Acoustic Energy AE26-06B AEGO M 2, Bought these in 2006, still sounding amazing.

You want tunes?, then glimpse no more. Longevity/durabilityi have owned and listened to a ton sets of two. 1 speakers for the pc, and have read a ton of evaluations about speakers, on right here and other evaluation web-sites. Whilst a ton of men and women focus on the seem of the speakers, there are particular other factors that seem to get ignored about the ae aego, like how durable they are. I have owned jbl creature 2s, logitech growth-boom units, but they all have 1 important flaw, there dependability. I can safely and securely say that ae aego rise earlier mentioned this stage mediocrity of reliability. They are perfectly manufactured and have reliable experience about them. The high quality of the cables is also a minimize over the relaxation with 2 meters of flat speaker cable, and loads relationship choice cables, distinct like the solution for a centre speaker (possibly a ms alumni??)whats’ the audio like. With the point that becoming from a speaker manufacturer they are musically very excellent package, they might not stay up to ear drum shattering bass of particular other computer accent makers speakers, but in a few months ae aego will continue to be doing the job, where by as. And even now making that knowledgeable audio stage.

Bought these as a established of screens for my roland digital drum kit. Choice was a roland branded wedge and speakers for £500+. They get up a portion of the room and seem amazing. The sub gives a genuine punch and the satelites raise an eyebrow with everybody i exhibit them to.

Acoustic Energy AE26-06B AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system Black

  • Sound system for MP3 players, PCs Macs, mobile phones and other devices
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Hi-fidelity, high volume sound
  • Instant home entertainment
  • Big hi-fi sound from the smallest devices

I formerly owned some altec lansing 2. one speakers and assumed they had been very great, that was until eventually my brother acquired some of these acoustic energy aego m 2. As quickly as he turned them on for the very first time i immediatley went on-line and bought some for myself. I are unable to convey ample in phrases how awesome these speakers seem. There is definitely no comparison involving these and altec lasing two. 1 system i have due to the fact listened to like logitech, creative, sony, jbl and bose. The clarity of the speakers is outstanding and the bass is brain blowing, they audio best across all frequency ranges, definitely bringing the new music alive.

Punch way previously mentioned their body weight and value. All i wanted was a some 50 % good speakers to hook up to my laptop. What i bought was way further than all my expectations. They conduct incredibly properly and set numerous so-referred to as hifi techniques to shame. Certainly not heading to get a thing that will fill a big area to club ranges but in usual domestic surroundings ninety watts rms is plenty of to create extraordinary performance for the value. Have to experiment a minor bit with inserting of bass unit and the choice of setting (1, two or three) but at the time set up and fed a respectable top quality resource they sound definitely very good.

I experienced been looking for speaker for a while and stumbled on these. Following trawling by world-wide-web critiques (all of which were five stars) i nonetheless wasn’t positive if they were likely to execute as they are significantly less well known than rival logitech or innovative devices. I went for it in any case and all i can say is think the buzz and believe the assessments. I question you could get a better computer speaker system for under £150.

Acoustic Energy AE26-06B AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system Black : Deep sound, and very powerful bass (depends what you set it to of course). 5-stars (the jack that connect to my laptop’s headphone output does not fit as well as i’d expect it to)vfm: 4. 5-stars (i don’t like that the volume control is on the subwoofer, the bass settings are behind the woofer, and that there’s no headphones output, for the money they could put something fancy like logitecs remote control)sound quality: just awesome. Of course they are not for a big party, but a small party in student house, or for lounge use at home they are just amazing. Only drawback is the weight and cables. They are not really easy to transport and carry around, but not many people would do that so just buy them and stop thinking about the price. Also ae customer service is very helpful, i had an issue with one cable and they were happy to assist.

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  1. Must have a good dac when using through computer. This is the second ae aego m 2. I have a truly high end quad 99 / 909 / monitor audio hi-fi and really appreciate first rate sound quality. The first aego i bought was about eight or nine years ago, possibly longer. I paid around £80 previously and had been reluctant to spend so much for the computer i’d set up for the kids. Instead i bought creative t40 speakers and felt quite underwhelmed. When i bought a fiio dac and connected it to my own desktop computer, the sound improved significantly, so i ordered another fiio:http://www. Uk/fiio-e10k-headphone-amplifier-dac/dp/b00lp3amc2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1452774115&sr=8-1&keywords=fiio+e10+olympus+2connected this up to the kids computer with the aego and compared the sound to the creative t40 without the fiio dachttp://www. Uk/creative-multimedia-audiophile-configuration-technology/dp/b001izz2po/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1452774161&sr=8-1&keywords=creative+t40the difference is stunning, sound from the aego + fiio expansive, rich, crisp and flowing. Absolutely amazing close on audiophile sound from a computer.
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    Bought these in 2006, still sounding amazing. . I bought a set of these in 2006. The speakers are very well built. The satellite speakers are in a metal body and the subwoofer cabinet is wood. The sound quality of these is amazing. Mine sound just as good as the day i bought them. The bass is nice and tight, not too boomy. The bass has three settings but i just keep mine on 1.
    • This product is amazing, looks small but packs a mighty punch in terms of sound. I use this product for my home studio and i assure you it’s loud .
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    Excellent sound but suffers from slight background hum. . Lost a star because as others have mentioned it does hum a bit so you have to power it down when not watching the tv. You can’t hear the hum during a program but i find it loud enough to be annoying when not watching the tv. The base is impressive and the treble is crisp and clear. The power is sufficient to annoy your neighbours if you wind the volume up high, even if you live in a detached house.
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    Great speakers, though have had build quality issues with. Great speakers, though have had build quality issues with front minijack and the sub amp beginning to hum* a little after a consistent daily use. *this can happen to amps over time.
  5. This review is from : Acoustic Energy AE26-06B AEGO M 2.1 active speaker system Black

    You get every type on lead you would. Excellant product, sound is very good. You get every type on lead you would ever need.
    • Great speakers, loud hiss caused a return. These are great speakers, very good in volume and bass response, however do to a loud constant buzz on the sub i had to return it. Sadly looking on the forums this is a common issue and because of this i didn’t get a replacement, otherwise i would have done.
      • The bass is very heavy, and you can feel it, ever since buying this system i have replaced my whole music library with higher quality songs. The sound is very clear and the bass only over shoots the mids and highs if the setting is at 3, i leave the bass on 1 but it is still very heavy.
  6. Not quite as good as the hype but still quite good. In the market for a decent sound system for my desktop at work. Saw this as a mid-range alternative to all the dozens of sub-£100 systems, but without stepping up to £200-250 up price level. Its better than my previous logitech unit, but range extremes such as high treble & deep bass are fuzzy, at best. . Otherwise the speaker units are great build quality & look the part too – nice charcoal course matt finish which is very pleasing on the eye/touch. Fixings are also good quality, which i appreciate also. Goes quite loud but at top end starts to distort – as i write this, i’m thinking that maybe it is my soundcard struggling a little – i invested in a decent one for my home system & its improved things no end. The basic ones fitted when buying a p. C are rubbish, presumably to keep cost down. Overall, a worthy choice i think, given the mid-range price level.
    • My first sample was faulty but i suspect the seller wasn’t being entirely truthful with his ‘brand new’ description. No worries, the sound quality from this little combo is outstanding at the price – the bass has real clout and the treble is sweet. It’ll cheer up anything you plug into it – radio, cd player, tv. It’s all very solidly (and heavily) built and i am impressed.
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    Very good sound at a great price. Small compact unit with tiny satellite speakers, very big sound from such a small unit, all the cables and leads are supplied, the only down side is humming that you can hear at low volumes, apart from that would highly recommend.
    • This is the second aego set i’ve owned, the first being from right back in 2003. I would say that for this price, they almost can’t be beaten, and they exude quality: very heavy satellites, gold contacts, decent cables, beautiful styling. But there is a hum, and when i compared these to my 2003 model, i can say that it’s louder – the 2003 model has it, but much more faint. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, and i love this product, but i can’t see why the manufacturers could not have spent just a few more pennies correcting this issue. I certainly would be happy to pay a bit more for the hum to be gonethey are a little boomy, but then again, the base unit is in the bottom of a wooden cabinet, so this needs to be born in mind. It does mean that i have to restrict the volume a bit, or the bass would take over a little. I have got the woofer on the lower bass setting. These things sound negative, but you have to remember the build quality of these things, and since my first pair are now 10 years old, i think they will last a true lifetime. If you can live with relatively slight hum, i’d really recommend these.
      • I am very impressed with these speakers. They shine particularly with orchestral music (definition of instruments and a sense of depth to the sound) but if you have these speakers you should definitely listen to some hip-hop with the bass setting on 3. Oh, and wait for the floor to vibrate. Aesthetically, they look very smart. No ostentatious gleam or unnecessary transparent panelling.
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    These things sound a lot better than they have any real right to. Looks-wise, they’re understated, if a little industrial with their slightly mottled metal enclosures and baffles, but they sound very impressive indeed. Don’t expect too much and you’ll be pleasantly surprised – the sound is focused and controlled, stereo image not quite perfect, but at this price you shouldn’t really expect true hi-fi/studio performance. As part of my project studio, it’s a good system for checking how mixes will translate on real-world equipment, while also being a nice option for general music listening (especially if i want to turn things up without straining my expensive monitors). My only real complaint is that there’s no manual adjustment for the sub, only a three way switch (i’d prefer a knob for more accurate tuning) – even on its lowest setting, it’s a little overinflated at louder volumes. Still, as i said, at this price you don’t expect ultra high definition, and this is a huge improvement on the plasticky 2. 1 systems aimed at the home computer market you’d normally get at this price range.
    • Quality speakers for pc and other devices. Not cheap but if you are after a speaker system that is of hifi quality i can highly recommend these. , the difference between these and typical pc speaker systems is huge. The only downside is that the system doesn”t have remote control but this is a small price to pay. Early days yet but the units seem to be well constructed.
      • Great sound – shame about the hum (perfection ruined). Bought the ae aegos to replace some trusty dell a525 speakers and to bring the best out of a new pc and sound card. Good news:* the sound quality is simply superb; open clean and full; my expectations more than matched* the tiny speakers fit under my monitors and are unobtrusive. * bass is on the lowest setting (1) and fills the room* excellent build qualitybad news:* the hum, as noted in previous reviews, is clearly audible when the speakers are not in use. We are not talking lawn mower loud, or a hum audible over quiet passages of music. Just a really, really annoying buzz sufficiently noticeable during absolute silence to distract and grate. Some perspective here: i bought a quiet pc with a specialist case so as to have near silence as possible when using my computer. If you can put up with the fan noise from a graphics card, then my hangup becomes irrelevant. I have not sent the unit back as the sound quality is far too good to forego. My solution: a compromise ie a separate lead for the woofer which i switch on and off as and when i play music while working on my pcso a 5 star product loses one mark from me for a distracting low level hum when the speakers are not in use.
  9. Outstanding product with one irritating flaw. These speakers produce truly amazing sound fgor the cost. I primarily use them to play music,and they show subtelty and depth way beyond their price tag. The sub produces a nice clear bass, with a kick when needed, but the remarkable bits are the tiny sattelites. They fill the mids and highs (important to me) with a clarity that reveals hidden parts to your music (in much the same way a good pair of headphones can). This is helped by the generous 5m speaker cables which allows a good stereo seperation and positioning. Musically these far surpassed my expectations. The sub unit emits an audible hum from the transformer whenever it is plugged in (even when the voulume dial has been clicked off) i personally find this intrusive and irritating-not when music is playing, but during the silences. You probably won’t notice it if used in an environment with other noise, but in a silent room it’s audible.

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