Audiolab 8200A Amplifier – Good tonally, not so hot on stereo detail

A very good amplifier to match the 8200cd. I bought this amplifier to match my recent purchase of the audiolab 8200cd – please see my review hereaudiolab 8200cd cd player (black) . This amplifier replaces a very good nad amplifier of 1994 vintage. Initially i had a problem with it, there was a nasty thumping noise produced in the right speaker channel when i switched the equipment off. Sevenoaks sound replaced the amplifier immediately so 5 stars to them. Whilst i was testing the first amplifier i used headphones a lot so i did not hear the thumping noise through the speakers and i had removed the headphones before switching off. I have now had 4 or 5 days to test the amplifier. The build quality in general is very good except for a possible faulty resistor creating the original problem. The amplifier can be used as a pre-amplifier , an integrated amplifier or a power amplifier, so that the left and right channels can be separated and “bi-amped”. I am using the amplifier in integrated mode.

Excellent solid build, and no uneccessary features such as base or treble knobs, it’s just a high quality value for money amplifier. The sound quality is superb, the stereo presence withe some tracks on cd’s is impressive, and the output belies the stated 60 watts per channel.

Good tonally, not so hot on stereo detail. I have problems with the stereo detailing of the 8200a. Compared to a cyrus smartpower in a/b tests it is mud. Before i start, i am a fan of audiolab and have owned their amps for nigh on 20 years, starting with the 8000a. The old setup of 8000s and 8000a biamped using the preamp of the 8000s gave fantastic results in my old large warehouse flat. The 8000a was modded by bbc sound engineers to separate the pre and power sections, under the guidance of audiolab. After a couple of problems (phono sockets breaking) i switched to cyrus and have now put the two together. This review is my findings with the 8200a – specifically on stereo detailing. In my new house i had a cyrus stack, cd player, pre-dac qx. Two smartpowers into my standard harbeth bbc monitor speakers.

  • A very good amplifier to match the 8200cd
  • Good tonally, not so hot on stereo detail
  • Excellent solid build

Audiolab 8200A Amplifier (Black)

  • Ethernet Connectivit: N
  • Power: 60
  • Power Consumption: 440
  • Wireless: No
  • Zones: 1