Auna Areal 525 : Affordable surround sound system

To start with it came quickly and arrived in a resonable condishion the boxing was adiquite and the system its self was in good condishion. Unpacking and seting up was a doddle compared to some audio gear iv set up and used, the quility of the speakers is what you would exspect for the price, but the sound is quite good there is a couple of hz missing in the midrange compaed to the monitors i have but the speakers perform quite well considering the price, the sub has a narrower frequency range that it resonds well in than would like and the very low range is quite muddy. The saterlite speakers are smaller than they looked in the picture and the leads are shorter than i would like, but gust about strech far enough to fit the desired space( for referance iv set them up in quite aaverge sized space for a bedroom that is ) the sound qulity of the satalits is again ok for the price but thay lake the claraty of high end gear but your not paying for high end gear, there is also a probleem with the sub as i gets quie hot in sertan placeses on the back and there is no heat sync to disperse the heat but all in all a good buy for the price i think gust dont exspect all the freqwency rang to be represented accuratly.

Reasonably priced and sounds great. A little bit fuzzy under heavy bass but get your equalizer right and it’s a cracking little sound system.

Perfect for my sitting room.

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“Affordable surround sound system, Most beautiful speakers with crystal clear quality and best bass ever!, Great speakers for the price., its not that bad, Never got to hear how it sounded as it was “

I was worried this would not meet i expectations as its not digital at all, i did have to buy a new dvd player to use the fono cables but i love this bit of kit, would recommend to any one, all the speakers are neat and smart looking and the user functions are really good, you can have your tv and dvd player plugged in so if you want to watch something on tv you have have the surround sound on and then if you want to watch a dvd you just press the input button and its there,i will however be buying a digital set-up soon as i would like to connect more that two output to it,.

Great speakers for the price. . Really loud and really deep bass. I’ve got this connected up to a turntable to play my vinyl collection, wasn’t aware i needed a phono preamp but as soon as i got one into the set up it just filled the room with sound. They look a little cheap but the four little speakers are small enough to tuck out of the way. I’d reccomend this to anyone that wants great sound on a budget.

Most beautiful speakers with crystal clear quality and best bass ever. It has the phattest base everit truly fills the room with sound, surrounding you with beautiful music. Turn on ‘pro-logic’ and your music is enhanced beyond your wildest dreamsi’m not even kidding. I’m 15, and thus listen to music all the time, and i have never ever owned a speaker set better than thisbeautifuli use it in my room for my ipod, but it has the capability to work with a home cinema system any day.

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  1. Affordable surround sound system. This auna surround sound system consists of a subwoofer, five satellite speakers (total 95w rms power), an aux cable and three rca cables, an instruction manual in english and german and a remote control. I particularly like the ability to adjust the volume of each speaker separately via the remote. In detail, there is a reflex bass unit (at the back one can find all the connections, the power cable, the on/off switch), a central speaker, two front speakers (left and right), and two surround sound speakers (left and right) to be arranged around the room for best effect. I received a sample unit for independent evaluation and was very glad to see that connecting the bass unit to set up the system is very simple as the satellite speakers have their own hard-wired cable and the rear panel is colour coded in red and white. There are two types of audio inputs: dvd with three pairs of ports (rca cables); and auxiliary with a right and a left port (aux cable) to connect, for example, an audio device or a computer. Given the price point, i was surprised by the sound quality, regardless of the style of music played. It’s really excellent, rich and round, perfectly balanced between bass and treble and with enough volume for a large room. I use it mostly in connection with a vinyl record player, and all my favourite music comes alive when played through this system. As for aesthetics, i find it quite edgy and elegant, particularly suited to a modern decor.
    • Never got to hear how it sounded as it was. Never got to hear how it sounded as it was damaged in transit and sent back. You will need a european plug converter.

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