Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2 – Natural, powerful, beautiful sound.

This speaker system is solidly designed and provides crisp, body fat seem. I’ve in no way seemed back from obtaining this. It can fill my 3x3m living place with new music loud sufficient to rave to. Yet it nevertheless gracefully reproduces piano and cello sonatas.

Delivered quicklyproduct experienced a quality really feel and resonable sound quality, but the a single i was despatched had a issue with the volume handle. On low to medium placing the remaining right volumes were signficantly distinct. I returned the item and was provided a comprehensive refund.

Ok – now these are critically good. As some others have said, you know you are getting some thing a little bit various when you pick these fellows up. The two satellite speakers are not a great deal even bigger than a pack of kellogs range corn flakes but weigh a ton. The sub is far more the dimension of normal speaker. But it is really when you plug them into the laptop the authentic exciting startsi truthfully could not believe that the good quality from these chaps (and i’ve bought a pair of £800 mission flooring standing speakers attached to my beloved audiolab 8000a). Pound for pound, this is the greatest £100 i have at any time spent on hifi equiptment. And it is really a british corporation tooi’m off to buy a lot more.

  • OK – Now these are seriously good!
  • Good “Standard” fidelity
  • All of the above But
  • Awesome addition to your Mac / PC / Music workstation
  • Natural, powerful, beautiful sound.
  • Almost perfection

This speaker set up is best for mp3 playback, and cds seriously shine by means of them. Out of the box, the satellite speakers are major and advise quality parts as opposed to the more plasticky offerings at this cost variety, however this is typically owing to their metal casing. The sub is compact sufficient to sit on the ground out of sight , or even up on a shelf. All in all, an interesting, minimalist glance. Established up is as simple as plugging cables into the appropriate locations. They need to be given a when to run in, to heat up. The ideal way to explain the seem high quality is to say that it really is doable to get a crystal clear, crisp audio that’s more than able of filling an ordinary sized home. You can find lots heading on right here, and you could invest a good deal of time placing your ipod’s eq, together with changing the 3 bass ranges (one,2, and, er,3) on the again of the aego, but the uncomplicated simple fact is that it appears it truly is ideal when it is neutral. If you want towers of bass, it’s there, but it can have a tendancy to muddy the rest of the mid-vary if set to it truly is highest placing.

As the preceding guys reported – quite pleasant speakers in bargain rate, the more time i am listening to them the better they seem to audio to me.

Features of Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system White

  • High-performance MP3 Speakers
  • 3 Speaker terminals
  • 90 Watts RMS total system power rating
  • Light and compact
  • With subwoofer

Being a audio professional i was on the lookout for a speaker which could give me the ideal of seem. I experienced read a whole lot about these speakers from my band mate, so i made the decision to order the aego m 2. And now right after a month i can absolutely say that i had taken the appropriate selection.

Laptop speakers do not get any superior than this.

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  1. Delivered quicklyproduct had a quality feel and resonable sound quality, but the one i was sent had a problem with the volume control. On low to medium setting the left right volumes were signficantly different. I returned the product and was given a full refund.
  2. This review is from : Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system White

    I had a bose companion 3 set, which i replaced these with. The quality of build and sound is better in my opinion than the bose. I would recommend these especially at the price they are.
    • Ive had this product for a year now, and have had no problems with it other than the headphone port on the front doesnt work anymore. Apart from that, its been great. Could do with a remote though.
  3. This review is from : Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system White

    Acoustic energy aegom active speakers. Acoustic energy aegom active speakers. Performance wise the speakers live up to their reputation. Two pages of a5 photocopied to the extent the detail is excluded. The content is also poor, these speakers have lots of features the manual ignores. Even basic connection is a lottery. Come on acoustic energy, lets have a re-print & some more detail.
    • I spent months searching for the right speakers for the right price & with the right power output & after using my logitech x-230 for some time i decided its time for an upgrade & what an upgradei love music & i would definitely recommend these bad boys. The bass from the sub alone is ridiculous.Not forgetting the likkle speakers they pack great sound quality with no loss of sound at all even at high volume (can’t really say how loud they are because my neighbours two doors down complain). Crisp sounds & near to perfect low bass sound quality with great smooth melodies. They look so sexy in white, compliments the room nicely peopled can’t help but notice it – trust me i know. What’s great about it is people don’t even have to see it when they feel the power of the bass line hit their chests to know it’s packing heat. You can literally feel the sound waves when turned upthese speakers are a great all rounder & with its power output you wont be disappointed, just ask my mothergreat speakers, perfect price, sexy looks. What else can you ask for?i laugh at you and your speakers if they ain’t more powerful & looks more sexier than these.
  4. This review is from : Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system White

    As a professional musician and organist, quality of sound is of paramount importance in my hi-fi set-up. Having upgraded my computer to an imac two years ago, it wasn’t long before i wanted to upgrade the little labtec speakers which had provided sound whenever sound-clips were featured on a website, so after some research, i purchased a pair of behringer ms20 active monitors. Technology, however, refuses to stand still, and in no time at all, i’m watching digital terrestrial television (freeview) on my computer, using itunes, and listening to the radio online whenever i am working. The bbc’s iplayer, amongst other things, has revolutionised the way radio, tv and other media are received. The sound from the speakers needs to complement this, and the behringers were fine, but more was needed. After further research i was about to purchase another system – indeed i’d made an order online – but i soon stumbled on a clutch of critical reviews from people who had high hopes but were then disappointed. That order was promptly cancelled and this ae aego m 2. 1 system ordered in its stead. Having set up, my initial impressions?.
    • Natural, powerful, beautiful sound. .The satellites are small, but rock, rock solid. It doesn’t sound separate from the rest of the ranges. It’s top quality, difficult to distinguish where the bass is coming from – which is greatpersonally i’m satisfied with how all the ranges sound, up, mid and lower. Anyone thinking about getting a 2. 1 system should definitely try these.
      • I left my altec lansing mx5021’s in france which as well as a remote forbass, treble and volume has a little box that sits on your desk that performs the same functions as the remote. So u can adjust the bass from zero bass to maximum to mid bass in a flash. The sound quality of these speakers are fabulous and will handle all genres with alacrity. It was the sales assistant that persuaded me to order the ae’s – and the reviews here. The bass settings on the ae’s are at the back of the bass unit which is not so conveniently accessible. As one reviewer above said, setting 3 is for bass heads, even setting 2 is more than enough [for me]. But even on setting 1 i sometimes have to stop a track to stop my neighbours wall caving in. Its this lack of control over the bass settings that have led me to return the speakers and re buy the al’s which i shud have done in the first place. The ae’s come with a load of other wiring that was totally redundant [to me].
  5. Hi,these arrived very quick indeed from amazon (cheers) anyway the ae am are incredible speakers with quality fi allround. 1 config but a additional speaker can be bought via ae site to make this a 3. I have had many desktop speakers for my mac including h/k soundsticks ,bose etc but these are on a different trip. Are you a mac user and do you use gb ,logic or just listen to music/dvd etc?.

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