Audioengine A2+ 60W Powered Desktop Speakers | Built-in DAC & Analog Amplifier | Direct USB Connection, 3.5mm and RCA inputs | Cables included (Red) : Not too bad, but missing something.

These speakers are very very beautiful and with an amazing sound quality. I was debating between those and the a5s but got those as they fit my workspace much better. At first when connected with a jack input i was a bit worried that the bass wasn’t enough. After looking around i noticed that the usb connection offers a bit more bass and indeed it did. So all in all 5/5 for the usb connection. Would give it a 4/5 if jack was the only option as i like a little more bass.

Nice speakers, really well packed with a genuine premium feel – supplied in nice microfiber bags, not only are a range of connectors supplied they are of decent quality, have very easy to set up clear instructions and windows 10 recognized them and updated to a custom driver. I’m throwing in my tuppence here as after all the glowing reports on sound quality i do confess that i was expecting better. Give that they are replacing (much more expensive) quad 9l actives that have packed in i appreciate that the bar was high but somehow i didn’t expect this huge a gulf. Not for one second suggesting you strike these off your list, but i would recommend that you have a listen first if you can, particularly if trading down. I particularly like not only the small footprint but also the way the connections have been designed. One speaker powers the other and that cuts down on plug requirements, a power cable and allows for more clearance at the back. Overall i suspect that these will work out fine though i’m sure that i’m going to miss my quad’s.

Audioengine A2+ 60W Powered Desktop Speakers | Built-in DAC & Analog Amplifier | Direct USB Connection, 3.5mm and RCA inputs | Cables included (Red)

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  • USB, 3.5MM AND RCA INPUTS: Either connect directly to your MAC, PC or laptop with USB Plug & Play (no drivers required), or use the 3.5mm or RCA inputs – start enjoying audiophile quality sound straight out of the box!
  • PREMIUM DESKTOP SPEAKERS WITH INTEGRATED DAC: Audioengine has brought traditional high-quality audio equipment into the digital age. Their range of Award-Winning products have been praised by What Hi-Fi, CNet, and Wired to name just a few of the publications who have tested their products over the past 13 years. The Integrated Digital to Analogue converter (DAC) bypasses your computer audio card to deliver better sound than you have ever heard through the audio jack – simply connect through your USB port.
  • PROFESSIONAL AMPLIFIED OUTPUT: Room filling sound from desktop speakers with 60 watts of combines peak output. Combine these with the Audioengine DS1 speaker stands to elevate these speakers and experience premium sound at ear level.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Pair of Audioengine A2+ Powered Speakers, 2m Speaker Wire, Power Supply & Cord, 1.5m Mini-Jack Audio Cable, 1.5m USB cable, Microfiber Speaker bags and Cable Bags, Setup Guide, Product line brochure

Can’t even state how good these speakers are. They are small but the quality is insane. I rigged them up to a t1 mk2 tube usb dac and using a russian gold valve to drive the sound. I prefer them to the genelec 8010 because the sound is much bigger even if on some range the genelec might give you more detail in some frequencies, the soundstage of the audioengines are so much better overall.

Lovely little speakers, crisp and clear with a reasonable base for a small room and their intended use.

I did a lot of research before buying these speakers, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The speakers are reassuingly heavy, well built and with quality connections. Connecting them via usb to my computer they were recognised instantly and ready to go. The sound is incredibly clear, with fantastic range and rich bass even without a dedicated sub. The sound remains clear and detailed even when turned up to levels you’d never entertain when sat at your desk. Importantly, the speakers also look fantastic, with a clean, simple design that looks stylish and premium. The speakers are just as comfortable with pumping out music while you work, or for gaming, where the bass and volume can really help with immersion. I also purchased the stands, which position the speakers perfectly on the desk, but are possibly a bit expensive for what you get. Overall, i can’t recommend these highly enough for anyone that is looking for a stylish desktop speaker setup with amaing sound. And who doesn’t want to have to resort to the usual plasticky and garish computer speaker options.

Audioengine A2+ 60W Powered Desktop Speakers | Built-in DAC & Analog Amplifier | Direct USB Connection, 3.5mm and RCA inputs | Cables included (Red) : Speakers are great, easy to connect to my turntable, great playing vynil again 😁.

Straight off the bat these are not high end speakers, nor are they designed to be or claimed to be. These are premium speakers for your desk, and for what they are, they are very very good. These are designed for close range listening and if you’re buying them for your tv or any other multimedia purposes where you wont be sitting fairly close to them you will find that while the mids and highs sound fantastic the bass falls away at distance. I read a lot of reviews that said they got better sound out of the usb connection, in my experience i got better sound from 3. 5mm jack, this is because my 2014 macbook has a 24bit/96000hz dac inbuilt as opposed to the 16bit/48000hz of the speakers dac, however the bass response was barely noticeably better over usb. 1 speaker system and i thought i would miss the bass but for such a tiny little unit they pack plenty punch and if you are on the fence think of it this way, you either have one bass box with one speaker responsible for the bass or you have 2 separate speakers in each cabinet producing it’s own bass. I have to say i miss having a remote and the rear mounted volume makes me miss a remote even more however if you plug these in and set the volume about half way you can get very good volume control through the pc/mac/phone/tablet. I would wholeheartedly recommend these to anyone wanting an upgrade for their desk without consuming a lot of desk space, or wanting speakers without a big bulky bass box.

Not bad speakers for the money, but lack a bit of clarity and punch. Very well built and look good on my desk.

There is little/no base, but that is fine, as its not important for my preference and its more important to have great mids and top end for the sort of stuff i listen to. They also look really futuristic, only suggestion is the stands which i don’t have should be in the box for free with these.

Excellent little speakers for a desk setup. The sound quality is so much better than expected from such tiny speakers. Build quality is excellent & they look the part & only have a very small footprint. I’m no audiophile but the sound is so crisp & clear & plenty of bass for a desktop setup. It’s a big thumbs up from me.

For the use i had in mind – decent sound quality for playing music while i work at the desk in my study – these are superb. I managed to get them when amazon was selling them at £131, plus an extra £10 off due to a one-day offer from amazon. At that price, they are a steal. Having now tried them, i’d buy them even at a higher price. I love how small they are (about the height of a paperback book). And how classy they look, with the polished white surface. I’m not an audiophile, but to my ordinary ears these sound very good indeed. I have an macbook pro retina, which has a very good digital converter, so i couldn’t hear any difference in sound quality between aux cable and usb. (went for aux, as i only get 2 usb ports on my macbook.

Great sound more then enough for me, used connected to a rega turntable and pre amp. Great buy but o feel for that price you could find better.

I had read several reviews of these speakers before their purchase. They sit either side of my computer monitor, they sit on the oak work top upon oak mini stands i put together to to get them at the correct height/angle. I’m sitting very close to the speakers. The sound stage is very impressive. Ok no great thumping base, but i could add a sub for that should i want it – which i don’t. They can go louder than i find comfortable – (though i’m right on top of them – not trying to fill a large room)they were bought to replace my previous set-up because re-arranging my office meant there was no longer room for my old nad 3020 amp and monitor speakers. This system had produced a sound superior to almost every friend’s computer for many years and seen off about 10 upgraded computer towers. I thought they’d be sorely missed. But 5 days in with the audioengines and i’m beginning to hear why they get rave reviews – i really like them ok – gripes that the volume control is behind the left speaker, which for my set-up isn’t the best of access. (memo to self that next keyboard will have a mechanical rotary volume control – the one thing i still miss from the nad amp).

After some research, we purchased these audioengine a2+w speakers to replace our broken corsair sp2500’s, that we have had since july 2012. We have been using these a2+w’s since april 2017. Note, we aren’t audiophiles, but we like to think that we can tell the difference between good & bad sound quality. Here is our experience thus far. Pro’s:+clear, quality, punchy sound in games( rts/mmo) & music is equally so, picks up all the little backing lyrics/sounds really well. +nice stylish appearance, with 3 colour options available. +good quality feel, sturdy, solid weight wooden cabinets. +that something extra packaging, everything comes in microfiber cloth bags. +no sub, so takes up less room. +no hassle, goes into power saving idle mode if no input for a period of time. -volume control is somewhat awkwardly placed on the back of the power speaker. In conclusion, these audioengine a2+w’s are a great replacement for our corsair sp2500’s, very pleased with them.

For the tiny size these speakers pack a punch. Turn up the volume and you can feel the air move. I would not believe the clarity of sound for such a small speaker. For my main hifi i have a big pair of floor standing speakers, so know what good sound is like.

Great speakers, look great, speakers sound great, would be great with subwoofer.

Quite bright and a little bit toppy but ok for their size, rating would be better if they weren’t priced slightly out of their league. I put some nice ebony speaker feet on them rather than the cheap stand you can buy. Main reason for buying was to hook up to dali subwoofer to add some excitement to pc sound.

Bought these for my imac to replace some venerable sennheiser speakers. Am using the usb connector but note this needs to be set up in preferences when using a mac. The quality of the sound is phenomenal and the speakers have turned my study into a concert halli bought the horribly over priced but smart speaker stands and i would recommend them as they angle the speakers most effectively. Overall, a very satisfying purchase.

These really give out a great sound, full of base.

I highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for high quality sound but also a small form factor. I run the speakers through a xonar d2x sound card and i cant imagine audio quality getting much more crystal clear than it does with these. The only down side i can think of is that it only has one sound jack so i have to swap the audio cable over between my pc and xbox. This can be solved by buying a decent quality double headphone jack(don’t by a cheap one as it ruins the sound quality as i found out). For the money they are a very solid product indeed.

After several readings on comments and reviews i decided to buy this desktop audio system in conjunction with the s8 subwoofer, i am still amazed at the quality of the sound that you can listen to, even at a rather high volume, without any smearing both in high and even medium tones. I have to admit that for those like me who likes to listen mainly electronic music, only the a2 + are not enough because even if the bass sound is played with emphasis is not yet deep and full-bodied as with listening with stereo speakers of higher magnitude, probably the a5 + succeed in this but. They are large and bulky to position them alongside the pc monitor, with the help of the subwoofer everything is much better. Together they form an unbeatable couple.I recommend the purchase of the a2 +, it is true that the price is not cheap but you will be really satisfied. ( sorry for my english by schoolboy 😉 ).

Whatever desktop media speakers you’re using right now would have a real struggle competing with these for sound quality. They may not be the loudest on the block but what you get is pure gold. Many manufacturers would charge you a lot more for this quality so get them before the folks at audioengine realise they’ve underpriced.

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Audioengine A2+ 60W Powered Desktop Speakers | Built-in DAC & Analog Amplifier | Direct USB Connection, 3.5mm and RCA inputs | Cables included (Red)
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