Audio Pro Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer – BOOM, BOOM! Simples

Great – but make sure you have the amp to drive it.

Pretty powerful subwoofer and easy to set up. I returned mine though as it has absolutely no configuration options (crossover freq, phase setting etc) and no high level inputs, so given the amp i had chosen, left me with no control over the output of the sub. It ended up sounding very muddy and muffled producing frequencies far higher than it should have done (around 200 – 500 hz and up). Instead i’m swapping it for a sub with more controls.

This sub is very good in looks and performance.

I bought this to use with a mini hi-fi system that has small-ish desktop speakers. I don’t have room for full-size speakers where this system is installed, and the desktop speakers lack bass. The subwoofer corrects that problem, so i get decent bass without speakers taking up a lot of space. The sub itself lives under a desk, because placement isn’t particularly critical. I haven’t done laboratory tests, but the subwoofer sounds pretty good along with the rest of the system. I mostly use it for music, and with its volume setting so that it is only just audible alongside the main speakers. I suspect that for movies an increase in volume would be beneficial. The bass is smooth and relatively subtle at the volume levels i normally use, but it does not distort even at levels that cause objects in the room to shake. The subwoofer is unattractive in appearance, to my eyes. It’s just a featureless black cube — rather like a piece of industrial equipment.

Nice product that makes its presence heard. A new sound experience has now arrived to my listening.

This has transform my yamaha av system, giving rich bass tones. It is very heavy for its size and not too big. I am very pleased i went for the yamaha as it looks great and sounds fantastic.

  • Deeper than deep !
  • A few oddities, but little to complain about at this price
  • Powerful but very limited control.

Love this, not sure about the neighbours mind you, that said, i don’t take the mickey or use it late at night or early in the morning. It really makes such a difference, i have it paired to my yamaha srt10000 and the combo is amazing.

Superb tight deep bass from a small box. Excellent build quility too.

Great subwoofer giving superb bass to my tangent speakers. Very happy by the fact it’s simple to control and only has one button to switch it on and one to control the volume bass. Less time fiddling and more time spent listening to the sound it produces.

As an addition to my yamaha cd wifi player this subwoofer creates an all round warm sound. The subwoofer has a volume knob on the back panel so you can increase or decrease the bass sound to your own likening. As with all yamaha products it is very well made but beware it is quite heavy and approximately 14 inches in width and height. For extra bass and brilliant sound just great.

This little box delivers stunning sound from my 5:1 system in a 7x4x3 metre room.

Features of Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer with 8 Driver – Black

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  • New Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass
  • Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II)
  • 20 cm (8″) cone woofer
  • Stylish addition to any room

From the manufacturer


Yamaha Sound Quality

Yamaha takes its expertise in producing world leading musical instruments and combines it with precision engineering to create superb sound with a true, clear quality.

The History of HiFi Audio Began with Yamaha

It has been 60 years since the Yamaha HiFi Player, the world’s first audio component bearing the “HiFi” name, was released. As a comprehensive musical instrument maker, as a materials and semiconductor manufacturer, and as experts in architectural acoustics and music promotion, Yamaha has always applied its accumulated technology base and experience to the task of producing ever improving audio equipment, forming the sound of each era of Yamaha’s history of innovation from the birth of the Yamaha HiFi player in 1954 to the present.

20cm 8″ Cone Woofer

Sensational bass response that adds significantly to overall listening enjoyment of music and movies.

Advanced YST II for Awesome Deep Bass

Developed by Yamaha, the Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) combines negative-impedance and constant-current principles to drive the speaker cone with even tighter control than the previous version. Using Advanced Negative Impedance Converter (ANIC) circuits, this system dynamically optimizes effective speaker impedance to maintain excellent linearity. This means more stable and accurate low range response, not to mention higher sound quality.

New Twisted Flare Port Produces Clear and Tight Bass

The all-new Twisted Flare Port takes advantage of extensive subwoofer development experience. The flared, gently twisting shape diffuses the vortex of air generated around the edge of the port, creating a smooth flow of air. This reduces extraneous noise not present in the original input signal and provides clear, accurate low frequency reproduction. From special effect sounds in movies to the atmosphere of a live venue, you hear bass that is clear, tight and realistic.

Stylish Addition to Any Room

The gently rounded form with a slanted front surface presents a stylishly elegant appearance. Designed to be unobtrusive, It’s sure to look beautiful in a living room or home theatre room. Offered in black, walnut and white, so you can choose the model that best matches your other speakers.

8″ Cone Woofer

Advanced YST II

Twisted Flare Port

Stylish Design

Excellent Bass for Movies and Music

Defined lower frequencies to augment your listening experience

Dyanmic Output Power

100 W (5 ohms) delivers huge bass from a compact subwoofer

Compact Design

Compact design to fit discretely into any surroundings (W 291 x H 292 x D 341 mm)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Good for the price, but is only suitable for medium to small living-rooms. It is designed for quality of listening experience rather than power output.

An excellent addition to my existing hi-fi setup. The extra bass adds an amazing amount of volume (as in 3d presence not loudness) to any music, even classical music and any music that does not use a lot of bass. When the tv/sky box sound is routed through the hi-fi, it helps bring out every detail. The only downside is that it can bring out too much background noise on some programs and movies, particularly in outdoor scenes, so occasionally need to be turned down slightly for those. It is one of yamaha’s cheaper models but i’m not sure you’d get a lot more (in a domestic set up) by getting any of the more expensive versions.

I wasn’t sure at first as i’ve owned kef for a long time – blimey, this thing is deep . It’s subtle when it needs to be and super ridiculous when you’re watching a marvel film.

Notice that the power rating is not clearly stated. This is because it is underpowered – both the sw050 and the sw100 reuse the same class d amplifier from the cheaper older generation sw012. For the 8′ sw050 this is ok although for the 10′ sw100 wouldn’t recommend it.

Unpacked, connected, working. Big sound in a small package, i get a nice foot massage on the really crunchy scenes.

New Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass

I have owned this sub for a week, and wow, it had truly transformed my old separates system into something awsome. The speaker was delivered quicker than i expected, well packaged. The instructions were precise and it was very a quick and painless task to connect and setup the speaker. After a week i believe i have now the best set up and may it be music or movies everything has been brought to life in a understated but dramatic statement of intensity. Would recommend to anyone with to enhance their systems.

Fantastic sub, does exactly what i hoped it would do, really adds to overall experience watching movies, love it.

Not as good as i thought it would be.

Check the dimensions, this was much bigger than i expected, but as a result it really fills the room, 8x5m alongside some decent mid and upper frequency speakers. Coax/phono input or optical, both work fine. Plugs directly into the mains. Volume control on the rear too. Had fun finding the right place in the room, and as per some other suggestions don’t try obvious spots, sometimes the best sound can come from corners of the room as we found. The sub is black, wooden, with a fabric speaker grille on one side and the air hole on the other (that’s the technical term right?).

An excellent subwoofer at a reasonable price.

Really really nice subwoofer with a lot of power. It works really nice with my yamaha yas 107 soundbar.

Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II)

Great product, solidly built and happy with it but it would be nice to have a light on the front like my pioneer one does so you know when it is active and when on standby. In fact i’m not even sure if it ever does go into standby.

Bigger than what i expected – should have checked the dimensions. However i suppose the compromise is the absolutely amazing sound. Have a yamaha soundbar with built in subwoofer but this has now changed the sound completely.

I’ve learnt a lot about yamaha since i work in music retail and sell their products. Quality and technology is where they excel and even though this is a rather small subwoofer it sure delivers even i our 25×16 extension. Packaging is plain boxed as is common with a lot of their equipment and the item is well presented and built well. A phono cable is required to connect the item to your receiver which i didn’t know (thought it might be terminals). I used wharfedale diamond 9’s and diamond pro’s at the moment with an onkyo network receiver and the quality is great even without the subwoofer. When added though the sound really does change incredibly, with depth not otherwise possible. Great for movies as well, it shakes the floor.

An inexpensive but quality sub-woofer from yamaha which ticks all the boxes. Only one minor quibble, the power indicator light is on the rear of the unit which seems a bit silly as you can not see it. I have inadvertantly left the unit switched on a few times after turning off the tv and amp. Overall i would recommend this unit to anyone wanting a sub.

After using a week i said it’s exellent.

Does what it says on the tin. Sound is excellent – bought for the cinema room and this thing rocks.

This is a wonderful speaker, first it is not too big to look out of place in a typical english living room (size) but big enough to reproduce those low frequency bass sounds. It is simple to use, yes i’m shouting this out, just turn volume to minimum plug in the input cable and power it up then switch on – gently adjust the volume to your preference. Simple, it only has a volume control, which may upset those techy types who need to adjust the frequency response and phase shifting (?) to optimise their perceived quality of sound. This is not designed for outside concerts but for the majority of people who like to feel the explosions in a good film or indeed wish to listen to those outside concerts in the comfort of their own homes (toilet access etc – you know what i mean). The only complaint i’ve had so far is from my wife who asked for the bass to be turned down, apparently it hurts, which to me is a good thing, no not an excuse to annoy her indoors, as it means i can get the bass response from this that i like.

20 cm (8″) cone woofer

Stylish addition to any room

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