AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Value and quality

This amazonbasics waterproof bluetooth speaker is a decent value stereo wireless speaker with a good frequency response and a really decent amount of bass for it’s size. As well sounding good for music playing the device also functions as a speaker-phone when paired with a suitable smartphone and it can also be used with non-bluetooth players by using the 3. The speaker comes supplied with clear instructions (in many languages), a usb charging cable, for use with any usb charger or a computer port, and a carabiner clip to attach the speaker to a backpack or belt for use in the great outdoors. This is a tough unit that has a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can give up to eight hours music playing time from a three and a half hour charge. 0 pairing is very straightforward – you just need to power the speaker up and look for the bsk20 device name in your player’s bluetooth menu. The speaker looks good, it is ruggedly styled with a casing of silicone material plus tough aluminium grilles front and back, and it is rainproof, dustproof, drop-proof, and shockproof to ip67 standards. If you are looking for a tough bluetooth speaker that is suitable to use in many rugged outdoor situations and locations then this amazonbasics bsk20 model is well worth considering – you can even use it in the shower.I can recommend this model for both sound and build quality and it is also decent value at around twenty-seven pounds currently from amazon – a good addition to the growing range of amazonbasics bluetooth speakers.

Disappointed by the overall quality and sound.

No problems with this item that does exactly what it says on the tin-a tough, easy-to-use, reliable and good value bluetooth speaker. You get what you pay for, so this is very much no-frills with the controls a little bit hard to detect on the uniformly black matte plastic casing. It charges quickly, and has a fairly good sound quality, easily competitive with the other speakers that i own. If you are buying this as a gift, you might want to look at a different model as this is rather sombre-i have a braven, and while i appreciate it’s much more expensive, it is much more attractive item than this rough tough trouper of a speaker.

Key specs for AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker:

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  • Bluetooth wireless speaker with shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof design (rated IP 67); doubles as a shower speaker
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology for crystal-clear sound; pairs instantly with your Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Rubberized rugged exterior provides ultimate impact resistance; rigid construction and treated aluminium grill for enhanced strength
  • Adjust volume or switch tracks using control buttons on the portable speaker (or from paired device)
  • 10 meter wireless range; up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with a single charge; lithium ion rechargeable battery included

Comments from buyers

“I’m Glad I Bought It For The Missus
, Highly recommend
, Tough little speaker good value.

Value for money, good sound for price.

Fantastic speaker for the shower,not the greatest sound, but not at all bad.

This speaker offers a surprisingly ‘meaty’ sound for all the size of it. Really very impressed by the sound quality, and it’s very robust, too. And haven’t had to do it again. I’m not in the habit of noting the time it’s lasted, but i’ve made a good few sunday dinners, decorated a teenager’s bedroom and played a great many board-games with this speaker providing the tunes. So, sounds good, and lasts for hours, possibly days one one charge. Can’t speak for the waterproofing, mind, but with it delivering so well on every other front, i’m going to assume i could safely take it swimming with me. And it’s probably robust enough for me to use as a club to subdue any curious killer whales whilst i’m swimming, too.

I work on a construction site so i often have to venture pretty far from my device but it always stays connected with my phone in my pocket. Use it all day, charge for 30 mins on my lunch break and she keeps going all the way until 6 o clock when i finish and has plenty left for the next day.

Reviewing a product like this is a little hard in words. Really you have to hear it but i will compare it to my other bluetooth speaker which at the monet costs the same price. Comparing to the very popular anker classic portable (anker classic portable wireless bluetooth speaker, powerful sound with 20 hour battery life and built-in microphone, works with iphone, ipad, samsung, nexus, htc, nokia, laptops, pc and more – black ) this give a higher volume, much better bass, is waterproof and feels like it could take a lot more punishment. The anker is however half the size and lasts a lot longer (on paper i am yet to test the battery life of this unit but the anker does last seemingly forever)really for the money i would be surprised if anything sounded as good as this and it also works in the shower. Only reason i would recommend something else would be if you wanted something smaller or lasted longer (8 hours should be enough for anyone though which is what is stated in the manual )note: i initially had problems with the device disconnecting every 60 seconds for a few seconds – this was after charging for 3 hours for the first time. I charged it again to full and have not see the problem again.

Incredibly robust, the speakers on either side of this are covered in a really tough mesh. The remainder has a thick rubber layer, including the buttons. The av socket and micro usb sockets are hidden under a flap at one end of the boxlike structure. I confess i didn’t test its waterproof boast, but intend to do so by the pool on holiday. A short charging cable is provided. Playback lasts up to 8 hours. Once connected, to a phone or other device by bluetooth or using a cable to the av socket, the quality of sound, for the price is really good. This is an amazon basics product, but i didn’t feel that it was a basic product.

I’ve been using this speaker to play music in my car because i have an ancient cd player and no way to plug in a modern music device. This little speaker is certainly loud enough and the sound quality is fine – we are not talking bose or b&o here but it’s decent for the price range. My only issue is with the control buttons which really need to be improved in any future redesign. The buttons feel too rubbery and are unresponsive which can be very frustrating. Also it really needs a dedicated power on/off switch. As it currently stands the power function is shared with the play/pause button – you have to jab it quickly to pause play back or hold it down to turn the speaker on and off. Unfortunately as the buttons are not very responsive i’ve on several occasions i’ve ended up turning the thing off when all i wanted to do was pause some music but my short elfin presses where not registering. If you are controlling the music from the source e. A smart phone then this won’t bother you, but in a car this is a big problemotherwise, speaker seems sturdy and has stood up to a few knocks.

Love it, works a treat and sounds great. Small point, the led is not where the instructions i had indicated it would be.

This is an excellent little bluetooth speaker, especially for the price. It travels well (we took it to the states and back and it is no worse for wear), it connects to all our devices quickly and easily (iphones, appletv, macbook, ipad, pc), and generates an impressive amount of volume for being a compact speaker. We are very pleased with it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, low-cost speaker.

This speaker is truly amazing. I threw it on the ground several times, onto a paved path, onto a wooden floor, i held it under a fast tap of flowing water, i put it into a sink of water and left it there for a few minutes, and it just floated around on the surface as the music i was sending to it came out oblivious to it’s surroundings. The water even rippled in time to the music. I must say here that i had been given this speaker for free to test, if i had paid money for it i would have treated it with more care, but i need not have worriedthe speaker comes with a hook so you can hang it from a suitable belt. Given what i had found out about it’s ruggedness, you could quite happily have it hanging around a belt while you fought your way through a heavy storm. It could even be useful in the cockpit of a sea going boat where there was a chance of waves covering it …the speaker has a great sound to it. The bass is solid, the treble is crisp and clear, the overall sound leaves the quality of a lot of similar speakers for dead. It connected easily to the signal from my windows phone. It has connections on it for using cables to wire it up but i did not test those. I love this speaker as much as you could a piece of equipment.

Range is really good paired with my iphone 7 plus. I like how the battery level shows up on the screen of my phone. Fully controlled from my phone. Clip works great on my work pants.

Amazon basics bsk20rating 5/5*title: like a casio ‘g-shock’ speaker – unbeatable sound per pound. From opening the plain packaging and plucking out this hardcore speaker, i am so impressed. It is built for a tough life. Serious rubber surround (with large hole for attaching with the included clip), old school guitar amp style mesh covering the front and rear. Connectors for usb (charges in 3. 5 hours for 8 hours use) and aux in (standard 3. It’s meant to be water/dust/shock proof and without abusing it, who am i to disagree?3 bold rubber buttons with dual purposes on the top – volume up/down and skip/track back and the central power/bluetooth pairing button. Red/blue led within the grille for power, bluetooth indication. Simple ascend/decend sounds for power on / off.

I bought this for my husband but have actually used it more than him lol. It is easy to set up and use and has a really good sound.

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