Auna LINIE-300-SF-WH/BK loudspeaker – superb sounding elegant speakers

? clear sound lightweight plus clips-on ?. ?upgrade lavalier microphone, pchero clip-on omnidirectional condenser lapel mic for iphone, ipad, ipod touch, samsung android and film interviews video recording – [golden plug?♻️as an amateur film producer, i bought the pchero clip-on to make a series of short films and conduct one to one interviews (vox pops). I have to say for the price i find the quality to be superb. The audio has a great range and really picks up all the detail in the human voice, including the lower and middle bass frequencies. You therefore don’t lose any richness in the sound ♻️♻️ the quality is excellent and the microphone is very well made and packaged. It comes with a clip which makes it very easy to use. The pchero lav mic is made of polished and protected steel, the unit is extremely lightweight and its designed for optimum portability, flexibility, and comfort. The 59 inches long cable is brilliant as it allows you lots of room to position your camera for the perfect shot and does not hamper you with having to be too close. It is affordable at a low prices ♻️♻️ i would recommend if you are conducting one to one interviews, that you find a nice quiet location with no extraneous background noise, as this little mic will really pick up things when it is powered on for normal camera use. Effectively it becomes a very small condenser mic. ]

They look very nice and work well.

Great speaker for the price. Great speaker for the money. 1 setup using a yamaha rv-763 amp with boston acoustics bassbox & cube speakers all round. To be honest i have never really liked the sound of these speakers. But after adding this auna center speaker, it sounds great. What a difference from changing one speaker. The sound quality of this auna far surpasses the price i paid for it. A nice full all round sound. Good build quality (old skool wood case), nice & heavy so wont bounce about when turned up ;o).

  • superb sounding elegant speakers
  • Not bad for the price quite impressed with the bass made
  • highs are a bit too high but that is easy to fix
  • Top Class centre speaker
  • Absolutely outstanding value and performance from this as a centre
  • Good value and great performance

Highs are a bit too high but that is easy to fix. The highs are a bit too high but that is easy to fix. They sound nice and look nice.

Got these for son he loves them.

Features of Auna LINIE-300-SF-WH/BK loudspeaker – loudspeakers (Black, White, Tabletop/bookshelf, Speaker set unit, Wired, Wood, 2-way)

  • • Pair of passive 2-way bookshelf speakers with 5″ (13 cm) woofer and 35 watts RMS power • Quality connection terminals with gold plated contacts • Black wooden cabinet with removable speaker cover
  • • Connections: 1 x set of speaker terminals • Power: max. 76W each • Impedance: 8 ohms • Non-slip rubber feet

Superb sounding elegant speakers.  auna line 500-wh pair of passive 3-way tower floor standing speakersauna speakers are not a name i had come across before, i’ve been in the audio trade for near to 30 years and have seen plenty of new brands pop up, some good some not so good. First impression of the auna line 500’s is how nice they look, haven’t seen white speakers in a long time, they would fit well with the designer type interiors or that shabby seek style. Fitted with four speakers, you have the two gold small mid range speakers, the small tweeter and on the side you have a subwoofer which is where all the bass come from, i have seen this design before and like it, as bass is none directional (doesn’t matter where you place a sub) it works well, it doesn’t need to compete with the mid and tweeter giving the sound a better range, much clear high end rather than being lost to the heavy sounding bass speakers. On the rear you have gold binding plugs that can take any thickness of cable, you can connect via bare cable or a banana plug for extra stability. I am using the speakers with the matching auna cd708 hifi stereo amplifier (600w, 3 band eq & remote control) – silver, i have my ipod connected to the amplifier. Sound is excellent, tone is good at each level, enough high end from the tweeter, great mid range and lots of bass from that side facing sub, they are very balanced speakers, adjust the tones on your amplifier and the speakers will react as you want, nothing lost in a bit more bass or more treble, the speakers pick up just lovely. These are weighty speakers being able to handle some power, 140 watts and that’s rms not music power. The speakers are heavy which is great so that the sit on the floor and if the bass is thumping there is no movement, no distortion. These are great speakers, very good price and very well specified.

Good value and great performance. Very happy with the speakers.