AURTEC Bluetooth Speakers : Lovely quality and a nice clever idea

These speakers do overall look lovely but sadly they weren’t compatible with macs. I was unable to get them connected to any of my macs (tried multiple macbook pros & imac). I managed to get my ipad connected to these speakers and the sound was very nice, but if you watch any videos on ipad then the audio lags and gets out of sync (lips don’t match with voice). If you were to just listen music then obviously the sync would not be such an issue but if you are a mac user and have ipads, iphones etc, then i would avoid these speakers for now. Manufacturer told me that they are aware of these issues and they will be fixed in the new batch released in couple of months. Sadly i couldn’t wait that long i decided to return these. Their customer service however was beyond excellent and and promised to keep me updated when the new mac compatible version would be released. So if you are on a windows platform / android user, should work just fine, but mac users wait for the next version. If these had worked with mac as i hoped, i would have given them instantly 5 stars as they are otherwise spot on with the money and value. I’m giving four stars because of the great customer service i received – i’m definitely looking forwards seeing the updated version which will be mac compatible.

Is great and easily connected to my phone. Only trouble i had is at high volume they go walk about, one fell off the shelf i had it on so had to take measures to prevent that.

Bluetooth Speakers, AURTEC TWS Stereo Wireless Audio with Strong Bass and Powerful Volume, Bluetooth 4.2, Handsfree Calling for iPhone, Android, Echo and other Bluetooth Device, Black

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  • [Superior Stereo Sound]–Double shock your ear by a pair of speakers ( each speaker has 5 watts of total output power ) that makes loud and excellent sound, also bring you the true stereo experience.
  • [Easy To Use]–Faster connection with the latest Bluetooth V4.2. You could use them individually or together£¨If you want to use two speakers together, please make them paired successful, then trun on the Bluetooth on your device). TWS connection will start automatically after first time pairing, and the TWS techonolgy only allows to pair two speakers at the moment.
  • [Portable Design]–Easy to carry and take to anywhere. Enjoy your music on the go. It is perfect for home, study, gaming, picnic, party and more.
  • [Amazing Battery]–Built in 2 x 1450 mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 8-10 hours playing time at 80% volume.
  • [What we offer]–2 x Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 2 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual , 2-year warranty quality guarantee, 24h friendly customer service and email support. We offer promotions, please look down.

Great sounding bluetooth speakers.

Paired and worked first time and the next day can not get them to work together to get the stereo no matter what i do – not happy at all and thinking of sending backupdate – works now – you have to use menu for dual audio and i take back all i said and apologise.

I’ve seen the bluetooth devices you can use to link multiple bluetooth speakers together but this is the easier, more convenient and brilliant optionfirstly they connect to each other simply and effortlessly, they look slick and cool and the magnetic bottom on each makes them easy to carry or keep together in a bagthe sound they give out is excellent quality and matches perfectly so they keep in sync, the only thing i can think to make them better is to make their bluetooth strength stronger so you can put them a bit further apart as they can get a bit patchy after about an arms length away but other than that i would definitely recommend.

Bluetooth Speakers, AURTEC TWS Stereo Wireless Audio with Strong Bass and Powerful Volume, Bluetooth 4.2, Handsfree Calling for iPhone, Android, Echo and other Bluetooth Device, Black : Bought specifically for a small corner location where i do not want to run any wiring, these speakers are compact and rather well made. Pairing is easy enough – just follow the enclosed leaflet or you will only get one connected at a time. I like the sound; it’s not too bass heavy so don’t expect too much, but it reproduces vocals very well and acoustic tracks sound especially nice plus they do go loud too, much louder than you think they can. There were a few drop-outs when positioning them and i think the maximum separation to get a consistent sound is more like 5 feet than the stated 15 feet. They are a really nicely designed speaker though, especially as you can link them together magnetically to form a single unit. Perfect for my needs anyway.

These are nice quality speakers, but you do get what you pay for – i believe the sale price of these is a more fitting price, i wouldn’t pay the full price. The sound quality is a little tinny, and they don’t provide ‘strong bass’ as they claim to do; if anything, the bass the one element that is severely lacking. However, for everyday use for those that aren’t all that picky about the quality of the bass when playing their music, these are nice speakers to have. The feel of these speakers is also a little cheap – they’re very light and plasticy feeling. But like i said, don’t get me wrong, they’re plenty good enough for my every day use, and overall i am happy with these speakers. The surround sound does indeed work very well, which my friends were impressed with, especially for the price.

MINIRIG MINI Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker – 30 Hour Battery – Premium Stereo Sound – Blue : Excellent bit of kit

I would describe myself as someone who has tried a load of different wireless audio products. I was not sure what to expect with the minirig mini. I got two of the units and paired them up and immediately was astounded by the clarity and energetic sound these little units produce. I asked my wife what magic is this?.Even she took a double take listening to emilie sandie’s clown track. I am now flogging my apple homepod as it does not even match two of the minirigs in a pair. Wireless audio has finally matured.

I knew being a mini rig that this was going be to loud but ohhhh jeeeez i wasn’t expecting it to be that loud.

Possibly the best bluetooth speaker on the market.

Hubby was delighted with this speaker and now uses it everytime we drove somewhere to play radio 6 through his phone.

The minirig mini is simply mind-blowing . How they achieve such big sound from such a small device is unreal. I travel extensively so have tried many portable bluetooth speakers over the years – nothing comes close to the mini.

Exceptional sound for the size, looks good and is compact.

Class leading sound, exceptional mid range clarity with good enough bass to make a full bodied sound. The good thing is that you can add another minirig and a minirig subwoofer to make a full 2. 1 stereo system which will beat any other bluetooth speaker (of any size) in the market, not just for the sound quality, loudness and looks, but also for the price. First i bought a minirig 3, got so impressed that bought a second minirig 3, have ordered a minirig subwoofer also, and then to carry around with me in my bag, i bought a minirig mini also. And as you can see from the photo, i have a bose soundlink mini 2 also. This minirig mini which is half the size of bose, sounds twice as good and twice as loud. I have almost stpped using bose. If you are thinking of buying a pocket size speaker, perhaps thinking of the ‘highly rated’ bose soundlink micro or a b&o speaker etc. Just stop and buy this minirig mini. Bose micro and others sound cheap and tiny in front of this little speaker.

Proud purchase of fantastic bristol product. Fantastic sound and build quality – great engineering (i can imagine brunel tapping his toe, nodding his head and smoking a big stoogie whilst listening to one their mixes). Worked straight from box with no need for a manual. Website great too (in case i lose my charging-lead or wish to buy some more). Look no further for the perfect (expandable) portable system.

Sound is more than adequate for the size of this thing.

I read some glowing reviews which made me convince to order one from uk and now that i have it it almost defies belief (and physics) what this speaker is capable of. A friend of mine visited me and together we tested it against several of our other speakers and couldn’t believe our ears. Yes, bigger speakers like a jbl flip 4 or bose soundlink revolve+ may get a tad louder but the soundstage the minirig mini produces is nothing short of amazing and deserves 10 stars. It’s soo much ahead of the competition that it even makes the similarly sized bose soundlink micro sound like a toy (which is still the second best ultra portable speaker on the market though and has other advantages like fully water resistant and a handy mount strap). I use the minirig mini for listening to audio books and quiet piano music when going to bed and will sure take it on my next holiday since it’s small but loud enough to fill an entire hotel room and should easily surpass any hotel tv in audio quality too (not sure if i should ever take it on the beach though since it’s only splashproof)there’s no ios app released yet and the android app has a few glitches (and still no documentation available either, what does ‘eq lock’ do??) but in the few days since i got it a new version already fixed some bugs and i’m hopeful the company won’t sleep on their laurels and continue to improve on an already incredible product in the foreseeable future. I wish there was an option to switch off the superfluous led light althogether (i can check the battery level in the app anytime) because even when dimmed in the app settings it’s still annoying in an otherwise dark room.

Great product, tip use the updater and beta apps for android.

Great piece of kit, easy to set up, and the sound quality is glorious.

Great little speaker offering the same sound quality of the larger minirig, with just a bit less bass and maximum volume, but the mini still goes amazingly loud, then when you consider how much more portable the mini is, it really is impressive. I’ve just ordered a second one so i can run them in stereo. Now i just hope they make a matching mini sub.

Picked up a pair of minirig mini’s last week, after a solid week testing i wholeheartedly recommend these to anyone looking for superb quality (and loud) audio in a robust and portable package. I have the original minirigs also which when released were the best small speakers around – this latest version knocks them into a cocked hatthrilled to bits with them, well done minirigs, well doneget one now here: http://amzn.

Great speaker, unfortunately didn’t come with a case 😔.

Have bought other – cheaper – speakers of this sort. They sounded crap and fell to pieces. The minirig is the best pur hase i ever made. Built like a tank, and the sound is immense. My g/f (who usually pays no attention to such things) is amazed and says it sounds as good as, or better than, our hi-fi. I cannot recommend one of these too highly. Works great on bluetooth or with lead supplied. It will henceforth be my constant companion. If you love music and quality sound you will adore this.

I recently stayed with a friend who has one, and as soon as i came home i bought one. The sound is amazing, it’s really simple to set up and very solid. Wouldn’t recommend this, but my friend’s one has had beer spilt over it and still works fine. Great for travelling, but the quality’s so good i’ll mainly be using it like a proper speaker in the bedroom. The best thing about them is the bass, and you can play them loud with next to no distortion. Uk designed, really good value for money. Get one, you won’t regret it.

Excellent product – very impressed with quality.

Simply the best in its size category.

I absolutely love this speaker. The sound is dynamic and exciting, which is something i’ve never experienced with a small portable speaker. It’s really clear, impressively full and very loud. The build quality is first class and i really like the simplicity – auto connecting to bluetooth for one thing is a great little detail. Battery life very impressive. All in all i’m totally happy with this speaker and will definitely be adding to the range.

Using the audio cable provided with the minirig, i connected it to an old personal cd player that i have had for years.

Edifier E25/RED Home Audio Speakers : Great Speakers

I purchased this close to brand new for 60gbp, i was trying to decided btw this or the new bose desktop speaker. Well let me tell you these speakers are bad ass. Even for the current price they are worth it. I first saw then at pc world , the first time to catch my eye was the design. I turned up the voulme and i was impressed, but as pc world was slightly busy i decided to read some online reviews on them. The youtube videos are all accurate. Pc world did not have them in stock, i later realised that pcworld reduced then from 89gbp to 50gbp and they where all sold out. I was lucky to find one on ebay. When it arrived, the box was large but well packaged, the speakers seat inside a case.

The speaker arrived today and they look amazing but i can not hear them as amazon declined to say they come with a usa plug and no uk plug. Ok got some advice from a friend and i got them working and they are a vast improvement over my 2013 imac internal speakers im now watching films and it’s like im watching them for the first time they produce a great sound not mega bass but im very happy with them and for the price they can not be beatpull the trigger and get a them you will not be disappointed.

Edifier E25/RED Home Audio Speakers

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  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices
  • Touch sensitive controls for volume, play/pause, previous/next track and standby
  • Incorporation of DSP and DRC for enhanced audio performance and distortion control
  • Electronic crossover and dedicated power amplifier to each tweeter and bass drivers

Very nice speakers, a great improvement on my old ones.

Very nice sounding speakers, – but no bass/warmth what so ever. Over packaged toconvince this is a top end product, i would rather edifer concentrate on a warmer finished soundthan spending money on pretty boxes that are a pain to unwrap and end up in the recyclewithin 20 minutes. The equaliser on itunes makes zero difference. I bet amazon will not publish this review.

The speakers themselves are great, and have an impressive depth and clarity to the bass for such small units. Unfortunately the seller sent the wrong colour (white instead of red), which has messed up my intricate interior designs.

A really clean sound with a slight v curve sound signature. Vocals are clean and clear, treble is bright and the bass packs a punch. I’m using them in my office at about 3 feet apart and the stereo sound stage is pretty good. These are a world apart from one box solutions.

Love them, gorgeous speakers and very bassy ;).

0 system these speakers are solid performers but only really perform at their best in a localised area particularly the base output. Brilliant for at desk sound but not so great if you enjoy listening to music any distance away from your pc/mac as the bass falls away rapidly. 0 system they’re solid but don’t expect anything near what a 2. 1 system will give you with a separate sub.

They sound great out of the box. Tweak bass response to slightly lower levels for a better natural sound.

Bought these speakers to replace my crackling sony srs-d211 which have done me well over the past few years. These speakers are a big improvement over the sony’s, they sound much better and the bass is impressive. A really nice finish in white, awesome all round.

For the most part these are great speakers. The only issue i have is with the inconsistency of the bass. With classical music and soundtracks, they reproduce the sound very well, but on rock/pop music the bass can go from over-stated to almost non-existent. I have listened to the same tracks on headphones where every bass note is present and even, but for some reason on these speakers the bass drops out or is over-amplified. When over-amplified, the bass sometimes increases in volume the longer an individual note is played. Definitely a problem, but otherwise these are wonderful speakers. I contacted edifier by email about six weeks ago to ask if there was a way to adjust the bass or some other workaround to get more even and consistent bass response, but at time of writing this review, i have not had a reply.

These are not home cinema grade speakers, nor could they possibly be for this price (and that they’re a simple pair of speakers, – home cinema requires a minimum of 6 including a sub). That said, when used for the purpose they were clearly intended for- as pc speakers, i think the sound is truly excellent for the price. Given that there’s no sub, the bass is genuinely impressive. The rest of the spectrum is well covered too, and music sounds crisp and clear. For pc gaming the sound is equally excellent, with sound effects suitably powerful. The design of these speakers is very nicely done too. They’re attractive, well built, sturdy, and even come with a remote control. (there are also controls on the side of the right speaker) in terms of inputs you get a standard 3. 5mm audio jack (cable supplied) and there’s even bluetooth too. I primarily use the audio jack, but i tried the bluetooth out of curiosity and it connected right away and works fine, although disabling bluetooth requires a slightly fiddly button combination.

Great product, super fast delivery.

Last year i was about to buy the harman kardon soundstick iii for over £100, because my best friend had them and i love the design and the sound quality, but that’s when pc world had a sale on those edifiers for £50. There were barely any reviews on them but i took the risk and grabbed those (only one left, had to get a ride to bolton to collect that). These speakers are flat out amazing in every aspect, here is how i highlight it:1. Nice packaging, comes with the 2 speakers, 3. 5mm cable, linking cable, power brick, some booklets and a remote. Solid and sexy design, with a heavy weight in each speakers. The are glossy, but they are easy to clean. The sound quality is amazing, the bass according to me is not overpowering and balances out.

The only speakers i’ve ever heard which can rival good quality in-ear headphones for sound quality. Compared to bose, b&o, logitech and other brands which make rival products at similar prices these are noticeably superior to them all. The treble is sensational and the bass is more than adequate for enjoying music in your house. It might not shake your windows our of their frames (which some people seem to associate with good quality sound for some reason) but it definitely does the job. Pros consgreat sound quality through all ranges, but particularly treble packaging is a tad excessivecompact and powerfulattractive designbluetooth function is very easy to use and haven’t noticed a blip yet.

Great sound and not bad looking. A little advice; purchase an equaliser programme like ‘boom 2’ to get the best out of the speakers.

What can i say about these,lets start at the packaging: what a fantastic piece of kit, the unboxing experience is amazing loved every minute. Each speaker comes in separate bags, all the speaker cables, aux, and other cables are included, who ever defined the packaging and the speakers need a pay rise. Please note: i have not listened to them yet, so i will try them and then update this review.

From packaging to speakers sound effect, this is really good quality stuff. I really recommend this product.

Bought these on a whim as a lightening deal. Was contemplating a sound bar, but these came up seemingly offering better sound than my flat screen television. I was pleasantly surprised to open the box containing substantial quality items. Good looking ( to me ) speakers, though my wife only seemed to find them acceptable for the bedroom where i use them. They perform admirably at this task without a separate subwoofer, seeming to give a wide range including bass, though i’m discouraged from exploring their full abilities where i feel they will offer better balence at greater volume,at lower volume you seem to loose the bass. The best was yet to come though. Play music through these its hard not to turn them up, with a lively naturally sound, distinctive lyrics & full bass that belies their comparative size. This is my first pair of bluetooth speakers & they worked seamlessly. I was telling a visiting friend how easy it was to connect to them, before i’d finished he’d already connected his phone.The only downside is the supplied lead only connects through tv’s headphone socket at the side of the tv.

Amazing product from edifier, its so sexy it should be illegal, would of loved to get my hands on the 2. 1 version which is the subwoofer but its very hard to get your hand on them, very slick, sound quality was truely amazing when watching movies, sounds great with gaming, my partner was very impress with the sound quality.

Great shape, not too big, not too small. Very good sound for the price and picks up bluetooth easily.

Juice 2×3 W 1500 mAh Bar Bluetooth Portable Speaker – : Just what I was after!

Had this for sometime now as i always like to see how things go. Like the sound, i use it with my ipad mostly. Battery life is ok but not great. Pros: nice sound, lightweight, easy to use, picks up wifi easily, small size. Cons: charge lead far too short that’s why it only got 4 stars, its only about 400mm long and really needs to be at least a metre but a 1. 5m would be better, you can then charge it and use it, as it is i have to be near a usb socket ie computer. If i’m at my desk its no good as the lead does not reach to a mains socket. It does not have an auto off, so if you leave it on the battery runs out. If it had the little blue light on the top instead of the back to remind you it’s on then that would be an improvement. Apart from that i’m pleased with the juicebox – depends how long it lasts as these days these sort have things have a built in obsolescence.

Fantastic and such great sound quality. Would definitely recommend :).

Got this on special offer, easy to pair and good sounding, used on holiday and in the garden, plenty loud enough for my needs, no complaints for the price paid.

Bought as a christmas gift for my granddaughter. She was delighted with the sound quality. Would recommend this product.

Brilliant size to fit in your bag and great quality music. Ordered it and came 3 days later.

The range isn’t that fantastic and there is a static noise when charging it and playing music simultaneously.

Great sound quality, light weight and defo worth the money.

Very nice little piece of kit which broke my heart to break open and gut for parts for my sons gcse product design project. Very hard to break but worked really well when transferred to a new container.

I take it every where with me. On holiday abroad or just when off to the caravan.

Really great sound for the price you pay.

Not enough bass, too much treble for young ears. Connects easily and cable that comes with it is useful. It’s just not as good as others i have purchased for the same price.

It’s okay and does what it says on the tin. Certainly a great gift for the younger members of the household. Especially because of the colours which it comes in. But there’s a slightly more enhanced one by sainsbury’s with extra controls (pause, mode, next track, last track etc) for about the same price. The grown-ups got it and the children got the juicebar. . And if they’re happy, life is a little easier.

Exactly whatnot wanted, amazing size sound quality is okay i guess but the battery life is exceptional.

Good sound and great little speaker.

The best budget speaker i’ve ever bought. Only problem is when its connected to my phone it always says battery 30% no matter how long i charge it, but it feels like im getting more than the 30% battery life that my phone thinks the speaker has.

Love this very loud and have quality and bass.

Listen to it everyday using my ipad, phone or laptop.

It provides big sound for such a small speaker.

Fab product – husbands christmas present – he loved it.

Sound better than i expected for £16.

TaoTronics Soundbar : Very good soundbar

Fast delivery (as always with prime) very easy to set up. Easy to switch between tv (connected via optical cable) and phone (via bluetooth) good sound.

Our daughter very pleased with christmas present, very impressed sound quality and va,he for money.

Soundbar, 36-Inch 4 Speakers Strong Bass TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speakers for TV (Home Theater Surround Sound, Included Optical Cable, Remote Control)

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  • 36 Inches of Deep Bass Audio: 2 full range and 2 mid-low frequency 10W speakers blast the bass for more immersive audio
  • Control with Buttons or Remote: Operates via the in-unit buttons or included remote; LED shines in different colors matching the functions
  • Dual Wired & Wireless Installations: Stream audio over Bluetooth from up to 33 ft / 10 m or connect via line in, RCA, or optical with the included cables
  • More Ways to Set or Mount: Compliments your TV screen by sitting underneath or securely mounts onto the wall for a sleek installation
  • Ultra Slim, Sleek Sound Bar: Elongated construction blends in perfectly with your home theater setup by matching the slim profile of your TV

Excellent sound and is really loud. Great in the bathroom which we bought it for and very easy to use.

Good speaker, decent sound and very portable. Smaller than expected however for the price this does the job. Used for a week so far with no problems.

Bass is not as strong as the reviews made out. But it’s got plenty of volume without distorting, fills a small room that can’t be filled with speakers.

Soundbar, 36-Inch 4 Speakers Strong Bass TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speakers for TV (Home Theater Surround Sound, Included Optical Cable, Remote Control) : Arrived couple days after ordering , plugged into sky box as tv didn’t have optical option to use , working great bass is really good , bluetooth works a treat great sound bar for the price paid.

Great little speaker and excellent sound quality. An excellent travelling companion. Delighed with this purchase.

Amazing productthe quality of build is solidtest the water function and fully worksamazing product would recommend to anyone.

Speaker has a tad too much bass making it sound muffled can be fixed by changing equaliser on your playback device (phone etc).

Perfect for a 10 foot square room.

I own several taotronics devices and i couldn’t resist to buy this speaker. It looks, feels, and performs just like a ‘military grade’ device. This one is aiming for enjoyable times, under rain or sunshine, in our way to the tao. Initially, i was having a pairing problem with my taotronic transmitter tt-ba01. I exchanged several emails with the excelent costumer support and their suggestion to reset the transmitter solved the issue. Before that, they offered me a full refund.

Sound quality very good and solid build. Neat little remote and easy to setup. Good service and arrived on time.

Good sound and longlasting battery.

Little pocket rocket, this guy has the footprint of a coaster and the depth of a decent novel but really packs a punch. I’m yet to properly use it outside or test the limits of it but upon initial listening its great.

The build quality is also top notch. Will be buying my gadgets from these guys again.

Pretty impressive sound for this price. Simple, subtle and very slim look. I have listened to a dolby surround sound demo through this and it does a very nice job at throwing sound around the room with nice detail. Don’t expect it to shake your house down with big rumbling bass although this was still good. I bought this for my dad’s 80th birthday as he liked the look and sound of my azatom stealth and i think it will be more than enough for adding that much needed clarity and volume to his tv without being over complicated to control or set up. I am thinking of getting another one for the bedroom as i didn’t really want to box this up again and at that price it’s spot on. I won’t be surprised if the 18 good reviews that have been written about this product turns into many more.

Excellent; easy to install and good sound for the price.

Set up is simple and easy to use. This didn’t blow me away but i think i had greater exceptions rather than the soundbar being bad. Its good for a small room and a great improvement over the tv speakers. I found myself having to turn the tv way up lately when streaming stuff from the pc. Straight away the difference was noticable and with more base. If you go too loud though the sound starts to break down. Great soundbar for day to day stuff but not earth shattering. Get it for a small sitting room or a bedroom.

Great sound quality for the money.

Used it to replace those cheap bathroom speakers that stick to the wall. Battery lasts ages and it sits nicely in the soap try of the shower.

Good product at a good price, but i was disappointed that it doesn’t switch on/off with the tv, but has to be activated separately.

Does the job and easy to set up. Bought the item for use when i am grilling in my bbq area which i use in all weathers.

XMI X-Mini ME XAM16-B Portable Thumb Size Speaker – Surprisingly little device!

Perfect for watching tv or movies on my asus 3s 10 tablet as the sound quality you get from this little speaker is miles better than any tablet or phone speaker that i’ve heard. You can also increase the bass by expanding the height of the speaker which is a useful feature that other speakers dont have. The sound quality is surprisingly good for something so small. It actually rivals the sound quality from some much larger yamaha computer speakers that i use with my tv. The reason it doesn’t get a full five stars is because within a short time of buying it, one side of the speaker pops up because the plastic catch that holds it down broke. I now use an elastic band to keep it down. Also, after a few years of regular use, the short cable on it has worn away so much that the connection is gone and it no longer works.

Do ya know people, some things in small packages can be so surprising and so effective. This little gem of a speaker defies logic. A fantastic little device that’s compatible with your phones, tablets, mp3 players, computers anything thst supports a 3. I have a few speakers that packs a punch including a bose bluetooth speaker which is simply stunning but still, i keep using this incredible little thing. The battery is brilliant and it keeps going and going. So much so that i’ve had this for 3 years and it never fails. You’re going to read negative reviews but ask yourself, what’s the purpose of your purchase is it for a fair sound, convenience, portability, daisy change it to another one for stereo and fantastic battery life?.If that’s you then look no furtherif your an audiophile who wants the best technology for £12 then what would you expect from a tiny pocket size wonder?make no mistake this has fab sound for its size.

Bass is insane for something of this size- it will literally bounce around on a surface. You will get audio distortion however, if you turn it up too loud in some situations. But i find this to be a very minor point for an otherwise legendarily capable speaker. And with its pricetag, this should be an instant buy for those of you reading, if you need a nice portable speaker to enjoy media on your phone or tablet- even your laptops. And if you like it, you can ask your friends and family to buy it too and then link them all up together when you meet, to produce some very very nice results. Here are the specifications for the XMI X-Mini ME XAM16-B Portable Thumb Size Speaker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Super Portability – Loop a lanyard or keychain around the metal bar and bring it everywhere you go
  • Impressive Playback Time – Up to 6 hours of playback with easy Micro-USB charging
  • Compatibility – Simply plug and play with your Smartphones, tablets, laptops and portable game players
  • Carefree, hassle-free, wearable technology
  • Dimensions: 44mm x 38mm

I was very surprised with how well this speaker performed. Great build quality and very loud for its size. The speaker’s battery life is phenomenal and it is extremely portable. I was so impressed with this product that i have since bought the xmi x-mini max duo portable mini speakers xmi x-mini max duo portable mini speakers with 3. 5mm jack compatible with iphone/ipad/ipod/smartphones/tablets/mp3 player/laptop – purple which are even better than this speaker in my opinion. They are similarly priced but you can’t go wrong with either.

I have had the earlier wired version of this speaker. This bluetooth version is even better, providing all the functionality of the wired speaker, as well as thebluetooth option. Of course it’s not going to provide the same quality of sound as a much bigger speaker, but it’s excellent for its size, and portability is hard to beat. Note that ‘the box’ also contains a small silk-like carry bag, in addition to the other items shown on amazon’s description. Having said that, a neoprene case can provide more protection, especially as the idea of a portable speaker is to carry it around and mine travels a lot in briefcases and suitcases.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Surprisingly good quality sound.
  • Best deal around for it’s incredible quality! Highly recommended!
  • Great little speaker

It’s got a beautiful design, it’s compact and small and yet it has incredible sound quality. The bass is accentuated immensely, the sound is crystal clear, and the price of this thing is fantastic. You won’t find a better deal. I haven’t got another speaker to link with the one i have (yet), but i love the concept of being able to amplify with multiple speakers. The only thing i’d say is that the speaker has a red light for charging (the single led is on the under-side of the capsule) but when the battery is getting low, the blue light just becomes dimmer. Surely it would be clearer to see when it is ‘dying’ if the red light lit up instead?. Will also mention that there’s a tag to attach a lanyard; this speaker seems very robust, but the lanyard tag looks like it will snap off. But that doesn’t affect it’s performance at all.

Inateck IPX 7 Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker – “Unbiased review” as asked by the seller.

Wuick delivery and sound quality top notch.

Good battery life, quick delivery.

Got it cheap and will treasure it.

Excellent quality and value and sound.

 its just a great speaker for any outdoor sports like mountain biking which is what i do or to be used by a swimming pool, beach, picnic or any similar activity where water might be near by. In terms of sound quality its much better than any portable device like a phone or tablet with much higher volume and a clear bass, none the less on my video review i do compare it with another set of speaker and my phone so that it helps to transmit the audio quality. I do believe that its well balanced and if someone is looking for a nice audio quality to use outside this is a great choice.

Would be 5 star but the bluetooth signal start to fail when more than 10ft away , other than that the speaker is very powerful and the sound is pretty good.

  • Small and compact with a great sound and a good price. Highly recommended
  • other than that the speaker is very powerful and the sound is pretty
  • “Unbiased review” as asked by the seller.

Loved this product, bought for my bikeit’s a very good product for the price and a lot louder than i expected top speaker great sound clear and small enough to go on my dash thank you.

Have been asked to review this product by the seller after being sent a replacement. As they said “being unbiased”. The initial one did not work. The buttons were irrisponsive. So asked about sending it back. The customer service people were great, and after a couple of questions sent a new one. There are a couple of strange things in the instructions. For something that is advertised as waterproof and shockproof. It says in the warnings, do not take it anywhere damp and do not drop it. So will have to see how long it lasts.

Great quality for a great price.

 **contents**1 x bluetooth speaker1 x micro usb cable1 x 3. 5m audio cable1 x carry case1 x carabiner1 x set of instructionsi have tested many bluetooth speakers over the past few months as i personally love listening to music so in my home you’ll find bluetooth speakers everywhere and i am always looking for improvements over what i already use which is where this little speaker comes into play. I chose to test this on out as it was quite small and compact however from the previous reviews it seems to be able to handle its own against other more expensive speakers. The one thing i really do like about this speaker is the simplistic design yet it stands out with that x on the front which i am a big fan of. Inside the box, you get the usual micro usb cable for charging the device and also the 3. 5m audio cable in case you want to go wired instead of wireless and a carabiner hook so you can hang this from your bag or trousers whilst listening to it. They also include a neo case to carry the speaker in for a bit of protection which i personally prefer when companies include these. As mentioned above this speaker does have a minimal design with a very small frame which means if you want to travel with this speaker you can and you will not have any issues carrying it unlike some of the other branded speakers which are either too heavy or just an awkward shape. This speaker is smaller than my iphone 7 plus which means if the phone sits in your pocket fine this speaker will do so too with no problems albeit the speaker is a bit chunkier than the iphone but i still had no issues carrying this in my pocket whilst i was out. They do include a carabiner hook so you can hang it from your bag as mentioned above but they also include a handle attached to the side of the speaker so you can hang it from your wrist which i personally prefer doing as i find it more comfortable this way and also easier to access the buttons should i need to.

Once charged it plays for ages which is great for taking it away on holiday or nights out getting ready with friends. Sound quality is really good.

Features of Inateck IPX 7 Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker with 5W Driver, 17 Hours Play Time for boats, floating, Golf, Beach, Shower & Home. Wireless Speaker for iPhone, iPad, Android (BP1008)

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  • Amazing Audio Experience: Loudspeaker with a dual voice coil brings you amazing sound that has distinct layers of audio and a dynamic feeling.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Can still work in up to 1m depth water for 30 minutes, as long as the hidden rubber cap on the speaker is applied.
  • 17 Hours Play Time: The built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery supports up to 17 hours playing time at medium volume, and a maximum 8 hours playing time at 100% volume. Auto sleep function maintains battery life.
  • Excellent Shockproof: The speaker will stay intact when it falls down from the waist height. Can withstand up to 1.7 tons of weight, e.g. the weight of a SUV car, without breaking.
  • Portable Design: Weighs only 282 gram (0.62lb) and a fashionable buckle lets you take it everywhere. A special design on the bottom even lets you mount it on a bicycle!

Excellent Waterproof Function Worry about speaker’s performance outdoors on rainy day? Inateck BP1008’s waterproof level reaches IPX7, which means it can still work even if it is soaked in 1m depth water for 30 minutes. Make sure the hidden rubber plug is applied in this case.Durable Metal Technology The body of the speaker uses titanium steel net plating, including sheet metal punching and bending, for a fine, durable quality. It also features professional processor modules with precision reaching the nano level.Considerate Design The buttons are made of silicon material, and caters to both an aesthetic look and comfortable feeling. There’s special design at the bottom of the speaker which allows you to mount it on a bicycle. Good choice for riders!  

Sound with Distinct Layers Inateck BP1008 features a 5W loudspeaker with dual voice coils for distinct layers of sound that create a dynamic audio feeling that’s both delicate and resonating. Experience amazing audio with Inateck BP1008.Bluetooth 4.0 Technology The BP1008 speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, and supports A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4 profile protocols. The maximum connection distance between BP1008 and other bluetooth devices is 10 meters, it supports auto-connection with previously connected devices when within 10 meters.  

Package Included: 1x Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 1 x AUX Audio Cable 1 x Net Carrying Bag 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable 1x Hook 1 x User Manual

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Amazing Audio Experience: Loudspeaker with a dual voice coil brings you amazing sound that has distinct layers of audio and a dynamic feeling.

IPX7 Waterproof: Can still work in up to 1m depth water for 30 minutes, as long as the hidden rubber cap on the speaker is applied.

17 Hours Play Time: The built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery supports up to 17 hours playing time at medium volume, and a maximum 8 hours playing time at 100% volume.

Excellent Shockproof: The speaker will stay intact when it falls down from the waist height. Can withstand up to 1.7 tons of weight, e.g.

Samsung Curved Sound Bar : Decent sound, link could be better.

Wow love this bar, the sound is awesome and would not go back to just tv sound.

I don’t have the all in one with the sub-woofer, so i cannot attest to that. But the soundbar itself packs an insane amount of bass in it. The modes are amazing, bluetooth works flawlessly. It has spotify support which is a must for me. The smart mode picks the best sound from what you have on but you can change that at any time to music, clear voice, movie etc. The surround mode works really well for blu ray movies and ps4 games. It has hdmi arc support so you can plug it into a tv that may not come with coax connectors like mine. I think soundbars are definitely a luxury but you really do get what you pay for.

Great product, great communication, great price, easy to set up, next day delivery.

Purchased this item based on various positive independent reviews albeit with a little trepidation as in my previous house i had a full 5. 1 surround sound system and wondered if i’d be disappointed. Here’s my honest assessment: if i had a bigger house / room and the money i’d still opt for a full surround sound system, probably with atmos, to get the full dolby cinema experience but what i love about this samsung soundbar is that it’s sleek (titan option is a sort of gunmetal / dark grey / black finish that looks great); avoids my apartment-sized room from looking cluttered with speakers all over the place; the sound is very good indeed and although it doesn’t shake the floors and walls it’s very, very pleasing and overall i’m delighted with it. It’s also very good with music as well as movies and speech is remarkably clear.

  • Great purchase!
  • Good product
  • Sound Advice

Samsung Curved Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer, Bluetooth Surround Sound Expansion

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  • Number of Channels: 3
  • Power Output: 20W X 9 SPEAKERS
  • 4K UHD Passthrough: Yes

Excelent christel clear sound. Words, music base sound is fabulous. Unfortunately the sound bar does not come with any cables to connect it to the television. All you get is a plug in cable to connect to mains electricity. Have to go and purchase an optical cable before i could connect sound bar to tv.

Fantastic soundbar, huge volume range that could fill a village hall, great to have spare volume for those quiet recordings though (check the buttons on the side after installation if it seems quiet). Hdmi arc works perfectly meaning your tv remote will control the volume (turn tv volume right down). Solid and heavy piece of kit, if mounting under tv make sure you have a chunky bracket, cheap brackets bend. Included wall mounts are excellent. Superb sound and great base, no need for a subwoofer unless you want floor rumbling base. Pre sets are great for clear voice, music, film etc. Bluetooth connection very easy, wifi set up easy using the samsung app. Alexa set up bit more involved but use the samsung app to link your account and remember to rename the device to an alexa friendly one – i used the unimaginative ‘soundbar’. Overall, pricey but it’s a top quality product – it’s worth the price.

Have it connected with optical cable.

Well chuffed with this soundbar. Also bought the wireless subwoofer and 2 r6 surround speakers. Quite fiddely to setup all together but you must update firmware asap. But great standalone soundbar to compliment my samsung 65 inch tv.

Technically downgraded from surround sound setup, but the lack of wires everywhere and the quality of sound this gives, it feels like an upgrade.

Fantastic if you only want a sound bar.

Very happy with this order,quick delivery all smoothly connected and sound is something else. Really if you thinking about good product for your tv go for it. I have connect with my smart tv and router via wifi nd i didn’t have even one disconnection or faults.

Great sound quality and good value for money arrived very quickly.

Picture on amazon shows a separate sub, but actually this product doesn’t have one which is misleading. Despite not having a sub, the bass is still fairly good considering. This is a good soundbar at this price point, you would need to spend a lot more to get better.

Having undertaken a great deal of on-line and in shop research i finally took the plunge and bought this to go with my samsung ultra hd tv. One of the best tech decisions i have ever made. I have looked at numerous other options including those at far higher prices but have found nothing to compare to this sounder. It is extremely simple to set up. I have mine set up via wifi connection and control it via my sky q remote. The sound quality is exceptional and with the smart function turned on it adapts extremely effectively to the programme being shown. As a single soundbar you might think it would lack bass depth but it does not. For those who like extreme heavy base a matching sub base is available but unless you want to aggravate your neighbours i do not think it is needed. The bar is quite big at over 1metre in length but the pay off is worth it. At £475 at amazon, as opposed to £600 in the shops this is great value.

Lovely sounds great, looks good a little bulky but nice.

Great performance-love the bluetooth aspect.

Excellent sound and quality, came with uk 3 pin plug, also very good customer service and delivery from reliant direct.

Decent sound when turned up. Bass is pretty remarkable for something of its size too. Needs mor intelligent linking between samsung q series sets though. Often reverts to using tv speaker and goes into standby quickly. Hopefully, this is something that will get better with updates.

Definitely for the bigger tv though.

Forget bose and sonos this soundbar is cheaper and just as good.

Don’t expect anything exciting without the additional subwoofer or at low volumes. While the sound is clear, if you’re after some decent kit, you’re better off spending more for something which can deliver better. Getting it to work with alexa is nearly impossible, so forget about it.

Nice replacement sound bar for my tv. Booming sound adds excellent addition to films and the like.

Intempo EE1269BRN Mini Jukebox : Five Stars

Bought for an accessory at our wedding. Sadly the volume wasn’t quite loud enough to fill out venue over the general chit chat. However for a smaller venue or home use i can’t rate it enough. Easy to use even for someone who isn’t tech savvy. Produces great sound and now takes prose of place in our dining room and we will use for entertaining.

You can plug anything into the back with phono leads or 3. The bluetooth feature is fantastic.

Intempo EE1269BRN Mini Jukebox with Bluetooth and LED lights, Brown

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  • Get the party started in style with this fabulous Intempo jukebox featuring high quality speakers and multicoloured LED disco lights.
  • Play your Smartphone, tablet or MP3 music through the jukebox and use the remote to easily control the jukebox from across the room.
  • The Bluetooth technology enables you to pair your smart devices wirelessly with the speaker so you can stay in control of the tracks.
  • It also has an AUX cable input in order for you to connect your devices that do not have Bluetooth so any music player can be used.
  • Measuring 25.5l x 12.5w x 40h cm with 12 W power, the jukebox looks and sounds great in any setting so you can impress your guests.

This jukebox is brilliant great sound and looks good.

Fantastic speaker, i was surprised by how loud it was. Amazing sound quality and the lights are a real bonus. Perfect for house parties, or even a bar.

This juke box is brilliant bought this for my son now i am ordering myself one was delivered so quick just love it.

Intempo EE1269BRN Mini Jukebox with Bluetooth and LED lights, Brown : Can’t thank amazon enough for their brilliant customer service this product arrived with no remote which amazon resolved more than helpfully. The product itself is amazing it looks good is easy to use and sounds amazing. Best money i’ve spent for a while.

Great product works well good speaker sound made my daughter very happy on her birthdaylove it so much it’s been kept in the dinning room an used at party’s may have to invest in another well worth the money. Very good delivery came prompt an all in good condition.

It plays very loud, remote works well and it’s great for parties.

Great purchase my daughter loved it.

Like this a lot bought as a prezzie and person loves it.

Brilliant sound, easy to connect to bluetooth, easy to use simple remote control and the disco lights r fab.

For its price, it has good sound quality and the added lights around the rims are am added bonus.

Fantastic my daughter loves it & it’s sounds really good.

Lovely machine with great sound and the lights are fab.

Purchased this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. Excellent sound fabulous lights just cant wait for the bbq weather so that we can share it with our friends and family.

Great sound and lovely looking speaker. Great feature for the lounge.

Came quicker than expected its brill :).

Daughter bought for her friends birthday and he loves it. Lights good and sound great.

Really pleased with this product, good sound quality and looks great in teenagers room.

Lovely and sounds great for the money.

Grea sound great fun looks great very authentic looking.

TECEVO A20 Premium 20W Bluetooth 4 – Quality Speaker

I bought this speaker when it was discounted as part of a lightning deal and i have to say i am very impressed, both with the build quality and the sound reproduction. I tried several different tracks at varying volumes and the speaker was able to cope admirably. The audio is crisp and clear with a good amount of bass. One slightly negative note is that a slight distortion creeps in at higher volumes. However, i found that if the volume is kept around 90% it sounds great. Overall i would have no hesitation in recommending this speaker.

Well made and easy to use, the sound is really good at low and higher levels defining the base really well and with its size is easy to place and use anywhere.

Having purchased a bluetooth speaker around 3 years ago which failed miserably i was a little unsure weather to buy this but so glad i did. Zero connection issues, superb sound quality – could easily host a small party with this, quality built and nice design.

Good speaker, good sound, good for the price.

This is a great speaker & i love the overall tone, plus the build quality. However my example has slight cosmetic imperfections which is a great shame. These consist of minor marks at the top of the front grill. If it hadn’t been for this, the speaker would have had a 5 star rating but this suggests a lack of attention to detail.

The speaker arrived in a very nice box and would make a good gift. It is well made with metal grills and is substantial but not too heavy. The sound quality is very good indeed. It is not bass heavy and has good volume. It was easy to bluetooth to my android phone. I was lucky to get it on the ‘todays deal’ price but would have been very happy even if i had paid the full price.

  • I bought it to use with my Amazon Echo Dot
  • Quality Speaker
  • Big sound

Fantastic sounding and works brilliantly with my amazon dot. One word of warning which isn’t mentioned anywhere. To initially turn on the speaker press & hold the power button for 5 seconds. If you don’t it won’t turn on but just give a red flash. I thought it wasn’t charging because of this and this simple thing isn’t mentioned in the manual or online.

Very happy with the sound that comes out of this. A bit disappointed with the battery life, as my only other speaker is anker that lasted ages -however sound is noticeably better in this one -particularly base.

It just shouts quality, heavy aluminum construction, no plastic. Sounds fantastic and bluetooth connects instantly. Has nfc but you only need that once or if a guest uses it. I use it mainly with the amazon echo dot, either bluetooth or cable connection, works equally well and really is the perfect match. Gives out 20w so ups the quality of the small dot speaker and both are far cheaper than a full size echo alone. Plus you can use this speaker elsewhere when required. Perfect for me, looks and sounds the business, not tacky or cheap. Only downside is no usb dongle socket and no sd card slot, but hey still 5 stars.

Given as a gift and heard the sound from the happy owner, it’s superb and gives the bose version a good run for its money, despite the significantly lower price – beautifully finished, beautifully packaged, pairs instantly, it’s all good.

The tecevo a20 looks and feels a quality product and when using it this is confirmed. When i first unpacked it i thought it was a little small but in it’s case size doesn’t matter. It has a bit of weight about it and a rubber non-slip base so it stays put whatever you stand it. About the sound quality, i have used it with both my android tablet and phone and also with my sony hi res mp3 player via bluetooth and direct via a 3. 5mm lead and i’ve got to say the sound is brilliant. I use it mainly in my conservatory which is approximately 12 metre square and i only need to use half volume which is still pretty loud. I tried it on full volume with a selection of easy listening, classical and heavy rock music and it is loud, but saying that there was no vibration or sound distortion. Battery life is good, i managed to get roughly eight hours over a couple of weeks out of the first charge using mainly a bluetooth connection but by using a 3. 5 lead from player to speaker i am told this will increase the playing time as the speaker is not using it’s bluetooth facility. All in all i am very pleased with product and recommend it highly.

Features of TECEVO A20 Premium 20W Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker 20 Watt Stereo Output Dual Passive Bass Subwoofers Portable & Rechargeable Built-in Microphone

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  • Premium Bluetooth Wireless speaker, 20W RMS True-Power output, Advanced TECEVO i-Bass Technology (dual passive subwoofers), creates powerful and dynamic stereo sound, easy filling up the room;
  • Equipped with latest CSR8635 chipset, A20 comes with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and NFC, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices (Bluetooth V2.1 and over). Plays all Audio devices through 3.5mm Aux in Jack;
  • Built-in 2000mA Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of music time. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling Easy to pair
  • Best built aluminum alloy casing and iconic design, A20 has a sturdy body and versatile looking, well balanced usability and portability.
  • Advanced 6th gen CVC noisy cancellation and DSP technology improves overall sound quality providing an exceptional sound experience.

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I’m very pleased with this bluetooth speaker. I bought it to use with my amazon echo dot, so that when playing music or a radio station. The battery seems to last for ages and the speaker feels and sounds like a quality item. It is light enough to take it with you when travelling and also works well playing from my iphone. It connects via bluetooth with ease or can also be used via the included 3. My only concern is the buttons on top are a little delicate, but it has performed brilliantly so far for what i intended.

I got this on discount, wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s actually quite loud and sound is great.

The sound from this little speaker is crisp, accurate and has a good range. There isn’t too much velocity, it’s not going to shake the house to the ground, but that’s to be expected. I’ve replaced some big, old cumbersome speakers with this little guy and it’s perfect for the tv and playing music around the house. Really nice speaker with great, clear sound.

Ordered and was here within 48 hours. Absolutely delighted – great product terrific value for money and sound qualify is amazing. So all in all a happy customer – would recommend if you don’t want to spend a fortune but want something with great sound buy this.

I really like this – it does everything it sets out to do. There feels like a good quality construction and it’s surprisingly weighty. There’s plenty of volume for filling a room but bare in mind this isn’t a full stereo system – it’s a portable, rechargeable boost for your phone and nothing more. If you want this to be your only source of music for a party, you might be disappointed (‘might be’, you might not if your expectations are realistic). My only negative is the sound at lower volumes is really booming/bassy. This evens out as it gets louder and the bass eventually can’t keep pace, but that’s too be expected from such a small speaker.

Very good product for the price.

Premium Bluetooth Wireless speaker, 20W RMS True-Power output, Advanced TECEVO i-Bass Technology (dual passive subwoofers), creates powerful and dynamic stereo sound, easy filling up the room;

Awesome little speaker, use it all the time.

Well i have nothing to say, i am speechless, this is a little know company that has made something that i cant fault. It ticks all the boxes for:build quality, robustness, looks, sound quality and clarity & battery life. If you are looking for a high quality bt speaker at a low cost i would say it’s got little competition.

The sound quality of the speaker is fantastic. Incredibly loud for it’s size. I use this simultaneously with my echo dot and it’s seemless.

Great sound, fast to recharge and a great price. I have a few other bluetooth speaker and this rates among the best. Lacks a bit of treble though, bass is superb.

Excellent product, no complaints so far. Looking for to many years of use.

An excellent little piece of kit – until it stopped working after just a few weeks.

Equipped with latest CSR8635 chipset, A20 comes with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and NFC, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices (Bluetooth V2.1 and over).

Previously bought two of these for my grandsons. (blue & red) and was impressed with the quality of sound from such a small cabinet. I decided to buy one for myself with nfc facility. Item arrived promptly and well packaged. After charging used my phones nfc and connected instantly. The sound reproduction was all that i wanted. The weight of the item prevents vibration when bass is up. Recommend this item to anyone who wants good mobile sound.

Brilliant, very good battery & awesome sound.

The sound quality is great and the speaker has such a beautiful design. It paired perfectly wit my phone and laptop. I truly recommend this speaker.

I absolutely love this speaker, it has an amazing sound, blue tooth works well up to around 10 feet, taking on holiday for sure.

Great upgrade on previous lighter weight model.

I’ve trialled and tested many bluetooth speakers over the years and this is by far the one of the best sounding and definitely one of the best value ones on the market. Its construction is as solid as the much more expensive bose soundlink and the sound delivery is superb. Just buy one and be amazed .

A nice solid piece of kit with a good sound.

Built-in 2000mA Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of music time.

Brought ad a present, no adverse feed back.

Easy to charge with a very long play time approx 8-9 hours full on. Sounds very impressive with volume settings controlled from the speaker or with equipment it is connected to.

Small, easy to use and a powerful sound – compares with bluetooth speaker systems 3 times the price. I have used for presentations to large audiences where even in a large room the built in mic can pick up anyone who wants to join a conversation (a feature not found on all speakers of this size)- the sound quality exceeds that of my £150 echo (though admittedly not as much fun). The build quality is also very impressive with simple but discreet controls not spoiling the overall design. I would recommend this as i have already to many of my work pals. Tecevo a20 premium 20w bluetooth 4. 0 speaker 20 watt stereo output dual passive bass subwoofers portable & rechargeable built-in microphone.

I was swayed towards this speaker because i needed the flexibility of bluetooth connectivity and also an auxilary jack pont for my small collection of classic ipods (which of course are not internet friendly). This speaker is weighty and has the quality look and feel of something that might have been made by apple. The sound quality is rounded and there is plenty of bass for such a small unit. The price point was excellent value at under £40 and at half the price of a dab radio, combines with my phone to give digital radio anywhere in the house. Showers will never be the same.

Can’t believe how good this speaker sounds for under £40. I also have a soundlink mini and this speaker isn’t too far away. It’s very well made and looks great. It produces a lovely clean, clear and crisp sound with a nice amount of bass, not as much as the bose but a nice amount. I also have a soundlink 3 but although the bose is very loud i actually prefer the tecevo so i’ll be selling my soundlink 3 and keeping this along with the soundlink mini. If you’re looking for a decent sounding speaker for around the home or in the garden then you can’t ignore this beauty.

Brilliant quality and perfect for a party or bbq. The best wattage for speakers i’ve found. Don’t waste anymore time looking. You’ve found it in this little speaker.

Best built aluminum alloy casing and iconic design, A20 has a sturdy body and versatile looking, well balanced usability and portability.

So powerful despite being small – i use it to teach dancing and the sound fills the hall. And the battery life’s really good too.

I found the bass was a bit too much but overall a great product.

This speaker is well-built, with aesthetically pleasing simple, clean lines, and produces a crisp, clear sound that really fills the room. It provides a decent bass response for such a small unassuming unitbluetooth pairing is straightforward (i don’t possess any other nfc devices – but nfc pairing sounds even easier and quicker). You are recommended to charge the unit for 4 hours before first use – a usb charging cable is included – but you’ll need to provide your own adapter if you wish to charge from the mains. Something not mentioned in the instructions, is that to turn the unit on – you’ll need to hold the power button down for a few seconds until the led on the front top corner turns blue – it will then pair with your chosen phone/tablet. Otherwise, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I’m frankly chuffed to bits with my a20, as it has more than lived up to my expectations.

Very good sound & build quality.