dot. As you can see my name, i speak with accent and alexa can’t understand me when i ask for a radio station. So, these 5 buttons for preset stations are must for me.

I bought this speaker after reading other peoples reviews and watching tutorials on youtube and i am so glad i decided to go with a tibo product as the sound and quality of these speakers is amazing and they are no light weight when it comes to producing crystal clear sound and offering you a simple and easy to use app to control and play music from your music share (nas) or the music streaming services such as spotify, tidal, or napster etc. I have also setup my local radio stations on the 5 presets which was so easy to do via the app. Overall i am very impressed with the speakers quality / build and the sound quality this speaker can produce. If anyone is looking for a great wireless speaker you don’t have to look far as these tibo speakers are fantastic hi-fi speakers and i am sure you won’t be disappointed with the quality and sound from these speakers.

Love this product does exactly what it says on the tin. I was a bit stupid at first and didn’t find the button at the back of the unit to sync but once that was found it was a piece of cake.Sound is lovely from such a small unit, i like the idea of having to tap as the stories of alexa sending parcels to people scared me. All in all a lovely product highly recommended x.

Have just purchased this as a internet radio perfect for listening to my radio station from america. I was pleasantly surprised it can do so much more. It will multi-room, do bluetooth has line input and even has alexa built in. Unbelievable value for the money, you would expect the sound would be awful with all these features and at this price, but this is not true it has an amazing sound.

We bought these at the same time as our new record deck, having not had one for over twenty years, it was amazing listening to all my old records again. Also listening to spotify with more than one speaker is breathtaking well worth purchasing very reasonable price.

Features of TIBO Choros 6 |Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker | Multi Room Hi-Fi Speaker with Internet Radio | Grey

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  • Multi Room Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker | 80W
  • Inputs: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) | Bluetooth 4.0 | Line In 3.5mm Mini Jack
  • 5 Direct pre-sets for Internet Radio or Spotify Playlists
  • Playback music from Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more
  • You can stream one piece of music to any TIBO Smart Audio product and stream different music to another or you can play the same source across the whole home all within the TIBO app

From the manufacturer

tibo choros tap

choros tap

tibo logo


TIBO Limited was founded back in 2010 in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

TIBO’s Smart Audio range takes listening to a whole new level. Beneath the beautifully crafted surface of each individual product lies cutting edge, innovative technology that delivers music wherever, whenever its wanted.

TIBO Choros Tap

Combining Alexa voice control with Tibo’s flexible multi-streaming, multi-room functions

As part of your smart home system, Alexa works with systems such as Nest, Hive and Philips Hue, giving you voice control of your lighting and heating systems. Ask Alexa to switch the lights on before you get out of bed or reduce the temperature once you’re in – a simple voice command does it all!

  • Amazon Alexa built in
  • Inputs: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) | Bluetooth 4.0 | Line In 3.5mm Mini Jack | LAN
  • 5 Direct pre-sets for Internet Radio or Spotify Playlists
  • Playback music from Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more


choros tap

multi room

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Line In inputs

With a choice of streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi plus the addition of a 3.5mm analogue input, the Choros Tap truly can play it all. Connect up your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your stored music or streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer – wherever you are.

Internet radio with five presets

Connect up to your home network by Wi-Fi and you open up a huge range of music options. Thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world are available and all easy to access via the smartphone app.

Link ’em up

The Choros Tap is just one of Tibo’s new range of speakers that can be linked to form a multi-room system. By ‘bouncing’ sound over a distance of up to 10m, you can link up to 16 compatible Tibo products for music all around your home. Two speakers can also be paired for stereo sound.

tibo app


range choros

Control it all with the TIBO app

Tibo’s free app doesn’t just control the speaker’s basic functions it also lets you stream separate audio to different (compatible) Tibo devices. This means that Spotify might be streaming to the speaker in your bedroom while Tidal is streaming to the kitchen speaker.

Tap to talk – featuring Amazon Alexa for voice control

Already established as one of the leading voice recognition systems, Amazon’s Alexa has proved highly successful in the Echo and Echo Dot speakers. Simply tap the Tibo’s response ‘button’ and request what you’d like to listen to and from which service. This could be as general as, “Alexa, play indie from the 90s.” To something more specific, such as, “Alexa, Play Despacito from Spotify.”

Choros Range

Choros range includes 5 products. Choros Tap, Choros 2, Choros 4, Choros 6, Choros Porta with 8 hour playback time.

tap tap choros4 choros 6 choros porta
Choros Tap Choros 2 Choros 4 Choros 6 Choros Porta
Power 30W 30W 40W 80W 25W
Amazon Alexa Built-in x x x x
Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
Line In 3.5mm Mini Jack
5 Direct pre-sets for Internet Radio
Battery In-built x x x x 8 hour playback time
Size W x D x H (mm) 115 x 115 x 165 115 x 115 x 165 140 x 140 x 225 200 x 200 x 280 91 x 91 x 210
Weight (kg) 1.2 1.2 1.9 3.5 1.1

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I have two tibo speakers and have been very impressed with the quality of the sound but what makes them truly impressive is the wifi and bluetooth as i can have my music arrund the house with these speakers being wireless.

2nd tibo choros tap we have bought, 1st really such good value we went back to superfi for a second one, treated realy well in there nottingham shop.

Great product – have 3 nowwaiting for them to come on offer to buy a further2choros 4 or 6 want to add to the set upgreat sound and group mode is seamless.

Multi Room Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker | 80W

Inputs: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) | Bluetooth 4.0 | Line In 3.5mm Mini Jack

5 Direct pre-sets for Internet Radio or Spotify Playlists

Playback music from Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more

TECEVO S10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handsfree – Brilliant!

Quiet loud which is great, comes in handy.

Excellent nice little speaker powerful easy to set up pleased with purchase speedy delivery.

Have purchased about 50 of these for friends and family and everytime someone sees it they want one. The crowning glory with this is that it holds a sd tf smart card, i use the 8 gb one that holds about 2,000 tracks.

This is a nice little speaker. I got it because it has a slot for internal micro-sd memory, which many of these devices do not. So it works almost like a portable ipod shuffle with a speaker on it.

Great little speaker good sound and easy to use. Not used blue tooth yet but as runs phone down too quick but mains great.

What a great little speaker. It’s small and compact but packs a punch. I use it to listen to the music i have on my kindle, connects no problem using the bluetooth.

  • Excellent
  • Be careful and double check when you first to receive item

Bought two of these for my kids christmas and i must say they are excellent good quality a fair weight and loud they connected to my kids gadgets easily and are very portable well worth the money.

I bought this for my sister as she had heard my one and loved it so much. She wanted a device that would be handy to use in her garden as taking the stereo out there was too much work. She loves being able to choose the songs that she wants to play, as i am. I love the bass that comes from it, depending on the surfaces that it is placed on and it is light and easy to move. Stores away brilliantly and the volume is brilliant for what is was bought for. I was told a date that it would arrive by and to be honest i was delighted when it came way before that date. It is easy to set up and the length of battery time is excellent. The battery also charges really fast and that is good for me. Would i recommend it to anyone else – yes i would.

Had this speaker now for two years, so far it has connected to all my phones and tablets, holds charge very well and had a good and clear sound.

Having recently bought two of the bitmore e-storm speakers, which are similar (see my review), my wife wanted one as well. The special offer for the e-storm had expired and i saw this here on amazon at a good price so ordered it. It charged up quickly and connected to bluetooth perfectly. The sound was excellent, but not as good as the e-storm, but then the price differential is something to take into account. If you get the e-storm for £20 like i did, there’s no contest, but at the rrp the s10 is great value. The micro sd mode also worked perfectly, an advantage being that you can use up to 32gb whereas the e-storm only takes up to 8gb. It is well made and chunky, with a rubberised coating on the metal body. The packaging, presentation and supplied accessories are not as good as the bitmore but are adequate. My charging lead failed after two weeks, and amazon refunded me for this. One small niggle is that the aux input is by mini usb with a special lead.

But the first speaker i got was not having sd card port. So had to be replaced with the other one. Overall happy with the quality of speaker. Battery is good, it lasts quite long.

Features of TECEVO S10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handsfree, Built in TF Card (MicroSD) Reader, AUX In Port, 3W RMS Vibration Mini Stereo Speaker With Deep Bass

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Play music from Bluetooth devices including Mobile Phones, Ipad and Android Tablets, MP3 Players, PC or MAC laptops
  • Supports TF card (MicroSD card) for playback from built-in MP3 player
  • Support HSF(bluetooth handsfree) profile, music will automatically stop when phone call coming in
  • Built-in 3W RMS ‘i-Bass’ speaker, produce superb sound quality with deep bass
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-Polyester battery for up to up to 5 hours music time

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Excellent little speaker with so much power. Recommended it to a friend who purchased one too.

I needed support from friends to get if functioning. I am pleased with the outcome.

Nothing to dislike, and everything to like about this powerful little speaker. I used it during my recent holiday to play music in my hotel room, both usingbluetooth on my phone and plugging my i-pod into it. A top product beautifully portable and small enough to pack intomy travel bag.

I have recommended this to every one. This is great with good baseline for rnb, reggae etc i hook it up to my ipad mini when staying in hotels , i even hooked it up on my holiday in egypt, around the pool. * of my friends have this now after seeing and hearing mine in action.

I bought one now everyone in my circle wants one, that’s how good it really is. Works well on a table top in a small to medium sized room.

After reading some reviews about people hearing a low hiss or hum at low volume i was sceptical. But after having it for a few days now there is no hiss or hum, sound great just loud enough to fill roomconnected to my galaxy 3 wife’s i phone and to my laptop which i have to use a bluetooth dongleall sound good.

Play music from Bluetooth devices including Mobile Phones, Ipad and Android Tablets, MP3 Players, PC or MAC laptops

Am very pleased with this item does what it says very compact.

Great to play background sounds on a loop from sd card without much hassle.

This is my first mini speaker so i can’t compare it to others but i am shocked by the sound this thing produces. When you have it at full volume it confuses your senses a bit because the sound produced does not match the sizethe sound is not perfect. . Lows are quite muted, mids are slightly crushed, but it handles highs quite well. But you do not purchase these speakers for their acoustic fidelityas a small speaker for use on holiday or travelling it is amazing.It’s half the price of similar speakers and i’m guessing pretty much the same speakeri can definitely recommend this product 😉.

Great little speak, very impressive base from such a small unit. Very easy to use and setup, overall feel of the speaker is solid.

Great product, connects effortlessly and the micro sd card slot is a great bonus. Highly recommended and also works as a conference unit with my s3.

Looked for ages for something my oh would consider good enough quality, we have a bose soundlink but i didn’t want that out and about with him all day so bought something cheaper he could chuck in his bag and use wherever he liked (or lose) great sound and volume. I’m just testing it while he’s out so haven’t discovered if he thinks the same yet, but honestly for the money i think its amazing. And so well built, solid and feels really good quality. Highly recommend, especially at this price.

Supports TF card (MicroSD card) for playback from built-in MP3 player

Excellent purchase does what i want, instant bluetooth connection and charge lasts for hours.

Bought this and was so impressed i bought one for my niece who is very much into her music and listens to so much of it on her mobile through her earphones. She will be able to share what she’s listening to. . But that was until my friend called by and he was so impressed too, he bought the one from me that i’d bought for my niece. . So i’ve had to order yet another one.The quality of sound from such a small device is superb. Very easy instructions and set up, and delivery was spot on. Would recommend to anyone for instant on the go music for sharing. Camping, picnics, hotel stays. The best little gadget i’ve bought in a long time.

Bargain – yes it’s not hifi but for such a small package it punches great sound. Bluetooth connection took seconds. It has a quality feel about it (apart from the connection leads which felt flimsy).

It’s very good just what i wanted.

My 16 year old has it connected to her iphone 5 and we are very impressed with the range and sound quality. I would recommend this nice little gadget.

With a built in tf card slot this is a great product,good sound,good battery life,and looks great in my conservatory .

Other reviewers say that it ‘hums’ on low volume. It does but doesn’t distract from my useage. It took a little while to adjudsting the volume without changing the mpb track, a pesky little switch.Overall an excellent piece of kit.

Support HSF(bluetooth handsfree) profile, music will automatically stop when phone call coming in

Firstly you can only use upto 8gb micro sd card on this speaker. But 8gb is more than enough to fit quite a lot of music othere are no downsides for this product, i really love it and will be taking it on holiday this year as it is small and compact. Buy with confidence, you won’t be dis-appointed.

And believe me i’m fussy about my audio, good base and crystal clear. It paired up easily, after telling my iphone to connect to it in settings. Bought this for the garden mainly 🙂 highly recommended.

Everything i have bought is of good quality, but this little speaker is better than expected, good soundsall round.

Bought this because my laptop has terrible speakers and am often in a training room where we can’t hook up to the projector. Despite good reviews, i don’t find this the best speaker in the world. Perhaps it’s a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Fairly heavy, ok sound, but not great i would say, even in a room. Will probably invest in a more expensive model later on.

Love this speaker the sound is great and is ideal for my holidays. I just have a question to ask. What plug will i buy so i can charge this up without a laptop when i am on holiday x.

I was really impressed with this blue tooth speaker, it works well with my i pad , great bass sound and easy to use. I was so impressed i bought one as a present and they were impressed too. I recommend it to all my friends.

Built-in 3W RMS ‘i-Bass’ speaker, produce superb sound quality with deep bass

Great sound and works fine with sd card but the charge port broke after 12 months so bought another one and that charge port broke. Then i bought the t7 and was really impressed as had a usb and the charge port had been upgraded however the charge port broke again also got a t7 for a friend and his charge port broke. Ashame cuz really good product just don’t last very long.

Below was my initial review in mid-july, all was going well:***a bit of background:a group of us were in the lake district for a week and we had no speakers for music, i’d heard from a friend of mine that the ‘tecevo s10’ is a must-buy, ‘so loud and only £12’, i was interested. So i bought it on a tuesday, it came on the wednesday. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have been using it constantly. Here’s what i think:sound quality – great range, with more bass coming into play depending on what surface you put it on. The surface makes a big difference, if you find the right one, the sound is unbelievable. I recommend the edge of a big table as a good spot. It has unbelievably clear sound, no crackling or anything. Battery – i’m guessing 8 hours continuous playback.

Arrived today and must say for the price paid of £14. 99 it is a great little speaker that packs plenty of punch. Connection via bluetooth to iphone and android was painless and easy. Popped in a micro sd card loaded with mp3 tunes and was listening to them within seconds. In summary;pro’s- solid build- easy setup- great sound when placed on a large surface [table top, large cupboard. – included sd card slot a bonuscon’s- mini usb port is used for charging and aux in, therefore you need to carry the lead around. ]

I tried out the jam storm in currys and was very impressed but did not want to pay the £99 price tag. (they sell for £70’ish online). So i went online to look for a less expensive alternative. I came across the tecevo s10 which harnesses the same simple principle to extract more bass from such a small unit. There is a tacky (sticky, not cheap) rubber base to the unit. This helps to give it a good (temporary) bond to any flat surface. As a result it uses that surface to give you more base sound. And it works – incredible well for such a tiny unit (about the height of an eggcup and slightly bigger circumference). I am amazed at the output from something so small. If you are looking for a portable device on the go and don’t want to fork out on the more expensive offerings, then i would highly recommend this device.

*** ok i’m upgrading it to 3 * because the product does have a premium feel to it. None the less please read my review below thanks. I’ve ordered about 4 of these items. The first time i ordered this it had the same problem as described by other people who have reviewed this item namely the buzzing sound on low volume when connected to the phone or laptop via bluetooth obviously i don’t want a speaker that i’ve paid good money for to make a buzzing sound because it defeats the purpose of having a brand new itemthe customer service is very good and very reassured me that this is a phone so i returned the items and ordered 3 morei didn’t want to wait long and take the chance of receiving a nother faulty itemit’s a good thing i ordered 3 because 2 of them turned out to be faulty and the third one was working fine so i returned to the other two just be careful when you’re ordering and double check that it’s not faulty. 7/10heavy and solid build good quality 10/10negativeno 3. 5mm jack port to attach ear phones.

A friend showed me their similar device. So i hunted on amazon and found several. I checked the reviews first and this one does sound great, just like the reviewers said. It benefits by not having the loud announcement when you switch on the bluetooth that similar devices have (my friend’s version suffered from that announcement and it is annoying). Pairing the device for the first time took quite a while, but once it was done it reconnected easily. It has a microsd card slot, but no standard usb slot. Also the mini-jack aux connection is combined with the mini-usb recharging cable. In terms of sound quality, its fantastic for a device that costs £15. Volume level will depend on the original recording you are playing. The dynamic range will also depend on the recording.

However, it was returned and refunded without quibble.

ICE-BINGO Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Radio, excellent love it

The quality is good, desgin is good, bit i was shocked about the clock every week increase by two minutes and that’s waste of my money.

Excellent alarm clock and fantastic sound.

Got as a present and was very happy with as it has a great sound.

Comments from buyers

“Great Sound, Functionality and Value for your money
, I like !
, amazing product

Good sound from this lower end of the market bluetooth speaker, love the clock function and the battery life between charges is pretty good.

 this is such a fantastic bed side table bluetooth and fm radio alarm clocki’ll start out by saying that it is packaged perfectly, when it arrived, you can tell it is such high quality. When i opened the package, i was amazed at how big the screen is on the front and how bright it is. (which can be turned down for night time sleeping. So no worries there)the amount of functions this alarm clock has, is incredible.It worked straight out of the box, the instructions were easy to follow in setting up the time, date and connection to bluetooth/fm radio. It even tells you the temperature outsideit has a back up battery, incase you have a power cut in the night – you don’t have to fear being late for work in the morning as the alarm clock will still work. Everything is easily labeled and its so simple to set up. You even get the charging usb cable and a aux cable incase you want to plug anything into speakerthe quality of the audio is mind blowing. It sounds incredible so i not only use this as an alarm, but it is now my go to for playing music in my room. As you can hear from the video i’ve attached, the bluetooth and the fm radio are crystal clear.

Better quality than i expected, great value for money.

I’ve just received this today and the sound is really good. I’m still trying to work out how to play through sd card or the usb. At the moment i cannot see how to play music through these inputs and this is primarily what i bought if for. I will give more stars if i work it out. I had to re-format my sd card into fat32. They only negatives i have found is that you cannot skip folders, only tracks and it doesn’t seem have a shuffle feature. You can use the aux input and plug in your mobile/ipod to cover this issue. Other than that it’s excellent.

Has stopped working after about 3 months. Was good product nice and big, clear, sound could be a bit better.

I have to say its brilliant,great features which all work,good solid build quality but it was the sound & volume quality i was most surprised by,absolutely superb for a speaker so small,no problems linking it to windows laptop or iphone. Overall a great addition for your home or workplace,highly recommended. Works as clock, speaker, shows temperature,.

I bought it for my grandmother because she wanted a radio for her kitchen and a clock so this radio is perfect for her because have big numbers so she is very happy with that because she can see the time easily. Anyway when i go to her house i like to listen music so with this radio i can, with the fm radio, bluetooth, sd card, pendrive. And to be honest the sound quality is very good.

This is no instructions with this so trying to work out how to set time and date.

Delighted with this item look’s good the sound is good better then expected i like the big numbers it has a temperature gage which is great. I well be buying another soon.

Returned radio as it was not what we wanted.

This is one of the most advanced alarm clocks i have ever usedit’s got an old fashioned lcd display which displays time, date, temperature, battery life and bluetooth connectivitythere are also 3 brightness modes for the screen. It also has fm radio and bluetooth. And works very well as a portable bluetooth speaker as it has a built in battery unlike many other alarm clocks. The speakers are very loud and have a decent amount of bass if you’re a hip hop lover. There are also ports for a micro sd card and an auxiliary cable if you want to plug your music straight in or play music off a memory card. It even has a call function for you to use it as a loud speaker.

Cool design; good sound; useful device.

 i purchased the bt speaker mainly for our bedroom and usually i also would rate it 5-star but there are some minor things where i think it could improve, which i also talk about in the video below, which contains a full unboxing and demo of the speaker. I like a lot the various methods to play music such as sd card, usb, bluetooth, aux or just play fm radio which is really convenient and the additional alarm clock feature makes it of course perfect for the bedroom, at least for mine :)the sound quality is for the price of the speaker excellent, i had far more expensive speakers with equal or worse sound quality and it also gets decently loud and plays quite a long time just on battery, so you can take it out for couple hours without any problem. I do think though there some things they could be improved such as the absolute not fitting pink usb cable in the box, the lines on top where the top plate connects with the side parts of the speaker could easily avoided with a better case design, but doesn’t bother me too much. You also need to be aware that the front is an absolute fingerprint magnet and if you have kids like me, that gets very fast very full with finger prints, it does benefit the look thoughof course it does not have features like dab radio, but on the other hand, it would make the speaker then also more expensive, so i am totally fine with that as i did also not look for a dab capable speaker. Pro’s- many ways to play music- unique colors- good design- very good sound quality ( of course compared to the price )- decent battery life- good packaging- huge display and surprisingly easy to read- very easy to use and pair via bt- autoplay as soon you connect usb/sd cardcon’s- pink usb cable ( really?. :d ) although its a nice pink- case should have on top no connection lines- no dab if you looking into that- front is a fingerprint magnet.

Superb sound quality, battery also has good longevity. Looks great with varying brightness of display. Only downside is instructions are limited, took me a long time to work out myself how to use radio and alarm.

ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker – Great piece of kit

Excellent sound for a small sound bar. Like the three different sound equalisations. The best sound is the pseudo surround sound and suits most music styles. The extra bass setting is fine if listening at low levels but adds too much bass at high volume. The extra treble setting is probably best if you listen to spoken voice like audio books.

Excellent sound quality and very easy set up.

I continue to be surprised at the quality of sound from this speaker. I’d seen the reviews on youtube but was very sceptical of the reported quality given the price, but i needn’t have worried. Had the speaker for just over two weeks now and use both in the home and away as well. Here are the specifications for the ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This speaker has two full-range speakers and Maxx-audio digital audio processor (DSP), with an output power of 20 watts, can be low, medium, and high frequency processing and promotion. Besides effects 3D sound field processing technology, there you got pop (POP) Sound and theater three kinds of sound mode to choose .
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology: Enjoy clear,energetic sound with impressive volume,powered by 2 x 10W stereo drivers with remarkable frequency response, excellent bass is delivered by dual passive subwoofers.
  • The speaker is not only compatible with long-life battery( Built-in Li-Ion 4400mAh rechargeable battery), but also supports multi-format music. The speaker supports TF cards and it can recognize MP3 / WMA / WAV / APE / FLAC music files from micro SD card, 5mm AUX audio socket and built-in lithium battery with 4400 mAh.
  • NFC smart pairing: If your devices support NFC function,you just need a gentle touch to the speaker that can achieve NFC pairing, one touch: connected, second touch: disconnected, very convenient.
  • Broad compatibility: Work with iPhone 7 / 7plus, iPad, iPod, Samsung S7 / S6, Kindle, Smartphones, Tablets, PC, MP3 player, Smart TV,Support AUX line-out music play mode,play music via connecting it.

The amount of bass this little speaker creates is unreal. More than my £100 jbl charge ii. I love the three sound settings. The build quality is excellent, too. My only gripe: when you switch the unit on the voice announcing the mode is too loud in a quiet surrounding. I further regret that the tf/sd mode doesn’t offer a shuffle function. If a playlist always starts with the same song and order, it somewhat takes away from the experience. Unfortunately, most other speakers with tf/sd are missing a shuffle function, too. Of course, most people will just use this as a speaker, with all the functionality coming from their mp3 player. This product could be developed into something really special with just a few tweaks.

Very loud and good choice of sound types. Touch buttons are a bit sensitive as pressing for too long on the volume button skips a track. It also cuts sound while it switches between sound types. The woman’s voice is quite loud and annoying while it’s searching for bluetooth. Overall, it’s a good speaker and quite powerful. Gold looks quite stylish but black would have been equally nice. It comes with a usb cable to directly power it or charge the in-built battery. It also has an audio jack for connection if you don’t want to use bluetooth at any point.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Bass is in a Class of its Own
  • Overall recommended.
  • Works perfectly. I continue to be surprised at the

Bought this for my daughters tv. Plugged it in & the sound is amazing. Fantastic value for the price.

KitSound Slam 2 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Universal Portable Water Resistant – – One-stop instant party

It is worth the money i paid and i would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Buy this now absolutely amazing quality sound and am not easily pleased.

I bought this speaker for my brother as a birthday present because he kept stealing mine. I wasn’t expecting it to be as powerful as it was. We had it on in the garden during his party, it was more than loud enough, and has bluetooth so him and his mates took it in turns to play their tunes. It even started to rain at one point, and then i remembered that it is splashproof. So a little rain didn’t dampen the party too much and the music kept on playing, it didn’t distort the sound at all. The battery life is great and lasted for the whole party too, so overall, this speaker is amazing. I hugely recommend it, it looks nice and streamlined, fits in any room and livens up any event. The sound quality is stunning, and i’m super impressed. Here are the specifications for the KitSound Slam 2 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Universal Portable Water Resistant –:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 20 W RMS output with passive bass radiator
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) automatically optimises equaliser (EQ) for sound
  • Wireless connectivity for streaming music
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for 10 hours playtime
  • IPX5 water-resistant for outdoor use

This is very well-built of solid plastic, with a thick speaker grill. The speakers are amazing quality for the price, and compare very favourably with the equivalent beats speaker, which would cost at least twice as much. The bass is punchy even at low volume and very crisp – if you’re using spotify or similar, set the graphic to flat for the best results. The sound quality is good through all volume levels. It’s very easy to pair, but there isn’t a pin (one of the few useful pieces of information in the manual)the carry handle is really impressive, with a soft but firm rubber grip which rotates, so when being carried it can sway without hurting your wrist. As this is a heavy speaker, this is a really useful feature. The lights are a good feature with several modes, but not bright enough to light a room, which to be fair i didn’t expect anyhow. There are a few minor drawbacks, though they don’t dent my overall opinion:-the strobe light isn’t very bright, and for some reason turns itself off after 10/15 seconds of use, returning to the speaker leds only-the power wire hasn’t got a home in the rear of the unit, which would be a helpful addition-a remote control wouldn’t have gone amiss – an odd omission for a speaker like this-the manual is pathetic (but so many manuals are). All i could find via a quick search online was exactly the same document from a third party, viewable for free but downloadable only via their own pdf download tool. I was running it off the mains, so i can’t comment on battery life.

I am a total sucker for bluetooth speakers and have an embarrassingly large collection that i use all the time. Almost without exception these are battery powered, so it was with some reservation that i got this kitsound speaker, as it is not battery powered, it can only be used with mains electricity. But i am really happy that i’ve got it because the big advantage of mains power in this case is that it really packs a thump low down, so much so that in some cases i feel the need to fiddle around with a graphic equalizer on my phone to keep things under control. The big surprise, given the very reasonable cost, is that the sound that the slam xl produces is really pleasant and accurate. Aside from the big servings of low bass i can’t fault it for any genre of music, even classical. And with 2 x 50 watts rms it is realistic to think you could use it to fill a room with sound at a party. Because it’s a pair of stereo speakers in a single enclosure, nicely separated, you get a pleasant stereo sound, which is something i struggle with when using my battery powered bluetooth speakers – the pairing process for my ue booms for example can be quite exasperating. Being a grown up, the light display on the slam xl isn’t the main attraction for me – it’s nice that it has two main modes, party and chill, and the chilled mode gives you pleasant slowly pulsing coloured lights that you have some control over with the colour button. The party mode isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s harmless. What isn’t harmless, and i don’t understand at all is the strobe feature that comes from two bright lights on the front of the speaker and is just there to see if you are susceptible to epileptic seizures.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A Party Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System With A Fabulous Sound
  • In love with this speaker
  • Great Bluetooth speaker

This is a decent sized and powerful speaker, a little plasticky but not worryingly so. It has a sturdy rubber handle at the back to make it easy to move around. It paired up nice and easily to my smartphone (samsung) and i was immediately impressed by how loud this thing can pump music out but also it’s a nice balanced sound, fairly responsive bass but without being boomy and clean and crisp without being shrill. There’s lots of fun lights which are a nice touch and very fitting with this being a powerful party style speaker. The strobe on there is good fun as well for when it gets dark and you want to really get your rave on. Everything is controlled via fun and nicely illustrated buttons on the top. The speaker is powered by what i refer to as a figure of 8 cable, a standard old school power lead that is much better than your cheap usb style plug which often can end up getting worn away at the socket. There’s the usual aux input which you would expect on this kind of speaker and even a 3. 5mm lead for it which is unexpected and a nice touch.

This slam xl isn’t my first bluetooth speaker from kitsound, i’ve got an old boomdock too and i always thought it was one of the best value wireless speakers ever and this slam xl continues that tradition. It’s a big beast, compared to many bluetooth speakers, but isn’t particularly heavy and has a handy built-in carry-handle – the silicone cover of which rotates when you pick it up which is a bit annoying but a minor gripe. With a big sound and inbuilt light-show it’s a mains-only device so mainly meant for indoor partying and you connect your music source using either bluetooth or a line-in jack on the rear panel. There’s a usb port there too but it’s only for firmware updates and similar and cannot make use of usb drives, which is a shame. The sound is big and bass-driven, just as you’d hope, and if you feed it on a diet of edm it sounds fantastic and easily fills the room with a full thumping sound. It sounds like it’s been very specifically acoustically tuned for electronic dance music with big but musical bass notes and a great vocal presence. It’s great with other types of music too but it’s pretty clear what the designers had in mind when they put it together. If i’m nitpicking i’d say that the treble response is a bit ‘sparkly’ and indistinct but this isn’t a speaker meant for detail and a neutral sound, it’s meant to rattle the windows and it does that admirably and without distortion, even at very high volume. The inbuilt light-show is fun and adds some atmosphere but the coloured leds aren’t bright enough to light up your room, they just make the speaker a lot more interesting to look at. There are a pair of optional strobing white led’s which are (just) bright enough to light a dark room and these run through a short sequence before switching back to the coloured led’s.

Great bluetooth speaker, well made and sturdy. Only problem is the control buttons on the top are the some colour as the rubber body so it hard to see which control is which.

Exceeding my expectation, the sound quality is just superb, the sound quality is nearly as good as my amazon echo but portable and comes in at less than half of the price tag. Design is very sleek and appears to be very well engineered. Aside from its fine sound quality, another main feature of this product for me is the simple set up/ease of use. Minimum knowledge of technology is required to operate this fine machine. The connection is very stable and have not experienced any drop in connection so far. After over 15 hours playing time, it is still going very strong. This long battery life will make this little monster real handy for parties especially for bbq party as it is wireless and cable-less and go out on a picnic etc. This little device is great for streaming music and helped me to realise full value of the amazon music that i recently bought. Been using it everyday ever since i had it, been using it for reading,out in the garden doing bit of gardening and washing my bike etc. All in all, i am delighted with this product and i believe it is definitely one of the best in the market for this price range.

Most impressive sturdy speakers for fraction of the price. I am very happy with this purchase. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

This speaker is very easy to operate. Hold down the on/off button for three seconds to turn it on, then it will automatically search for a compatible bluetooth device. A square in the centre of the speaker gently pulses with purple light. These effects are not intrusive in any way and are preferable to the strobe lighting. There is no way to adjust the sound on the speaker, but i don’t think it needs it. There is just enough treble and bass. I was seriously considering buying a soundbar for my smart television but then i found this. After pairing, the volume from the speaker can be controlled by the tv remote or buttons on the speaker. Anyone buying this as a substitute for a soundbar needs to make sure there is a spare mains socket and enough space to accommodate it.

A huge bluetooth speaker with a big output, ok party time. This speaker from kitsound looks very well made and should survive a knock or 3, it has a nice rubberised handle that rotates when carrying. This speaker is mains powered only ( not surprising really with it output)pairing my phone (xperia xz2) with this speaker was easy and straight forward, just remember to make sure the media volume on your phone is turned down when pairing first, i then let this thing rip and it is loud with it 2×50 watts rms it will fill any room, so much so i was concerned about neighbours coming round complaining, sound is crisp and clean with little to no distortion all the way up the volume scale, there is also a good bass response from this speaker, it’s not on subwoofer levels but is there and enjoyable. The biggest thing for me is the lighting blue and violet?. Leds, i found it makes the speaker look a little tacky and cheap, you can turn it off as i have done and have the more suitable ks illuminated, i quite like this look as it make the speaker look quality. There is also strobe lighting on this speaker so your set-up for your own rave party, the only thing missing is lasersthis speaker accepts aux input too with a 3. 5mm input socket a lead is also supplied. Great speaker aimed at the younger generation with it’s lighting and strobes, this thing will rock at any party and has volume in buckets full. Students will love this beast.

This is a review of the kitsound slam xl bluetooth party stereo speaker system with led disco light show and not the smaller slam 2 which is on the same listing and worth bearing in mind when checking reviews. It is made by kitsound a british audio brand that supplies midrange headphones, speakers, and accessories. The build quality looks to be very good with a sturdy abs body well-protected speakers and a useful carrying handle at the back. This is a big speaker, rather bigger than expected but that is my fault as i did not read the listing carefully although i do think the pictures make it look smaller than it is. The speaker itself measures 19cm high, 47. 5cm wide and 25cm wide and weighs nearly 5kg. It is supplied in a large branded box along with a 3. 5mm aux cable, mains lead, and instructions. I have marked the battery life requested by amazon as one star because there isn’t any.

This stand alone speaker has a lovely balance of sound compared to some others. I have a couple of good quality bluetooth speakers which are much smaller and although they are extremely good this one definately has the edge. Not battery operated as it produces 100 watts sound in total. More than enough to fill a good sized room. I like a lot of bass and this seems to handle the top end and the bottom end very well without much compromise. You can alter the volumn up and down as you would expect. Most of rest of the buttons on top are for altering colour sequences as well as the colour. Also flickering strobe lights. The track your on can be put forward to the next one or back a track as well. Not bright in your face but in a dark room a bit of fun. Supplied is cable with two jacks for pluging into your computer/tablet directly if you don’t want to use bluetooth. This works well though i never had a problem linking my tablet or laptop to the speaker. Fairly bulky compared to most of the opposition. But i feel that is a compromise i willing to take to get that extra quality in sound.

I love, love this kitsound slam xl. I urge anyone to give this system a listen with your own favourite music. I have a number of bluetooth speakers including a kitsound slam 2 speaker. If anyone knows how good that sounds, the kitsound slam xl is eight times better sound wise and a solid build. A 100w of power, full rounded punchy bass. Acoustic tracks sound’s great. I have played 80’s /90’s dance, funk, rock, jazz fusion, indie, pop, lovers rock, reggae, garage, hip hop/rap, house and soul/slow jams. All of which i have played at low and full volume with no distortion using my s9 samsung phone. But do remember kitsound have put this slam xl bluetooth system with led disco light show as a party speaker. With the led lights there are 3 party modes and 3 chill modes and not forgetting the strobe lighting.

In appearance this reminded me of a boom box and is just as heavy. It is mains operation only and comes with a euro power lead fitted with a uk plug adapter fitted with a 3 amp fuse. Just plugged in switched off it uses 1. 2 watts of power which i think is more than eu rules now permit (just unplug when not in use to be really green). In operation it uses and average of 5 to 8 watts and i suppose if you really pump up the volume this will increase. The manual tells you nothing about if it will auto turn off with no music and it does in about 30 minutes (useful for going to sleep except it plays a shutdown jingle which may wake you back up again – jingle on power on also). Also no option to turn off all the display, the minimum you can have on is the centre ks logo. The main thing is how well it sounds and it sounds very good and if your music source also has bluetooth 5 you can have your source a lot further from the speaker which can be an advantage. The choice of light patterns is pretty interesting (setting not saved when you put it in standby) and the carrying handle is also well designed (round and rotates in your hand).

Also have a 2 year old hive and this is so much better. Easy to connect and great batter life.

My favourite thing about the ks slam 2 is the shape and feel. I’ve not seen a portable speaker in this sleek, curved shape before and it looks so smart. It’s soft touch which means it won’t be easily scratched when you’re on the move which is a bonus. Other wireless speakers i’ve used haven’t been as durable. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality as it’s a small, portable speaker but it packs some bass. The volume is impressive and thankfully there’s none of that awful tinny sound i’ve experienced in the past with other speakers. It’s really quick and easy to connect via bluetooth which is great. I once spent over £100 on a wireless speaker and it just never connected to mine or friends phones. It was the most frustrating thing to keep trying and failing and i regret paying so much. The slam 2 connects pretty much instantly which means you’re dancing to spotify in no timethe battery life is brilliant, i’ve been using it a lot this weekend and not yet had to charge it.

I absolutely love this speaker. For bbqs or parties in the garden it’s great to have some music and the sound from this product is surprisingly good. The bass is strong, vocals are clear and i think it’s great for the money. It also features flashing lights which is nice if you want it. It feels good value for money. I would like to draw attention to the practical aspects of it though. It’s not heavy, it has a handle, and the grill at the front is metal which i like, because it’s less likely to be damaged if you are moving it around. There is one catch–the review asks about battery life but there is no battery. This is mains only (probably due to the 100w capability) which explains the weight, but is a real shame as it means you have to run wires outside when using it. In fairness it uses a standard 2 pin mains cable rather than any transformer, but it does make me a little hesitant to use it if there is a slight drizzle or if i want to use it after the rain.

I’m in love with this speaker i got it as i wanted to get a big bluetooth speaker well this does fit the category it is huge and besides that it’s got the kick in it the music has a clear bass when listening you can feel it and the vocals and other bits of the music is really clear so they don’t mess up creating an abomination type of sound. But do be aware at least in my case if you have it on low volume on your phone or whatever device your using don’t turn it up too much on. The speaker as then in my case the bass and everything gets a robotic or muffled type of sound and could break the speaker. Overall i live the product and i’m really happy with what i’ve got.