August Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker MS425 – Enjoy Great Sound and Hands Free Calling from your Phone and Tablet – Amazing product!

Sound quality isn’t amazing, but its somewhat better than you get from an iphone, which is why i got it.

This speaker had greatly shock me, i didnt expect it to give out great sound quality nor did i expect such loud volume, this is great. Ill buy this again if needs be, lasts long, sounds great, great bass, loud and clear sound, microphone works good and doesnt take long to charge.

Very good sound, looks good, small & powerful. Here are the specifications for the August Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker MS425 – Enjoy Great Sound and Hands Free Calling from your Phone and Tablet:

  • Bluetooth V2.1 3W speaker – plays your music wirelessly with perfect sound quality and bass response (Range up to 10m)
  • Built-in Microphone – Hands free function enables you to stay connected
  • Music and Calls control Buttons – Answer calls & control music easily directly from the speaker
  • Internal Li Ion Battery – Portable speaker equipped with long lasting rechargeable battery
  • 3.5 mm audio jack – Enables you to connect non Bluetooth devices to the speaker

For the money the thing is absolutely ridiculous on treble and a bit of bass punchy and incredible and surprisingly the calirty is outstanding stop reading the reviews and buy it for god sake.

Picks up mobile phones etc with no problem and sounds great. Move it around in various places in the room to get the best tone and enjoy the difference it makes. Turn the sound up or down from your device or the speaker itself. Get one you will not be disappointed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant little speaker
  • This is Superb A Must Buy!!!!!!!
  • Good value but Bluetooth connection is frail – now remedied!

Bought two, one doa, refunded.

As a person who loves my gadget i was pleased when i got asked to review this item. It arrived quickly and came in a nice box. Unpacking the speaker it had a nice feel to and it and was a good weight. The next day i had chance to try it out, it was easy to use and paired with my ipad without any issue, however once the music started playing i was disappointed, it was very bassy and the sound distorted at a relatively low volume. I might use it for watching movies on my ipad but for me this speaker is a no no for playing music.

Just received the august ms425b bluetooth speaker this morning and i have to say that i was expecting something that was really tinny in sound quality and also something that was a bit on the cheapside as it only cost £15. I could not have been more wrong in my life. This is superb without a doubt and the best £15 i have ever spent. The sound quality on this piece of kit is absolutely amazing. And no distortion or tinniness whatsoever and the sound has a real punch to it for such a small device. It is dead easy to set up with bluetooth and will take all of 10 seconds and you can walk a good distance and it still plays but this little gem has to be the bargain of the year. The design of the august ms425b is also a major highlight as it is really compact and looks very cool and it also comes in different colors as well but i opted for the black one. I have tried the bose soundlink in it’s store but that costs about £160 but this little thing not only looks cooler but is more compact and does the job also. Prossuperb designsuperb sound quality (no distortion or tinniness)easy set upvery compactdifferent colors to choose fromthe price £15consnone whatsoever.

Very pleased with this but it broke after a few weeks. We returned it and they sent a replacement within a few days. The replacement works very well indeed.

Its quite a heavy, solid piece of equipment. It was easy to connect to my phone and computer. The little booklet that comes with the device, tells you how to quickly and easily connect to the speaker. It has excellent sound quality and looks lovely and stylish. Will be an excellent present for my husband as he enjoys listening to songs etc. Whilst cooking in the kitchen.

As soon as i took the speaker out of the box i could see it was very well made and a quality item. It was already charged and connected to my samsung galaxy tab3 in less than a minute. The sound was incredible i could not believe such sound could come from such a tiny speaker. I could not recommend this speaker highly enough, in a word fantastic.

I received this small, stylish bluetooth speaker a couple of weeks ago and i was surprised by its amazing quality of sound. It was simple to pair my phone with it, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and works at a distance of up to 10m. You can also plug your device, into this (it comes with two wires – for a phone, tablet, pc, etc)i found the volume and sound quality excellent, and it is small, so great where space saving devices are always useful and easy to carry around, like in my work satchel.

Have used this for quite a while and has been great purchase. Bluetooth connects well with my galaxy s5. Sound quality is pretty good considering the size and price.

This is a great little speakerit has a good tactile feel and a remarkable sound quality. I’ve found that bluetooth connectivity can sometimes be a bit erratic, but i bought this to hardwire to an ipod so that is a minor issue. One of the features of a fully portable device like this is that you can situate it in the best place to utilise the natural resonance of its surroundings; i have discovered that our pine kitchen sideboard acts as a terrific bass amplifier – weird but true. And let’s cut to the chase; for under £20 you don’t expect much, but this speaker is well worth it and much morei’m very happy to recommend this product.

Proper job – worked straight out of the box with iphone. Bit of a fiddle to get it to work with my old laptop but that was more the fault of the pc than the speaker,sound is great – not ‘hi-fi’ but better than i expected to come from a 2′ x 2′ cylinder .

Love the august, im so pleased with it, i can blue tooth my phone to it, turn my music on, and carry the august around room to room while im cleaning, or go out in the garden etc, brilliant sound, simple to use, everyone should have one.

This speaker does exactly what it says on the tin, my speaker stopped working on my i pad so i was looking for a speaker to use with face time and skype this works perfectly. The sound is excellent and for the price i am more than pleased.

Purchased because the of the poor sound quality when playing music on my lenovo laptop.

Ipad and iphone blutooth connection is almost impossible but that is what it is like if you buy an i phone the speakers are great.

Wanted it more powerful but doing it’s job.

Decent sound and compatible with iphone.

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August Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker MS425 - Enjoy Great Sound and Hands Free Calling from your Phone and Tablet
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