4 Pairs of 35w Ceiling Speakers –

Sounds great – easy to install – looks great in ceiling – good value. Just a little fiddly to cut hole in ceiling.

Arrived promptly and no issues.

When buying ceiling speakers it was a toss up between these 4 pairs or the option of having 2 sets of more powerful jbl’s. I chose these as i thought they were more appropriate in a family home. I’ve connected the amp up to the tv too.

4 Pairs of 35w Ceiling Speakers with Amplifier, Speakers & 100m Cable

  • This kit is perfect for installations where you need four pairs of speakers.
  • The four channel amplifier allows you to switch between 2 different zones giving you extra control over your audio system also distributing 35w to four pairs of speakers giving you a great sound reproduction across a wide range. Also suitable for shops, showrooms, offices and many more.
  • 4 Channel Stereo Receiver Amp
  • This is power combined with multi channel performance in a complete unit that delivers power to 4 sets of speakers. A healthy 35W output to 4 separate channels will give you superb sound and there is an input dock to connect an iPod.