Anker Sound Core Nano Super Small Bluetooth Speaker – It doesn’t have good sound, for a little speaker – it has

Quite small, fits in your palm but decent sound and volume. I use it for listening to audio books and it works great for this as the undemanding nature of speech is well within its capability and it is very potable so i can move it from room to room with no hassle. It’s noticeably a bit out of its depth playing music you listen to but i have a b&o speaker for this. It’s ok for music you don’t listen to and just want in the background. It’s like a radio speaker really. No connection problems; bluetooth is all good.

Excellent little device, the microphone on it doesn’t really work well enough to be usable, but i didn’t buy it for the microphone, one of my favourite buys of the last few years, i can’t say the same for the soundcore 2 or the boost.

The best small speaker you can get, daughter loves it takes it everywhere including camps with scouts, all of the people in her group have since bought them and she has bought 3 recently for her friends christmas presents.

Ok the sound is not the loudest and not the best quality but the speaker was £10 so you can’t go wrong at all really. The speaker had a good build quality and is easily portable due to the size. Over all if you are just looking for a speaker to bring to the beach or to a picnic is a great choice. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Extraordinary volume and sound quality from such a tiny speaker. Will be a valued travelling companion, i suspect, enabling me to listen to british radio broadcasts over the internet with something better than the squeaky built-in smartphone speaker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • POOR sound, but only £10
  • Jaw dropping
  • First unit faulty, replaced by Anker very quickly.

Usb connection excellent not hifi, no bass, not for listening to quality music downloads. Great for having in toolbox to listen to downloaded iplayer radio programmes whilst working. Oh and it costs about 3 pints of ale.

Sound quality is pretty good for its size. We use it mostly when watching tv on the ipad.

Amazing speaker with brilliant full sound. It goes very loud and it’s super intuitive to use. I always struggle with pairing bluetooth speakers but this is so easy. Plus it’s beautiful and matches my laptop. The colour is exactly as advertised and it’s got a quality finish and feels heavy. In my excitement to open it i accidently broke the little strap it comes with but i fixed it. Love, love love this speaker.

Very impressive sound from a speaker that you can fit to your pocket.

Really happy with this brilliant little speaker. The sound quality is superb & the build quality is excellent, as with all anker products we’ve purchased. I would recommend this speaker for travel & home use.

Everyone that sees this cannot believe how good it is, lads in work have bought a dozen or so since i got mine. #good battery life, good sound and very durable.

Bought this to use with my iphone in the car when using the maps app. Often find that road noise makes it hard to hear the directions, so this super little speaker overcomes that problem. I also use it to listen to music around the house in conjunction with my ipad. The sound quality is astonishingly good for such a tiny little device. I would have no hesitation in recommending this great little speaker – amazing quality and a very reasonable price. The combination of size, sound quality and price make it a no-brainer.

Not much bigger than a pack of swan vesta’s but it really punches above it’s weight. Much better than some that are thrice the size from our local tesco’s at less than half the price. I use mine when i’m in the kitchen making dinner or when i go into my home gym. Most of my mates have bought one since they saw mine.

It’s ok for the size, you need to keep it near maximum volume, like level 7-8/10, for good listening, don’t aspect much from quality sound, but it’s ok for spare use.

The sound quality is all relative. Obviously for general listening it’s not going to have a greatly satisfying sound but for instances where you want an ultra portable, lightweight speaker that you can easily fit in your pocket it has its uses. I enjoy listening to it when i’m on solitary walks (it actually sounds really good in a pocket) and also find it useful for listening to google maps directions from my phone. What impresses me more than anything though is anker’s customer service. I thought the speaker was faulty so i contacted them and they immediately sent a replacement. After receiving the replacement i realised that the probiem wasn’t with the speaker. I’ve since contacted them and confessed to my mistake and i’m very touched by their response. I read very good things about anker customer service before i purchased the nano and it’s all true.When communicating with them i have had prompt and friendly responses every time and i was kept informed of despatch and delivery at every step and received the replacement within 4 days.

I’ve owned a number of mini-speakers in the past, most notably the xmini-2 and my current favourite the xmini we. While the anker soundcore nano is a little large than the xmini we, it’s noticeably louder and has better low-end. It’s also cheaper than the xmini. Build quality is excellent and the finish is fantastic. Battery life obviously depends on how loud you play but i’ve been getting around the 4 hours that they claim. I’ve bought a couple for gifts and they look way more expensive than they are .

I really wasn’t expecting much but this little speaker is absolutely brilliant for its size. Perfect for taking on holiday. You wouldn’t use it for a party but when sitting around having a bbq or for a bit of music in your hotel room it really can’t be beat.

This is a great little speaker which means if you’re watching a film on your ipad etc, you can get much better sound in a tiny little package. So far, mine seems to lose charge extremely quickly. Charged it yesterday and didn’t use it, and today it’s completely dead. Not sure if that’s just because of the size of the battery or if it is a faulty unit, but nonetheless it’s a good little package. **update**anker picked up on my review and have replaced the original faulty speaker with a new one that doesn’t have the same problem. All working well and their support was much appreciated.

This little speaker is utterly amazing, for the size of it. The sound is really great, as it is crisp and clear and there is no vibration or hum off it, which really surprised me, for the money?. I hoped, from the other reviews, which were so positive, that mine would be the same – and it was, it is just great. It links to the phone, in my case, as i want it, for work, so i can listen to my own music, on my phone. It is going to be superb and i’m one, very happy, lady with this one. It looks the business too, as it’ll match my gold galaxy note 4 and the metal casing makes it a classy bit of design and build, as this is quality kit. I love it and i’m so chuffed that i have bought it. It came very quickly and the instruction booklet is just fine. The sound quality is going to amaze you – as this is, a no-brainer product this.

Wow – that was my first impression. The build is solid yet not heavy (which is a good thing since it is portable) and i love the soft non slip rubber base, what a good idea. Like the idea of the strap, would be even more impressed if it came with a cover. :p it’s much tinier than i expected which is a real plus and the sound quality for a gadget this small is unbelievable.So super thoroughly impressed. I’m not sure how long the battery lasts but seems to be able to last a while.

What an excellent product, does exactly what it’s supposed to do. No it’s not the best sound out there, but it is probably the best sound for that price and higher prices as well. And even at highest volume the sound comes out perfect with no distortion. Battery is great, i had it playing for 7-8 hours at high volume no prob. Pairing is as simple as possible, great bluetooth range and it doubles as a loudspeaker for your phone calls. Also the build quality is excellent as you would expect from anker. Overall it’s a great product, and you really argue with that price.

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