Anker SoundCore Sport XL Portable Bluetooth Submersible Speaker – Great – have had it for years and still like brand new

I received this speaker from anker and it’s a really good looking robust speaker. Sound quality is great for the size however there is just one problem thoe it was meant to come with a micro usb for charging the device but unfortunately this was not in the box, thankfully i have a micro usb that fits. Slightly dissatisfied about micro usb hence rating otherwise it would have been 5 star.

Great loud speaker, got around 9 hours battery life out of this and the power bank functions works perfectly as promised, once again a great product from anker.

Deals with all types of music well, i’m into anything except really dark metal stuff, its got a kind of live feel to the sound, places the voice at the front and separates well i suppose. Look, for the money i couldnt find anything to trust more, with the 15hr play time, and good sound, and waterproof, and i’m not at all unhappy with it, its great for a bluetooth wireless speaker under 50 quidbtw on the spec sheet that came with it it said ipx7, on here it says ipx67, not sure which is right, but ipx67 is enough f me. Here are the specifications for the Anker SoundCore Sport XL Portable Bluetooth Submersible Speaker:

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  • Dynamic Stereo: Enjoy crisp, energetic sound with impressive volume, powered by 2 x 8W stereo drivers with remarkable frequency response. Sublime bass is delivered by dual passive subwoofers.
  • Tough Tech: One of the toughest Bluetooth speakers. IP67 waterproof (1m depth) and dust-tight. Shock resistant.
  • Bluetooth 4.1: Advanced Bluetooth tech offers an extended 66ft range (outside) so you can take your phone further without losing connection and make hands-free calls with the built-in noise-canceling mic.
  • Breakthrough Battery Performance: 15-hour playtime from the built-in, high-capacity lithium-ion battery (with Anker’s industry-leading power management) keeps your music playing all day, non-stop. You can even charge your phone or tablet with the charging port. Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content.
  • What You Get: Anker SoundCore Sport XL, Micro USB cable, hand strap, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Waterproof, dustproof, sound quality is great and price is great. One of the best purchases i have made. It is loud but not extremely loud but great for dinner parties and gatherings as the sound quality holds at louder volumes.

I bought this in april 2017, this is my review from a year of weekend and holiday use on a sail boat in salt water. I’m no audiophile so other reviews can speak far more about the audio qualities of this speaker, though i will say they are fantastic to my ear with good bass and volume. I keep the speaker with me in the cockpit of the boat and use it for playing music and audio books on passages. It has never been submerged in salt water but has been drenched in sea spray and rain. It is loud enough to hear over the weather and the engine without needing full volume. The rubberised coating is good non slip material so it doesn’t slide around. The battery really does last ages, i’ve used it almost non stop on a 12 hour passage before. In over 12 months of regular use the battery still keeps it’s charge and lasts ages, and there is no sign of rust at all. I also occasionally use it for playing music when driving in a classic car with no radio. Here again the non slip coating helps keep it on the dash in corners, it’s loud enough to hear over the engine and road noise and the battery easily handles a weekend of rallies.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bad luck I guess
  • Solid purchase decision and a top value-for-money choice.
  • Rugged, easy to use, great sounding speaker but.

Yes, it’s expensive for what you get. It has a good sound and goes relatively loud, but for £75 you would expect top notch sound. The first unit sent to me was faulty (didn’t charge or turn on), which was promptly replaced free of charge, good?.However, the second replacement stopped turning on or charging after around a month or so upon receiving it. The sound when it worked, was relatively impressive considering that it is also waterproof, however, with my bad luck of two faulty units, i feel my money should be spent elsewhere. My expectations when the replacement unit worked, were great, the sound was crystal clear with a surprising amount of bass for such a compact unit. It feels extremely rugged and will not break or even scratch if dropped due to the exceptional build quality. Overall, a nice balanced weight and a useful usb output to charge external devices. I planned to have a meetup with a few friends, this was the perfect companion.

Excellent speaker, good bass plenty of volume, nicely packaged at £34. Wanted to buy another but it now costs £45.

This is not a paid review, nor was i given this product for free in exchange for a review. I am really happy with this speaker from anker. I used this all day (about 9 hours) and it only dropped 1 out of three bars of power. The usb charging port is great too if you need to top up your phone. The sound quality is really good – everyone was really surprised by this at a recent garden party. It has dual standard speakers on the front, and also dual subwoofers, one of which is mounted on the back. The only negative here is it’s maximum volume. I thought this was a bit quiet, but for its size you can’t really complain. I also took this down the river for dorset dinghy day where it was completely submerged in water at times.

This has great sound quality – especially bass, really good range for bluetooth compared to other speakers i have and works perfectly in the shower.

I love the speaker, it’s a great bit of kit, sounds great for the size of it, excellent battery life and waterproof. After 6 months i had an issue with mine and wrote to anker. They replaced it immediately, i was so impressed with the level of customer service i had to write a review. Fantastic speaker and company to deal with.

This is a great speaker with fantastic sound perfect to fill a room or take to a pool party with out a worry because of its water proof capability.

Best service and best speaker you can ever get. It has a really deep bass perfect for party and good sound quality for the most chill music. But nothing can beat the customer service. I bought my speaker 2 months ago and the input stopped working properly so i contacted the team. I expected to have to fix but to my pleasant surprise they gave me a brand new speaker for replacement.

Great, durable speaker that lasted for 14 months despite regular water exposure etc. Really loud and good quality sound for its side. It stopped working at 14 months, but i got in touch with anker customer support and they sent a replacement free of charge.

Excellent speaker which i use mostly in large fairly noisy area/room at work , has plenty of oomph so sound fills big space easily. Easy to pair with devices and can also be used to charge other devices which can be handy. Very rugged design and waterproof/dustproof so good for when on holiday at the beach or outdoors in general. The only thing that doesn’t seems so rugged is the charging port which i always eventually have problems with. I returned my original speaker after about 12 months because after various charging problems it just gave up and i couldn’t charge it at all. The excellent anker customer support sent out a new replacement speaker but now after about another 18 months i’m starting to have similar charging issues i. Sometimes have to wiggle connector around a lot before it charges, lights flashing as it starts charging but after a few hours still flashing on first light [supposed to go up to 3 lights when fully charged although when unplugged appears to be actually fully charged. And most annoyingly has become very finicky as to what charger/plug it will actually charge from. ]

Stunning audio, same sort of volume as the original anker soundcore but 100000000000 times the quality, i put a regular warfdale speaker on for my grandad to listen to and this after and he said he thought it was the warfdale one and he really knows his sound so very happy with this purchase and i’ve already dropped it in the bath and still works a charm 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 11/10.

I enjoy having anker products as they are well designed and good performance. I also experienced their after sales service and i must say that they were very helpful.

This speaker is very decent quality considering it’s waterproof and all, i’m actually a sailor and i took it out with me sailing for a couple of hours and had no problems. It comes in a cute little package, i thought the charcher was missing but it’s actually inside one of the boxes surrounding the speaker itself.

Not had it long, but seems very durable and waterproof. (i still wouldn’t test it underwater though). Extremely good sound, good clear, bass. Good volume range, goes very loud. Slightly on the heavy side, but as expected.

I wanted to like this product, it should be by all counts a great product but it’s sound quality just lets it’s self down i wanted something that i could setup outside and listen to music and be water resistant but the quality of audio make it not a viable option, maybe i should of got the pro+after being anker customer services contacted me i’ve amended my score, they are top notch for customer service they supplied me a pro+ which has excellent sound quality. If you want water proof get this if you want amazing sound quality get the pro+.

Great company, sent me a free replacement when it broke, great sound and portable but can be annoying to charge.

So far i’m pretty happy with the anker soundcore xport xl. The build is solid and indeed looking the part when it comes to waterproofing and durability. The sound is pretty good, although if you turn the volume up, the high tones don’t sound that good (not a musician, so i don’t have the proper terminology). The bass is pretty great though. The battery lasts longer than the advertised 15 hours if you don’t crank up the volume. Design may not be everybody’s cup of tea but this is something you can check prior to purchasing. A great product, i’m happy i bought it.

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