KitSound BoomBar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Compatible : A present – but my daughter is very happy with it

She wanted a speaker to attach to her mp3 player when she was in the bath. It works on bluetooth and cable. It sounds pretty good from outside the bathroom and she seems pleased with it, so i guess its working fine. Battery seems to have a good life too.

If you are after a portable speaker for the home then this is it. Really pleased with this product. Looks smart and includes a carry case. The battery life is superb and sound quality, for a small speaker, is excellent. No, it’s not going to be any good for a street party but for music around the home, garden and on days out, this does the job really well.

This is the second one of these i have bought. The sound is really good for such a small speaker, the bluetooth connection is easy to set up and just seems to work even at quite a distance across the house from the phone. The battery life is great and it comes with a handy carry case that i keep the usb charging cable and line-in cable in. Being able to wire it directly to the headphone socket is handy too as i use this to get decent sound out of my laptop too.

Very happy with this for £12. This is for people who want to attach a radio using the aux cable. If the radio uses the earphones as an aerial then it still needs an aerial when plugging in the aux cable in place of the earphones. The aux cable does indeed act as the aerial but unfortunately the boom bar interferes with the signal. I did test the radio with another set of speakers i have and had no problem.

  • aux,bluetooth,long lasting speaker
  • Great as long as you don’t want to play your phone/MP3 radio through it.
  • Amazing for the price! Take that into account

KitSound BoomBar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Black

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  • Bluetooth and line-in connectivity so you can connect more devices
  • Passive radiator for extra bass
  • Hands-free function for taking calls, and in-line microphone
  • Up to 20 hours of music play time and a charging time of just three hours
  • Hear your music from up to 10 metres away

Brilliant little speaker, very good sound for such small and low priced unit. Very pleased and would highly recommend it.

This is a really easy to use light speaker i recommend. Might wanna make sure you dont drop it at the beach just fyi.

The seller was very accommodating of a postal mixup and re-sent the product immediately, which i greatly appreciated. The product itself is great as a small, portable speaker: clear sound quality and comes with charging cable, input/output lead, stand and case. Very easy to use both via bluetooth and with the cable, which i was surprised to see that the company had provided. Thoroughly impressed and would recommend this seller to friends.

This is a really good little speaker for the price – decent volume and nice tone. Comes in a carry case for you to store 2 x cables and instructions for charging. Not my favourite colour but i don’t care cos this little speaker is just what i’ve been looking for. Very happy, would recommend for sure.

My dad bought one at £20 and i was impressed with the ability at that price. I then bought one for £14 and just seen them selling as low as £10. People who rate this as poor expect way too much for their money. If you want high quality, loud and bass filled audio, buy a complete hifi for £1000 or more. If you want a cheap and cheerful portable bluetooth speaker that is so cheap you could argue it’s disposable and dont expect it to be a mind blowing aural experience, yet good enough to be an upgrade from your phone speaker, get one.

Battery last days,great sound,handy,good quality and it can be plugged to the tablet or a phone through aux cable which i think make the battery last even longer although the battery is replacable and tiny comparing to the long hours of playing music. I wish on and off button was not that close to the aux and power input as while plugged in its hard to turn it on or off. . Otherwise its great, best from all the speakers we had.

EasyAcc Mini Bluetooth Speaker, An awesome Beauty with whooping woofer

Alexa likes it and my samsung j5, tablet and macbook air connected with no worries. The micro sd card slot is a bit primitive. Difficult to get the card out again. The fm radio works well as long as the micro usb wire is plugged in. Without it i get absolutely nothing in my housei like it a lot.

I wanted a little, portable speaker for music whilst i’m doing yoga & housework. It arrived free of charge the following day & was well packaged. When i read the instructions, i was totally amazed at my purchase. It will play fm radio & anything with bluetooth – so smartphones can be answered through it at the press of a button (which also shuts off any music for the duration of the call). The most wonderful things for me are it’s great sound quality & ease of moving it around the house. It is too heavy to be carried around in pocket or handbag regularly.

Update 11-04-2018i was contacted by the easyacc staff and, even if my speaker was out of warranty, they offered to send me a replacement for free. I can’t speak highly enough of such manufacturers who are genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. The old speaker was working fine, but the cable was no longer usable, so they offered to send a new speaker, complete package with cable and everything, even if outside the warranty period plus postage paidi was thoroughly impressed with such service and i think we should all support such businesses, as they are a rare thing these days. //////////////////////////////////////////////acceptable quality speaker. I may have been impressed if i hadn’t used an even cheaper, no-name speaker with even better clarity and overall sound quality. Also, even if very rarely used, either the cable or the micro usb port have stopped working. I can only connect it through bluetooth now. When connected through cable, it is obvious that some contact is faulty, as moving the cable in different positions occasionally restores contact but very briefly. I don’t have another similar cable to try and determine whether it’s the cable or the micro usb port on the speaker itself, neither are such cables easy to find locally.

Key specs for EasyAcc Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Indoor Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Mic AUX FM Function, Micro SD Card Support for Tablet Laptops Smartphones, Blue:

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  • Small, stylish, compact, and extremely portable; fits easily into your bag or pocket so you can use it on the go.
  • Equipped with a 3.5mm audio cable for non-Bluetooth devices (just insert the Micro USB end into the speaker); compatible with all touch screen tablets, smartphones, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and iPods with Bluetooth built-in. Transmission range: 8-10 m (with no obstructions).
  • 3W 500mAh Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Mic, FM Function, Micro SD Card Support
  • Cylindrical microphone design can reduce background noise during voice calls (speakerphone must be within 20cm).
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery offers 4-5 hours of playtime and is charged via Micro USB Cable (charging cable included)

Comments from buyers

“Rock solid piece of kit – do not buy another brand!
, Good sound, poor cable quality, BUT awesome customer service, even outside the warranty period!
, Perfect

Powerful thanks to the chunky magnet (look at the weight) good frequency response especially bass but still a balanced clear sound with incredible projection; excellent range (ie bluetooth reception). Really, really solid construction – it feels like it is carved out of solid steel. I have two of these – one on charge and one in use but unlike cheaper brands you can charge and use at the same time. I have had several other similar products from other brands and they were all pathetic in comparison. Ps i do not work for easyacc and did not receive this as a free promotion.

My original unit had a slight defect but the excellent customer services at easyacc replaced the unit immediately – no questions asked. It is a fantastic little unit. Really clear sound emanates from the surprisingly powerful speaker. It can easily fill a room no problem. The only real downside is the messy relationship between windows and bluetooth can mean it takes a while to find the unit when pairing to a laptop. Pairing to android was an easy two second job. Highly recommended and for the price – it’s a no brainer.

What a wonderful device it is, i am so so satisfied that even i am ready to pay another 5£ on top of what i have already paid for this little beauty. What an amazing sound quality for this tiny device. It’s little heavy which gives wonderful woofer output. I was unhappy earlier with another provider and had to return, but later found this online and got it today. I am continuously playing from the time i got it. Even fm quality is super nice. Overall i would have given 6 stars if there was n option. Thank you so much easyacc team for such a wonderful product for such a little price. I would have proposed and married if this product is a female. Amazon 1 day delivery and also products like this makes customers like us fortunate.

Great sound for the size, and heavy -feels like it’s machined from depleted uranium. Paired easily with samsung a3 & iphone. . The track forward/back buttons are the same as the volume up/down buttons, which isn’t great as i often change track instead of decreasing the volume etc. Volume change is long press, which means you can’t quickly adjust it. Also it doesn’t need to beep when you change track, but it does. And the fm radio only picks up very strong signals, so no r4 where i live. Otherwise it’s impressive for size & cost.

A well deserved four stars on audio quality alone. No substitute for hifi speakers but fine for ordinary music from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Great in the kitchen where it’s small size and good sound make for a better kitchen. If i must raise a downside, it’s that it’s not a great hands free phone device. The microphone only really works if you’re 30 cm or less away from the device. A shame because otherwise it’s excellent and superb value.

I originally bought this as a xmas gift for my teenage son who’s been using it pretty much on daily basis for the past year now. I must admit when we have people around for a drink or so i keep on nicking it as it’s quick to set up, very easy to use and plays music pretty loud. Who needs a stereo these days when you can simply just use your phone and this great little invention which also looks pretty smart. Would definitely recommend 👍👍👍.

This handy,portable device;enrichess the sound of normal,often tiny sound you normally get from a typical smartphone device. I was quite taken aback when i first heard the sound being transferred – by bluetooth technology,to this speaker. A small,round speaker,lasts up to 3-4 hours on a full charge. Although mono reproduction only,this is still a wonderful sounding gadget. There is also a built in radio facility on the speaker – a bit hard to (at first),figure out,but satisfying when you do. An excellent,all round buy – well recommended. Ps: headphone jack facility also available – keeps getting better .

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers : Get these!

These have fantastic sound quality and it was super easy pairing up my phone to them.

Would have given it five stars but the cable that links the two speakers together is too short and impossible to replace. Otherwise an excellent buy, amazing value, i’m so happy, great sound. (coming from someone who sent back two sonos ones as the sound was disappointing).

Good sound, good build, good price. Love them they are worth the money.

I bought it for my macbook pro. I was looking for something quite loud with great sound and that’s just what this product is. I downloaded also an app (boom 3d surround sound) unfortunately available only for apple. This app has made it sound like a £1000 speaker. If you are looking for a speaker for 50 people party, this may not be the right product for you however it will fill up a quite big room with very loud music if that’s what sometime may want. This seller has the most competitive price, great communication after sales also and very fast delivery. I don’t see anything wrong with either the product or the seller to give anything less than a 5 star.

I read lots of reviews and looked at lots of products before picking this for a gift. The sound quality is excellent, not too intrusive, superb for vinyl.

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers with Bluetooth, RCA/AUX Input, EQ Control and Remote Control – Black : Look great and sound even better. Bluetooth works like a dream. Absolutely love these speakers.

Bought these to use with my roland synth. They are excellent the sound is excellent and could more than hold own in big space. More than capable speakers for in the house.

Absolutely brilliant sounding speakers for the price. Bass can be heard really well. I only used them sporadically for a couple of days until my turntable stopped working (which is the fault of the turntable itself rather than the speakers obviously) but i’ll be looking to get another turntable and i’m sure they won’t disappoint.

I was drawn to these speakers because of great reviews on the web, but was concerned that it’s not 2. All worries were quickly put to rest when i plugged these babies in and experienced beefy bass thanks to the quality of the drivers and design of the speakers. These are heavy, they’re not light weight satellites. There’s a generous spread of mid range sounds too and very crisp high frequencies in both music and games. There are bass and treble control on the side of one of the speakers (it controls both speakers) but you don’t want to get up every time you want to make an adjustment, so it would have been better to have those controls added to the remote. The remote has volume, power, mute, bluetooth/line-in buttons. It’s rather tiny which is cute but i’m sure that will accelerate the time it takes for me to lose it. ;-)i was assuming these speakers would intelligently switch between bluetooth and line-in sources. For example, if it’s set to line-in for my computer, but i start to play music on my phone the speakers would switch to the bluetooth input automatically.

These are true hi-fi quality speakers and very powerful too. They give all you will ever need from a stereo system in a house unless you want to break something. My main stereo system was £3000 and i can hardly tell any difference between the two. In fact, with my mobile – note 4 (4 years old) – playing spotify (at high quality download) through the bt of these speakers produce slightly better quality than when using my main stereo system. Yes my main system can produce 300w instead of the 66w of these speakers but you could never use the 300w in a house unless you were very privileged with a massive house or very deaf. These speakers made me sad for my £3000 spent on my main stereo which i probably would not have bought if i had these earlier. You can listen to reviews on youtube that may find the odd imperfection regarding these speakers but they are untrue. Probably it is the other equipment that they attach to these speakers for the testing that cause the imperfections. The remote control is perfect and works without having to aim at the speakers.The wire connecting the two speakers with each other is excellent, heavy duty and high quality and it is as long as you’ll ever need it to be.

These speakers are fantastic. Having the flexibility of bluetooth and line in on the remote is a real bonus. Linked to goodmans module so can play my music from anywhere in the house. Delivery and service was also excellent. A great product delivered with great service.

Excellent speakers, very,very impressive. Bass is fantastic for the size of the speakers.

This is what i was looking for. Good sound balance all round especially if using with pc. The bluetooth is just an added bonus. Good bass if i might add and really loud as well.

Highly rate these speakers and how fast they arrived at this time of year, thought they was ment to arrive on friday the 28th but got them on 24th so great service. Great sound and really work well with my imac.

Let me start by saying that, if you’re looking for fun speakers that will deliver top notch audio that you can fine tune to your taste/environment, these are the ones for you. I was in the market for some decent active speakers for my pc. After doing some research i was already considering the edifier r1280t set and wanted to read some reviews and look at some product demos. Following a quick google search i found an incredibly useful youtube channel called digital stereophony, this guy does speaker comparison tests and demos for all the top speakers around this price point. While i came to his channel looking for the r1280t, i quickly realised that the r1700bt was smashing every speaker it was paired against, including the r1280t, and only cost a little more. When the speakers arrived they were nicely packaged and in good condition. They are very easy to set up, coming with a variety of rca cables depending how you want to connect them to your device. They come with a simple remote, great if you want to sit away from the computer. What really sells it for me is that, as well as having great audio quality at standard out-the-box levels, the controls to adjust the bass and treble mean that i can switch up the audio depending on the situation or style of music (i. Reducing bass late at night). I strongly recommend anyone considering these checks out digital stereophony on youtube for a product demo, and more importantly i can vouch for the quality of these speakers.

Great speakers for desktop use, not an audiophile but overall excellent in all use scenarios from music to gaming, films etc.

These speakers won’t entirely blow your balls off but you get what you pay for. The remote has a tendency to fall down the side of the sofa, but i guess that’s just me.

Giving feedback on sound equipment isn’t an exact science as it’s so subjective. However, i feel i should have a go. I bought these after much research into bluetooth speakers (the main reason i wanted speakers was bluetooth connectivity). Others who have mentioned how easy and seamless bluetooth connection is are spot on. My phone found the device instantly and connected with no problems. Now, the quality of the sound. Some have said they are bass heavy. I would say that they have a very deep rich sound. The controls are easy enough to adjust to one’s person preference.

I purchased these to sit on a relatively spacious desk to use with a pc and macbook but unfortunately found them to be a little on the large side for the space available. The sound however was of great quality for the price, so i won’t mark them down – i imagine pairing these with a decent sub would make for a really absorbing experience. The instruments on tracks were easily identified and acoustic guitars sounded particularly lifelike, even if voices weren’t always perfect. I however eventually decided to exchange them for something smaller yet equally effective, with the intention of adding a sub later if more bass is required. To sum up: they’re excellent speakers if you have the space available and a restricted budget. Just remember to check the measurements before purchasing.

Betron KRT20 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Bluetooth Speaker Portable Travel

Very surprised at how good this speaker is for the price. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Came really fast and is super useful. Here are the specifications for the Betron KRT20 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Strap the wireless speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or wherever else you want to take your music
  • Easy to use, loud bluetooth speaker
  • Lighter than a can of soda: Ultra-portable speaker and so light you will forget you are even carrying it
  • 10 Meters Bluetooth Range, up to 5 hours Battery Life, 360 Degree Sound
  • 1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Amazing product for a great price.

Very good in general, would definitely recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Beware of search results – not really a pillow speaker
  • Easy to carry and it is so handy especially if
  • Nice speaker. Looks good and connects easily

Fantastic price and very quick delivery.

Works really well and the music comes through clearly.

Just bought another as a present a year on using it.

Sound is very clear and great value for money.

Great product well worth the money. Quality at an affordable price.

Great little bluetooth speaker for the price. Will probably get a couple more. Actually bought a second one but was charged an extra £1.

Great sound quality, alarger than expected brought as gift for older son who is v pleased.

Not a big speaker and bought to go under pillow. Ok for this but if you want a room filler then i recommend the denon envaya which is truly awesome (and treble the price).

Well made, good quality sound and small enough to be used as a pillow speaker. The buttons could be laid out better and made a bit more intuitive, but this is a minor point really.

The quality is really good for the price. I’ve only given it 3 stars though because it is at least twice the size that the pictures imply, which makes it too big to be considered portable. I was looking for something that would fit in a pocket.

Really surprised by this speaker. It is bigger than i thought it would be and the sound quality, for the price, is brilliant.

Got one for my brother in law who loved it and also one for my father to use it in the garden. Quite loud and clear for its size and easy to use. Comes with usb charger as well.

Prompt delivery and good functionality.

Volum goes upto a certain level, which is fine for me.

Does what it says on the tin.

Very good value and for its size iit has a great sound.

DOSS Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Lovely speaker

I wanted a bluetooth speaker for my tractor cab. I went for this one as it seemed like it would be tough enough for the job and so far it has proven excellent with great sound quality. I haven’t given it a real test yet in terms of time but so far it has been good. I didn’t really want lights but they are bright and i can see them coming in handy especially in the workshop.

I bought this to use as an outside speaker for classes i run in ibiza. I really wasn’t expecting it to be quite as good as it is – for the price it is superb and the sound quality is excellent, you won’t get any technical stuff from me but i can say that it is loud and that is actually all i wanted, as a plus it looks really cute and the torch eyes will be very useful.

Wonderful inventive and efficient product.

An excellent unit, faultless.

A good bass and not tinny at all.

  • Remarkable.
  • pretty amazing
  • Great sound. Robust and good value.

I tested loads out in curry’s and none of them impressed me like this one did upon first test. I had previously bought the lunabox which was so terrible i returned it, so happy i decided to get this one (tbh the fox is what got me 😂) and the lights are awesome.

In principal it’s a good idea, because i want to play reggae music on my boat while i’m steering it through all weathers. I’ve been trying to initially charge the battery up for 12 hrs as doss recommend, but the red light fades away and the green light has never appeared. I’d hate to have to return it. Maybe to green light will never appear and i should just attempt to play my music and see how it goes.

Only downside i can think is no usb input port for playing direct from a memory stick/thumb drive. I use one in the car and having the ability to plug straight into the speaker once in the hotel room would be a bonus. The lights are a gimmick that i could do without. If your going down the light route at least make them rgb and pulse in time to the music being played.

Bought this as a birthday gift for my brother and to be honest wasn’t expecting great quality from it. I’ve just tried it out now before wrapping it for him and i have to say i’m honestly surprised at how good this actually sounds. It’s clear crisp handles well with heavy metal style music no distortion for the most part. There is a little crackle if you have it on full volume but nothing that takes away from the sound too much. Definetly impressededit: unfortuatly having to return the item due to extremely poor bluetooth connection only working when you are right next to the speaker.

I love it, so surprising just how good the sound quality is. If you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker then look no further.

With eighteen years of innovation, DOSS remains competitive in the audio Industry as a professional all over the world. We are a well-established manufacturer who develops the most cutting edge audio technology as well as owning exclusive tooling. In addition to creating state of the art audio technology, Our business model has enabled us to decrease on cost that allows our premium quality products to be marketed at a reasonable price.

A wonderful, innovation and portable design

At first glance, you may underestimate the quality of such a compact speaker. The true appeal of DOSS Traveler 20 Watt speakers lies in its ability to deliver full sound with dramatically deeper bass. It’ s portability, long-lasting battery, and metallic design makes it the perfect audio companion for both indoor and outdoor. Music are words unspoken and DOSS Traveler translates these words beautifully to our ears.

Dream Of Superior Sound

DOSS Traveler delivers high quality crisp and clear sound with impressive volume, powered by 2 x 10W high-performance drivers and dual passive subwoofers.DSP get it right to provide outstanding performance.

Light Up The Dark

More than 48 hours Energy-efficient high-powered rechargeable flashlight accompany you to record the beautiful moment. Eyes designed with 4 kinds of light modes, like a fellow accompany and protect you in the dark, making your outdoor activities more safer.

Music on the Way

Easy to carry outside, enjoy music whenever and wherever you like with exchangeable handle & strap even thought without pocket or bag.

Waterproof IP 66 Certificate

Rated IP66 for resistance against dust and water, meaning the speaker can withstand pressurized jets and waves of water. Perfect for Climbing, Hiking, Traveling , Beach and more outdoor activities.

Durable Design, belong with you

Never worry about a long journey, DOSS Traveler is designed to take its share of bumps and Scraps while protecting all atrocious weather, details get the speaker shockproof, crash-proof , dustproof.

About the Startup

Zedd Harris

Chief Designer

Nick J Blige

Structure Engineer

James Tomlinson

Acoustic Engineer

Describe your products in 3 words.

Attractive, Outstanding, Innovative.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We would like to create a attractive and powerful speaker , it is gorgeous like a fox and also flexible, with innovation and advanced technology makes you enjoy wireless freedom and even like a fellow accompany and protect you especially in the dark.

What makes your product special?

Exceptional bass performance with a characteristic design, Fox eyes designed with 4 light modes, you will get a richer, safer and more complete sound experience.DOSS Traveler is perfect for a flexible lifestyle where the beauty of the music goes with you.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Receiving too many positive reviews from loyal customers about our incredible products. We believe, “Dream of superior sound”. This requires a speaker with amazing sound and elegant appearance, we run all the time and effort into the engineering, testing, and development, we would like to bring your great moments with great DOSS.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I bought this speaker to take with me on holiday, and for the size, the sound is amazing and the quality is amazing, the bass on this is maddd . I love it, if you’re into afrobeats, r’n’b, and all that you’re going to love it. It comes with lights and there’s this ‘party mode’ love it when you’re just with friends and want to have a ‘rave’ moment without leaving the house. Love this, the sound could easily fill up a big room, not so much halls but yea.

At first it came and the packaging is 5* makes it look more expensive than it is, the item is tiny, front facing no bigger than an iphones 6 and this worried me as i was using this as outdoor speaker for parties but wow does it pack a punch, the sound can be heard on every room in our big house, i listen to mainly rnb the bass packed a huge punch, i am hugely impressed by this item, if doss did a bigger one i would happily buy this aswell, the doss traveller is what it is small enough to take the party anywhere to take anywhere.

Lets get the most important thing out of the way. And i read it a lot in these mini speaker reviews. . No, these are not like the two grands worth of bose you’ve got standing in your living room. You have to compare and contrast other similar sized speakers to decide what is good. All the mini speakers (except perhaps if you’re paying a grand for them) have a trade off between bass , mid range and treble.

Ideal for shed, sunroom or out in the garden.

Was good until the charger broke and the battery life wasn’t that good. Still in good condition but has stopped charging.

It’s robust, well made and has a great sound. The sound quality is ok using bluetooth but really good using the 3. The controls are straightforward. This will be ideal for our camping trips.

IP66 Waterproof & Shockproof & Dustproof: Rated IP66 for resistance against dust and water, meaning the Speaker can withstand pressurized jets and waves of water.

Great apart from at low volumes the steps are too big i. Too loud or too quiet for certain situations. The needs to be more fine volume adjustment. Apart from that it’s brilliant.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using my bluetooth speaker, especially this weekend as i was away on my annual girls trip. The electricity went out in the house we stayed in and the lights on the speaker came in very handy. The battery life is as expected and the distance of connection is great. I’m yet to test its durabilty near water and if dropped. Best purchase i’ve made in a while and i would highly recommend this product.

For the price this is a fabulous speaker with good, clear sound quality and no bass distortion even at high volume. Worth every penny, wish i’d bought one years ago. Seems a pretty robust unit and although i wasn’t sold on the led lights they’re actually quite fun.

I really liked that, good sound quality, these flashing lights gives a good vibe,i really recommend it.

Good so far – just a shame the flashing eyes does not sycnch to music if they did then this would be amazing. Nonetheless it is very very good for the great outdoors.

This really is a great piece of kit, the quality of the sound including bass is fantastic. I was looking at buying a cheaper alternative but after reading a few reviews of that one i opted for the doss as i actually believe that you tend to ‘get what you pay for’ and in this case, luckily, i was right. The quality of construction and even it’s packaging is excellent. The speaker was purchased for using out and about and in the garden when we have friends round for a barbecue, it seems genuinely waterproof as well as it’s been rained on a couple of times and keeps on going. As for the volume, this is also fine for most occasions and is actually louder than i thought it was going to be. All in all, very satisfied with it so far .

4 LIGHT MODES: Adjustable focus flashlight range for different usage, short press to adjust 4 Modes, low brightness; Medium brightness; high brightness; Strobe (intermittent flashing).

Superb quality of build, great design of the speaker and the packaging. Very easy to use and good sound. Delighted with it and thoroughly recommend.

A most excellent piece of gear. Sound is amazing, lights are fantastic, i shall be using iton the beach at bembridge on new years day.

The sound quality is brilliant. Wish it had a plastic handle instead of a strap but all in all. . Speakers are fantastic and the lights are cool too.

Quality product great sound and lights are very very bright great for house garden or on your travels 10/10 very impressed.

Lights amazing with various settings. Brilliant blutooth connection. Not given it to hubby yet but he will love cycling around with this baby.

Fantastic performance very well made and perfectly presented. Very please with my purchase, worth every penny.

Sounds very much better than ipad . Only problem i have is changing it to link with my phone instead of ipad.

Dream Of Superior Sound: DOSS Traveler delivers high quality crisp and clear sound with impressive volume, powered by 2 x 10W high-performance drivers and dual passive subwoofers.

Very pleased with these speakers. Sound quality amazing considering the size. Looks well built and durable. The lamps are very bright but they are a spot that will light up 100 yards away, as i’ll be using it for camping i think a flood lamp would be better for me. Also in the dark i have difficulty finding the switch buttons, no problem, i’ll stick a rhinestone or something on it. So, if a mk2 version with embossed buttons and a flood lamp is produced i’ll be first in the queue.

Smaller than i thought it’d be, but it definitely packs a punch. The sound quality is fantastic, very bassy and seems to handle anything you throw at it with ease. The packaging is sleek, modern and screams high quality.

Easy to set up, great sound quality & small & compact for when i want to listen to music, audiobooks & podcasts whilst gardening. Will also be able to use in the bathroom whilst i have a bath & when i am watching tv.

It’s a sudden jump from quiet to loud. Even during listening, the volume would jump.

Its better than the beats pill for a fraction of the price. Its a perfect size, not too small that its quiet and not too big that it’s heavy. The lights on it are amazing and so much fun to use. Its easy to connect to bluetooth and to use the facilities and buttons. It comes with a strap so you can keep the speaker on you like a necklace, which helps prevent theft if youre using it out and also looks quite cool haha. If youre browsing through speakers then choose this one – its really loud and even better that its now £70 off.

We purchased this as a christmas gift for my father in law who does a lot of work in the garden. The marketing video depicted a robust speaker and the waterproof rating was very appealing. I have to be honest i was not expecting too much, considering the price, and i was a bit sceptical of the torch element. I have to say i was absolutely amazed by the quality of the device, not only its build quality but the sound it produced. It was perfect for using outdoors and was incredibly easy to set up/pair with an iphone. The sound is projected a considerable distance and i actually think the torch, which is extremely bright, actually has some uses. Overall i would give this product 10/10. We have had bose docking speakers but i genuinely can’t tell much difference between the two. Absolutely thrilled, fan product 👍.

Breakthrough Battery life : Never worry about a long journey,12 hours playtime and more than 48 hours Energy-efficient high-powered rechargeable flashlight accompany you to record the beautiful moment.

Doss is a really great buy, company wants no faults but max service if only likes of lg had this kinda product supportalil’ marvel, excellent product.

There is ports: aux, usb(can connect to computer) and small memory cards. Sounds is good only can’t make them very very loud.

Link it to alexa to play music in the garden (though you’ll have to yell through the window to change track). Link it to your phone camping.

I didn’t think i would use the torch, but they’ve actually come in handy. The packaging is very sleek and stylish. I would recommend this speaker 100%.

Firstly, thank you very much to everyone here who submitted a lengthy, useful review rather than the usual ‘it’s great’. I was browsing through vast numbers of this type of product and it was the quality of the reviews here that got me interested enough to purchase this one. For the price it’s an genuine bargain and i applaud doss (who until now i’d never heard of) for offering it for sale. The packaging is superb, it’s reminiscent of stylish but simple packaging of great british days long past. You’ll see what i mean if you buy one, it’s just lovely and shows great thought and (again), style. The device is very well constructed, beautifully so in fact, it’s solid, blemish free and uses good materials. The strap/handle attachment points are solid metal, the retainers for the strap are nicely milled from metal too and could have been plastic but they wanted better. Two strap options are supplied: the illustrated handle and a much longer shoulder strap. Some manufacturers would have charged extra for the latterthe seal over the connectors is tight and efficient and obviously waterproof.

So far this little guy surprised me. Very loud,good quality of sound and i love the design. The lights are nice because i don t have in the garden. Looks like these guys were thinking of everything to be perfect.

Comes in a simple cardboard box with stylish. Doesn’t come with a charger which is great as it works with so far every phone charger that we have lying around in our house. I think we have about 10 normal plus 2 multiport chargers. It comes with a shoulder strap and a hand strap that can be attached or removed as required. Reassuringly rugged piece of kit. The ip66 classification caught my eye when i was looking at it. I’ve not tested this out yet over our long summer so far but as i wanted it for outdoor use around the garden and for camping this seems more than enough for me.

Sound quality is excellent, however we have had two now that have failed to work correctly after a couple of weeks of use. The first was refunded without any fuss and we promptly purchased another in the hope that it was a one off. But now another has the same issue and we will be looking to send this back also.

Actually happily surprised by this speaker. Really good sound quality (the paddles on the back really add to the sound) and good battery length. Recently moved into a new house and had this on every evening for a week without a charge. Didn’t have it at full volume as there is definitely no need. I will say that the bluetooth range isn’t great (but no worse than other bluetooth speakers ive used in the past) also, sound does get distorted at max volume but i only turned it up full to see how loud it was and it was too much for me. Maybe outside at a house party would you have it max. Led light have a few settings, not be used much but handy to have if using the speaker outside alot. Overall its definitely worth the pricetag.

I charged it for 12 hours as per the instructions for use. I switched it on by holding the on button for three seconds and the little blue light came on. I connected it to my iphone and played some music. The sound was so loud i had to turn it down. It has huge volume for such a small box. It seems well designed and time will tell whether it is robust enough to be used and played every day. It suits my needs perfectly. It is small enough to fit in my handbag, so will be my constant companion now. Great value at the amazon deal price.

I’m yet to find much of a use for the torch/flashing lights functions, but as a little portable speaker this thing has surpassed my expectations. It was easy to link up to laptop and phones, has good battery life, is pleasingly robust and the water/dustproof design means that it can go outside or, more mundanely, sit on the windowsill by the kitchen sink without worry. Most important of all, the sound (to my admittedly non-expert ears) is remarkably good for its size and price point. Even the packaging and documentation were kind of cool.

Really nice quality and really loud for the size.

Arcam Bluetooth Miniblink – Well worth the extra cost

Great little device, was very simple to setup. Good sound through my rca connection into my sounds system. I am using this to stream mp3 music from my tablet and spotify from my mobile phone. Would recommend this product. Once you have paired your device’s for the first time the arcam miniblink becomes active when you switch back on your bluetooth. I am very pleased with this device.

Pretty straightforward to use. Used to connect phone etc to meridian f80, really good sound.

As an audiophile, i wanted a bluetooth receiver that could cope with hires music with no distortion or drop out. This unit satisfied all that but with so much more. As a dac, the quality of streaming is as good, if not better, than my direct line in from my astell & kern. Here are the specifications for the Arcam Bluetooth Miniblink:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bluetooth.

Bluetooth phone, tablet etc to hifi. Built in dac sounds better than cable direct to device.

It’s a good addition to my stereo but bluetooth is a crap technology, very slow to connect the first time around.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Added lifespan for older HiFi separates and speakers, get that quality reproduction from your old kit married to the new.
  • Exemplary sound quality – well done Arcam.
  • Pretty Perfect Little Pebble.

Great quality sound with a far transmission to wireless device with no loss of quality. Would highly reccomend for any music enthusiast.

Amazing product i just love technology, together with amazon prime music it us brilliant.

Easy to use, with a great sound (for a bluetooth receiver) even without aptx connection. Everything you need in the box. It’s not cheap, but well worth it.

Lets me listen to music from iplayer in higher quality across my hi-fi very effectively.

It has no right to be as good as it is for £85. Sound quality is excellent and transforms listening to streamed music.

This gets a very good review in whathifi and i have to agree. It’s simple to use as well.

Often a sceptic about audio quality. However by playing my digital music via the arcam miniblink through my pure legato and onto the sony soundbar, i can honestly say the sound quality is far better than going direct by bluetooth to the soundbar.

Easy set up, unobtrusive although the led indicator light can be a little distracting. Cabling and connectors are effective for linking many common devices to your audio output devices. A little expensive but robust, doesn’t drop out as cheaper competition does, and works simply ,once set up, with a single press of the button on the top of the device. Most importantly, it delivers excellent sound.

I bought the arcam mini to listen to the music on my mobile through my old pioneer amp from the 80’s the results are amazing. The sound is crystal clear and there’s not lag. The bluetooth has a good range, i could walk around the house with my mobile in the pocket and still listening to the music. Overall a great product with a great sound and small enough to be easily carried or left on the amp without any problem.

Easy to connect up to the stereo, simple connection via bluetooth, and away you go. I have this connected to my old hifi components from the 1990s. My hifi components were expensively assembled back than, technics with acoustic energy ae109 bi-wired speakers. Now with the blibk unit i have my entire ipod catalogue, 900 audiobooks, 1000 albums, available in high quality, deep, resonant proper sound and not via headphones, i can fill a room with sound, and it sounds amazing. There is a little drop out if you walk between the computer and blink unit, but with line of sight there are few issues, even the cat sniffing round the blink unit doesn’t affect the quality of sound. The unit is very small, it looks like a highly polished black shiny pebble ofwhitby jet, it is so simple to use there are just three instructions on the box. What pleases me most is that this unit has given renewed life and vigour to my old stereo components, and the improvement in the quality of the sounds reproduction through the bi-wired speakers iis superb.

Now able to listen to radio on my hifi through my smartphone.

I’ve been looking for a ‘streamer’ since a friend bought one of those £20 boxes to stream to a stereo. I wasn’t prepared to shell out £130+ for something like the audio engine, but wanted a little better than basic. Despite it being several years old i went for the halfway house of the arcam, we all know their reputation and i am so glad i did. You know the feeling you get when you realise you’ve bought something that just effortlessly works?.Well this is it, all the connections you need are in the box, just plug it in, press the button to sync, bingo. One great lack of feature is there is no familiar beep-beep-beep noise while bluetooth is searching which is a massive relief when it’s hooked to a stereo. Playing something like goldfrapp’s supernature, the sound it tight and controlled, the silence is silent, the highs are glassy and the bass is crisp. I’m no perfectionist, but i can’t tell it’s a bluetooth connection, such is its quality and stability and trickery going on inside this modest bean (i’m using a fatman w/q-acoustics 3010). It’s an almost perfect little pebble, the only drawback i can shoot at it is the plastic isn’t that tactile or high quality but it sits out of sight and just gets on with things, the 3. 5>rca connector is a little flimsy also.

I needed a quality bluetooth adaptor for my car & this is perfect. Cheaper ones missed parts of the track & the connection was unreliable. This powers off a micro usb, is an instant on rock solid connection, plays all of the track & sounds fantastic. You get what you pay for & arcam are the kings of hi fi, worth every penny.

Wonderful addition to my hifi. Really lifts the playback beyond previous set up for bluetooth. Easy to set up and connects without having to press and there’s no annoying electronic bleeps either. Very happy to give 5 stars after 3 months of usage.

This discreet little disc arrived promptly and was extremely simple to install. No more hunting for a cd in my vast collection – i just request any track i want from my tablet and it plays via bluetooth through my hifi system – a great sound too.

Others have described this little pebble as a bit of a wonder and i absolutely agree. It is a lovely thing, but there isn’t much to get excited about from a visual point of view. Turn it on, though and it’s just superb. Equally impressive, is the way it will pair up with anything bluetooth with a press of a button. A seriously good piece of kit.

Samsung Sound – Excellent speakers when paired with the right equipment

Sounds great and gives my samsung soundbar surround sound.

Great addition to the curved samsung speaker that goes with the q8 65 inch tveasy to set up.

Great rear speakers for surround sound. Compliments my other samsung products. Here are the specifications for the Samsung Sound:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Surround yourself with stunning audio from every angle and Samsung rear speakers put you at the heart of every moment
  • Discreet, compact and wireless, Samsung Rear Speakers give you the flexibility to create a surround sound system that suits you
  • Wireless, giving you the freedom to choose where it goes in the room
  • Ideal partner as part of any Samsung TV and sound solution

Really adds to the sound having these. Not hard to link to the sound bar.

Perfect addition to the ms650 soundbar for true surround. Easy to install and connect.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Enhances the Samsung Sound+
  • Surrounded by sound.
  • Works great with the Samsung MS650 Sound Bar.

When you use the samsung multi room app you can turn the volume up update the software and make other adjustments.

Initially very quiet as described by other reviewers. However, after reading up on optimal setup on other forums, including switching dolby digital ‘on’ on the tv, the speakers are a superb addition to the samsung soundbar. So worth a purchase, and persevere with getting the setup right.

First of all, let’s address the wireless aspect. The rear speakers are connected to the wireless ( wifi ) unit by regular speaker wires & the wireless unit needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. So take this into consideration when buying. The speaker wires are about 10 feet long but the wireless unit can be placed anywhere. I have my rear speakers paired up with my samsung hw-ms650 soundbar which in turn is connected to my samsung q7 65′ 4k uhd hdr+ tv via hdmi & my samsung ubd-m7500 4k uhd blu-ray player. The speakers give an excellent quality of surround sound. I have tested them using sky, netflix, amazon video & amazon music as well as blu-ray films. We’ve been watching the haunting of hill house on netflix & the speakers have really added to the enjoyment of this. If you’ve seen reviews saying the sound is rubbish or nonexistent then ignore them. I can only assume that those people haven’t set the volume correctly for the rear speakers.

Took a while to get set up properly with samsung soundbar but once set brilliant. Watching jack ryan at the moment and the helicopter are buzzing round my head. Make sure you have the compatible soundbar for the speakers.

After reading several negative reviews how quiet they are i still decided to risk it. And i made the right choice. Make sure you set the volume of rear speakers all the way up. Youtube video will show you how cause otherwise you will hardly hear anything :).

Bought these speakers to accompany the hw-ms650 soundbar. They add to the room when watching in surround sound and even on the other modes. I find that they really enhance the music being played within any program you may be watching and especially if you’re playing your own music through them. I just wish there was an option to manually adjust the outputs of these speakers as they supply a subtle backdrop and wouldn’t mind being able to physically do this myself. However they are good speakers that further enhance your viewing and listening pleasure.

These speakers are marvellous additions to a samsung ms550 soundbar, but only enhance a dolby/dts source. If you haven’t the kit to provide this don’t bother.

Loving my new rear speakers although a little quiet they add to my samsung sound bar ms650.

Well worth getting to complete my system i have hwms650 soundbar very pleased with them.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker : battery time

Update 032019still very, very impressed, i will be buying a second one for the stereo sound. I cannot fault the reproduction of sound from such a tiny thing. This might be a couple of years old now but i’m still to come across bigger, more portable speakers which come close. The first a1 i received was faulty for some reason it connected to bluetooth but wasn’t recognised by the application. Amazon sent me a replacement the next day and everything was hunky-dory with the new speaker. I have to admit being an ardent wifi audiophile and bearing in mind b&o are a style over substance company i was hesitant to buy even though the reviews on amazon were good. Let me tell you now i couldn’t be more satisfied with the sound quality and overall level of detail from such a small speaker. I have in my collection of wifi speakers a naim mu-so, b&w and audi-pro, dynaudio music and ipods. And begrudgingly i have to say £ for £ for portability and sound quality on a portable scale i’m amazed at what this tiny thing chucks out from an audiophile perspective. As a portable audiophile speaker this really is impressive even though it’s 2 years old.

I purchased one of these back in august and was very impressed by it, beautifully made and sounded as good as it looked. A good clean sound not over bass heavy and without distortion at volumes that i listen to. I always wondered what a stereo set up would sound like. So i ended up getting another one on an amazon deal and although set up was via the app a simple affair initially with a wonderful full stereo sound from both speakers the next time i tried it it only played from one. I had to run the b&o app again to get both working a minor quibble given the end result. In summary after a few days using two of these this is a cracking setup, tonally neutral in mono or stereo configurations that is portable to as well.

Returned as volume went down along with the battery.

This speaker sounds as good as it looks. Easy to connect, very natural and accurate sound reproduction. The unit belies its size and realistically you should not expect better sound from something this size.

Amazing high quality sound from such a compact item, fills the room with sound with out being loud.

For the size you music that fills the room. I also got the a2 at the same price and i am keeping the a1 and returning the a2. Amazing product well done b&o. I would love to see the addition of wifi and spotify on it.

The build quality is really solid and the sound quality is excellent. The built in microphone is also really good for phone calls.

I spent ages deciding wether or not to spend the money on this speaker, and unfortunately i wish i bought it sooner. This thing just sounds sparkling and rich in detail, and really packs a punch.

Very good sound for such a small speaker, battery life is about 7 hours at about 70%,i also have a sony xb30 and this little speaker has a much better sound. My system at home is naim mu-so and believe me beoplay does not let itself down.

This was a present for my other half, as he has been complaining about taking his speaker to work and not being able to hear it over the machines. So, spend time looking for a decent speaker and ended up purchasing this for him. He abso loves it, says he can hear it clearly, it’s durable against being knocked, and the battery life can last for 24 hours.

Absolutely stunning speaker with a beautiful and powerful sound. I can’t fault the beoplay a1 at all. Not sure on the battery life as i have this permanently plugged in in the bedroom but would highly recommend for the looks and sound alone.

I love this speaker for its portability and wonderful sound quality. The off/on and volume controls are not so easy to spot but once connected do are not really needed. I use my speaker with my ipad listening to music i have streamed and also movies from youtube.

Unbelievable sound quality and loud enough to have on at work. I’m shaking my head at just how good this speaker is.

I bought this about 1 month ago and i really love it, the sound quality is excellent, battery life really goodand its just so hand to hook up on a wall and to transport from room to room.

Excellent sound quality, great battery life and a really superb build.

Great speaker, amazingly loud and clear for its size. Produces great tones across the range. Battery life is very good, lasts a full day.

Great product,nice solid feel to it and great sound,easy to sync my stuff to,one minor gripe is the buttons are difficult to touch without picking the thing up and looking for them,apart from that,love it.

Rather than faff about with halfords and fitting an in car system we use this to stream music whilst travelling which it is excellent at. Loud and clear and because it is portable we then also have the option to use elsewhere whilst out and about and usefully, to improve poor quality tv audio.

Likes – sound quality is great, as good, or better than almost any other. Battery, nothing like as good as quoted, but ok – if you keep the volume down. That may not be why you bought it in the first place, but it is a fact. Style is good, but the practicalities are bad. Its impossible to see the ‘controls’ in anything other than bright daylight, with sun just in the right place, used at just the right time of day, with just the right following wind. Well, i should have thought twice on this one i’m afraid.

Just an awesome product, if in doubt buy it. Saw some reviews saying buttons are difficult to press which almost put me off, really not sure what those were about. Extremely pleased with this. It is great to have on quietly in my office but can also fill the whole house if necessary. Solidly built, good battery life and great to be able to just pick it up and move it around.

Ok, firstly this is an excellent speaker with great sound all-round. I own the beloit 15 so familiar with b&o quality and build. Took this little beauty away on holiday and simply amazed with the quality and clarity of sound, being omni direction the sound is good from all angles. Battery power obviously last long if turned down low however if you’re going away grab a portable battery pack hey presto . I would also recommend a case to protect this item albeit b&o mention something about every dent is memory and to be fair i want this think looking good for a long-time. You can control the volume and eq from b&o app although the eq is not a huge distinction but can make subtle changes. With the functionality to link or pair a1’s together i can imagine and probably be the best mobile/portable sound available however this is where it stops because you can not pair with other b&o portable devices which is a dam shame hence 4 stars. I am considering buying another a1 to pair because i love my music in the garden / beach pretty much anywhere to be fair however is it essential no, do i want another yes.

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers – Optical Input – Wireless Studio Monitors – 4 Inch Near Field Speaker – 42w RMS – Wood Grain : Great Pair of Bookshelf Speakers

After much research on amazon and the web i came across these monitors for my imac. Could not believe the conectivity for the money so ordered them. They arrived very well packaged in an attractive retail box. The speakers themselves are nice and heavy and look really good, even better with the grille removed. They have dual rca, optical, digital and bluetooth inputs. Bass, treble and volume controls are on the side of the right speaker. Also in the box you will find an rca and optical cable. They paired with my imac with ease and are extremely loud. I have set the bass and treble of the speakers to zero and tweaked the equilizer in itunes to my taste. Really these are that good for the money. Loads of warm bass and detailed top end. I don’t think you will be disappionted.

Good speakers, seems to run best on toslink for me. Have to check that the data rate is at 24bit for the cleanest sound. Otherwise you don’t get the sound you expect. They can produce enough sound to blast air into your face if you are sat within 3ft. Probably not the best idea but at least its nice to know that its possible.

The bluetooth function with my ipad and iphone, together with connections to my record player, are exactly what i required.

Dispensed with tv sound bar and getting fab sound quality from these speakers.

  • Excellent value for money, very versatile.
  • Quality for price.
  • These are excellent – very easy to set up and the sound

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers – Optical Input – Wireless Studio Monitors – 4 Inch Near Field Speaker – 42w RMS – Wood Grain

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS – Popular classic bookshelf speakers now can be enjoyed without the hassle of wires. Simply connection to an iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC or Mac.
  • STUDIO SOUND QUALITY – Naturally fine tuned sound reproduction from 4 inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter.
  • OPTICAL AND COAXIAL INPUTS – Digital inputs to enable lossless connection to most TV and computers.
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Adjust the volume and toggle inputs at your fingertips. Bass and treble control located on the side of main speaker.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY – Quality components in solid MDF wood housing are built to last. 24 month parts and labor warranty in USA and Canada.

These are excellent – very easy to set up and the sound using bluetooth is superb. Speakers were delivered on time as well.

1st class product, well pleased.

Speakers do the job, definitely worth their price. What is missing is the bass at the lowest frequencies but for 2. 0 active speakers set this is one of best sets you can buy.

I bought this pair of active speaker for my 43” tv, as substitute of a soundbar that has bass missing in my opinion. This is another quality level, sound is very good and never crispy or cracky.

These speakers are little gems. I mainly use them for a digital optical link, so leave them on all the time. Occasionally i use the bluetooth function to link with my computer or mobile phone. It does just as it says – flicks between the two inputs without fuss. You can play with the base and treble controls, but i have ended up back to the mid point as it sounds best there. Trebles are crisp, but not too crisp, base notes are clear and tuneful (how often do you hear the same base note on cheaper speakers. ) and position of the sound is accurate. They are mounted on the walls with a bracket. For a short time i had them on a couple of clothes draws units. The sound is much better on the wall mounts.

Great product, ease of use with remote is fantastic.

For the price, an excellent sound quality with good bass. Paired this up to my echo dot (which was very, very easy) and now we’ve got really good sound. Good solid construction and look very nice as well.

Bush 100W 2 – Sound Bar

Not as loud as i thought it would be but i only need it for the tv not for music.

Brought this to add the quality of my tv as the sound was poor. This speck has a good quality of sound, base to full up a average size roomnice slim look with a gloss finish, that matches my tvgood entry level sound bar for those on a budget. Cons:there is a time lag of about 1-2 seconds if you try to increase the volume or switch off. Meaning that when you press the off button, nothing happens, so press it again still nothing happens. Basically what’s happened is the first press has switched it off and then the second switched in back on – but it looks like nothing has happened. I found connecting to bluetooth can take a whilehowever, you can not really fault it at £50 (not brough through amazon ) especially when its also got a built in subwoofer.

Please be-aware that you need a separate bracket to put this up on the wall and the leads point out of the back so you need a gap. It comes with a large plug too. Here are the specifications for the Bush 100W 2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Size of speaker bar H9, W90, D6.1cm

Excellent choice for my bush tv.

Great soundbar and excellent service. Nb if your hdmi’s are all spoken for, get an optical cable.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A wolf in sheeps clothing !
  • Good but not great
  • Excellent Value Good Sounds

The product i received wasn’t exactly as described/pictured, but it was a bush 100w sound bar so i imagine the overall performance would be similar. First things first, this speaker isn’t extremely loud, so don’t expect a ‘cinema at home’ experience. That said, the sound quality is actually very good. I’ve tried it with 2 different tvs so far. The first was a mid-range panasonic which already had quite good speakers. The sound bar didn’t really improve things much except add more oomph to the bass end. Overall, it wasn’t worth faffing with an extra remote for the marginal improvement. However, the second tv was a budget polaroid tv which had quite tinny speakers. This sound bar has actually worked wonders for that tv, and for the price i really can’t complain. If you have a spare hdmi port with arc on your tv then i’d recommend skipping this model and getting one that has an hdmi input instead.

Did what it what i purchased it for.

Cannot fault the great value of this sound bar. . I married it with a value 48” smart hd bush tv and the sound bar makes the combination look and sound like a far more expensive model. Highly recommendedthe one i purchased did not come with wall mounting bracket fixings and so i had to fabricate something for that. It also only had inputs for coaxial cables (tv’s do not usually have this as an output for sound) and a headphone jack plug socket (no optical input as one comment had suggested). You are also able to use bluetoorth to synch with the speaker bar and play music from your mobile phone, ipad etc.

Great bit of kit very easy to fit good sound fast delivery spot on 10 out of 10 all round.

Does the job good sound and easy to set up.

I don’t think the neighbours will like it though.

Not bad though no hdmi connector as was advertised – what’s that you say?. Hang on let me just turn this down.

Good sound, not sure how its a 100w.

Bought elsewhere, but amazon reviews helpful for people. Easy to set up with cables provided. Husband and myself have a hearing impairment hence purchase. Turned it up to 55 to try to get it to distort, so loud couldn’t turn it up higher and no distortion with guns & roses or with gentler more lyrical music playing. Bass adjustable and different pre-sets, ie movie, speech, music. Remote is perfectly adequate for purpose, quite rigid plastic, but small as you would expect. Synchronisation with tv good, no lag. Very happy with purchase and it is very good value for money.

So kool ideal for my small bedroom have to wear hearing aids sound is great.

Not bought through amazon as was a little too pricey, but this is a great buy. I had the older model of this for five years until it went kaput a few weeks ago and that was good. This model has been updated now to include bluetooth, digital optical input and a sleep function. The sound on it is immaculate and adjustable so you can take your bass to -3 to +3 if you need to wake up the neighbours. I watched a movie last night with a scene where army planes fly overhead, it was absolutely brilliant sound, following the planes from left to right incredibly realistically. Amazingly for these days it comes with cables (coax and optical) as well. You may want to get your own optical one thought as the one included is a little flimsy but to get you started it’s perfect. 5mm which i already had from the previous model. This is down to a quirk my smart tv had with using the bar when using apps on the tv.

This 100 watt bush soundbar with built in subwoofer is fabulous for the money, the bass depth it can produce is rather surprising considering its compact dimensions, even music via bluetooth sounds realistic with clear vocals and a nice smooth bass, its got a good selection of connection ports to connect to most tvs, either through a single headphone out from your tv into twin left and right phono inputs, or a single optical or a single coaxial cable, its very well thought out, im extremely pleased with this soundbar and believe me it goes loud if needed, without any hesitation at all its 100% recommended 😊.

Product just as described easy to set up and good quality sound for the money.

Just disappointed of not receiving the right one as it turned out to be discontinued,only to be back as a high price offer,instead got the’all in one’ which is arkward and getting use to with the remote.

Superb product for the money, has several equalizer settings and very crisp sound. There is nothing complicated about it it’s simple plug and play. My tech easily found it while using bluetooth with no problems and has typical expected range before the signal starts to distort.

Great sound & easy to connect.