cowin DiDa with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Wireless WiFi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 15W Output Power with Enhanced Bass-Blue – Great for Music Lovers

So pleased we bought this, lots of fun. Good sound for speaker of its size and price.

This was chosen for its portability/battery operation. It ws easy to set up and alexa has done all that we hoped for. Really bought to listen to scala radio which is not available on internet or dab in our part of the world. The cowin is a lot earier that going to the scala website and playing thorugh bluetooth speakers. Sound quality is excellent and my technically challenged wife (bless her) can get any programme she likes. Have not managed to flatten the battery so far, but put it on change on a regular basis and most nights.

Good sound quality compare to my old one and small enough to fit it into my car. Surprisedly its battery lasts over a week when i put music on around an hour everyday. It has both wifi and bluetooth mode. I prefer the bluetooth mode as i carry it everywhere in the house. It’s really convenient for working-home people who likes moving around the house with music. I used it for my little daughter’s birthday party. It was absolutely loud enough to have 30 people’s party.

Good sound, easy to set up with the app. This was a gift for my my friends.

Using it many times a day for radio ,news,answering tricky questions, recipes and much more.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to use and good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing features

I have a cowin mp3 player which sounds great, but i am really impressed with this little dida. I bought one for general use – mainly for in the bathroom. However, my wife (who is a real technophobe) found that she could use it and kept borrowing it to use in the kitchen, so i have had to buy her one (from the states – amazon,com. It was cheaper and exactly the same) the downside is that she tends to sing along with it – mainly songs from musicals – the upside?. I seem to have more baths than before.

Great product with excellent sound likely to purchase more for rest of house.

I was a little shocked when i started using this alexa built-in bluetooth speaker. I honestly didn’t expect it to play as good of quality music as it does. It can handle bass like a pro, and you can really crank it up without having much – if any – distortion. It even almost compares to our favorite – and much pricier – brand name one we usually use, and i wasn’t expecting that at all. Overall, this is a pretty nifty portable 360 degree speaker that really rivals the pricier brand name ones, in my book. It lights up to music (really cool at night), and it really sounds fantastic. I love it when products exceed my expectations, and this one truly did. Five stars all the way for this.

This is the 2rd alexa speaker i’ve purchase. Really good speaker which is so easy to use.

Looks great, the voice recognition and amazon alexa features are all great. Speaker is plenty loud for a small room, but if you are using this for music, as expected it lacks bass and overall sound quality. This isn’t really an issue because you can plug your own speakers into it via included aux cord. Syncs up nicely with your amazon account. Setup only took a few minutes and was pretty pain free, but the downside to this thing is that you are required to download two apps: the eufy app and the amazon alexa app. Overall it’s awesome and it does everything i expected it to at a cheaper price than an echo dot.

Really amazing piece of kit , good sound quality and pretty good value too.

Nothing to dislike, good sound quality & good price.

R.O.GNT 0202-37 80dB Portable Handset Bluetooth MP3 Speaker – Funky Take on the Classic Design

This is a funny little device. I’m not sure that it really delivers any benefit to the process of making calls, but i can’t deny that it certainly looks pretty cool, and it definitely has a very retro feel for anyone who likes that kind of thing. To briefly run down the functions, it connects to your phone via bluetooth, meaning that you can talk on the phone using this device, whilst using the other functions of your phone at the same time. It has a multi function button that you use for things like answering and hanging up, as well as a volume slider. I didn’t have any issues with it running out at inopportune moments. I found the device to be a little big to hold comfortably. It certainly looks the part but i’m not sure i’d want to use it for long periods of time, and i can’t say i’ll be using it with any regularity, but i can certainly see why some people might like to use it.

This retro handset is made by a company that calls itself ‘arrogant’ [r o gnt. Just like an old school telephone handset, it is big, and uncomfortable to hold for extended periods. (it’s a little bulky but not heavy)there is a volume slider on the handset handle and a hang up botton. Both are comfortably accessible with your thumb. It comes with a usb cable but no mains power adapter. (i used one from an old ipod that i had lying around in a drawer). I have used this with my iphone 4: call quality is very good. It’s crystal clear, in fact. The handset itself is blue and there are blue led lights with within the base of the handset, that are not notice unless they are on/flashing. (the blue glowing is quite a cool effect)although this looks nice, and is well made, i think it is possibly a novelty item that will only appeal to a small niche. ]

Sound is a little tinny & range is not brilliant but great for spending long periods on the phone without arm ache.

I wasn’t sure when i opened this as felt very ‘rubbery’ and very light and i questioned whether it was any good. I connected it to my iphone 5 without needing to look through the instructions as was a single button on the phone anyway phone range and i answered it with my iphone in my pocket. The sound clarity was absolutely spot on and generally it blew me away . It’s loud, the battery lasts about a week (keep your iphone charged though) and looks funky. All in all a very very good gadget purchased and top of my liststrongly recommended .

I wish this product came out 5 years ago, before email and skype video calls and facetime. I had a lot more audio-only calls back then and this would have been perfect. Nowadays i don’t get that many phone calls. So it’s kinda surprising to see this type of product here on amazon vine (and, featured in john lewis’s stores). That said: it’s a great piece of kit.

I bought this as a christmas present for my husband for him to use at his office. He very rarely uses the landline as he has to be out and about too although the majority of his calls are taken in the office so he uses his mobile phone a great deal and that raises health issues so when i saw this gadget i thought it would be the ideal solution and believe you me i was right. It is easy to set up and actually increases the sound quality. My husband has roamed at least 12 metres from the base whilst talking to me and there has been no difference in sound either his end or mine. I cannot recommend this handset enough except to say that we are buying one for the home too.

  • I have found it works really well.
  • Works well with iPhone 6
  • Good product.

I picked up the base first and was disconcerted to find it was floppy rubber, but the handset is from a different material and is pleasant to hold. No trouble pairing it with my iphone – and the iphone display clearly shows that the sound is going to the bluetooth handset. The slider volume control and end-call button on the handset are easy to reach and work well. I’ve used it several times, calling other mobiles and landlines and the sound has been very clear. It charged very quickly via usb cable into my laptop. I don’t yet know how long the charge will last. The green model that i bought is a darker green than the illustration.

This is a good product that works well, the sound quality is excellent and the volume goes up very loud and is easily adjustable during a call and i’ve had no complaints regarding the voice quality from the handset microphone. The bluetooth is really easy to pair up and a led flashes to let you know it is paired. The base is silicone rubber and it’s only purpose is to hold the handset when not in use which it does well as its non slip. The handset charges easily via a micro usb port at the base of the handset. A good purchase if you want to use a mobile phone for long calls.

Put away for christmas, i have bought through good reviews, so all is good, thankyou.

Couldn’t really find any reviews for this (or other) bluetooth handsets which gave me the confidence to buy one in favour of another, but i plumped for this one anyway. Luckily, i think i did the right thing?. We have appalling mobile reception here (remote suffolk village), and unless my phone is in the correct place (near my office window) calls can drop in and out with frustrating frequency. Even when i do contort myself dangerously (i am in my fifties) so as to be as close to the window as possible. However, with this device, i can leave my phone in place and talk on the handset from the comfort of my office chair. Connected immediately with no issues (iphone 5s), and the quality is adequate at all times with it being often excellent. Seems to hold a charge forever, and even with use it does not discharge too quickly enabling me to have a week’s use (not heavy use) before re-charging. I tried a handset with a cable first, but the cable was too short(??) and kept pulling my phone off the windowsill – the sound quality of this item is just as good. Nice soft rubber feel makes it pleasant to hold and neither my hand nor ear gets hot when using (something the phone itself does). I have a bakelite ‘ringing’ phone on my desk so this shape of handset fits well with my tastes/age, but i have seen more modern ones out there for those of a younger disposition – cannot comment on quality for those though. For the money i cannot find fault with the exception of the mini-usb socket which is very tight; although there is mention of this fact in the instructions (yes, i am old enough to still read those), but it seems to me it could be broken if someone were to be a little heavy-handed. Other than that, i can only recommend.

Very useful for people that use the mobile phone for too long.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I was very sceptical about this product. The price is very high for what it is. The product however is great, very easy to use and set up, brilliant battery, great design and sound quality. I would not however pay the price that is asked, it is too high.

A retro design made to look and feel a bit quirky with the blue ruberish finish. I wasn’t sure when i first took it out the box – thought it looked a bit cheap or childish. But 3 months in, here’s the really surprising thing – i use this most days and love it. I have it at the office and now it’s set up (a doddle) it just pairs with my phone when i walk in the office. I have it plugged in (via the usb on my monitor) nearly all the time so never have to worry about the battery. If i do want to go wandering mid call, the call doesn’t drop if you pull the usb cable out. The reason i like it, is that if you think about it, mobiles are designed to fit into pockets primarily and the sacrifice is comfort to hold and talk. When people weren’t restrained by the need to fit it into the pocket, and wanted the very best shape for a phone, this is what they came up with, and the design of the phone hardly changed over decades for good reason – this is perfect. Until you start using it you forget how much easier it is to talk with a substantial piece phone rather than a mobile. Call quality very good also, have never had a call drop. I’m surprised to say it as i thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but i really am recommending this.

There’s the phone, a reasting pad and a usb power lead. Charge it up via your pc, pair it with your phone, dial and talk without the phone next to your brain. It’s handy for my mother who can’t hold a slippy small moble phone easily. Bit expensive for what it is but it looks interesting, feels grippy and works well.

Great product initially, quality of connecting perfect, watch when inserting charging lead , goes in at an angle be gentle.

I’ve been using this funky handset with standard calls, facetime and skype on the iphone and ipad, and it’s great fun. Yes, it’s a bit gimmicky and faux, but there’s something quite satisfying about talking with family and friends using your very own ‘hotline’ phone they can see on the video call. From a practical point of view, it’s great to make skype calls on the ipad, yet have the freedom to walk around the room without the device in your hands. The bluetooth happily coped with distances of a room away with a wall between, with no noticeable decrease in signal quality. The handset itself has a nice, grippy, rubbery feel to it, and it’s lovely and light too, so very convenient to pop in your bag. It comes with a rubber base / dock, too, which stores it neatly away at home. The unit needs charging with a special cable which comes with it, but this plugs straight into the usb slot on a standard iphone / ipod charger (or a computer usb), and is fully charged within a couple of hours. It pairs quickly and easily with the iphone or ipad, which i have been using it with – though it comes up with the name ho-btl-100, which differs from the product name on the box, so beware of this when you’re pairing it up. Other than that there are just two controls – on/off/pairing on one button, and a volume slider. Couldn’t be simpleryou also get the rather odd inclusion of a dog tag and chain, if you’re feeling a bit military.

This is one of the best buys i have made ever.

One Touch operating button to access incoming calls

Very good for making long phone calls. Not much good for every day use.

It’s a brilliant product and sits on my office desk.


Bluetooth connectivity for every bluetooth device

Talking time of 20 hours

Philips B8/12 Fidelio Nano Soundbar Cinema Speaker 5, This is superb and does exactly what the product splurge

Very good sound system, always can’t wait to turn it back on again. Sounds fantastic with movies, i’ve tried it many times with my favourite film ( transformers 2) & sounds great. The subwoofer is quite heavy on the bass too, i’ve left it at +1 & it goes up to +6 for how high you want the bass to go up to. Love playing music from it also using the speakers around the house. Can use one of each speaker with bluetooth or use the whole soundbar & spread the speakers around everywhere. Only downside is how much the price is without a sale.

Superb system,looks really good and provides excellent surround sound when speakers are detached for films. I bought this after lots of research and glad i did, it was easy to set up and use, the bluetooth is a great idea and also works well. If you are looking for a sound bar that also give good surround without the wires get this system.

Three weeks in with this – a few thoughts: as others have said, the inputs are limited (i know some people may need more than 2 hdmi slots, and i would rather have more than one optical slot) there could also have been a little more thought about their accessibility. That said, for us, this was replacing an old bose 3-2-1 speaker which has served us superbly for 12 years. So this had a very high bar to impress us. First effort was an outstanding hit – we had it connected via optical cable to our fire tv box and streamed some movies – brilliant, the full effect, it ‘sounded’ superb with noise seemingly bouncing all around us. I guess if that kind of set-up is what your primary use is going to be, then you’ll be very happy. However, certain other set-ups haven’t worked quite as well. For instance our ‘smart’ tv has limited sound output options, but did have bluetooth, so we connected that way and that was frankly woeful. Plugging in and streaming via my pc and an aux cable was ok, but nowhere near as good as i used to get on my bose. I personally couldn’t get the hdmi arc working and am not sure if that is user error on my part, or flawed kit. So, in summary, if you’ve got a simpleish set-up and your primary connection is going to be optical cable then this does a very good job of home cinema sound. It is still worth messing with the height settings to optimise it for your room (very simple to do), but the effect is pleasing. However, if you’re a gadget freak and may want to use it for many devices i do wonder if the connectivity is too limited in that scenario. I’ll update the review if we discover any further issues down the line.

Key specs for Philips B8/12 Fidelio Nano Soundbar Cinema Speaker 5.1 Channel and Wireless Subwoofer with Dolby Atmos – Black:

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  • 5.1.2 Multi-channel for true immersive 3D cinematic sound
  • Dolby Atmos and Ambisound delivers a new sense of overhead dimension for wide surround sound experience
  • Designed to enhance your living space; Sleek and premium design blends seamlessly with any TV
  • HDMI 4K2K pass-through for ultra HD content enjoyment. Connect to HDMI x2 for best ATMOS experience
  • Included: Soundbar, Remote Control and Wireless Subwoofer, 2 x AAA Batteries, AC-DC adapter for soundbar, AC power cord (x2), HDMI cable, USB adapter, Wall mount brackets (x2), Wall mount & user guide, Warranty leaflet

Comments from buyers

” had a lot of vouchers) and I was not disappointed. My son recommended it after hearing the B5
, Looks good, just can’t use it
, 5.1 with no wires at last !

100% performance out of the box. Use hdmr port and it will communicate with tv. Bluetooth easy to use and surround sound is easy to arrange.

Hi the remote control is missing, was not part of the packaging. It almost impossible to operate and set the device without one. Will be grateful if l can ve it the rest is fine.

Fast delivery & uk plugs fitted. Lovely sound no matter what i play through it. ) adjustable treble is crisp & clear, bass nice & solid even room shaking if dvd requires i. Although only 4 to1 (no centre speaker) you would be hard pushed to notice. Big plus is the wireless detachable rear speakers. After initial room set up is carried out (main unit sends out test signal & adjusts to room acoustics) its unclip the speakers from main unit & place beside/behind you for great sound effects then reclip to main unit to recharge. Sub unit is slightly taller than other units but also quite slim so has small footprint. My tv sits in a corner & sub hides nicely behind. I have had a few 5 to 1 units over the years but this is the overall best all rounder i’ve had.

Excellent sound whether playing movies or playing music via bluetooth. The side speakers also act as either surround sound or standalone blue tooth speakers.

This soundbar from philips absolutely doesn’t disappoint. I can’t believe that we don’t see this product prominent in our shops today. For anyone wanting the convenience of a fabulous quality sound for both tv,movies and music combining the flexibility of a fixed soundbar or separate the two end speakers and have full surround sound system or. And yes there is more the ability to take your speakers to another room or garden and play your music across bluetooth from your phone or tablet in isolation to that speaker. Its easy to set up and neatly provides a connection hub for all your hdmi connections including hdmi arc direct from your tv. It has addition optical connections if you should want to use them but i haven’t as hdmi is easy and simple to use from sky hd box,blue ray player and tv. Well done philips for a great product and if this was demonstrated in large retail stores it would sell like hot cakes.

Best sound bar out there,have orders and sent back 4 sound bars till i got this one ,no other soundboard has wireless detachable speakers.

The concept is very good indeed, but i have had a lot of problems with mine. The volume does not want to remain stable and jumps all over the place?. The hdmi arc input wont accept a digital signal from my tv(panasonic plasma) via my sky box, so i’am forced to use the optical connection for dolby/dts. When i change tv channels it switches back to arc hdmi so the sound goes back to pcm or goes dead?(only sometimes?) philips have a download firmware fix on their website which did fix the volume for about 2 days but now the problem is back?.The fact that they have a firmware(bug fix) on a new product does not bode well. Also when you fast forword any programme there is a very annoying lag before the sound kicks in again, meaning you miss any dialogue at the start of the programme. The remote control looks nice, but is a little plasticky for a product in this price bracket, plus at times is very slow to respond(but again only at times?)i phoned philips and was told that if the firmware upgrade did not work then i should return it to amazon(thanks). Also be aware that it ships with euro two pin mains plugs(figure 8 ends) x2, really annoying if you don’t have spares to hand and no other leads at all(hdmi,optical etc) the voice button to enhance dialogue works at times, but sometimes requires the volume at max to work. On a positive note when it works its not bad at all, playing a blue ray through hdmi one with the speakers detached and calibrated it did a reasonable job for a product of this type, much better than other soundbars i’ve heard and at least you have actual speakers behind you. I shouldpoint out that i have downsized from £5,000.

Let me start by saying this is my first amazon review. I am blown away by the ingenuity of this product. It’s no surprise that the b5 has won a ces 2015 award for design and innovation. If you want surround sound to watch with your favourite movies without annoying your better half with the millions of cables normally required then this is definitely the way to go. The only thing that surprises me is how rubbish philips are at actually marketing this product. This has been on sale in europe since last september and when i contacted philips regarding uk availibilty they had absolutely no clue when it would be launched. I supect that it is still not officially available as my soundbar was delivered from milan. Bravo amazon for stepping up and selling this to the uk market. 00) was an absolute steal compared the rrp of £800.

So glad i made the purchase.

A fantastic way to add some serious depth to tv sound and some convenient music – all in a very simple and easy to use way. . A great addition to the family room: the kids love the music (either via bluetooth or spotify on the tivo box). And we get to enjoy surround sound in the evenings without the hassle of wires, etc. Sound separation in the ‘simulated’ 5. 1 mode isn’t as good as a kef 5. 1 speakers and receiver setup i have in the lounge, but then this is a fraction of the cost and a lot more family friendly. Installation with my philips f8007 tv, popcornhour, tivo and philips bluray has been seamless and popping the speakers out to setup surround sound each evening couldn’t be easieredit: and i’ve now enabled the hdmi arc and i’m using the correct port on the soundbar, so my tv and soundbar have their volumes in sync (and the sound bar powers on in sync with the tv). The volume can all be controlled from any device that can control the tv sound (soundbar remote, tv remote, tivo remote, logitech one, mobile phone, etc). And it is always kept in sync.

Good looking design and sounds nice so no issue there. Great idea with the detachable speakers. If you do not mind several remote controls then there is no problem and i would recommend this soundbar. We do mind though and hence the rating. Our previous set up: samsung ue55es6800 tv, virgin tivio box and soundbar from a competitor. We control all this with one remote control. The virgin tivio box remote. Set up now: as per above but replaced the soundbar with philips’ b5.

As with all philps products, there is a very high quality feel and look to the system. Normally you sacrifice looks for performance. However, thia is not the case here. It is without question the best and most versatile home cinema that i have ever purchased. Over the years i have purchased a lot of expensive units and this was the first sound bar i bought, and to be honest i wasn’t expecting much. I never expected the clarity of sound. Incrediblely easy set up, amazing rich sound with great amount of scope to tune to your liking. No lip syncing lag, as i thought there would be. I wall mounted unit, which also came with a self adhesive template. So basically, everything couldn’t be easier.

I waited a few months for the fidelio b5 to become available on amazon (i had a lot of vouchers) and i was not disappointed. My son recommended it after hearing the b5 in a friends house. He has a bose system himself so this was some recommendation. I found it very easy to set up and the sound quality is crisp with clear notes across the range: superb even at very high volume. The sound bar is also stylish and the rear speakers easy to disconnect and reconnect. The full range of connection possibilities means i can use my old low tech turntable as well as blue tooth from my smartphone. An excellent all round product although more expensive than some lesser competitors.

Can sound a bit over bright when not detached and in movie mode but once detached its absolutely magical. Not quite as good as a full 5. 1 but it don’t have the time or energy for the wire running any more.

‘tiny but mighty’, the fairly large and heavy box declares. This system offers a very compact soundbar that is paired with a substantial sub-woofer, which is thin enough to be placed fairly unobtrusively. The system is easy to set up and get going, and the sound performance is impressive considering how small the soundbar is. It brings depth to the sound along with clear vocals. As with most surround systems, music playback is not as refined as on a decent hi-fi system, but it offers a good sound and does a perfectly good job for playing ‘background music’. If you’re going to spend this sort of money on a surround system, it’s worth considering and auditioning a few options, and it’s fair to say that a system based on multiple satellite speakers will offer something different. But if you are looking for an extremely compact soundbar and a subwoofer you can tuck away somewhere, this system is well worth a listen.

Great spacial soundstage, looks very pretty hanging from the tv, no wires visible. Works with full surround via arc (not all tvs do, mine is a phillips 8007 with ambilight +hue), and shares volume commands via hdmi-cec (so remote is only required for setup). Bluetooth multi-speaker is cool. Not as loud or precise as a full amp and speakers, but for elegance and efficient use of space this soundbar is easily the best for my room, and more than adequate for normal viewing. If you have acoustically consistent walls check out the atmos digital sound projector bars as an alternative.

Not at all impressed by this fidelio b5 soundbar from phillips. The rear wireless surround speakers don’t last anywhere near the 10 hours i’d read about while i was researching them online. One speaker runs out of battery about an hour before the other. I’d say on average they last around 4/5 hours at best when detached from the main unit, on a low volume setting with the bass taken right down. The subwoofer only seems to work when it wants and doesn’t even show up on the surround demos i tested it out on. The remote control is unresponsive most of the time and has a horrible feel to it. There is also an annoying sound delay of around half a second, which i wasn’t expecting on a sound bar of this price. It’s a shame as i bought this to go with my philips tv and although i tested it so extensively i missed the return window by accident, or else it would have gone back.

A few little annoyances: the charging lights on the remote speakers seem to be a bit random on occasion, it would be nice if they didn’t turn off automatically (or if it were a setting), and very occasionally there’s a distortion glitch that’s fixed by turning them off/on again. That being said, i love these things; replaced all my other speakers, taking up less space, easier to manage, and great quality sound (i’m no audiophile though).

Bought this from richer sounds. Brilliant system and very easy to set up.

Crystal clear sound and a brilliant idea that you can detach the speakers to convert to full surround sound without any messy wires. Ok, the rechargeable batteries in the blue tooth speakers only realistically last for one movie but that’s great for us.

To connect everything was easy just sockets and wireless subwoofer connects automatically, the same with rear speakers. As you may know this film full of talking and some space action too. So dialogue was crispy clear and when rocket engines were powered up all room was shaken. 1 wired systems and i can tell you this one does the same job and what more voice much clearer than on those i had. Price does bites but ease of use and no wires worth it .

Fozela Soundbar : It’s okay, but somehow the volume is to steep

This is working really well my tv speakers were getting really bad this has solved the problem.

Brilliant bit of kit, excellent sound, great value.

Soundbar, Fozela TV Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (40 Watt Speaker,31.5-Inch,Dual Connection Methods, Remote Control, Wall Mountable)

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  • HIFI STEREO SOUND:With four high quality full-range speakers ( 40w) and  two passive radiators ,the item can turn you TV into a  home theatre with shocking HiFi Stereo sound.
  • WIRE OR WIRELESS CONNECTIONS: The item can be connected to TV or computers,phones through wireless Bluetooth (effective distance:10 meters/33 feet) and 3.5mm AUX input wire (included).
  • REMOTE CONTROL: You can just adjust playback settings including on/off ,volume, backward/forward through the cute remote control.
  • WALL MOUNTABLE: Can be placed  under the television or mount it on the wall for a convenient and elegant set up.
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY:Work with Smart-phones, Tablets, PC, MP3 player, TV, Support AUX line-out music play mode, etc.

 bought this to replace my old cheap 5. 1 wired system since i want to re-locate my amazon echo. I tried a £15 bt receiver but they are not working as what i expected, especially on noise isolation – they are so easily to pick up some interferences. With this bt sound bar i could save a lot of spaces for the other stuff as well as reducing the number of wires i need to have in the living room. The design is quite nice, i like the looking. The sound quality is ok, definitely not the best one compared to bose sound bar which worth £300+ but enough for daily tv use and music streaming. Overall i’m quite satisfied with the money i spent on this product.

Great sound bar still in use after many months fits perfect under my bush tv too.

I like this tv speakers,put with my 55 inch tv together it won’t appear small, feeling is suit, sound quality is very good, the connection option you can use cable or bluetooth ,which is up to you.

Soundbar, Fozela TV Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (40 Watt Speaker,31.5-Inch,Dual Connection Methods, Remote Control, Wall Mountable) : Great sound bar especially for the price easy set up.

For a sound bar good quality in sound compared to normal flat screen tvs speaker sound, in my opinion no comparison to a 5. 1 surround sound system, what would probably improve sound would be a separate sub woofer speaker.

The soundbar is nice for price and offers decent sound quality. It comes with a number of ways to connect and has remote which makes it very convenient. However, after a month and half the remote broke and no longer works.

Instructions are a bit hard to understand but ok once you read it s couple of times.

I ordered this on 04/02, it arrived on evening of 07/02. I connected and set it up this morning (08/02), it took five minutes, no swearing and it’s outstanding. Great sound, clear as a bell and enough volume to lift the roof. The instruction leaflet is basic but covers all the bases and once you get a look at the back of the tv it makes sense. My tv doesn’t have bluetooth so this was a direct aux cable connection. You need to connect both the aux and the fibre optic cable. All of the required cables, coaxes and the power plug are supplied, just make sure you check the box to get it all out. For less than £70 this is outstanding value and if i can sort this anyone can.

Very impressed with the 40w output loudness for this soundbar. Has all the equip specification connections and remote included.

It’s okay, but somehow the volume is to steep. Its either not loud enough or too loud. Seems to miss one or two steps.

The sound is nice and clear.

Excellent sound quality, and easy to set up.

If you want surround sound with loads of base dont buy this. If you want to improve the poor quality sound of your tv without having something massive on the wall the this is for you. I am very happy with this item and for what it cost i believe it will be hard to find anything to beat it.

Comes with everything you need to setup and install. Good quality sound easy to pair with your phone via bluetooth you can even just use it as a speaker.

CREATIVE Airwave Portable Bluetooth Wireless NFC Speaker : Triangular stunner

There is something really great about a speaker that you connect to your phone and it plays via blue tooth add to that the portability aspect and your onto a winner. I always think that when you buy a speaker it can be very hit and miss. I purchased a similar very well known brand paid an arm and leg and have to unplug it and cart it around the house when a want music in another room add to that its connected via a jack and you are already struggling. This speaker charges via a lead but will unplug and if you want you can take it out into the garden and it will still work. Add to that it connects via your blue tooth. You either put your device to the rear of the speaker or connect via the blue tooth search button on your device and hey presto instant music without a plug socket in sight. It provides its owner with amazing clarity and volume it is really really amazing. You can also wonder away from your speaker with your phone in pocket and the music is uninterrupted. My hubby spent hours tinkering in his shed at the weekend listening to pink floyd and working hard, all this he did without the necessity of an electricity socket and he could hear me if i shouted because his ears were not covered with headphones or buds. He had the freedom to move about unencumbered his phone safely to one side or on his person and no chance of clipping a lead or socket and dragging his iphone onto the floor.

A nice compact speaker with functionality beyond its price when bought through the black friday discount process. Its lound enough for a kitchen or bedroom.

Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth Wireless NFC Speaker with Built-in Microphone and Aux-in – Pink

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    by entering your model number.
  • Pairs seamlessly and shares your music wirelessly from most stereo Bluetooth devices
  • Fuss-free one-touch pairing with NFC-enabled devices
  • Featuring apt-X audio codec for high quality low latency wireless music playback
  • Up to 12 hours of playback on a full charge (based on moderate volume playback) and charges via standard micro USB connection
  • Answer your calls with built-in microphone

Pretty good sound, even in the bass frequencies. Weighs a bit more than i thought it would, but that’s probably why it feels solid.

Great speaker at a very cheap price (in green).

You probably won’t buy this if you want top notch sound quality, but it can sound pretty good if you play with the equalizer controls on your sound source. If you want bass, you’ll need to boost the lower frequencies on your phone, mp3 player, or laptop before transmitting it. It can quite capably kick out the bassline to goldfrapp’s ‘ride a white horse’ and bjork’s ‘there’s more to life. It can also be very good at vocals (e. Folk) – these can really stand out, depending on the mix. Where it struggles is when there’s a lot going on in the mix – then the bass and vocals can suffer a bit. For the controls – the fact it only has two buttons is just daft. And why it has to announce every action with a beep or voice is beyond me and could be really annoying if you just want it to shut up – you’d have to wait eight seconds then put up with a sort of flumping noise.

Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth Wireless NFC Speaker with Built-in Microphone and Aux-in – Pink : The sound was really good nice and clear, really pleasent to hear, so in terms of the main thing its supposed to do yes it wins, far better than my xmini (not a fair comparison i know but its what i had to go on). I’ve always preffered listening to things through a speaker things are much clearer for me, and its far more comfortable, i just dont like having pads pressing against my ears for a long time. In terms of portability it is rather large, doesnt offer much better volume as my xmini, but far superior sound quality, if you dont mind carrying in a bag than its great. Than comes the mic to answer phone calls, a pointless gimmick that im not going to even give any credit for. The design also isnt bad, but not nice either something which a lot of other speakers have a lot of thought put into. Their is the multifunction power button, which is just annoying as you have to hold it to power off/on or activate bluetooth. The usb cable that comes with this is quality, it is sleeved which ive not seen before for just a simple usb cable, it has a nice length. Their is also an aux in port, which im going to suppose is so that you can input audio into it otherwise, you can use it for example as a wired speaker for your phone or even your pc and not as headphone port. Please dont take my word for it this is just a possible point in a direction, i would of tested this out but ive lost my 3. Hope my review gave a good insight.

The sound quality is very good if used with a gold-plated 3. 5mm lead (about a tenner), and almost as good with a one pound cable. Sounds pretty darn good used with bluetooth too. Range is excellent, the bluetooth signal can go through two of our walls and at least 10 metres. It is a better speaker than most televisions, and most low cost (under 100 pounds) stereos. I mostly use it for radio 4 from the macbook or ipod, and the tones are pleasantly ‘bassy’ and rich. I was surprised at the battery life, it really does do 12 hours or more from a charge. Excellent value for money, i’d certainly purchase it again, and will definitely be happy to buy other creative products. Oh and you can stand it up on either end, to resemble the iconic ‘flat iron’ building in new york.

I think in an ever increasingly competitive market for such speakers this is lovely. I have many wireless speakers now and i think creative was my very first one some years ago. They have kept ahead of the rest for the price and i think this is a lovely design as well as really good sound quality, definitely better than tdk and sony units priced the same.

Wireless or bluetooth speakers are the latest must have accessory for your tablet/ smartphone and this is creative’s latest entrant into an increasingly crowded marketplace. It comes in different colours ( review is of the anonymous looking grey one) and first impressions on lifting it from the well designed packaging and removing the protective wrap were favourable. Clean lines, good build quality, perhaps a little plasticky but good enough for bedrooms, studies etc. Lightweight for portability ( considerably lighter than other so called portable speakers that i have tried), charging of the built in battery was easy. Jconnect the charger cable to a usb socket and after an initial recommended 8 hour charge, you are ready togo. Disappointing that creative didn’t also include a usb/ mains adaptor and wish you to buy one separately. I used my tablet’s usb/charger adaptor and that seemed to work just fine. The unit boasts nfc which basically gives easy connection to your bluetooth device. Sadly,my iphones and ipads don’t have nfc so i can’t verify that function.

I recieved this speaker as a christmas present, first thought wow, what a great little thing, after using it for a couple of days i realised it was a decent sound quality but not good enough for party’s or other functions. Such a fantastic battery life also. I do love it though and definetly reccomend it.

Okay so, unlike most of the portable speakers i tend to opt for, this isn’t cheap. It is, however, very goodthere’s excellent definition at low and high volumes regardless of whether you’re listening to music or spoken word and unlike the majority of popular choices this speaker isn’t bass heavy. The bluetooth connectivity is, of course, a bonus as it negates the need to carry wires and the battery last a decent amount of time too.

Really great value for a great performing portable speaker with bluetooth and nfc, the pink version is nicer to own than it looks.

If you are looking for cool budget bluetooth speaker – this is a good choice.

Was a bit worried as it was really cheap but i just can’t say even one bad thing. High quality & really fast delivery.

Bluetooth seems to be really popular at the moment, probably to do with our friends at apple changing their docking ports. The speaker itself gives quality sound and is easy to use, just pair it up and away you go. After charging you get plenty of portable play, i’ve used mine a few time and haven’t had to recharge yet. I haven’t tried the nfc feature yet as i dodn’t have anything it will work with, but it looks good. The speaker is quite large and chunky, about 10 inches long, but ok for your suitcase if you are going away. Overall, a good speaker, priced towards the top end of the mid-range of bluetooth speakers.

Creative airwave creates great sound and looks good. Also very good value for money.

Quick delivery, item as described, very easy to operate, well rounded sound production, definitely recommend it.

I love the idea of a wireless speaker than can play music via bluetooth/nfc without the need for any power source. It’s brilliant for taking into the garden when entertaining, or if i fancy listening to music around the house. It’s quite compact and lightweight and simple in appearance. I’d go so far as to say it’s a bit boring in its appearance – even just a piano black finish might have made it look a bit more expensive or exciting. It looks a bit plasticky, though. The sound quality is ok, just a slight distortion at maximum volume which, when up to full, is a good level. Not much depth to the sound and it’s not party-level volume, but enough for casual entertaining or general listening. To connect a device, either pair it as you normally would via bluetooth or, if you have an nfc device (some android phones have this, e. Samsung galaxy s3, but not the iphone), just hold it to the back of the speaker and it’ll automatically connect.

I got this sleeper on offer. I use it in my kitchen mainly and have been impressed with it. Especially for the price i got it for under £40. Reasonable sound which i think is slightly better through bluetooth than wire. Only used nfc once with my smart phone (galaxy s 3) works well with both me phone and my ipod touch. For the price i think its a good speaker. No it won’t sort out a big party but i didn’t expect it to take the role of my stereo.

The sound quality on such a small device is phenomenal, especially considering the price. As per usual with creative, the build quality and quirky design are simply superb. The bluetooth strength is great, can connect all around the house. Not the simplest of interfaces to use, but once you have a quick glance at the manual, you figure it all out and you get to appreciate it. Would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a portable speaker.

This is my first nfc enabled bluetooth speaker, and surprised how easy it was. Just tap the phone on the back (google nexus 4 in my case) and it pairs up instantly and loads up your music app, no mess, no fuss. For less advanced phones like the iphone that don’t have nfc, you can pair it up the conventional bluetooth way. Sound quality is very good, as is battery life when fully charged, i got over the quoted 12 hours between charges. I wouldn’t personally call this portable, it’s larger than i imagined, it’s portable around the home perhaps, but that’s really it, you wouldn’t want to take it anywhere outside the home, there are smaller bluetooth speakers available if you want a portable speaker for travelling. The speaker itself comes with phone controls for answering calls (if it’s your thing), but for me, i only have it paired up for media audio, turning off phone audio (on android, long press the bluetooth connection and you can untick the phone audio pairing). The design is ok, it’s not going to win any awards for sure, and it’s available in other colours, some rather garish, thankfully i went for the dull and boring grey, i don’t need bright coloured speakers to brighten my life :-)all in all, a good all-rounder, with better than most battery life and good sound.

Omg i love this s so much it can go so loud and it makes music so clear i love it so much i think everyone should buy this xxx 👌🏻.

AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker : Great portable mini bluetooth speaker

Surprisingly loud for something this compact, and very good quality sound. A charge lasts a good time as well.

It’s a great speaker, the only drawback is that the bluetooth connection has a pretty small range.

AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

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  • Bluetooth wireless mini speaker with shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof design (rated IP 67); doubles as a shower speaker
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology for crystal-clear sound; pairs instantly with your Bluetooth-enabled device
  • 10 meter wireless range; high-def sound and robust bass from 3-watt audio driver and passive subwoofer
  • Rubberized exterior for ultimate impact resistance; small square shape tucks easily into large pocket for hands-free convenience
  • Up to 12 hours of audio on a full charge

Working/connected in a just couple of minutes.

Comes in a simple plain cardboard box, but with quality instructions, which is rare. A usb cable and a small carabiner is supplied to help hang it up or clip to something. Three hours to charge, 12 hours usage claimedvery easy to pair up on bluetooth. It is also possible to use an (un-supplied) male to male 3. 5 mm cable to plug into a headphone socket. Ran this from my iphone 5it is not that loud, compared to my phillips speaker, but the bass is very good. Athis won’t win hi-fi geek awards, but for a portable speaker it is very good. The buttons underneath are multi-function, so you better keep the instructions as you will forget what the pother buttons do and how long to press them for the squired action. It is possible to answer a p.

– easy to use- small- battery lasts a long timecons:- not really loud enough. I keep using it on its maximum setting wishing it went up to 11. – the included carabiner broke after a day in my tool bag.

AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker : Amazing little speaker, with great sound for its size. Connected to my phone super easily sand was playing my music in a matter of a couple of minutes. My little one loves it and the fact that it’s shock proof means i don’t have to worry about it being dropped. Another added bonus is that should it come into contact with water, it should survive that too. I live this speaker but fear that my little one thinks it’s actually theirs now so i won’t get much chance to use it for myself lol.

What a brilliant little speaker. Ok, so it’s not going to win any awards from audiophiles but for sheer portability and practicability it’s great… just chuck it in your bag and off you go, it’s rugged enough to take a few knocks. It’s simple to set up too, just switch on and hold for the led to flash blue, then select your phone’s (or whatever device your using) bluetooth function and pair with “bsk10” when it displays, and job done. (a word of caution, if you hold too long you’ll get a shutdown noise and the phone will switch off.…the “on” button triples as an on/pair/off button). In my case (i use a microsoft phone) i have i have to set the app volume to max to be able to get the best out of this speaker, and on the speaker it’s easy to adjust the volume on the side buttons… you can’t just press and hold in order for the volume to go up/down, you have to click individual steps up/down to change the volume but that’s no deal as there’s only about 16 clicks to step up from min to max (and vice versa) and when you get to either extreme, (and the volume won’t go any further), there’s a clear audible beep to let you know you’ve reached either limit. My phone has a really raspy/tinny sound to it on speaker, so this bluetooth speaker has made a faultless improvement.

For the size of this unit it puts out a terrific amount of high quality sound. It’s a broad, lovely output, with strong bass, crisp treble and nice mid range. Charging and pairing are a doddle. I’ve connected this to my laptop and iphone without any problems. The volume control is nicely contoured in to the side of the unit, in a rubbery-type plastic. I love the clip-on keyring type connector – think this might find a use somewhere. For me and for now, it’s in the car, a use to which i think it is perfectly suited. Really great effort, nice one amazon basics.

I found this to be very easy to connect to my phone. It came charged, so i could just switch the speaker on, wait for it to flash a blue light at me, and then turn on the bluetooth on my phone and let it detect the speaker, which showed as bsk10. Once it was paired, which took only a few seconds, it was just a case of locating the very discreet volume up and down buttons (which are very well hidden until you know where they are). The charging socket (a usb charging cable is supplied) is also very well hidden under a rubber flap (the outer rim is all rubber, which will protect it from bumps and scrapes), but this is all part of what makes the speaker waterproof. You can also run the speaker via a double ended stereo jack to the earphone socket on your phone. The actual sound of the 3 watt speaker is obviously a lot more limited than some speakers you may use as it is a single tweeter. The tone range is fairly ok at a lower volume, but if you put your music on very loud, or with a bassy eq, it will distort and lose clarity. It has a keychain ring so you can hook it to a belt or hang it up (in the shower, for example). It’s handy for quick use and being able to listen to music on the go. It fits in a pocket fairly easily.

For the price no problem with this purchase.

The battery is ok for 2 hours playing.

Easy to use and set upconnected well to my iphone. Good sound and waterproofgreat for using in the bathroom.

This is a sturdy little portable speaker, claims shockproof and waterproof, however i have not checked this out as such, as i am not going to deliberately drop it or sink it in water. But the design and feel of this, with it’s tough rubber surround, definitely suggests it will be knock proof at the very least and the plastic casing on the rest of it, leaves little room for water to seep into it and i trust it would withstand a rain shower if you hang this from your bag. It comes with a carabiner hook as the display picture shows, so this allows you to hook it easily to a bag or belt hoop. The sound quality is very good and it will reach a fair volume for a portable speaker, although the volume is capped and won’t reach booming levels, it can reach a reasonably ‘loud’ volume, but manages to sound good, without any tinnyness or distortion at it’s loudest volume either. It is easy to get going and comes with easy to follow instruction manual. Also includes a micro usb charger cable.

The unit seems very sturdy, but i’m a bit puzzled as to how waterproof it is. The instruction manual says ‘the unit should not be used near water such as near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool or in a wet basement. ‘ yet the website description says it’s ideal for swimming or rafting.

I wander round the house with mine while listening to football commentary.

This is a fantastic little portable wireless speaker. While you are never going to get the same quality and range of sound from some of the bigger and more expensive portable speakers on the market, this does offer a great little sound for the price. I found it very easy to use and to pair up with my iphone. It is a small and handy compact size and comes with a little hanging clip so that you can use it virtually anywhere, even in the shower, because it is waterproof, although i have to admit that i haven’t personally tried that yet. So far i have only used it in short spurts so i cannot comment as to how long it lasts once it has been fully charged, but the claim of 12 hours sounds impressive. Overall, it is a great little speaker for the price and another winning product from the amazonbasics range.

cowin DiDa with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Wireless WiFi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 15W Output Power with Enhanced Bass-Blue – Great value

I have a cowin mp3 player which sounds great, but i am really impressed with this little dida. I bought one for general use – mainly for in the bathroom. However, my wife (who is a real technophobe) found that she could use it and kept borrowing it to use in the kitchen, so i have had to buy her one (from the states – amazon,com. It was cheaper and exactly the same) the downside is that she tends to sing along with it – mainly songs from musicals – the upside?. I seem to have more baths than before.

Good sound, easy to set up with the app. This was a gift for my my friends.

This was chosen for its portability/battery operation. It ws easy to set up and alexa has done all that we hoped for. Really bought to listen to scala radio which is not available on internet or dab in our part of the world. The cowin is a lot earier that going to the scala website and playing thorugh bluetooth speakers. Sound quality is excellent and my technically challenged wife (bless her) can get any programme she likes. Have not managed to flatten the battery so far, but put it on change on a regular basis and most nights. Here are the specifications for the cowin DiDa with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Wireless WiFi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 15W Output Power with Enhanced Bass-Blue:

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  • Alexa Voice Control: COWIN DiDa works as a Amazon certified Alexa voice-enabled speaker you control with your voice. DiDa connects to the Alexa Voice Service, Just touch the microphone button and ask for music, hear news, search for information, order a pizza, and more—instantly. All you have to do is ask.
  • Superior Sound Quality: With its dual 7.5-watt acoustic drivers and frequency response of 50Hz-20KHz, COWIN DiDa can stream loud and crystal clear stereo sound. Room filling powerful sound, perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, car, parties; streaming music or internet radio services such as Airplay, DLNA ,Qplay ,Spotify.
  • Ingenuity Design: the use of elegant fashion texture linen, simple and full of artistic sense that fits anywhere in your home. Touch the control screen, gently touch, play moving music.
  • Small and Easy to Travel: built-in rechargeable battery, 24 hours a day play and party, up to 9 hours of continuous playback of audio. Note: The playback time varies depending on the volume and audio content. Easily stows away in your suitcase or your backpack so you can enjoy it wherever your travels take you.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: Download the cowin App and take control of your music. Easily extend your home audio system with your home Wi-Fi simple setup.You’ll enjoy seamless access to your favorite tracks and online music services. And you can customize sound settings and control multi-room listening. Play different songs at the same time in different rooms, or in different rooms simultaneously play the same song to amplify the listening experience.

Looks great, the voice recognition and amazon alexa features are all great. Speaker is plenty loud for a small room, but if you are using this for music, as expected it lacks bass and overall sound quality. This isn’t really an issue because you can plug your own speakers into it via included aux cord. Syncs up nicely with your amazon account. Setup only took a few minutes and was pretty pain free, but the downside to this thing is that you are required to download two apps: the eufy app and the amazon alexa app. Overall it’s awesome and it does everything i expected it to at a cheaper price than an echo dot.

Good sound quality compare to my old one and small enough to fit it into my car. Surprisedly its battery lasts over a week when i put music on around an hour everyday. It has both wifi and bluetooth mode. I prefer the bluetooth mode as i carry it everywhere in the house. It’s really convenient for working-home people who likes moving around the house with music. I used it for my little daughter’s birthday party. It was absolutely loud enough to have 30 people’s party.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Easy to use and good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing features

I was a little shocked when i started using this alexa built-in bluetooth speaker. I honestly didn’t expect it to play as good of quality music as it does. It can handle bass like a pro, and you can really crank it up without having much – if any – distortion. It even almost compares to our favorite – and much pricier – brand name one we usually use, and i wasn’t expecting that at all. Overall, this is a pretty nifty portable 360 degree speaker that really rivals the pricier brand name ones, in my book. It lights up to music (really cool at night), and it really sounds fantastic. I love it when products exceed my expectations, and this one truly did. Five stars all the way for this.

Using it many times a day for radio ,news,answering tricky questions, recipes and much more.

This is the 2rd alexa speaker i’ve purchase. Really good speaker which is so easy to use.

Great product with excellent sound likely to purchase more for rest of house.

Nothing to dislike, good sound quality & good price.

Really amazing piece of kit , good sound quality and pretty good value too.

So pleased we bought this, lots of fun. Good sound for speaker of its size and price.

AZATOM® AZATOM Xstream Premium Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker 10W – Stereo sound – Excellent product. great sound good base

Not very big but packs a punch.

Easy to pare with anything really.

When i took it out of the box it looked so small, i was thinking it will be another small speaker with low sound. The sound is so rich with bass, and highs too. Don’t try to use this on the full volume in the flat. Summary:on the lowest sound it has a little of distortion, but don’t mind it (it’s normal for every speaker with passive radiator :)use it with bluetooth (the sound is x2 higher, than with aux cable). Try to touch the bottom of the speaker with your ear ( the passive bass radiator).

Originally looking to get another droid but saw this and decided to give the extra power a try. What a bargain, great sound and oodles of power. Really like the ability to pause and change the tracks from the xstream. Highly recommended and a british firm too.

After owning the azatom droid & been impressed with excellent sound quality & bass i decided to buy azatom xstream. It is a little bigger than the droid but still quite small, connets to bluetooth quicker than droid & is easier to set up. Bass is good again, it uses bass creation disc on bottom instead of the two bass ports on the droid. Gives a fuller sound as it has two speakers, it has a rich clear sound & goes loud epsecially when playing dance club tunes. Ive not noticed any distortion at full volume, my phone has equalizer settings which affect how it sounds through speakers which is a nice touch. On a last note it looks really nice & has good build quality plus price is cheaper on amazon than azatoms own website, definetly 5 stars it wont be beaten at price for sound or the bass.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Speaker with huge, powerful bass sound
  • Four Stars
  • Five Stars

So, i’ll start off with the good. Good – looks very sleek, love the design of it. – the bass is i’d say, very good for a small portable bluetooth speaker, it does make whatever surface its on vibrate decently. – it does sound very nice and full with the bass, but see issue below. Bad- you’d really be expecting a lot more power from the 20w of power, having owned a few 6w speakers in the past i’d saying even one of my previously owned 6w speakers is actually louder, i know volume and w doesen’t scale linearly like you’d expect, but i did expect more. It can just about fill a small – med sized room with sound at max volume. Not to say its bad, i just expected more. -i bought this for the bluetooth 4. 0, the first thing you’ll see on the box is that it’s bluetooth 3. -very annoying hiss/crackle very noticeable from the speaker. You’ll notice it at low-med volumes and any vocals. So yeah, i am slightly disappointed.

Excellent sound quality would highly recommend perfect size for taking away on holiday.

Good quality bluetooth speaker for the price.

Bought this speaker from reading the reviews. The saying is right big things come in small packages.

Amazing little speaker with great sound quality for the price. I recently added all my music onto my d-link nas drive and can stream all my music via my ipad to the speaker. Loud enough for the party but quiet enough not to annoy the neighbours.

Battery life is excellent and the bluetooth connection has so far worked instantly without fuss. Sound quality is good for the price and build quality is excellent.

Our son thinks its great he can hear his music above the noise of the tractor.

Gear 4 Gear4 Espresso Cup Portable Wireless Universal 3 : BIG SOUND

Great speaker for the size of it. I was disappointed in the colour though which is like a turquoise blue rather than pastel green. Apart from that i have no regrets in buying.

Handy little speaker, sound not amazing but great for what it is. It goes every where with me.

Very good quality of sound, nice colour and design. Bought as a present for friend.

Fantastic speaker, big sound small item, just right for taking anywhere with you.

  • Great value for money
  • Little speaker but good sound
  • Very good quality of sound

Gear4 Espresso Cup Portable Wireless Universal 3.0 Bluetooth Speaker (Pastel Green)

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  • Gear4 Espresso Portable Wireless Universal 3.0 Bluetooth Small speaker – powerful sound, 4 hour rechargeable battery, 10 metre Bluetooth range
  • As well as the small but perfectly formed mono-driver, the acoustic quality is further enhanced by a passive radiator to deliver a surprisingly big hit of sound from such a compact speaker.
  • Gear4’s Espresso Wireless Speaker allows you to stream music from your phone, tablet, computer or mp3 player via Bluetooth and provides fantastic volume and crystal clear acoustics.
  • The Espresso Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is incredibly simple to use with just one button as well as an automated search function that makes Bluetooth pairing quick and hassle free.
  • Carabiner handle to attach to keys, bags and anything else! Fun and colourful

Love this so much we all have one.

The ease of use is incredible with only one button at the bottom of the speaker which triggers instant connection. The sound isn’t the best quality, but that is to be expected for the price. However the volume in which sound is released helps hide the lack of quality, with the max volume being very loud. The demographic of people who are interested in this product are probably. Looking for something cheap, loud and easy to use, this 100% gets the job done, packing a powerful sound.

CREATIVE Sound Blaster FRee Portable Bluetooth Speaker – : UNBREAKABLE LOUD SPEAKER!!! 100% RECOMMEND

These speakers are great the sound is good.

Go back even a couple or more years and the thought of having a powerful sound emanating from small, portable speakers, let alone wireless capability would have been a wonder. To be fair it still is and many of the newer models still have the impact to surprise and for many new to portable speakers a sure wow factor if this is the first one tried. That’s part of the headscratcher – there are so many tune releasers to choose from and the price point is coming down significantly. So how does creative’s new sound blaster fare?it’s a robustish, multi position speaker – standing up like a pc speaker on its end and horizontally; stable enough in both positions. Volume, on/off and bluetooth connection are on one end, with three charge indicator lights whilst on the bottom / side is mini usb (cable included for charging), aux in, micro sd slot (nice touch for loading tunes but in reality probably not to be used by many) and buttons for play / pause, track selection, shuffle, mic on / off (can be used for hands free) and a loud button. Sound wise it’s just ok, nothing special, goes loud to carry a mid size room but really little to differentiate itself from either smaller speakers (try the excellent tdk a08 trek mini wireless speaker – black at a third of the current price of the creative and infinitely more portable. Quite where creative are pitching the sound blaster in a crowded market is questionable. Desk speaker with carry round home usability, yes, but an expensive option for that; take on hols or to the beach / park, yes, but smaller cheaper speakers do it better. . So ?despite the strong creative brand, a bit of a miss and not enough to differentiate from better value elsewhere.

Creative Sound Blaster FRee Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The Sound Blaster Free delivers powerful audio and enhanced bass response, despite its diminutive size, with its twocustom-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers and dual passive radiator design.
  • Take the Sound Blaster Free wherever you go for awesome wireless music on the move.
  • IPX4 certified -Its splash-proof, dualorientation form factor gives you the flexibility to use it vertically for 360 sound, or horizontally for great direct stereo imaging.
  • Multifunctional with versatile connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0 / microSD-card / USB audio streaming from PC or Mac
  • Battery life of up to 10 hours (varies with use, settings and environmental conditions).

Very impressed with quality ,and performance.

I have a bose mini blue tooth speaker, and i tend to compare similar sized speakers such as this one to that – and they come off very badly i am afraid – lacking in bass and any definition of the sound. However the bose is more than twice the price of this one – so i know that is not really a fair comparison, and given this only puts out 2×4 watts, i think creative have done an ok job here with the spatialized loud button, and the bass ports. It is not high fidelity, or room filling sound – but it is a lot better than trying to listen via lap top or phone speakers and perfectly acceptable if you are listening to a speech podcast for instance. If you like some deep bass with you music you will need to look elsewhere. It is easy to use, paired easily with phones, and with pc/ lap top via the usb link. One area that it does score is the microsd slot – which means you don’t have to have your phone linked up. This works well if you want to load a card with few of your favourite tunes and play on random. Navigating a large card with lots of content but no screen can be difficult. You can skip between folders – but i found it tricky to work out the order it place the folders in. This is a nice looking unit – solid but not too heavy.

Positivesit is very versatile and enhances the sound on my phone, tablet and laptop. Bluetooth pairing to my phone and tablet was simple. A standard usb cable makes it a laptop speaker pair and a 3. 5mm socket is good for anything else. The usb socket is also used for charging. It comes with a short cable which is convenient for charging from any charger. A single charge has lasted two weeks since first unpacking the device during which time it has been well used by three of us in the family. It is an unobtrusive size when sitting with laptop or tablet. The soft pads and nice weight means is sits well on a flat surface such as desk or bathroom shelf, and does not easily roll about. However the hexagon shape means it will roll a little on soft surfaces such as bed covers.

I found the creative sound blaster free in an amazon warehouse deal for less than £18 and thought i would treat myself to a reputable brand name speaker for the price and mostly favourable review on amazon swayed me to its purchase. Initial impressions were good. The speaker feels pretty solid, has a nice weight to it – helps the overall sturdy feeling i had when handling it. It has some nice features, including an sd card port and (yay) shuffle mode toggle. I haven’t gotten far in my testing, however. When i started playing music via this speaker, regardless of whether it was via bluetooth or its auxiliary input, i could hear some of the deeper tones easily enough (though still not the really deep ones), but overall sound seemed tinny and lacked clarity across the tonal range. This was considerably improved upon when i used an equalizer, however, still not quite as good as some of the other speakers i’ve bought and i generally prefer to use the equalizer as a tool to fine tune a speaker, rather than to render it listenable to. If you don’t require its enhanced ruggedness, there are alternatives that sound much better right out of the box. Sound-wise, this was probably one of the two worst speakers i’ve recently tried (out of about 14, of which i kept 4) and was the reason why i chose to return it. I could have trialled it longer and ‘burn it’ in, but i felt it would have to take a small miracle to make it sound good without an extensive equalizer use.

Bloody good music sound blaster it’s a pity didn’t have it long enough got stolen the music that came out of this device was unbelievable it was so handy to carry it around whenever i needed to listen to my music.

Superbhave it for two years now and decide to share my opinion. Speaker has been dropped splashed with water,covered in mud, as i camp a lot. (it can be seen in the pictures below)made of good plastic. When i was buying a speaker i looked for good sound quality (bass and loud)and also the battery. To fully charge it tales about 3hrs. The battry lasts 8 hrs,listening non stop. Sound quality is the same if you were using bluetooth or sd card. I usually use this speaker when watching movies on my laptop via aux cable. A+++ would recommend it for all.

I’ve not used all of the input options so far, just connection by bluetooth which was as simple as all other bluetooth connections. The sound is clean, clear and crisp and the volume is certainly enough to fill a room. I current have a beats pill and bose wireless speaker and there is minimal difference between this and those – the bose costing double the price. I love the fact it has a microusb input so you can put all the music you want on it and leave it play, no draining of phone/laptop battery – however, i’ve not had the speaker on long enough to test it’s full battery capacity. Over all this a very nice, well built speaker that produces a good sound – the power ballads were blasting out in the week. A good price for a good device.

This is another in the long-line of portable bluetooth speakers. This one is medium sized , has an integrated mp3 player (so not reliant on external connectivity to get something out of it) and when horizontal gives out ‘wide stereo’ and 360 degree sound when vertical. I have to say in regard to both of these i didn’t notice a great deal of difference. In fact it has ‘loud’ booster , bass and other features which to be honest didn’t make a huge difference to me when i connected – trouble free- to my samsung galaxy edge smartphone. That said, i liked the display panel which shows you which features you have turned on and allows you to adjust from it, what you can’t do from your connected device. I liked the solid feel of the speaker and that it appears well-made. The device is chargeable and has 10 hours battery life (this is a guide and will depend on how loud you have it and which features you are using etc). As for the sound – it is pretty good but nothing special. I would say that this is good for indoors in small or medium sized rooms but very large rooms or halls or outside, not so good. All in all this is decent though probably not quite worth the price being asked for it – around £80 at the time of writing.

Just got this today as it was on offer for 30. It is not amazing, it`s a good product but nothing from the ordinary. I have till now klipsch gig/kmc 1, sony srs x3, so 3 different speakers each with different wattage and sound so let’s say i can make a recommendation. The order in terms of sound quality:creative sound blaster – at low/mid volume you barely hear the low frequencies, but if you pump up the volume a bit you will get satisfactory results, not something that will blow your mind still decent for what you pay. Klipsch – you would expect to hear amazing top quality from speakers made by them, me personally i use them when i just need raw power. Sony – the sony one sounds better even than the 40w klipsch in terms of sound quality, still is just a personal preference so it might not apply to everyonein terms of build quality i would classify them pretty much the same, the only reason for which i bought this speaker is to enjoy some music during my breaks at work, there is one thing that i find not ok, the woofer from the back of the speaker is not shielded in any way so you might end up actually destroying your speaker in one day with a set of keys or something really sharp that will put pressure on the tiny woofer, so keep that in mind, specially if you tend to chuck things in your bag/backpack without looking. Features: i would have loved to have nfc, i miss this as i have it on all the speakers except the klipsch gig, the fact that you can pair your device near instantly is huge especially when you have 3 people arround that want to play some songs that they want to share with you. The apps that are present on google play do not bring nothing in terms of sound quality to the device, personally i use jet audio in my android devices where i have different dsp profiles which are improving to a certain level the quality of the sound. Portability: now this is where this speaker takes the big commend, compared to other speakers that i own, this is the lightest.

I’m not totally conversant with everything i can do with this but, after pairing it with my phone and playing some music from it, i love the sound quality. It has a really nice balance and the music sounds better on it than if i listen through the phone itself. It has a built in mp3 player and you just put a usb drive or micro sd card in it to use that. It does play while charging too, which i wasn’t sure it would do. I am really pleased with this.

Good sound quality and bass. The controls from the speaker were important in helping me decide to buy it.

Good sound, loos good; overall great value for money.

I’d say i have average ears, am certainly not an audio expert, but am surrounded (pun intended) by wireless/bluetooth speakers, big boys like bose and sonos, and more portable bose, jabra solemate, and the £10 very portable ‘fun’ end of the bluetooth speakers. The sound blaster has been reviewed with these other products in mind, and generally it works well, but is not outstanding in all areas. There are many other products worthy of consideration in this price bracket. In the box/set up===========the speaker comes with:minimal pictorial set up instructions (12 languages),a short usb cable with a micro usb connector to plug into the speaker and standard usb to 5v plug into a charging adapter or pc/mac. (but no usb plug, mini stereo cable, nor any storage case/cover)if you’ve used blue tooth speakers before its probably pretty obvious how to set it up, if not more comprehensive instruction could be helpful, and are available on the company web site. There is no screen so a series of beeps informs you the speaker on, connected etc. There are three connection methods1. Bluetooth to phones, tablets, pcs2. 5mm ‘in’ socketa nice touch and some thing which differentiates it from the competition is a microsd card slot taking cards upto 32gb (the little ones which go in phones) plays mp3, wav and flac files. So forget doggy bluetooth connections, and running down your device battery, down load your party music on to an sd card and off you goblue tooththe speaker connects to many devices by blue tooth and paired easily with a samsung phone, tablets, ipad4 and mac. Just press and hold the bluetooth button for 2 seconds to put in pairing mode, ‘sound blaster free’ comes up on the device to pair and connect. Usbthe speaker can be directly connected to a pc using the supplied usb cable, no bluetooth connection required. It’s also recommended to download soundblaster software onto pc/mac, (win 7-8.

Could write a long, and boring, review trying to show how much i know about sound quality. I’ll leave that to someone else. -never had a connection problem. -looks cool standing vertically or horizontally.

Nice peace of kit with great sound.

I got it at the £30 price point and that represents good value. Sound and ease of use is good. Lack of a case/cover (which you really need) and any charger make it expensive and overpriced at the £70+ price point – especially as it has no screen display.

What lets you down, is there is no display to show where the player is looking for music or what is connected to the bluetooth. More like a good quality toy than a music system.

I am impressedi wasn’t expecting much when i saw this speaker, as i’ve tested several different bluetooth speakers and many are disappointing, either being too quiet, too tinny, or poor quality sound in general. I am not one for reading instructions so i just charged it up and got going. I found it relatively intuitive. You simply press the power button to turn it on and hold down the bluetooth logo to pair it with a device. I gave it to my boyfriend to use and he didn’t know how to use it and couldn’t figure it out, so perhaps some may resort to reading the instructions (which admittedly when i looked at them, weren’t very comprehensive nor helpful). There was no delay in pairing the device, all you do is go to the device you wish to use and select ‘free speaker’ then the music begins. I used it with my imac, iphone and ipad. All paired quickly and easily every time. The sound quality is very impressive.

Brilliant sound and for a brilliant price.