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Loving itthis is the 2nd one as had issues with distorted sound on the first one i ordered, but had replacement straight away, and the replacement is brilliant. Was worried about getting a refurb but am now happy with the replacementi love listening to music and if you get amazon music it’s brilliant.

Excellent can’t believe i didn’t get one sooner.

She’s so clever and keeps me occupied sorting out her skills.

How did i survive without the amazon echo. It reminds me to take pills. I can shout out items for my shopping list as i think of them. We can get local news items and weather in an instant and we are finding more uses all the time.

Needed a speaker and couldn’t find one with a reasonable price and i saw this which was too hard to turn down. Very easy set up and one of the best speakers i’ve heard around this price point.

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  • Alexa, buy me another Echo
  • Enjoying the music
  • Refurbished? my Echo looks and works perfectly 😀

Bought this for my mother who is 90 and partially sighted. She was finding it difficult to work her radio/dvd player. This is perfect as she can just ask for whatever music she fancies and the weather too.

Fairly easy set up and a huge selection of skills to play with. Need more time to learn all of it.

Absolutely amazing little device. Was bought as refurbished and it was in immaculate condition. Other than it arriving in a plain box you would believe it was new. Simply download the alexa app and follow the setup instructions. If you’re going to use this for music i highly recommend paying for prime music as you can listen to anything whenever you wamt to. Well worth it in my opinion.

Firstly, i cannot fault (or tell the difference) between this and a new one. Though i believe the packaging is different. This comes in a plain box, which is no problem. The echo speaker was immaculate and sounds really great either connected to the internet or by bluetooth. My only reservations are down to the alexa operating system. Initial connection to my wifi network was troublesome. After having to go through the motions several times – and reseting – it eventually connected. I’m not sure if it was due to my internet hub. (i have my internet from bt, and there have been issues in the past.

Alexa has changed our lives for the better. I have premium spotify account which i linked up to alexa and she now provides music on request. It’s much better than any portable bluetooth speaker i had before, much better bass. I’ve also now hooked up a couple of lamps and alexa turns these on and off as requested.

Bought as refurbished, but looks and works like new.

Didn’t think i would love a product so much. The shopping list is a great boon, just tell alexa when you need something added and when you get to the store up pops your list on your phone. Also love her reading me my novels from my kindle whilst i’m doing the dreaded ironing. Of course playing music is great, the to do list is useful too, in fact i could go on all day about this product, how did i ever manage before i bought it.

What a great item very happy with it , how did i manage before without it.

I have an amazon echo in my living room, which i use all the time and have come to appreciate greatly, particularly the sound quality and alexa’s assistance :di had my older echo dot in my bedroom and enjoyed it’s use, however, the sound quality isn’t as good as that of the echo :/ further i couldn’t justify the near indulgence of the purchase of another echo for my bedroom, this, however, was completely changed by the opportunity to purchase a refurbished echo :d and at the price doesn’t feel like indulgence at all :dthe refurbished echo arrived today 🙂 and i must comment that, in terms of it’s cosmetic appearance, looks brand new, no scratches, scuffs or marks of any description :d indeed looking identical to my first echo on it’s arrival :d so shopping amazon’s own refurbished devices will hold no fear for me in the future, based on my current experience :dset-up was straightforward, given my prior experience with my first echos. The sound quality is well rounded and rich :d i streaming music from amazon prime and listening to talk & music internet radio. Though i am not an expert, i would comment that i haven’t heard better sound quality on a smart speaker at this price point. Overall, i am more than happy with my purchase :d i am looking forward to listening to tunes snuggled up in bed on those cold stormy winter’s nights :d.

Great device & ‘refubished’ as advertised is as new perfet condition. Great for listening to radio & music, asking questions & making calls. Only used for a couple of weeks & still learning new stuff about it.

Initially thought would a refurbished product be as aesthetically pleasing and more importantly sound the same as a new echo – my fears were allayed on receipt. I am now the proud owner of four echoes.

Love it still getting my head around using it but when you get into bed and forget to turn out the ceiling light you get alexa to do it for you.

The first ‘refurbished’ one i received had a very loud and annoying buzz from the speaker but this was very easily sorted through amazon returns. The second one works perfectly. The sound is so much better than the first generation echo – much clearer highs and loads of bass. I used to run my old echo through a bluetooth speaker to get better quality sound but no longer need to with this device. And looks wise it is also a load better than the earlier device. I am really really pleased with my new echo.

Couldn’t live without it now i’ve had one. With it being refurbished i expected the quality to not be as great, but was very shocked as looked brand new. The kids love talking to alexa asking her questions and putting songs on. It’s so easy to use you can do so much with it aswell.

Can see the difference between this warehouse one and the new one i purchased a few weeks ago. Same great sound and great control of hive & energenie. Have ended swapping to amazon family music unlimited and it is brilliant. Every track i request seems available.

I was close to throwing alexa out the window because i could not get it to connect to my wifi through my samsung s8. After a couple of hours online searching for answers i was giving up and then i tried to connect through my samsung galaxy tab s2 which worked easily. I know this is probably a mix of an android and amazon issue but please amazon, please make it easier to connect with the newer phones. Anyway, since setting up, i am very happy with alexa. I am learning new skills every day. The only glitches i have noticed are the occasional incorrect actions when she mishears me. An example is when i ask her to play one of my spotify play lists slow beat house and alexa always replies that there is no playlist called slow beach house. All in all, i love alexa and i highly recommend the echo.

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Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Charcoal Fabric
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  1. This review is from : Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Charcoal Fabric

    Was quite happy until it went on sale the following week at a lower price for a brand new one.
    • Was quite happy until it went on sale the following week at a lower price for a brand new one.
      • Mainly used for radio and and as a bluetooth speaker. Also had month of free amazon music.

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