AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Small and light enough to carry around in your pocket

Not to small not too large, just perfect and will fit almost anywhere from your desk to bedroom side table. Great product from the basics range.

On off switch is on the back. It would be better if it was on the top with the other controls.

If you’re not looking for super-fancy sound quality but decent in-house, basic use then this is a must buy product.

I was pretty knocked out at the quality of this little beauty, given the price tag. Not the tinny, echoing sound you expect from a ‘value’ speaker, but clear tones with a reasonably powerful range. I’ve been using it in the kitchen to watch shows on my phone and it made an enormous improvement to the experience. Unless you are a serious tone junkie, this little speaker will meet all of your needs for a very reasonable outlay.

Right, first things first: this is cheap as chips. In everything that follows, bear in mind i am comparing this to my other bluetooth speaker – jam heavy metal stereo bluetooth wireless speaker which was over £100 when i got it. The amazon speaker is part of the basics range and it is, indeed, pretty basic. The sound, though, is better than you might expect. It’s clear and volume is ok. Set up is easy and straightforward – no difficulties at all. The main downside is that there’s an issue with the volume control – it’s basically inaudible at less than half volume via the bluetooth controls, and then it gets incredibly loud incredibly quickly past that. So this is cheap, fine but you’d probably not want it as your main speaker.

Its a good speakers , not very bad , but by this price you can have better speakers , with water proof and can charge your phone , but its still a good choice.

Good quality sounds and seems durable, i hope it can last a long time so i can get absolute brand satisfaction.

Small bluetooth speakers to use with ipad. . Amazing for price and size (tiny) but good punch.

Bought this model last year & i have to say it’s a great speaker which i use with my mp3 player. Good price and great bit of kit 😎 if your looking for a speaker for your music device i would def recommend this product, great sound and all round nice device 🖒🖒 10 out of 10.

The sound quality on this was good for such a little speaker. Even the husband who’s a bose snob was impressed. Only taking one star off as it’s a little plasticy and cheap feeling to hold but for the price that’s expected. The battery lasted well when it was off charge.

I agree with the comments made by other reviewers. This represents a good balance of quality and price. The construction is slightly plasticky and sound volume a bit limited. I have a bose version of this which is far superior – but costs 4 times or more as much. Pairing with bluetooth is easy, there are simple on/ off and volume controls and a dedicated phone call button for using this as a speaker phone. It is fairly robust and not too heavy. Whilst not representing the ultimate in hi fi quality or volume, it is certainly fir for purpose and is ideal for some amplificationon the move. Has a line input too so can pair with just about any electronic device.

Simple and basic, but actually it produces a really decent sound for what it is. It filled my room with sound that was fairly rich and not distorted and that wasn’t even at full volume. A little plasticy looking but for the price range and the fact it is a basics range, it’s pretty good.

For the price, this is a brilliant little speaker. It’s lightweight, very attractive and the sound is great. Easy to use (even i can manage it, and i can’t work a dvd player). I’m really impressed with this speaker and the sound it produces.

This is so good, the sound quality on it is great and it goes quite loud.

When , at last , i figured out the instructions, it worked really well with my phone. I am not technical and this is the 1st bluetooth device i have used. A bit of a learning curve but i got there. Have not yet used it with my computer. It is small and compact so good for travel. Not much weight in the suitcase and the sound is loud enough with my phone. The sound ,so far is a bit tinny but not bad. I like it really well as a good basic speaker for music and talking books and meditations when travelling. I will get a cord with speaker jacks which i certainly think it should have with it. I am over 75 by the way s have some technical problems. Or rather problems with technology. This did not take long to sort out.

Great little speaker for the price.

We’re talking basics here – everything works, but it’s all frills-free; the sound is clear but quite cold and hard (better for dialogue, but good enough for music if you’re not too fussed), but it does go quite loud. The metal grille gives it a bit of tactile interest. Like nearly all bluetooth speakers, it. Can handle calls which it does in a typically utilitarian way. Budget range, no-frills – works well.

Fantastic speaker for the price. Goes quite loud for what you would expect, and maintains good quality sound. My teenage daughter and 10yr old son approve highly.

Small and light enough to hold in the hand and put in your pocket this wee speaker sounds pretty good for its size but just lacking in a little more bass but thats to be expected due to its size.

This is a nice small portable speaker which we didn’t have any problems in pairing up to phones or ipads. This meant that i was able to run audible books through it and listen whilst pottering around. Also very useful when on a conference call as this speaker made it easier for me to work whilst in on the call. You can of course use for listening to music also. The sound was pretty basic, a little tin sounding and quite flat as there is no real noticeable ‘bass’ sound, however, this is a basic little speaker and frankly for the price i think its a good little speaker too. Its not trying to compete with the big guys its just fulling a need in the market and it does it well.

For a budget, no-nonsense bluetooth speaker, this does a great job. You won’t expect 360 surround or anything with this, but for an appliance from a ‘basics’ range, it produces a nice, clear and bassy sound that definitely beats the phone / tablet / laptop speakers they’ll be taking the load from. It’s pretty good across low to high ranges, and avoids being too tinny in the upper range. Top volume is decently loud too, and will fill a large-sized room quite easily with music. It’s as basic as you can get in terms of controls – no playback / forward / back buttons – but it’s no-nonsense you pay for here. The pay-off is not only in price, but in size / weight – it has just a little footprint, and weighs barely anything. Ideal for popping in a bag or case. Bluetooth pairing is very simple, and there’s even a standard 3. 5mm jack socket for connecting non-bluetooth devices. It charges quickly and easily with the (irritatingly very short) usb cable too.

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