Acoustic Energy Extreme 5 Weather-Resistant Speaker – good all round outdoor speakers

We haven’t had them over a winter yet but so far they’ve been great and we’d thoroughly recommend them. Good sound for outside speakers.

Good all round outdoor speakers. These speakers are an ideal way to listen to your music on the patio, round the hot tub, the garden etc. They are passive units so are driven directly by your amp(i. Dont think you can directly connect uop your mp3 player to these units, they are designed to be cabled to your hi fi speaker connections. Most good a amps/receivers will have a separate set of speaker connections for this purpose). General pluses and minusesweatherproof (i live on dartmoor and they work fine here. Need i say more?)price – very competitive for the quality of sound and power handlingconstruction – robust sealed cases, specialised weather resistant cable connection plugs included. Mounting brackets – can be mounted horizontally or vertically (do not use the rawlpugs and screws provided to mount the speakers – something much more robust is needed)sound quality – very good once “burned in”, give them a week or so to settle downbass response – ok but if you really want to annoy the neibours buy the ae extreme 8 rather than the 5s. (nb they cost twice as much and almost twice as heavy).

  • good all round outdoor speakers

Acoustic Energy Extreme 5 Weather-Resistant Speaker (Single) (Black)