Audioengine A5 – I already love the sound from these speakers

Outstanding performance at a good price. Bought these to give proper sound to a tv, blu-ray player and apple tv setup (also required a £40 lindy dac, also from barletts). The resulting setup gives rich, room filling sound from all three devices, at a very good price. Music has rich bass notes and well resolved higher frequencies, with superb clarity. Audio from the tv is incredibly clear which means the volume can be turned way down. The two sets of inputs on the back of the a5+ allows connection of the two audio streams (one from the apple tv, the other from the tv/blu-ray combo) without manual switching. The system works happily with receiving different audio streams from different devices at the same time, combining them without problems. This works surprisingly well when you play a film from the atv to the tv, as both audio outs send an identical signal, but with a tiny latency between them.

I decided to buy these after sending back a set of bose companion 3’s. Before they arrived i was a little concerned that they may not have enough base as the bose had a sub, when they did arrive i was blown away by how much base these speakers do give out, some people have said ‘to much base’ but this is easily tweaked in software. Anyway the clarity from the highs right through the mids is outstanding and the base is a crisp thump rather than a muffled thud. These things go extremely loud if you need to and will easily fill a good sized room although i don’t think i will ever use the volume above 1/3rd. To get the best out of these speakers you really need to be playing cd’s or good quality mp3’s. The on off switch is at the back which is a pain as mine are under my desk and it would mean crawling on my hands and knees if i have to switch them off at the back, however after emailing ‘audioengine’ i was told that they didn’t need to be switched off at the back and that pressing the volume button on the front of the left speaker would put them in to ‘sleep mode’ which was sufficient for when not using the computer. (please note they consume 4w of power in sleep mode). (you also get a small remote that allows you to put them to sleep as well as mute and change the volumes). I am very pleased and impressed with these speakers they are the best sounding speakers i have ever owned and my denon system in the living room has become redundant at the moment.

I already love the sound from these speakers. Despite not yet entirely run in, i already love the sound from these speakers. I love the look of them too and they are extremely well built and came beautifully packed in individual cloth bags. They have superbly crisp sound and good bass response, although once i heard how good they sounded i immediately ordered the s8 subwoofer too.There is also absolutely no discernible noise in the quite passages. I use these speakers with hauptwerk virtual pipe organ. The effect is quite breathtaking.

Used in conjunction with the audioengine d1 dac. Crystal clear sound, no buzz, no humm, no hiss as i have experienced with other speakers. Excellent clear sound at low and high volumes. Comes with a remote which i did not realise at the time, very useful, the remote has a mute button. Package also contains all the cables you need for connecting to dac or pc. Full recommend, these are what i use when i’m not using my shure headphones.

  • Quite impressed!
  • Absolute bargain for the price, capable of superb sound quality
  • Outstanding performance at a good price
  • Top notch entry level speakers
  • Really nice set of speakers
  • I already love the sound from these speakers

Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

  • Custom Kevlar woofers
  • Silk dome tweeters
  • Hand-built cabinets
  • Enhanced thermal management
  • Works with any computer

Those left a great impression on me. Those left a great impression on me. Coming from a background of pc speakers guy these two performed outstanding to all other speakers before. The perfect sound becomes obvious when you raise the volume.

Using them with my tv (flat’s too small for surround sound imo and i didn’t fancy a sound bar) and they’re perfect. I was lucky enough to pick these up for quite cheap due to finding a set on amazon warehouse. But i would be pay for these at full price again in a heart beat.

Now that i have owned these for a good period, i feel i that can give an. Now that i have owned these for a good period, i feel i that can give an honest and comprehensive review of these speakers. Out of the box they immediately impress as they are shrouded in their own cloth bags and they look very impressive. All the cables are present to allow for a quick set up. I have placed these either side of my pc monitor and hooked them up via an arcam rpac using the usb in and rca out connections. Although i have not the funds nor probably the best ‘audiophile’ ears, i certainly appreciate the depth of sound that these produce and i would bet that these would challenge speakers at twice the price. I have used these as a hasty party set up and even just using an iphone cabled into the 3. 5 jack the sound is most impressive.

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  1. This review is from : Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

    Happy with these for 3 weeks. I was very happy with these for 3 weeks until a fault developed. They sounded thick, with sufficient bass and clarity for a 2. 0 set-up and i was very impressed with how they handled everything i played through them. Then i noticed the right passive speaker was considerable louder and punchier than the left powered one. This could be rectified by turning the volume up high, causing a crackling sound that seemingly re-engaged the speaker to full output, however after around 10 minutes the left speaker gradually lost volume again. I tried using different cables and inputs but nothing solved the issue. Very disappointing considering the cost and how i initially felt about them. I wasn’t willing to get a replacement so opted to exchange them for another brand. Still, if you receive a working set, i’m sure you will be happy.
    • I dont think you can get any better. Bought smsl sd 793ii dac and isoacoustics l8r155 stands for these speakers and. Before that i was a bit dissapointed, but with this setup and having them properly positioned on my desk, they sound just great. I dont think you can get any better with any other active/powered speakers. The next level is amp+pasive monitors.
      • Breath taking sound that belies the size of these speakers. Deep tight bass, clear crisp mids and top end that remain precise as you increase the volume – no mean feat considering how loud they go. Would recommend at least cd quality input if you want to hear the full capabilities of these speakers.
  2. This review is from : Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

    The a5+’s are a fantastic set of 2. 0 speakers, that are both bookshelf and/or desktop speakers. The bass is really dominant, maybe too much, but not so that the rest is drowned out, there is fantastic clarity in vocals and the mid to high range, and was even better when i have played with the eq settings on my pc. I use the a5+ with the d1 dac from audio engine as well. I got mine in solid bamboo, and the build quality is absolutely outstanding, with not imperfections at all, it looks fantastic. The £330 i paid at the time is totally worth it and i could not be more happy with this purchase.
    • Extremely good bookshelf/desk top speakers with built-in amplifier. I use these to listen to hires music from my laptop when ‘on the road’ and they produce an impressive full sound. Due to their solid build quality and built-in amplifier, they are not light to carry but when fed a good signal (via an audioengine d1 dac in my case) they sound almost as good as our much more expensive and bulkier hifi speakers. I have played everything from harp solos, full orchestral, prog rock, female vocals and blu-ray soundtracks through them, all with stunning clarity and good extended bass response (don’t expect the ultra-low bass of a sub-woofer). They are supplied with a good length of reasonable quality 2-channel speaker cable so positioning for a good stereo soundstage is not a problem. Very highly recommended especially if you can purchase for under £200 (i would have prefered the bamboo finish but that was £100 more at the time of purchase, so i chose the white).
      • These are truly amazing speakers. Without a doubt they have higher sq. Ok so im new to speakers so to speak but earphones i have some more experience with. These are truly amazing speakers. Without a doubt they have higher sq than any set of earphones i have heard. My previous set was a pair of senheiser ie80s and some logitech speakers. Oh my the bass its so rich and deep continues through and battles for the centerplace of any track along side the highs wich are bouncy and clear. The highs and bass do make the curve a large bass hump and high hump in my opinion, wich is absolutely fine because they do both tremendouslythe construction is very good. They have a sheen clean cut look to them and will blend into and modern space seamlessly. The knob controls all of the speakers functions.
  3. When you buy these speakers you know that you make a trade-off between look and substance: for the same price there are better speakers out there, albeit ugly. But this trade-off is minimal, the a5+ are really good, clean, very fun to listen to and can play awfully loud. And you get a lovely finish to boot. I was a bit anxious about one thing: some people, on hifi fora, say that they tend to be bright sounding. Although it’s not a fault, a lot of people like bright sounding speakers, i certainly don’t. After a whole afternoon of listening at very high volume (i’ll probably be homeless by tomorrow), i can say that i don’t find them bright, and i haven’t suffered from listening fatigue (yet).
  4. This review is from : Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

    Excellent sound and beautiful design. I’m still in the first 10 hours of the breakin period for these speakers, but i can safely say i’m already hugely impressed. I’ve tested them with a variety of sounds, from action movies, to acoustic guitar music, to drum and bass, these speakers do them all very well. There’s no doubt these speakers have a bit more kick to them on the low end, but it’s subtle, not dramatic or overdone like other brands (i’m looking at you beats). The build of these is great, couple of solid inputs, good volume control on the front and although the controller is simple, it’s very appreciated. Sound quality is brilliant, good solid bass from the large 5″ woofers but still retains very good clarity in the higher registers and midtones. As i continue through the burn in period, i’m sure this will continue to improve. I fiddled about wondering whether to get these for a while, my suggestion. Just go for it, you won’t be disappointed.
  5. This review is from : Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

    Saving up for the subwoofer. As if it’s as good as these are already. I should be left with an amazing set. I am considering buying another set for my bedroom.
  6. This review is from : Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

    Customer experience * ;customer service **** ;speakers *****. Customer experience:very poor, i paid extra to get these delivered at a certain time as they were a gift for my husband. Something went wrong seriously with quality standards of the set of audioengine a5+’s i received, they should never have been delivered to a customer but been chucked in the skip. Mine were missing the remote control, mini-jack audio cable, rca to rca audio cable, setup guide. Furthermore, there was a big blob of blu tac residue on the side of one of the speakers as well as an unwanted scratch. To cap it all they did not even work. I eventually received a pair of speakers 2 days after our special day. However, we then had the hassle of having to wait in over the next two days for pick ups and drop offs. Not great as we had both booked two days off of work for a long weekend to celebrate.
    • Excellent sound – pity about the quality control. Speakers arrived quickly, were easy to set up and sounded fantastic for about 20 hours – then they blew a fuse. The circuit was surge protected, the music wasn’t particularly loud and the speakers weren’t even warm but from then on every replacement fuse blew as soon as they were switched on. Lodged a complaint with amazon and they sent round a replacement set the following morning and took away the dead ones the same day. Cant really fault the customer service here – within 24 hours i was back to having functioning speakers. They are still working fine and sound brilliant. The sound is lively and detailed with excellent stereo imagery. There is a cleanliness to the sound typical of high quality monitors and the bass is remarkably clear and firm. They are plenty loud enough and fill a medium sized room confidently. The only drawback i can see is that having rear bass ports they need to have some space behind them.
  7. This review is from : Audioengine A5+W Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) in Gloss White

    Nice sounding, decent base from relatively small speakers.

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