AOOE Waterproof Shower Speaker ,Portable Bluetooth 4, Great little speaker worth every penny

Excellent value for this speaker and easy to use. The only negative is that at the top volume, the sound distorts a bit.

There is a fault that when the battery is low, the light flashes blue and cannot connect, turn off or reset any more. You have to wait until the battery is completely flat to reset it. The usb charging connection cover is also difficult to open. Otherwise a very good speaker. The seller refunded promptly with no problem.

 good speaker if you are after something cheap that can be used personally like in bathroom while taking bath as this can be used with the suction cup and has reasonably good sound for the price. It is very easy to connect and use and the range is not bad either. The battery life is good too in this. The overall quality also looks good to me and with the very easy to use play/pause, next or back buttons that are also used for volume, along with waterproof capability, i have to admit i quite like this tiny speaker.

Comments from buyers

“Good value solid speaker ideal for a bathroom
, Nice looking tiny speaker that is good if you want to use it personally in bathroom or any other room
, Easy to access controls, survives even full on blasts

Sound quality isn’t the best and it could have came with clearer instructions. But it’s a pretty decent product for what you’re paying for. Overall, i am quite satisfied.

Bled it dry and then charged it up in about 2 hrs, it took around 2-4 hrs to discharge but all-in-all it turns showers / baths into a 10/10 jamming session 😅 bass is plentiful. When you receive a call it reads the number out to you, found that rather useful. For the price it’s an absolute steal. Only had it for a week so i don’t know how well it degrades.

Can’t fault this for the price. It is easy to use and sounds great. The sucker sometimes slips in the shower but that may just be my tiles. Very happy with this product indeed.I have another similar speaker in the en-suite which is just as good but cost more than double so would recommend this one for sure.

I got this to listen to the music while i’m in the shower it is really good and also if you need to make a phone call or somebody called you and if you were like me all lives alone if you need help you can get it i have iphone 7 and if you shout hey siri comes through the speaker and works the same as your phone and the soccer really is a good fit on the tiles.

Was looking for a simple yet good speaker to use in my bathroom. I read lots of reviews and especially many for this product and decided to give it a go and suffice to say, i’m really pleased with it. Was quick and easy to set up but more importantly, the sound was not disappointing at all (i had my doubts despite the reviews) but it’s all good and sufficient for a bathroom at least; the suction cap/loop make it easy to stick/hang anywhere. I’m also thinking i’ll use it in the garden too since it’s portable.Definitely recommend this great little speaker.

I love singing in the shower and this little gadget is great. I can link my phone while it’s still in the bedroom (and safe from water) and listen while in the shower. The sound is great (and the acoustics as ace in the shower). I’ve been using it for a while now. I need to charge it about once a month. The steam doesnt bother it and it has had a couple of full shower blasts and survived. You can easily access controls to skip or turn the volume up, you can even take phone calls although are a little weirded out when you answer the phone in the shower, great for those annoying ppi calls though ;)if you like music while you shower and dont want to risk your phone i cant recommend this enough.

I love to sing while i’m taking a shower. And i used to hear music on my phone. Now i can have a compact and potent speaker together with me under the water.

Before giving to her, i ‘tested’ it, it worked fine. But the next time i used it, it would connect to my phone and i have no idea how to make it work again.

Works really well in the shower, sound comes out clear.

Excellent product, low cost, was delivered very quickly, being a blind person, i found it so easy and straight forward out of the box to use, the buttons are nice and tacktile as well as being nicely hidden away. The usb connector is behind a rubber flap but this is to protect it from water which is understandable. All in all, excellent quality and extremely pleased for the price.

The sound quality goes down a lot when you have the volume high and the suction cup doesn’t keep it up for long. Every morning i have to pick it off of the floor because it has fallen during the night. But value for money: pretty good.

This is a brilliant bit of kit. I use a different vehicle every day at work and the radio (if it’s got reception) more often than not don’t work so this is a brilliant alternative. Very pleased with it and very robust bit of kit.

Bt connectivity is flawless. But the sound is pretty flat (i am comparing this with other shower speakers with similar power i bought for similar price).

Very good product, bluetooth connection, sound is ok. Very reasonable in price too.

 ideal little waterproof speaker for the shower, i wanted a small waterproof bluetooth speaker for the bathroom shower exclusively that wasn’t going to cost me silly money but would still deliver a good sound and after a lot of searching this looked ideal. It arrived in a branded blue and white box with the speaker, a micro usb charge lead and a simple but clear and easy set of usage instructions. After giving it a full charge i held the power button until it flashed then went to the bluetooth on my android phone and q50 was showing up then it was a simple case of selecting that and it was connected, the volume is more than adequate for the bathroom and nice and clear even at the highest setting. It’s been given a good test now in the shower and it gets a good soaking every time without any issues, the suction cup works very well being able to position it any place i want on the tiles and i always take it down after use as i am not sure it would stay in place permanently, the battery is good and charging it only takes a couple of hours for a full charge with the micro usb connection being on the bottom while it is hanging and a good solid rubber seal so no chance of any water getting in. I tested the phone feature which works well but not something i will use as if i am in the shower they can wait 🙂 skipping tracks works well with good solid buttons and a good range so i can leave my phone in the other room and it still keeps a good solid connection. I have added a video and will also add some pictures just showing going through connecting it up, playing a bit of music and skipping through tracks. Summary***********overall a good value solid speaker and certainly ideal for a bathroom or shower, it has a nice finish to it and with the rubber sucker can stick to a variety of surfaces, the sound is very crisp and clear even at highest volume although not the loudest ideal for a small room.

Was great for as long as it lasted 2 months but then charging bit broke inside so couldn’t charge it anymore. Shame as it had great sound and bass.

Ordered with prime arrived as stated.

Great christmas present, it’s really well packaged. Looks like it would be worth more than i paid for it, so top quality. Hoping my nephew will love this. I picked it because it can also take calls, so even if not used in the shower it should be really useful.

Great quality , but be aware this is not 5w is only 3w .

Great speaker – made an ideal gift.

Grabbed this well over 18 months ago and was genuinely happy with it until about the last month or so. . The sound quality is solid in my opinion, the bluetooth connectivity is surprisingly excellent, the controls work and despite complaints about the charging port, i’ve had no issues. However, the battery life has seemingly taken a disappointing turn for the worse and is now teetering on useless. To put this into context, a full charge now appears to last around 4-5 mins depending on the volume. That’s about one song and if you’re lucky half of another. I get that i can easily charge it every day or so, but then how is that convenient?. I suspect as the battery continues to degrade it will fall below a single song and eventually just die altogether. It looks like the device could be taken apart and maybe a new one installed, but i think at the price i paid, it’s more likely a disposable piece of kit.

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