HOMTSSAW Bluetooth Speakers 30-Hour Playing time Portable Speaker : Very nice speaker. Not very loud but considering the price

Bought for my fiancé as a birthday gift and he loves it, very pleased.

 coming in a box measuring 9¾” x 3″ x 2⅝”, this solar bluetooth speaker is much smaller than it looks in the amazon pictures – but that’s a good thing, really. Because of it’s size, and its light weight it is all the more portable and, as far as speakers go, it lacks nothing. The volume is loud, and the sound quality is good. Included in the box is a micro usb charging cable, a 3. 5mm audio cable (jack plug), a user manual, a carabiner, and two velcro straps. Ideal for outdoor use as these can be looped through a built-in loop at one end of the speaker to hang it up outside, rather than lying it in the grass. The inbuilt torch light is useful (especially with its sos flashing function) when off the beaten track, or camping and playing outdoors. The speaker paired easily with my laptop and my phone. It came partially charged, and i plugged it into a power bank to boost the charge and test it before i give it to my grandson. I have been unable to test the solar power charging due to lack of sunshine, but i like that others have said a 10 minutes’ solar charge gives 30 minutes of music.

Love this,albeit have not used outside yet. Connected it to my alexa echo and the music is so crisp and clear.

Just what i needed at good price.

  • A rugged speaker for an active outdoor lad
  • Really loud and clear.
  • Very nice speaker. Not very loud but considering the price

HOMTSSAW Bluetooth Speakers 30-Hour Playing time Portable Speaker with Splash proof Solar-Charged Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Loudspeaker Splash Shock for all outdoor sports (Black)

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  • ★ SOLAR-CHARGED TECH ➠ Our Bluetooth speaker is built-in the latest high-power monocrystalline silicon solar panels, In the outdoor solar charge bluetooth speakers for ten minutes, it can work for half an hour
  • ★ LONG-LASTING BATTERY ➠ Large-capacity lithium-ion batteries, long battery life, can play music for more than 30 hours after a full charge. It is more convenient for you to enjoy outdoor activities such as barbecue, fishing, camping, hiking or biking and so on.
  • ★ SHOCKPROOF AND SPLASHPROOF ➠ IPX4 rated – Rugged and Water Resistant for go anywhere, It can withstand falling from a 6.5-inch height.Splashproof means you could rinse it off and play basketball in rain with outdoor speaker, but don’t submerge it for a long time
  • ★ Stereo Sound ➠ Amplifiers and 5W * 2 high-fidelity speakers were installed in the Bluetooth speakers, it is adopting advanced APT-X chip HD lossless audio technology and dual driver, solar bluetooth speaker have surprisingly original sound and powerful bass respond
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! ➠ At HOMTSSAW, we are constantly innovating cutting-edge technology that separate ourselves from the rest of the competition. Our wireless bluetooth speakers are tailor-made with customer’s need in mind and exceed the highest standards. If for some reason you’re unhappy with your purchase within 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked. In addition your speaker are backed with 2 Year Manufacture Warranty

Wireless, solar powered, waterproof and great sound quality. Sounds like a lot to ask from a sub £50. I was pleasantly surprised when i found this brilliant product. Its transformed my media experience from a tablet to cinema like experience as the sound is that good. Gets more than loud enough, however unlike some bluetooth speakers this one sounds great at those louder volumes rather than getting distorted. Has great bass levels for something of this size and have found myself tending to use it over my more expensive speakers as although they may cost more i feel like i was paying that for the brand as i do prefer the sound on this. This quality product with say a beats logo would cost a lot more than £50. 00 and would get praise with as many features as this has. The build quality is outstanding.

This is amazing crystal clear sound when listening to music or making and receiving calls. On occasions i have taken to the bathroom to listen to music whilst having a long soak in the bath. There is a solar panel on one side so fantastic to take outside wherever you go knowing that if it runs out of battery you can charge it with the sunlight. Would be fantastic for trekking. It is waterproof but cannot be put in water. The battery can last up to 30 hours playing time with 1 single charge. It comes with an audio cable and charging cable. The speakers are really well made and you can feel that in the weight and quality of it. Well worth purchasing you won’t be disappointed.

Great sound quality, even outdoors. Its sturdy and ideal for camping/beach.

Not very loud but considering the price is ok. Solar panel – it does charges the battery but cannot rely on it , it s more of a top up especially if using daily. There is a slightly annoying beeping when the battery runs low which doesnt leave you until you put it on charge and doesnt allow you to use all the battery as its very annoying.

The sound is excellent not crackly, it’s clear and definitely more than officiant for the size and quality. I bought this for my neighbour who works outdoors in construction, as anyone who works outdoors sound quality has to be loud enough to muffle outdoor noises and this does just the job. The fact that he can charge it outside without a wire etc is what really won this speaker over in my opinion. By far the best bluetooth speaker i have purchased as to date. The only fault i can give this is that it doesn’t have a micro sd slot if it had that it would be perfect.

Paired really easyly with my laptop nice for the price 👍👍.

I have been looking for a speaker like this one for a while now since reading the good reviews i decided to purchase it, and i am so pleased with my purchase. The speaker arrived promptly in a very nice secure box opening the box i could instantly see the quality of the speaker, i bought this mainly due to the solar panel. I like objects that don’t cost much to use i can leave it on the window cill to charge and it won’t cost me the electric bill, whilst using the speaker the battery life is great. It is easy to link with so many different devices but for those without bluetooth it is supplied with a very handy 3. 5 mm aux cable the sound quality is exellant. Very clear and crisp it has a great wireless transmission distance i can use it up to 33 feet away from my tablet the speaker looks and feels very robust very durable. The speaker can be charged via the solar panel and the old conventional way by a usb lead and a cable is supplied for this purpose overall this is one of the better speakers i have come across and i would have no issues in recommending it.

Absolutely fabulous , i’m chuffed with this little beauty. My partner take his to work on a building site so u can imagine the dust, water and other accidents they can occur but this little gem has been withstanding it all. So far he has had it about a month , so far so good. The connection set up is easy just pair with bluetooth and it done. Makes a noise when starting up and shutting down. Has solar panels which can recharge it battery in 10 mins to give u and extra 30min playtime. It’s shockproof, water resistant and has good clarity and bass.

Good speaker for taking to the beach battery lasts very long.

Loud speaker, looks nice and easy to use.

Well, there are lots of bluetooth speakers, so many to choose from, when i just wanted it to pair with dot. I was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality. For something relatively small, it certainly packs some punch. I like the idea that it is solar powered, which is great for being out doors. Very happy with my purchase.

This speaker is really loud but can be quiet too. It has a circle design on it which looks nice however the design is shockproof water proof and made of good quality. The best thing about this is that it can solar charge. It says 30 hours of playing time but can play for longer. This is just really awesome.

Very pleased, excellent sound for the size.

Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5 – a great amount of bass which can be attenuated if needs

Great for casual gaming and listening to music. Don’t think i could recommend for a home cinema set up or for hardcore gaming. Fairly discreet with only the subwoofer having leds. If you’re looking for something to listen to music with, or just game with casually.

Used it for a 1080p tv and can handle loud play in both high and deep ranges. What lets it down is the remote control which is very small and does not pick up sometimes when using it from a distance. May as well use the controls on the actual subwoofer but they are very scrawny to use too. All be told my mate is a little mithed at how the build was put together – maybe this would only be used in a gaming environment as they are after all gaming speakers.

The speakers sound very good. And the cables are very short. I have a very small room and i was barely able to extend the speakers around my room. And my other problem is that when its in 5. 1 surround is that most of the sound comes out the center speaker and the surround speakers are barely audible. But other than that the bass is fantastic and sound is pretty decent. Here are the specifications for the Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5:

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  • PC speakers set including wooden subwoofer with a total of 180 Watt power output
  • Computer speakers with base-synced LED Subwoofer
  • High quality surround sound with deep bass
  • Wireless remote to control volume, bass & input selection
  • Compatible with PC, Wii*, Sony PlayStation 3* and Xbox 360* (*5.1 surround sound only available on PC with 5.1 surround compatible – 3x 3.5mm outputs – connection)

These speakers are fantastic, they’re not overly loud but have a great underlying bass note to them they also come with a handy little adaptor and volume control knob which is handy and looks nice just sitting on the desk. The build quality is solid and i don’t see these going faulty any time soon the sound is crisp and clear even at max volume which is a plus.

I was skeptic before getting 2. 1 speakers as got used to have 5. However, i got nicely surprised when sound was smashingly awesome.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Optical input for me!
  • good value gaming speakers
  • Remote broke after 6 months but speakers sound great

Turned up on time and easy to understand instructions. The only gripe is that on the small hand controller you need a pair of binoculars to read the writing on it.

Wow, what a soundi purchased those as i needed an optical connection for the ps4. I do not have a big house so i did not want a big surround sound system with hundreds of speakers. The sound that came out of those speakers took me by surprise. Very well defined, a great amount of bass which can be attenuated if needs be (i have to set the subwoofer to minimum as it is a beast). I can plug it simultaneously to the tv. The cables fit on the side of the main subwoofer speaker which is really handy for access. I am writing this review to help people who have never used optical cables before. I had never used those before and it took me to google ‘how to insert an optic cable’ to be able to do something quite simple (i am quite embarassed about it) but here goes: there is a small translucid plastic cap that needs to be removed at the extremity of the cable and then only, your cable will lock in and fit.

The remote stopped working after 6 months and i have been unable to find a way of purchasing a replacement, despite contacting the manufacturer. Therefore i am limited to the few controls that are on the side of the subwoofer. However, despite this, the speakers still sound great. I have them wired into my pc via the optical port and they work perfectly.

This speaker works perfectly, looks very nice with the led light, buut, the led light only works when bass is put on max and volume is high too, which is quite disappointing. Also the plug to my computer stopped working, had to buy an adaptor, but could be that the problem was with computer itself as it was working when connected to phone.

Have them hooked up to my tv which is channelling audio from my pc via hdmi. Can get very very loud without distorting. Can definitely wake the neighbours. The remote that comes with it is a bit iffy, the speakers doesn’t always pick up the signal so you end up pressing the volume button multiple times to change the volume once. A tad hit and miss otherwise loving it.

I have now owned these speakers for almost 2 years and they have served me we. I use them for my pc set up however they can be used simply by aux cable with any device. They provide reasonable sound quality which particularly shines when watching films. For the price these are a great set of speakers. The sub woofer can be very powerful but can be adjusted with a second volume control. I have noticed a slight crackle from time to time but this doesn’t bother me and is hard to notice.

Bought this for my man cave mainly use it for watching tv. Films and football sound absolutely brilliant. There’s no issues with sound at all the volume goes very high indeed. I even use it to listen to music from my pc too which to me has perfect crystal clear sound. My only dislike is the rear speaker cables could do to be a little longer but i’ve fixed that by buying extension cable from amazon. Overall very happy would highly recommend this product.

Really good product, i was gonna spend £130 on some speakers and decided it was too much, so i bought these, thinking they wouldn’t be as good as the more expensive ones, turns out they are really good. Impressive bass, good size sub, satellite speakers look good and produce a good quality mid to high range sound, the controller is very smooth and feels like good quality, i’ve not stopped listening to music since i got them 😆👍, sfx on the movies and games are bought to life with them too.

Received these and one speaker was faulty. Misleading also as without a 5. 1 sound card you only get stereo sound. Sent it back as it was faulty and bought a £75 hitachi sound bar which is awesome.

I was seriously considering getting a more expensive set, after having subsequent 5. 1 speakers require alignment and do nothing for regular music with 2 channels, i leapt at these and have no regrets.

Brilliant set of speakers for the price. I’ve had this for a few months now and they’re still going strong. They’ve had just about every genre of music played on them and i can say now that the sound quality doesn’t drop at all. It comes with a remote, but unfortunately, it only controls the volume and the base levels and provides no functionality for changing the track, which is slightly annoying. However, other than that, it’s a brilliant piece of kit and it’s defiantly well worth the money.

Left this review for a fair few months because i have seen other people post something a long the lines of ‘bought this, died a month later’i think it’s incredible, no frequency noise, no nothing, beautiful bass, amazing sound, would recommend to everyone and anyone :).

I like the product very much and it completes my setup but i have to leave it on eco mode as if i turn the power off i lose my settings which mean i have to sort out the bass level and rgb and the sound apart from this i really like it.

Overall i’m pleased with the gxt 658 system. It can be turned up quite loud with impressive results gaming with sound via a sound blaster-z card. It was easy to install with long cables on the rear speakers. The user manual is very minimal with very poor explanations for anything. Mine has a wiring fault on the orange centre/subwoofer cable that connects to the sound blaster z card in the pc, basically the red and white connectors are reversed. Easy to overcome, just plug red into white and vice-versa on the back of the subwoofer. I’m currently discussing the issue with trust support folks. Be sure to run the speaker connectivity tests in your sound card app or windows. Sound quality seems excellent for gaming and general use, not the best for music but acceptable. With a better user guide and improved cable build quality i’d have given it 5 stars, but as it is i think 4 is appropriate.

They deliver a very good sound and pack a punch when you want to annoy the neighbours. I use them mainly for gaming and i’ve never had any distortion while playing nor while listening to music. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not an audiophile but these sounds great to my ears. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a decent quality speaker set.

Only had these speakers setup for a few days and i am already greatly impressed by the performance. The speakers all have nice long wires so you can more or less set them up wherever you want. The audio quality is really good and there is nice sounding deep bass which you can also control with the included remote. If you are looking for great audio at a great price then i highly recommend these.

Yamaha RXV583 Music Cast 7 Channel AV Receiver – : The sound is great. Everything i wanted

Massive product at the best price.

Yamaha rxv583 music cast 7 channel av tuner works in excellent 4k film main usage. Good picture and excellent quality.

For a moderately priced surround sound amp, this machine is very good. It has plenty of inputs and outputs and delivers a crisp vibrant sound that is good for both music and movies.

My husband and i found the yamaha very good as a hi fi system, plus the conection to tv , av , brilliant. Bit difficult getting started once you get going its fine very nice sound , nice up grade for us.

  • Good Amp lots of setting’s
  • A good budget amp
  • The sound is great. Everything i wanted

Yamaha RXV583 Music Cast 7 Channel AV Receiver – Black

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  • 7.2 Surround Sound AV Receiver with Network
  • Yamaha Music Cast compatible – anything plugged into this AVR can be streamed around the house
  • Latest Audio Formats supported – Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Airplay built in for easy connection to your home network or straight to your smart device
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range),HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 compatible – handles latest 4K signals in all their glory

Perfect as always from yamaha recommended. Don’t settle for anything less.

I just received the receiver today, due to a lot of cleaning requirements in my room it took my almost all day to set it up and test but that’s my own fault. Anyway, the yamaha rxv583 produces very good sound from what i could hear so far, it was relatively easy to set-up, though i wish there were clearer instructions on how to connect a 5. 1 speaker setup to it, the manual only refers to 7. The new receiver is actually also smaller & much lighter than my old pioneer vsx 421-k receiver, which i had for the past 6-7 years. Can’t say much more until i further use it but it seems like a solid and very good receiver.

The ypao arrived not functioning but i used different calibration mic until i’ll get new one. Price and performance are great.

Overall it is a good receiver. The surround modes are impressive, and in movies or tv shows it certainly delivers. When listening to music it leaves some room for improvement. But for its price, there are no complaints.

Brilliant sound and the steering of the movie dialogue and effect brings the whole scene to like. Excellent with music file as well. Internet features are a boon. Best purchase in av i have made in 25 years it like when i got my first av amp and heard 5.

Good av amp good price for what you get,loads of setting’s to play around with,have 2 yamaha floor speakers great sounds, can’t wait to get more speakers 😀👍.

I found this simple to setup.

Great sound, did not activate the 4k nor atmos or dts x, will update the review when i do. 4 stars for the fact that the ypao sensor is not very good for subwoofer levels and the subwoofer should be tuned manually.

I bought this product to play music through. I plugged 2 big jammo speakers into the front speaker outlet. Then 2 epos speakers into the surround outlets then 2 bnw speakers into the surround back presence outlets. I was expecting to get the same level of sound out of each outlet. Was i foolish to think this. Or should they all have they same sound coming from them?. I feel cheated in thinink that i would get 100w-150w per outlet. The sound in then front 2 speakers is good though.

DOSS Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Small but mighty

Ideal for shed, sunroom or out in the garden.

This really is a great piece of kit, the quality of the sound including bass is fantastic. I was looking at buying a cheaper alternative but after reading a few reviews of that one i opted for the doss as i actually believe that you tend to ‘get what you pay for’ and in this case, luckily, i was right. The quality of construction and even it’s packaging is excellent. The speaker was purchased for using out and about and in the garden when we have friends round for a barbecue, it seems genuinely waterproof as well as it’s been rained on a couple of times and keeps on going. As for the volume, this is also fine for most occasions and is actually louder than i thought it was going to be. All in all, very satisfied with it so far .

A good bass and not tinny at all.

Was good until the charger broke and the battery life wasn’t that good. Still in good condition but has stopped charging.

So far this little guy surprised me. Very loud,good quality of sound and i love the design. The lights are nice because i don t have in the garden. Looks like these guys were thinking of everything to be perfect.

There is ports: aux, usb(can connect to computer) and small memory cards. Sounds is good only can’t make them very very loud.

  • Great sound. Robust and good value.
  • Doss NOT Dross !!!
  • Neat and powerful. Packs a big sound punch.

I love it, so surprising just how good the sound quality is. If you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker then look no further.

A most excellent piece of gear. Sound is amazing, lights are fantastic, i shall be using iton the beach at bembridge on new years day.

Doss is a really great buy, company wants no faults but max service if only likes of lg had this kinda product supportalil’ marvel, excellent product.

In principal it’s a good idea, because i want to play reggae music on my boat while i’m steering it through all weathers. I’ve been trying to initially charge the battery up for 12 hrs as doss recommend, but the red light fades away and the green light has never appeared. I’d hate to have to return it. Maybe to green light will never appear and i should just attempt to play my music and see how it goes.

Firstly, thank you very much to everyone here who submitted a lengthy, useful review rather than the usual ‘it’s great’. I was browsing through vast numbers of this type of product and it was the quality of the reviews here that got me interested enough to purchase this one. For the price it’s an genuine bargain and i applaud doss (who until now i’d never heard of) for offering it for sale. The packaging is superb, it’s reminiscent of stylish but simple packaging of great british days long past. You’ll see what i mean if you buy one, it’s just lovely and shows great thought and (again), style. The device is very well constructed, beautifully so in fact, it’s solid, blemish free and uses good materials. The strap/handle attachment points are solid metal, the retainers for the strap are nicely milled from metal too and could have been plastic but they wanted better. Two strap options are supplied: the illustrated handle and a much longer shoulder strap. Some manufacturers would have charged extra for the latterthe seal over the connectors is tight and efficient and obviously waterproof.

Features of Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, IP66 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof DOSS Traveler Bluetooth speaker with 3W flashlight and 20W bold sound,12H Playtime,Handsfree,Perfect for outdoor[Rock Black]

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  • IP66 Waterproof & Shockproof & Dustproof: Rated IP66 for resistance against dust and water, meaning the Speaker can withstand pressurized jets and waves of water. perfect for Climbing, Hiking, Traveling ,Beach and more outdoor activities.
  • 4 LIGHT MODES: Adjustable focus flashlight range for different usage, short press to adjust 4 Modes, low brightness; Medium brightness; high brightness; Strobe (intermittent flashing).
  • Dream Of Superior Sound: DOSS Traveler delivers high quality crisp and clear sound with impressive volume, powered by 2 x 10W high-performance drivers and dual passive subwoofers. DSP get it right to provide outstanding performance.
  • Breakthrough Battery life : Never worry about a long journey,12 hours playtime and more than 48 hours Energy-efficient high-powered rechargeable flashlight accompany you to record the beautiful moment.
  • Why Us?: DOSS remains competitive in the audio industry over 18 years. The original brand owners as well as our own manufacturer. For this reason, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and quality.

With eighteen years of innovation, DOSS remains competitive in the audio Industry as a professional all over the world. We are a well-established manufacturer who develops the most cutting edge audio technology as well as owning exclusive tooling. In addition to creating state of the art audio technology, Our business model has enabled us to decrease on cost that allows our premium quality products to be marketed at a reasonable price.

A wonderful, innovation and portable design

At first glance, you may underestimate the quality of such a compact speaker. The true appeal of DOSS Traveler 20 Watt speakers lies in its ability to deliver full sound with dramatically deeper bass. It’ s portability, long-lasting battery, and metallic design makes it the perfect audio companion for both indoor and outdoor. Music are words unspoken and DOSS Traveler translates these words beautifully to our ears.

Dream Of Superior Sound

DOSS Traveler delivers high quality crisp and clear sound with impressive volume, powered by 2 x 10W high-performance drivers and dual passive subwoofers.DSP get it right to provide outstanding performance.

Light Up The Dark

More than 48 hours Energy-efficient high-powered rechargeable flashlight accompany you to record the beautiful moment. Eyes designed with 4 kinds of light modes, like a fellow accompany and protect you in the dark, making your outdoor activities more safer.

Music on the Way

Easy to carry outside, enjoy music whenever and wherever you like with exchangeable handle & strap even thought without pocket or bag.

Waterproof IP 66 Certificate

Rated IP66 for resistance against dust and water, meaning the speaker can withstand pressurized jets and waves of water. Perfect for Climbing, Hiking, Traveling , Beach and more outdoor activities.

Durable Design, belong with you

Never worry about a long journey, DOSS Traveler is designed to take its share of bumps and Scraps while protecting all atrocious weather, details get the speaker shockproof, crash-proof , dustproof.

About the Startup

Zedd Harris

Chief Designer

Nick J Blige

Structure Engineer

James Tomlinson

Acoustic Engineer

Describe your products in 3 words.

Attractive, Outstanding, Innovative.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We would like to create a attractive and powerful speaker , it is gorgeous like a fox and also flexible, with innovation and advanced technology makes you enjoy wireless freedom and even like a fellow accompany and protect you especially in the dark.

What makes your product special?

Exceptional bass performance with a characteristic design, Fox eyes designed with 4 light modes, you will get a richer, safer and more complete sound experience.DOSS Traveler is perfect for a flexible lifestyle where the beauty of the music goes with you.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Receiving too many positive reviews from loyal customers about our incredible products. We believe, “Dream of superior sound”. This requires a speaker with amazing sound and elegant appearance, we run all the time and effort into the engineering, testing, and development, we would like to bring your great moments with great DOSS.

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We purchased this as a christmas gift for my father in law who does a lot of work in the garden. The marketing video depicted a robust speaker and the waterproof rating was very appealing. I have to be honest i was not expecting too much, considering the price, and i was a bit sceptical of the torch element. I have to say i was absolutely amazed by the quality of the device, not only its build quality but the sound it produced. It was perfect for using outdoors and was incredibly easy to set up/pair with an iphone. The sound is projected a considerable distance and i actually think the torch, which is extremely bright, actually has some uses. Overall i would give this product 10/10. We have had bose docking speakers but i genuinely can’t tell much difference between the two. Absolutely thrilled, fan product 👍.

Bought this as a birthday gift for my brother and to be honest wasn’t expecting great quality from it. I’ve just tried it out now before wrapping it for him and i have to say i’m honestly surprised at how good this actually sounds. It’s clear crisp handles well with heavy metal style music no distortion for the most part. There is a little crackle if you have it on full volume but nothing that takes away from the sound too much. Definetly impressededit: unfortuatly having to return the item due to extremely poor bluetooth connection only working when you are right next to the speaker.

Comes in a simple cardboard box with stylish. Doesn’t come with a charger which is great as it works with so far every phone charger that we have lying around in our house. I think we have about 10 normal plus 2 multiport chargers. It comes with a shoulder strap and a hand strap that can be attached or removed as required. Reassuringly rugged piece of kit. The ip66 classification caught my eye when i was looking at it. I’ve not tested this out yet over our long summer so far but as i wanted it for outdoor use around the garden and for camping this seems more than enough for me.

For the price this is a fabulous speaker with good, clear sound quality and no bass distortion even at high volume. Worth every penny, wish i’d bought one years ago. Seems a pretty robust unit and although i wasn’t sold on the led lights they’re actually quite fun.

Very pleased with these speakers. Sound quality amazing considering the size. Looks well built and durable. The lamps are very bright but they are a spot that will light up 100 yards away, as i’ll be using it for camping i think a flood lamp would be better for me. Also in the dark i have difficulty finding the switch buttons, no problem, i’ll stick a rhinestone or something on it. So, if a mk2 version with embossed buttons and a flood lamp is produced i’ll be first in the queue.

The sound quality is brilliant. Wish it had a plastic handle instead of a strap but all in all. . Speakers are fantastic and the lights are cool too.

IP66 Waterproof & Shockproof & Dustproof: Rated IP66 for resistance against dust and water, meaning the Speaker can withstand pressurized jets and waves of water.

Its better than the beats pill for a fraction of the price. Its a perfect size, not too small that its quiet and not too big that it’s heavy. The lights on it are amazing and so much fun to use. Its easy to connect to bluetooth and to use the facilities and buttons. It comes with a strap so you can keep the speaker on you like a necklace, which helps prevent theft if youre using it out and also looks quite cool haha. If youre browsing through speakers then choose this one – its really loud and even better that its now £70 off.

It’s robust, well made and has a great sound. The sound quality is ok using bluetooth but really good using the 3. The controls are straightforward. This will be ideal for our camping trips.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using my bluetooth speaker, especially this weekend as i was away on my annual girls trip. The electricity went out in the house we stayed in and the lights on the speaker came in very handy. The battery life is as expected and the distance of connection is great. I’m yet to test its durabilty near water and if dropped. Best purchase i’ve made in a while and i would highly recommend this product.

I wanted a bluetooth speaker for my tractor cab. I went for this one as it seemed like it would be tough enough for the job and so far it has proven excellent with great sound quality. I haven’t given it a real test yet in terms of time but so far it has been good. I didn’t really want lights but they are bright and i can see them coming in handy especially in the workshop.

Great apart from at low volumes the steps are too big i. Too loud or too quiet for certain situations. The needs to be more fine volume adjustment. Apart from that it’s brilliant.

I’m yet to find much of a use for the torch/flashing lights functions, but as a little portable speaker this thing has surpassed my expectations. It was easy to link up to laptop and phones, has good battery life, is pleasingly robust and the water/dustproof design means that it can go outside or, more mundanely, sit on the windowsill by the kitchen sink without worry. Most important of all, the sound (to my admittedly non-expert ears) is remarkably good for its size and price point. Even the packaging and documentation were kind of cool.

4 LIGHT MODES: Adjustable focus flashlight range for different usage, short press to adjust 4 Modes, low brightness; Medium brightness; high brightness; Strobe (intermittent flashing).

I bought this speaker to take with me on holiday, and for the size, the sound is amazing and the quality is amazing, the bass on this is maddd . I love it, if you’re into afrobeats, r’n’b, and all that you’re going to love it. It comes with lights and there’s this ‘party mode’ love it when you’re just with friends and want to have a ‘rave’ moment without leaving the house. Love this, the sound could easily fill up a big room, not so much halls but yea.

Easy to set up, great sound quality & small & compact for when i want to listen to music, audiobooks & podcasts whilst gardening. Will also be able to use in the bathroom whilst i have a bath & when i am watching tv.

Superb quality of build, great design of the speaker and the packaging. Very easy to use and good sound. Delighted with it and thoroughly recommend.

I tested loads out in curry’s and none of them impressed me like this one did upon first test. I had previously bought the lunabox which was so terrible i returned it, so happy i decided to get this one (tbh the fox is what got me 😂) and the lights are awesome.

Actually happily surprised by this speaker. Really good sound quality (the paddles on the back really add to the sound) and good battery length. Recently moved into a new house and had this on every evening for a week without a charge. Didn’t have it at full volume as there is definitely no need. I will say that the bluetooth range isn’t great (but no worse than other bluetooth speakers ive used in the past) also, sound does get distorted at max volume but i only turned it up full to see how loud it was and it was too much for me. Maybe outside at a house party would you have it max. Led light have a few settings, not be used much but handy to have if using the speaker outside alot. Overall its definitely worth the pricetag.

Sound quality is excellent, however we have had two now that have failed to work correctly after a couple of weeks of use. The first was refunded without any fuss and we promptly purchased another in the hope that it was a one off. But now another has the same issue and we will be looking to send this back also.

I bought this to use as an outside speaker for classes i run in ibiza. I really wasn’t expecting it to be quite as good as it is – for the price it is superb and the sound quality is excellent, you won’t get any technical stuff from me but i can say that it is loud and that is actually all i wanted, as a plus it looks really cute and the torch eyes will be very useful.

Dream Of Superior Sound: DOSS Traveler delivers high quality crisp and clear sound with impressive volume, powered by 2 x 10W high-performance drivers and dual passive subwoofers.

Good so far – just a shame the flashing eyes does not sycnch to music if they did then this would be amazing. Nonetheless it is very very good for the great outdoors.

Link it to alexa to play music in the garden (though you’ll have to yell through the window to change track). Link it to your phone camping.

I really liked that, good sound quality, these flashing lights gives a good vibe,i really recommend it.

At first it came and the packaging is 5* makes it look more expensive than it is, the item is tiny, front facing no bigger than an iphones 6 and this worried me as i was using this as outdoor speaker for parties but wow does it pack a punch, the sound can be heard on every room in our big house, i listen to mainly rnb the bass packed a huge punch, i am hugely impressed by this item, if doss did a bigger one i would happily buy this aswell, the doss traveller is what it is small enough to take the party anywhere to take anywhere.

Lets get the most important thing out of the way. And i read it a lot in these mini speaker reviews. . No, these are not like the two grands worth of bose you’ve got standing in your living room. You have to compare and contrast other similar sized speakers to decide what is good. All the mini speakers (except perhaps if you’re paying a grand for them) have a trade off between bass , mid range and treble.

Breakthrough Battery life : Never worry about a long journey,12 hours playtime and more than 48 hours Energy-efficient high-powered rechargeable flashlight accompany you to record the beautiful moment.

I charged it for 12 hours as per the instructions for use. I switched it on by holding the on button for three seconds and the little blue light came on. I connected it to my iphone and played some music. The sound was so loud i had to turn it down. It has huge volume for such a small box. It seems well designed and time will tell whether it is robust enough to be used and played every day. It suits my needs perfectly. It is small enough to fit in my handbag, so will be my constant companion now. Great value at the amazon deal price.

Only downside i can think is no usb input port for playing direct from a memory stick/thumb drive. I use one in the car and having the ability to plug straight into the speaker once in the hotel room would be a bonus. The lights are a gimmick that i could do without. If your going down the light route at least make them rgb and pulse in time to the music being played.

Smaller than i thought it’d be, but it definitely packs a punch. The sound quality is fantastic, very bassy and seems to handle anything you throw at it with ease. The packaging is sleek, modern and screams high quality.

Betron JRS40 Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable 40mm Speaker For Iphone : Exceptional quality product

Great little speaker for what i need, has lovely sound and loud enough for what i use ti for and transaction was perfect.

I was really surprised at the volume and quality of sound that came our of this tiny speaker.

Betron JRS40 Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable 40mm Speaker For Iphone, iPod, Ipad, Tablets and MP3 Players – White

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  • Compact size portable speaker, Matte black finish, High quality sound, with clear bass. Available in 8 Different Colours. Choose the Colour you prefer from the Colour Chart
  • Very Portable speaker with long continuous playback from one charge
  • This mini speaker provides great sound in a portable package Toss into your bag so youre never far from a party, or loop a lanyard through it for easy portability
  • Unscrew to activate pop-out feature to increase volume and bass Speaker jack tucks away discreetly into bottom of speaker LED indicator light shows if device is on or off
  • Ideal Travel Speaker. Betron Speaker is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod , Mp3 Players and All Android Mobile Phones. This extraordinary audio device offers the right balance between sound quality and portability.

Thought, as its so small, would make a tinney noise, not so, amazed at quality and sound of this clever little compact device. Tip: ensure sound has passed the ‘okay’ noise protection warning and that the ipad is on ‘full’ potential sound, then it device works to full advantage. Buy it, i am very pleasantly surprised.

Gives a perfect volume for outdoor use with the ipod. This was brought to take on holiday alongside my ipod and it was everything i needed. Also didn’t cause any problems for other holidaymakers as the sound was confined therefore i wasn’t causing a nuisance to anyone else. The product arrived in perfect time and also came with a handy carry case that not only holds the speaker but also the ipod.

A quite brilliant little speaker.

Betron JRS40 Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable 40mm Speaker For Iphone, iPod, Ipad, Tablets and MP3 Players – White : Brilliant product, totally transforms my laptop adio volume and quallity when watching videos or listening to music, and so tiny it is easy to carry it anywhere as it takes up almost no room. Pleasant company to deal with too. Totally recommend this product, you will be astonished by the quality of sound it gives for something so tiny you can cover it inside your hand.

I bought the white one and i really like the colour. It is small and portable which makes it easy for me to bring it anywhere i go. It arrives in a small box and with a pouch to keep it as well. And it works well with my mini projector, laptop and iphone. Very happy with this product.

Used to clear desk of outdated , extremely large , pair of speakers with indifferent sound quality.

A friend took one of these on holiday with him recently- played it in the villa. I was amazed by the very good quality of sound for such a little speaker, so decided to buy one when i got back home. Very pleased & would recommend.

What a cheap naff looking product. . I could not be happier, this was purchased for my parents who had issues with the speakers on the ipad, and they are over the moon with it.

Bought this a while ago its fab.

I actually use these things as ‘sound pillows’ from tv’s headphone socket so i don’t wake the house watching late night tv. Tv is set to automatic shut-off after 4 hours and i haven’t to recharge yet after 4 days.

Excellent speaker can listen to all my songs audible books in comfort now volume is amazing and so clear what a brilliant speaker this is in such a small package. Many thanks your product is great.

Very happy with this device, i use it with my ipod and kindle when listening to books.

Great sound for such a little speaker. Bought it because i needed a speaker for both my laptop (speaker sound not very loud) and for my smartphone which could not play radio without earphones or external speaker. My only criticism would be the built in speaker lead as it’s only roughly 6* long. A wired in cable sllightly longer would be better so i could stand the speaker up properly when using my laptop. Great quick delivery from uk to spain.

Good volume and sound 🙂 bought this one for my mum to plug in to her tablet. I have one too, which i use with a laptop.

Arrived same day 1 star awardedcheap as chips 1star awardedsmall and compact 1 star awardedlost 2 marks for the fact the cord is 10cm long making for really tricky movement of the phone whilst attached so rather annoying.

For a small gadget, this is very loud. The only downside is i wish the lead was longer as its only a few inches long.

For the price and size of this product, it was a bargain. The sound was ridiculously good. This will be something i’ll carry with me everywhere. Even came with a handy pouch to keep the speaker safe in your bag.

I bought this to listen to the archers on my phone when i’m abroad. It isn’t hifi but what do you expect?. It’s loud enough for a small room and perfectly adequate for my purposes. Gold start, vg and a tick from me.

I used this for my phone speaker for when i use the sat nav on my phone. I really liked it because i could hear the sat nav instruction at motorway speed without any trouble, clear and concise. Only 4 stars as sometimes it would start to make a ‘buzzing’ noise, which i could not get rid off, even if i disconnected and reconnected, other than that it is a really speaker for the price.

Excellent product, good quality construction and nice sound.

Dell AX210CR  – 3 : Great speakers, ideal for transporting around

Not bad for £5, usb powered.

These speakers are nice and sleek, they look, work and sound well. However, if you are looking for speakers with bass, then these are not for you.

Dell AX210CR Black – 3.5 mm Portable Stereo Speaker with USB Cable – Universal – Da

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  • Material de alta calidad
  • Compra 100% Segura
  • 30 Days Return procedure
  • Resistente y perdurable

Though volume not brilliant.

Amazing price and super fast delivery. Helps my daughter hear better doing work on her laptop.

Very good service but dell product low vol not very good.

Dell AX210CR Black – 3.5 mm Portable Stereo Speaker with USB Cable – Universal – Da : No issues but don’t expect lot of bass for the size.

Bought so i can use in conjunction with a dell monitor for a cheap pc build i’m currently making. Positives: sleek design, volume wheel, usb powered & 3. 5 audio connector, relatively portable, long cables, very loud, passive radiators holes in the back. Negatives: muddy sound, heavy distortion after 60-70% volume, cheapo and unstable audio connector, non-removable cables. For the price of around 10 pounds, you could probably find better ones, however if you care about looks and you need them to be dell branded (like i did in this case), you can’t go wrong with these. They still sound good for most activities, and you could make them sound very decent with some wizardry from an eq, so you won’t regret it either way. Worst come to worst, just tuck them somewhere and use them as an emergency pack, you never know when you will travel with a laptop, or your main speaker system caves.

Love the design,they are ok for the pricei will update review about performance.

Great speakers for the price , excellent service ,.

They produce a clear sound on the top end. Don’t expect mega bass for the price. Handy (almost hidden) volume control on the top of the right hand speaker. Not bad if you don’t expect too much. Great that they don’t need a power supply other than a usb. Powerful enough for reasonable volume if you wish to hold a telephone conversation in your nearby bathroom.

Excellent dell speakers, great sound, usb and headset connections. Much cheaper than buying directly from dell.

Lava BrightSounds 2 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker : I love this! Battery life is great

This is great speacily for camping and would recomend.

I connect my alexa or ipod and use it around the house and garden. I also love that i have the security of a light if there’s a power cut. It’s well made and looks great.

Lava BrightSounds 2 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Dimmer Controlled Lantern, Powerbank for Phone/Tablet Charging & Battery life up to 36hrs – Mustard

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  • BLUETOOTH STREAMING – Listen to any music, podcasts or audiobooks from your Phone, Tablet or other Smart Devices simply and wirelessly with easy-pairing Bluetooth functionality.
  • LED LANTERN – The whole bottom section of BrightSounds illuminates at the touch of a button and can be adjusted from warming hue to vivid glow. Ideal for camping, caravans, or long garden evenings.
  • POWERBANK – It’s easy to charge your mobile phone or tablet from BrightSounds with the handy USB port, giving you a power boost when you’re out & about and need it most.
  • POWERFUL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – The high capacity lithium-ion battery will deliver up to an incredible THIRY SIX HOURS of life between charges, depending on use.
  • DESIGNED IN THE UK – BrightSounds 2 is constructed from rugged polymer and offers IPX4 water resistance, so it’s perfectly accustomed to a life with you in the great outdoors.

Brilliant sound, good light. An ideal accessory for caravanning or going to the beach or even just in the garden, we use it all the time 😀.

Got it at a reduced price, but even if i paid the full price, it would still be a great product. Good sound, range and battery endurance. The only annoying thing is the sound it makes when its being turned on. Don’t think too much, if you need a decent portable speaker, this is a good choice. (if you don’t need the integrated lamp, you might want to look for a smaller speaker.

A bit bigger than expected, but great sound quality and the light and charging is are nice features.

Lava BrightSounds 2 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Dimmer Controlled Lantern, Powerbank for Phone/Tablet Charging & Battery life up to 36hrs – Mustard : Great sound and very reasonably priced compared to similar lamps/speakers.

The sound isn’t the most amazing but for the price, how easy it is to use and the fact that it also works as a charger it is definitely worth the money.

Surprisingly good sound for such speaker. Won’t replace your hifi but fun to use.

Ok, so it isn’t bose quality sound but good enough for me. Ideal for using outside the motorhome of an evening using the light and audio and the powerbank is a bonus.

Good size, good looks – my daughter loves it, goes reasonably loud, rechargeable with built-in light, but not the last word in sonic definition. But it was cheap as chips on black friday so cant grumble too much.

The light is ok, not enough to eliminate a room. The speaker is similar; quire good quality of sound but not so good on volume. Perhaps i expected too much from something that performed two functions. Nice idea but no excellence in either function, just the speaker would have been good.

Now i’ve had a chance to use i’ve got the hang of it. I play it via my iphone and u can use your phones sounds eq setting to make it sound better.

Very loud, and amazingly long battery-life. I’ve bought others for friends & family in the past, and everybody loves this.

Highly recommend, great sound, battery lasts or ages.

Fantastic little speaker – lasted a long weekend at a festival being used for music, light and charger.

Very good quality bluetooth speaker. Nice retro look to the speaker part and the dimmable light will give a nice glow under our awning on holiday. Decent sound, good bass depth with no discernable distortion at higher volume. Came fully charged and after 6 hours of use, still showing as 100% battery.

Got this for mother’s day and love ita good price, i didn’t charge it for too long as was desperate to use it straight away but then cut out. So make sure you give it a really good charge then lasts a long time. Also like the light feature.

The sound is not as good but reasonable for the price. Good for listening radio or podcasts.

We go camping and are outdoors a lot and this device is perfect for that. Not only does the battery last for ages when bluetoothing music to it but it doubles as a light/torch and charges your mobile when you’re away from home. Can also be used hands free as it is voice activated. Cant say enough good things about it.

A friend of mine bought one of these, and i quickly fell in love. Great-looking, very effective and sounds wonderful. Good for camping and the light is good but not glaring.

I love the colour and style of this speaker. And looks good in my home and the volume and sound quality is pretty great. For example i had it playing music whilst i was hoovering the house and i could hear the beat and lyrics. It’s definitely portable with the cute leather handle but it’s definitely not pocket sized which makes sense as it can also be used as a lamp which has a good brightness to it. Admittedly, i haven’t learnt how you can skip songs using the buttons on the speaker, which i’m sure it said i can do. But the connection to my phone is strong so i can do it easily off my phone.

Light and sound are excellent and the battery lasts a long time.

Hromen Bluetooth Shower Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom Speakers : It’s the perfect size and really good for the price

This hands shower speaker is colourful, the sound quality is good, the bluetooth is excellent, it is easy to set up and represents excellent value for money.

My son says its awesome which must mean great.

Hromen Bluetooth Shower Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom Speakers with FM Radio,NFC,LCD Display,Clock, Cool Cracking Backlit,Strong Adhesion Suction Cup Hands-free Calls

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  • 1. Design is inspired by Northern Europe Story: A light in the dark with hope.With cracking backlit, the luminous wireless speaker could be the coolest light up Bluetooth speaker of all music speakers! Besides, the LCD display with back light enables you to see clearly about the clock, FM radio station, power, volume increased or decreased and Bluetooth mode or not, etc..
  • 2. CYRSTAL SOUND WITH BASS HOME AUDIO With 5W Output: like a band aside you as relax in the bathroom, bedroom, dinning room, kitchen, study or car. The volume can be max to 15 degree. Compatible with all smart cell phones like for iPhone 4/5/6s, 7/plus,8, Huawei P6, Samsung galaxy S4/5/6/7/8, Eage, Sony, HTC, LG, Notebook, Ipad
  • 3. FM RADIO & Clock: more than 30 radio stations can be saved automatically. You can find and listen to the favorite programs easily. Enter Clock mode, take it as a clock which shows the time for 20 days if you do not shut it off. Built-in rechargeable battery 2600mAh battery capacity can last for 6-8 hours including a fast charging cable. NFC offers fast Bluetooth connection with the speaker when you place the phone near the logo “Hrome”. Time cannot be seen under Fm mode.
  • 4. Real waterproof IPX7 level.No worry as falling into water.It is amazing to test the light in the water, though the sound cannot be heard. Detachable suction cup ( works best on flat smooth glass surfaces) and its light and compact size increase mobility and applicability for everyday indoor and outdoor use, such as shower, beach, pool, yacht, car, office,traveling and much more.
  • 5. Worry free on purchasing Hrome items with 1 year 100% warranty.

Took a little while to arrive, but my eldest son now takes more showers as he likes to blast his music through the pouring water.

Love it, especially in the garden.

Hromen Bluetooth Shower Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom Speakers with FM Radio,NFC,LCD Display,Clock, Cool Cracking Backlit,Strong Adhesion Suction Cup Hands-free Calls : Easy to set up and to charge, compact and sturdy, great shape too.

Used this gadget for the first time today. Was easy to link bluetooth to phone. You can boogie in the shower and take phone calls too. The lights flash so you can feel like you are in the disco whilst showering.

Great addition to the shower picks up the blue tooth from out phones easily. Looks great and sounds great.

This item is really good but i agree with another reviewer the voice is so annoying.

Books up to anything with blue tooth.

This is a brilliant bluetooth speaker that can be used in the shower. The ease of use is fantastic.

As described and arrived on time.

Love, love this bought it on a recommendation from my sister and i am not disappointed. Will come into its own on the darker nights.

I use it in my bathroom as its waterproof. I do find that from hot steam, on full volume, the device can sound muffled but quality usually resumes once its not as steamy or i low down the volume a little. The radio and clock aspect are cool.

Sounds really good, very handy, we now have music in the bathroom.

It’s on my shower door (it doesn’t stick to tiles) and is perfect as a connecting bluetooth speaker.

My granddaughter will be pleased with this radio on christmas morning.

Good sound quality and i have had it for a few weeks and have not needed to charge it yet. Not worth the original price of over £100 but i like it at the discounted price. The lights are mutu colour and not just blue as the picture may suggest. I only use it with blue tooth and i’m happy with that.

Its a simple enough to use bt speaker, with a cheerful little voice to tell you what mode/status it is in. At max volume it distorts the sound, and the fm reception is pretty average. Like others i’ve had it just freeze so none of the buttons work, but rather than return i just opened it up and temporarily disconnected the battery and it was reset and started to work again. All said it’s loud enough to hear over the shower.

Excellent value for money, very funky. Daughter going to love this.

My speaker will not work wont turn off help anyone help me.

Bought this for my husband for christmas, he thinks it’s great.

Sharp HT-SB140 : The sound is good

The trouble with flat screen tv’s, the speakers are naff. The soundbar will enhance all sound frequencies to give a louder, fuller sound, and is especially more noticeable in the bass range. This can be placed underneath the tv or wall mounted, brackets are included but not fixings. This can be connected via hdmi if your tv has arc abilities or via an optical cable. It is also bluetooth enabled so you can play sound direct from your mobile device. This is a long soundbar, much wider than my 42” sony. I do not have my tv wall mounted and is on a cabinet, with tivo, now tv box & ps4 underneath and amazon fire stick on the side. The last thing i want is another remote to hold, so decided to connect via hdmi to use the tv volume buttons on the remote to control sound. There is a big sound difference with bass, great for watching movies. However, for standard tv, found that the bass was too much and standard vocals were muffled.

Right size for a 32″ tv can use tv hand set when hdmi connected.

I like this sharp sound bar, it fit nicely along side my 49″ television. The slim low profile is just 6cm which allows the sound bar to fit neatly underneath the screen of my and most tvs. Without obscuring the picture. This sharps sound bar is compatible with any television that has a hdmi, digital optical audio (s/pdif) or 3. 5mm auxiliary (aux) connection, making it a handy bit of kit. The bluetooth-in function allows you to wirelessly stream all your audio content from your smart tv, tablet and mobile, in fact any bluetooth enabled smart device will work well with this item. I connected my devices to the sound bar in minutes and have had no issues with the sound bars performance. In my opinion the sound produced is super compared to the price of the bar. In the average living room with average wall thickness, i would say that if you need a sound bar that won’t have your neighbours calling out the sound police every time you switch on you television or music, then this sharps sound bar will tick all your boxes, therefore it’s 4* from me folks.

Dissappointed in the volume, but otherwise ok.

  • Dialogue sound not the best.
  • Amazing for the price
  • Replaced for blown plasma tv speakers

Sharp HT-SB140(MT) 150W 2.0 Slim Wall Mountable Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/CEC & Remote Control – Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • This universal soundbar is compatible with any Television that has a HDMI, Digital Optical Audio (S/PDIF) or 3.5mm auxiliary (aux) connection. It can be used on a table/stand/TV unit or wall mounted.
  • At 95cm wide the HT-SB140(MT) is ideal for large TVs with a screen size of 49″ and above (but would work just as well for 40-43″ TVs); perfect for the living room/lounge, kitchen diner or cinema room.
  • A slim, low profile of just 6cm allows the soundbar to fit neatly underneath the screen of most TVs and monitors without obscuring the picture.
  • Bluetooth-in functionality allows you to wirelessly stream audio content from your Smart TV, tablet, smartphone/mobile (or other Bluetooth enabled smart device) to play through the Soundbar speakers.
  • The sound bar system has buttons on the unit itself or you can even use the TV remote when connected with the convenient HDMI ARC/CEC functionality.

The sound from my tv was driving me up the wall.

There are definitely going to be situations where this is a good choice but none come to mind immediately. For the money it’s good enough, but compared to the sound from the 4 or 5 year old lg smart 40″ tv that i have, there isn’t that much of a difference. If you have a cheaper tv, or one that’s physically smaller (the bigger the tv it tends to be the larger the speakers they can sneak in) and have been suffering from weedy sound or mumbled dialogue then it could improve both volume and clarity. But, for just a few quid more you can get essentially the same thing with a sub-woofer which will really round out the bass notes.

Well i run my tv though a amp with 5. 1 system all good but not for when you want to just watch a bit of tv without turning on everything, as my plasma tv is old so the speakers have now blown but the screen is fine, the answer is this sound bar, its not the best but for the money its great for 70 pounds its cheaper than a new tv. Ive found no problems setting it up even the bluetooth to my samsung s9 was so easy, no passcode, just found saved then play from phone easy. Ive contected it with a rca to phone for my tv as my optical out is going to my amp system, there is some modes news movie music not played much with these and to be honest i wont as if i need that i would turn on my 5. So all in all if are looking for a bar thats as big as a 49in tv this would fit just any smaller tv the speaker would be bigger. Ive put mine on top of my tv and held it on with duck tape, it does come with some brackets for the wall but my tv isnt that close so i will have to make brackets that will allow me have it on top of the tv without the tape. For a cheapish sound bar for a old tv its great with good bass and clean sound.

The sound bar has a substantial weight and the build quality is good. For connections you get hdmi arc, optical, 3. Unlike some of sharp’s other models, you actually get an led display, which allows you to see the volume level instead of just hearing it. On the unit the controls are on the side though, which i’m not keen on. The bar is a bit too long for smaller tv screens in my opinion. The audio quality is decent, but not great. The main problem is a lack of bass. It’s just not possible to get substantial bass from a single unit like this, not for this kind of price at any rate.

Excellent product, easy to set up and great sound.

Great product, does what it says.

Enjoying some nice sound quality paired to my phone and playing pavarotti’s hits. Decided not to add to the tv as need to acquire cables and not really bothered with extra sound output as i have to juggle 2 remotes already depending on whether ordinary or hd channel. But i do like paired with my phone, which was really easy to do. This means i can move the speaker around the house and even outside to enjoy music. Only disappointment is the range of the remote – it doesn’t reach from my sofa to the speaker on the opposite side of the room, just 7 feet. I have to get up and halve the distance. That could be inconvenient anytime i have to instantly mute, e. To take a phone call or speak to someone coming in the room. Before buying, do take notice of the measurements and check against your preferred location – it is quite long.

Good bass from a small soundbar. Remote doesn’t always respond.

Didn’t want a large sound bar so looked at this model, it sits underneath our tv fine. We used an optical lead to feed it. The remote does need to be quite close to operate. Otherwise it’s neat and looks ok. We purchased a sound bar to overcome some poor voice reproduction on tv programs which it has done. I would say this is an entry model.

Great size and quality for the cost. Have added it to my 32″ kitchen tv and it’s perfect. This tv is a cheap jvc and the sound quality is rank without extra speakers. Much improved and sits below the screen unlike the previous goodmans soundbar we had been using. Although obviously a budget 2. 1 model this is a step up in quality to the previous one.

Very good quality/price ratio. Amazing loud bass, good quality speaker for large rooms. I have smaller bose solo 5 for the living room and these for the kitchen/dining room/patio. Sound quality is not as good as bose by far. But much better than other cheap speakers. Edit: i had to update my review. Speakers are really hard to set up with your phone on bluetooth.

Regardless of how much you pay for your tv these days if it’s a slimline flat screen i will almost guarantee that the sound will only be so-so, so most tv’s benefit from using a sound bar that either connects via hdmi (if you’ve enough sockets) or via an optical connection. It has a good range; from a deep base to a pretty decent treble. Sound quality is also pretty good for the price range and is clear and in synch with the tv. It is quite long and as a result may not fit some tv units, however, if you’re using it with a larger tv (50″+) you should be ok. The only other issue i could see with it is that it is quite deep so you may have to raise your tv to be able to use the tv remote, not a problem if the tv is wall mounted though as this soundbar would sit on a shelf below. You can bluetooth it to other devices, but not something i would do personally. It also doesn’t supply surround sound, even virtual surround sound, so if you want that as part of your viewing experience you may have to choose a different soundbar. Good value for the price and suitable for someone on a budget who wants to improve the sound from their tv.

This is a nicely designed, compact black soundbar. Measuring just 65cms long and 6cms high, it will suit an environment where space is at a premium, particularly as this can be quickly and easily wall mounted. As sound bars go this is at the cheaper end of the market, but it will provide you with an upgrade on flat screen tvs from the lower end of the budget range. Set up is simplicity itself, and if you want to wall mount you only need 2 screws in the wall and the bar merely slots over the screw heads, no complicated mounting here. There are both optical and hdmi inputs, which are the recommended connections, but also usb and line in as well as bluetooth connectivity. Make your connections and plug in the power and switch on, its as simple as that. Controls (on/off, mode, volume) are on one end of the bar, or there’s a remote control and there’s a single light source on the front of the unit which indicates the modeas for the sound, the remote will allow you to switch between music, movie and news modes, so you can at least customise the sound to some degree and the 110w output should be enough for most. As for the sound, its not perfect, at the extremes, both treble and bass lost clarity, but let’s be clear here this is a budget unit, so the sound is perfectly adequate at this price point.

In general the price of soundbar systems have got more affordable over the past couple of years. This sharp ht-sb150 is a lower priced but affordable product. The first thing that is striking is that it is designed for the larger sized tv, outsized for anything less then 49”. The box it arrives in is long. Wiring in is straight forward with a hdmi cable though there is an optical socket, a line in jack and of course the power supply. There is also a usb socket but this is to be used to upgrade the device and cannot be used for charging. The sound bar has an led display on the front showing connectivity, there is a standby switch, source switch and volume control on one end of the device. The remote control is basic and feels a bit cheap but considering the price point of the product i’d not be expecting something gold plated. There is a preset equaliser button with movie , music and news. Bluetooth paring is straight forward using either the buttons on the sound bar or the remote control.

Bought this to use in the boardroom of our head office in the av set up. It is the best £80 i’ve spent, the sound quality is superb, easily filling a 30ft long room with sound.

Good value, good high range sound but form factor limits bass output and response. Connects well to tv or other sound sources, works well for smaller tvs who lack much bass output but didn’t add much to the sound experience of a larger tv’s native speakers. Very easy to use and work with.

This item was purchased to attach to a toshiba 32′ tv. It improves the sound from the tv vastly. Simple to connect and operate. I am very satisfied with it.

This relatively inexpensive soundbar has a number of attractive features, notably its connection 7 cm height that means it can be placed in front of television sets without obscuring the sensor: a problem with taller soundbars. Also it comes with a hdmi connection which allows one to use the volume control on the television, an advantage to those who sometimes forget and don’t use the remote to alter the volume. It is very easy to set up: i chose the optical connection as the easiest of the three, but there are bluetooth and hdmi alternatives. I found the sound rather boxy, with a note of harshness in its projection of voices. Possibly this is the result of the slimline character of the sandbar, allowing for relatively small speakers. The equalisation feature made no real difference to the sound in movies news broadcasts and music, but i will admit that i have to the ears. For another £20 or so, there are soundbars with better quality sound available, hence my award of three stars.

Harman Kardon Harman-Kardon Soundsticks III USB – Suprised with the sound

I used the 1st version of sound-sticks many years ago with my pc and also, using an external sound card for connecting my guitar. And believe me, quality was there and also volume. Impressive definition and durability, highly recommended.

The price is good for the quality of sound.

I had used a jbl set of pc speakers for the last 11 years until one of them gave up on me. I bought trust tytan speakers and sent them back then a set of logitech speakers and sent those back too. Then my son recommended harman kardon and as soon as i got them plugged in i was literally transported into musical heaven. They were slightly cheaper than logitech speakers but the sound quality and performance are in a league of their own. Here are the specifications for the Harman Kardon Harman-Kardon Soundsticks III USB:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Subwoofer: 25.8 cm diameter 23.2 cm/2.2 kg
  • Right/Left Channel Speaker: 25.4 cm diameter 5.1 cm/0.7 kg

Clear sound with awesome bass. Only niggle is that the sound is controlled from the sticks themselves and can be a bit fiddly, but other than that it’s the perfect stereo for my pc.

I really didn’t want to like these. They seem like ‘style over substance’. 1 system in the prime day sale. I decided to opt for these at full price in their place. If you’re on the fence, just buy them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Really nice speakers
  • Once you hear these you won’t go back
  • Great sound and design.

Great sound from this system especially the superb bass. If you position the sticks pointing directly at you, they are excellent. It looks futuristic and sounds just the business. I used to have a very good hi-fi in the past but, none now. Now i have hi-fi from my pc (or it sounds like it to me) 10/10 for these fabulous speakers.

My first 2:1 pc sound system was, and still have it, is a jbl media 3 and the jbl media sub with more than 20 years. The subwoofer stopped working a few months ago, so i decided that it was time to replace and upgrade the sound system, but still keeping a 2:1 system. Having search the market for 2:1 systems for pc, with excellent sound, base in critics, and keeping the expense ceiling at €150 i started to find the hk soundsticks iii wired a very good choice. At first i was sceptical due to the fragile look – better looks than sound – that they tend to show. But decided to take the jump, and order it after read so many reviews praising the sound. First notice, people complaining about cables should had the jbl media 3 system. This system has half the cables of my old system. Sound wise, with less power than my jbl, but it plays louder, so much more clarity, and no distortion at higher volumes. Great bass, with so much control. Its crispy sound for music, games and movies still amazes me, and i’m still getting used to their sound.

Really good; does the job for miscellaneous computer sounds, great fro gaming, brilliant for music – from classical through to heavy metal give a good frequency response, amazing really for the price. I wanted a blue pair of pc speakers and was thinking of the kef egg but they are around £300 and that’s without the sub woofer. These are not blue but the clear plastic design looked like it’d be easy to add some blue leds to and got pretty good reviews on various hi-fi forums and only £115 so i decided to be sensible, money wise, and went for these. The design isn’t so easy to add leds to as it looked but they sit slightly back of my monitor which has blue led strips on and they reflect that light nicely making them glow blue so that issue solved. The design does mean the speakers need to be pointed at you and the instructions do mention that they may need to be adjusted so i made a little wooden slope for one of them and it was only when i put it under the speaker that i found they can be adjusted anyway :-d it’s not obvious at first and not mentioned in the manual but there ya go, it can. The cables are all very high quality, durable and shielded and reasonable length. Slightly unusually for pc speakers the psu is a separate module and a standard model but this could be a good thing; a psu one of the mostly likely things to fail and if it does will be easy, and more importantly cheap, to replace. Bit awkward to have a separate volume for the sub, on the sub, and speaker volume on one of the speakers, would haver been nicer to adjust both from the controller speaker but not enough to drop a star. The volume controls are very sensitive, adjusting up and down just by having a finger, or knuckle, near it so accidentally changed volume a couple times turning monitor off and on but moved them slightly to avoid this. All in all i am very impressed with what you get for £115 and would recommend them for anyone wanting a good set of pc speakers but not wanting to fork out for a truly audiophile setup.

Ever since i first saw these come onto the market back in the early 2000’s i have always wanted a set. I mean, i walked into my local curry’s store and was immediately hit with a rich vibrant sound of what i could only describe as hifi heaven at the time. After walking round the store to try and find out where the sound was coming from, i was shocked to see it was actually a set of pc speakers. That actually sounded better than anything else in the store. Then i saw the price tag and was like. Well yes they are good but for the price at the time i’m gonna stick with my current setup. Roll on to 2018 and my old logitech pc speaks died and i needed to replace them, so i decided to hunt down these again after remembering what they were like many years ago and found a wired set. Now, let me say that they have only gotten better with age. – the finish to the product as a whole is second to none.

I bought these with a price of £110, and got them because they looked very elegant and beautiful, and in real life they really are. They’re extremely polarising, they capture the light from my everything around then and circles them around the plastic exterior of the speakers. The sound quality is just terrific for the price, the sub productions a deep rich base with great clarity, and the two satellites are great for the mid and high ranges. However the speakers are extremely directional, i have them set up at each side of my desk for the best amount of separation and widest sound stage. However they’re also loud enough to fill up a medium sized room with audio during a house party or something. However i don’t like the capacitive buttons on the satellite, sure when the design first came out it might e blown people away, but now. Well it just feels awkward to move increase or decrease the volume not to meantion you always mess with the volume by accident when in normal use or moving then about. The nob for the bass is on the subwoofer, which is a mild annoyance when changing from genre of music, movies and video game and yiu want to increase and decrease the bass as fit. Overall, great speakers, espically for the price i paid, great build quality, great audio quality and they look sexy as hell. ( satellites also mildly look like ‘toys’ your girlfriend would have laying around ;)).