ASIYUN Portable Shower Speaker – Waterproof and stick Windows,ceramic

I read the reviews but did not see any that said that the volume was too loud at the lowest setting but that,is what we found so returned. It may be just us but the sound, quality and sucker were all perfectly okay.

Great product , fantastic sound quality and seems to last ages on one charge.

Love the clip so i can hang it from my shower caddy away from the shower head. So easy to connect to phone. Battery is lasting well as i charged it when it came and hasn’t needed charging since.

Brilliant mini speaker and its water proof. Has a great and clear quality of sound. Easy to pair using bluetooth. Thus not take long to charges and battery last reasonably how its been used.

Easy to use and reconnect easily. I use it to play songs for my daughter as it is shock proof and handy so she can handle and carry it with her anywhere.

Said it all in the headline. Slight annoyance that had to unpair existing devices from my phone before the device would recognise my phone – otherwise most content.

  • Party in the bathroom!
  • Great little speaker with a mighty sound
  • Great sound, easy to use

O i love this thing so much its the first product i have ever bought and its amazingthe build quality is 10/10 goodsound is crisp clear and good basesticks relay nice to the showerthe packaging is ok give it 8/10also what i love about it is that its easy to use because i am 46 now and i find it heard to readso all in all good.

Amazing little piece of kit. Using in the shower and in the pool with friends love it.

I love the design, and the color, it’s a very beautiful, and small, i can put it in my bag and go everywhere with. I am very glad cause works well on shower so i will take it with me to the beach.

This bluetooth speaker arrived quickly and without any problems. It is brand new in a retail box. It is packaged very well and padded with foam inserts inside the box to protect it during shipment. The speaker does not have a single mark on it from shipment. The speaker looks really good in real life, the pictures in the listing don’t do it justice. The speaker feels very well-made. There is rubber surrounding it to protect it from shock. The buttons click solid and don’t feel cheap. The little door to protect the charging and auxiliary audio input is well in place and doesn’t pop open unless you are meaning to open it.

Great shower speaker bought it as my phone isn’t loud enough when the shower water is running. This speaker is great as i can have the sound right in the shower and it is loud.

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Lots of fun, not something i thought i needed but it takes singing in the shower to another level. Its a resilient little thing and you can even change the song and volume and things so you don’t need to worry about putting wet fingers on your phone.

Cool little speaker with a suction pad. Great for in the shower etc.

Great companion for alexa, can listen to news or music while shaving and\or showering. Powerful and small unit, easy to use, fit and charge.

Now i can listen to some awesome music when i take my shower. Easy to setup via bluetooth and sticks to the wall tiles without issue. Can’t complain does everything i need.

Nice and smsll waterproof speaker i love ,realible and flexible to use many places will stick on kitchen,bathroom,in car windows.

Speaker is great for the shower. The only thing i would say is the sound quality isn’t as good as a real speaker but much better and louder than any iphone or ipad.

Universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital Speaker players

A little bit distorted when too loud, but still one of the best gadgets i’ve bought for a cheap price.

Singing in the shower becomes easy with this little gadget. I used to take my phone with me in the bathroom but after a mishap where my expensive phone fell into the tub, i stopped doing that. Even better, now i can take a shower without being afraid my precious phone will become wet. Good sound out of a tiny speaker and easy to operate. I even took it to the pool with me and it was loud enough to be heard on the other side. The battery lasts a long time and is quickly charged. The baton hook allows it to be clipped almost anywhere. Good build quality for a low price.

Had this device for 6 months now. Easy to use, good sound for such a little device. Has remained stuck to the shower glass without any need to move it, once connected for first time to your device, connects automatically every time you switch on. The auto-off is nice, just get out of shower, stop music and it switched itself off. Sound quality is good enough to sing along loudly while in the shower. And the fact it takes calls is great, though it is odd to stand there in the shower in the nunga punga talking to my brother on the phone.

Can’t remember how much i paid for it but worth about a tenner.

Another purchase for my grand daughter and she’s delighted with it.

I am sooooooo happy with this product. Awesome sound and i had no idea it had a mic so i can talk in the shower. I bought it for shower use only and can’t express how happy it makes me to have music that loud while i shower.

The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Charge the battery fully before using it the first time.

I’m going to get the one-star deduction out of the way first – their 33ft operating distance should be taken with a pinch of salt. I can only get about half that distance out of mine before the signal breaks up. With that out of the way, this is still a phenomenal speaker. The sound quality for the price is superb – pretty much on a part with some of the larger and more expensive speakers that you can find. It’s easy to pair and use, nice and durable and an all-round great product for the price tag.

My wife was looking for a shower speaker as previously she broke her phone due to use in a humidity ambience as the bathroom is. She loves to listen to music while taking a shower so she likes the idea of having a waterproof speaker in the bathroom. So far she is happy with the speaker, it has a good volume and sound quality for the size. Good design as well, it looks like will last a lot. Good device compatibility and really easy to use and to pair. Can get it working within seconds. We mainly use it stick in the bathroom tile. The suction is good and it keeps in place safe. We have not used it outdoors yet but looks like a nice speaker for outdoors such beach/bbq etc. Battery life is around 3 hours, maybe less at maximum volume, but overall has a decent duration.

It works only on tiles or mirror or very plan surface. Compare to money it’s seems good.

Hii alla few days into using this speaker, and so far so good. The suction seems quite strong, and even being re-positioned several times mid shower to find the best place for it didn’t result in any falls/slips of the speaker. Pairing the device was easy,sound quality and volume is really good considering the price. I bought these because i wanted to listen to podcasts in the shower which i can do with them at half volume. The audio is very good and you can receive even callsall in all, if this is the price range you’re working with then you can’t really go wrong with this speaker.

The next day delivery was great it came as expected, the speaker its exactly as it says in the description. I love the ideea that i can answer my phone calls while i am taking a shower.

Apart from its water proof feature, the suction is a brilliant idea to stick on the bathroom wall while taking a bath/ shower without worries of damaging it. I can answer calls, press play/stop/fw/re while my phone is away safe and dry as the speaker has these options. However the only possible way to control the volume of the speaker is through my phone so i need to decide the sound level before jumping into the bath.

It has a built-in MIC Bluetooth speaker and hands-free function, so you can conveniently pick up a call with this mini speaker in your car, bathroom, home, office, or anywhere when it is connected to your Smartphone

Impressive, user friendly design. Detachable suction cup and aluminum alloy metal hook offer you the convenience to hang and attach it anywhere you want.

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  1. In the first month of using it i’d only used it enough to run down its first full charge, when trying to recharge it again it just won’t recharge. 1 week after the returns deadline as well so no return i guess. Sound quality was ok for cheapish speaker but i wonder about its waterproof-ness.
    • In the first month of using it i’d only used it enough to run down its first full charge, when trying to recharge it again it just won’t recharge. 1 week after the returns deadline as well so no return i guess. Sound quality was ok for cheapish speaker but i wonder about its waterproof-ness.

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